Sonny De La Vega much to his disappointment it allergic to cats, growing up in the Bario he always wanted a cat, no one really knew why but Sonny always dreamed of having a pet cat. He would read about them in school and a boy in his class had one. The problem was that he'd never actually been near one in real life, when he was about 9 the teacher had allowed the boy to bring in his cat for show and tell, his mother had come with him to take the cat back home afterwards. Sonny had been very excited to see the cat as had the rest of the children but when it was time for Sonny to meet the boys cat he was hit with a rush of coughs. He moved back from the cat and was still coughing violently when the teacher came over to see what was wrong, where he had pet the cat he was coming out in a rash. The teacher could tell that it was something to do with the cat and pulled Sonny out of the class and calling Usnavi to come pick him up. This was the day that Sonny realised that he was allergic to his favourite animal.

It was when sonny was 16 when he next came into direct contact with a cat again, he had always actively avoided them but it had to catch up on him eventually. He had been round the back allies with Pete when the cat and come up to sonny, he hadn't noticed until he felt the brash of fur against his leg. He jumped back in surprise and felt the itchiness of the rash starting to appear of his leg. Pete who had only just seen the commotion came over and upon seeing the cat immediately picked it up and moved it down the other side of the ally, Pete knew of Sonny's allergy, in fact Sonny doubted there was anything about each other that they didn't know. By the time, Pete had come back over Sonny had sat down and was now coughing harshly, Pete grabbed Sonny to his feet only for Sonny to lose his balance and fall right back down but before he could hit the ground to was grabbed by Pete consequently causing him to lean onto Pete. They walked back to the small apartment which Sonny and Usnavi lived in, even though Sonny avoided cats like the plague, which in his case where an easy comparison, he still kept medicine because when he was 14 there was a large number of cats which decided the back of the bodega was the best place to live and despite Sonny's effort to avoid them it was inevitable.

Pete grabbed Sonny's medicine and giving it to him Sonny's coughing began to clear up although he still had an occasional cough. They both ended up on the floor and neither of them could be bothered to move so that's where they were found 3 hours later by Usnavi, asleep on the floor in each other's arms.