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And as they walked they heard a thump coming from a room with a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, windows surrounded the room, and the huge red drapes that were tied together allowing the room to be in its full glory. To be able to see the sunshine outside and make it more spacious. There she stood a girl with long flowing hair like brown silk, and eyes of the same color, with fair white skin. She wore a dress the color of ivory and strangely a heart jewel similar to David's except for the obvious: 1. David's necklace is a simple emerald with a gold chain and 2. Hers was a red ruby in the shape of a heart with a silver chain. Both beautiful in their similarities and yet each was unique.

The boys hid behind the door as they watched her while she was danced. It seemed as though no one there. She carried herself around the room with confidence as if no one was there and in her mind, there wasn't

When did I become a stalker?

Jake thought as he gazed back at David.
David's gaze seemed transfixed on her and she danced along to a song that Jack couldn't hear but one that David seemed to hum softly to himself.

"She's still as beautiful as I remember…" he murmured himself and sighed.

Something must be wrong with him. What's so special about a girl dancing alone. She seems more crazy than pretty.
"Are you alright?" Jack asked waving his hand up and down in front of David's face, "I think she's fine but I can't be interested in someone just by their looks. You're really shallow, who knows maybe she's a sl-." Just then David pinned Jack to the wall silencing any remark Jack had by covering Jack's mouth with his hand.

"You don't know her I know her." David said rather loudly.

Aren't we supposed to be quite!

Jack panicked for a moment before they both looked at her, realizing what they had done by bickering, so she spun around and around until she spun to see the door where they hid. "Is someone there?" She asked walking toward the doors her shoes clicking with every step.

We've been spotted

"We have to leave. We don't know what she'll do to us if we are caught." Jack said tugging on David's sleeve.

David seemed reluctant to let go of the wall and just as she called.

"Is someone there?" she said looking in the direction of where the boys were hiding and the clacking came closer.

Crap. Crap. crap. why isn't he moving?

Jack thought as he tugged on David's tattered shirt several more times ripped a larger whole in it.

"You don't need to hide, please come in here. If you run now the guards will surely find you," she said stepping lightly to the door with her hand to her heart.

"We should take her deal." David whispered as he moved towards the edge of the door with part of his sleeve hanging.

"NO." Jack said as he pulled David back, "How do you know she won't imprison us for trespassing?! Or um, what if she makes us her slaves? She's rich you know. She can do that sort of thing. What if she sells us?!" Jack said with one strong tug as David's sleeve ripped.

Oh no.

"Hello!" she said kindly as Jack fell backwards both out of shock and because of David's sleeve.

"Why did you sneak up on us like that?!" Jack said as he grabbed his head with his cheeks flushed red .

"I knew one of you would be jumpy." she said with an evil little grin as David cackled away.

"It's not funny!" Jack said with a pouty face as he got back up on his feet faster than a runaway cricket.

"Of course it is!" David said as he patted Jack's back, "Your hysterical man!"

"What about you? Are you funny as well?" the girl said as she gestured to David. And at that very moment, David had finally realized how messy he looked.

"W-what? Me?" David said as he turned even more pigmented as Jake in half the time.

"Ha!" Jack said pointed to David's face.

Not so tough now huh big guy?

"Not funny Jack. This is your fault." David said with his arms crossed looking away from both of them.

"Aww. I'm sorry." the girl said as she gently patted David on the shoulder.

"N-no. It's nothing." David said bending on one knee and bowing before her. "My name is David Mill and I''m asking for you to take pity on us, your grace."

Jack senses seemed to kick in and he followed David's lead and kneeled down beside him.

"There is nothing to worry about." she said as she grabbed their hand and helped them to their feet.

"My name is Madilyn Hatch and I won't hurt you. You don't need to bow to me."

"Thank you miss. That is very kind of you." David said as he bowed to her, "but i will still be a gentleman."

"My name is Jack and I came here because your house is huge." he said interrupting the moment.

She giggled, "Where do you two come from?" Madilyn asked intrigued.

"I come from a rather large town outside the emerald city and um... family are millers. I have 8 other siblings; 5 brothers and 3 sisters. I am the middle child. 3 of my brothers serve in the royal army." David said seeming ashamed.

Why are you here then?

"Having all those siblings seems amazing, it can get very lonely in this place sometimes..." She said gazing off for a moment, "What about you? Jack?" Madilyn asked.

"I don't have any sibling. I'm an orphan but I did have a family. My foster father was a blacksmith and he has a lovely wife. Recently I ran away because I didn't want to be a burden to them now that they are going to have there own child." Jack said looking at the ground. (The blacksmith had remarried.)

"You guys can stay here as long as you like," Madilyn said giving Jack a hug.

"Tha-" David said before he was interrupted.

"Thank you Miss. Madilyn but I can't stay very long, I need to find a job." Jack said getting her arms off of him gently. He wouldn't admit it but it was nice to get a hug once in a while. (especially after the affection the wall had given him earlier)

"That's too bad." Madilyn said, "because no one ever comes to visit me. I'm pretty sure my father would love to have people my own age around the house so it wouldn't be a problem to pay two young men a good amount of money to clean the house. You can do house work can you?" Madilyn asked as she looked at the pair.

"Yes, of course, I know how to do house work. Housework is a piece of cake." David said scoffing it off.

"Well I know a little bit about house work chores from working at the shop, so I think i can handle it," Jack said with a soft smile.

"Good." she said as she nodded her head and stared at them.

"You start tomorrow." Madilyn said with a smile."For now, though let me show you to your rooms and let my father know of our arrangement."

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