A/N this is super short because this is my first fanfiction on here and i had a lot of problems uploading! Hope you enjoy. x

When Abuela died Usnavi was the one people worried about, he was the one who was pampered and worried about but he was also the one who pushed it away. Everyone forgot about Sonny...well almost everyone.

It was a dark night, the night after Abuela was pronounced dead and Sonny De La Vege was wondering the streets, he didn't really like the dark, especially after the blackout. He didn't want to go home though because if he went home he would find Vanessa looking after Usnavi and barely even batting an eyelash towards Sonny. He knew how much loosing Abuela had hurt Usnavi, everyone did but it had hurt him so, she was his Abuela to! He knew people still loved him and everyone dealt with grief differently. Most had stayed quite and try to move on (to no avail to most though). For Sonny he just drifted away, no one seemed to care so he just sunk into the back ground.

"Hey Son-shine, you ok" a voice from behind Sonny disrupted him from his thoughts, it was Pete's. He slowly stopped and turned around as he saw Pete begin to run towards him.

"yeah, i'm OK" Pete frowned and put his arm around Sonny, not believing him for a second. "Abuela just died i highly doubt your OK". Sonny tried to keep his mask up but it didn't quite work so as the pair turned the corner, his emotions got the best of him and he collapsed in a heap of sobs. Pete wrapped his arms around Sonny and held him to his chest. He could feel the wetness of the tears as Sonny sobbed but he didn't care. Pete had noticed how everyone was pampering Usnavi and forgetting about Sonny.

"I'm sorry for being such a mess" Sonny sniffles pulling away from Pete,

"Hey, hey, hey its not your fault" Sonny just mumbled something completely illegible.

"Didn't quite catch you there mate"

"Thank you for being here for me" Pete smiled and hugged Sonny tightly.

"I'll always be here for you" Sonny smiled into Pete as he felt his eyes drift shot and sleep over come him.