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Ash stood across a Pokemon battlefield staring at the Pokemon who calls himself Mewtwo. Ash had challenged him to a fight not a Pokemon battle just him against Mewtwo the stipulations of the outcome is that if Ash wins Mewtwo will leave and never try to destroy mankind again but if Mewtwo won he will take Ash as a Pokemon (but Ash didn't know that) but would still stop his current plan. Mewtwo agreed to not use his psychic powers in the fight against Ash and now they stood facing one another ready to fight for the fate of Ash.

Ash started by rushing onto the field in an attempt to end the fight quickly but Mewtwo leaned to the side and avoided the hay maker Ash sent aiming for the Pokemon's jaw stepping to the side Mewtwo twisted his right foot inward and quickly spun around landing a hard hit with his tail to Ash's stomach sending him stumbling and landing on his back getting up Ash was holding his stomach gingerly he could already feel it bruising so Ash put his arms in a more kick boxing like position and waited for Mewtwo to come to him having learned very little of his opponent other than he was quick and strong which is a very dangerous combination, oh yeah and it hurt like hell getting hit with Mewtwo's tail.

Seeing the human named Ash take a more defensive stance Mewtwo smirked he knew his tail was powerful and to be struck across the stomach from it would hurt most Machoke let alone a human but to see Ash not only stand up but continue to fight by changing tactics got him excited. "Damn that hurt." He heard Ash mutter. Mewtwo then rushed into Ash's defense and started a vicious combo of punches and kicks finishing with turning for another punishing tail swipe by the time he finished his circle Ash's arms were swollen and bruised but the boy still stood there defiantly staring at Mewtwo.

Ash was in pain was putting it mildly his arms throbbed painfully after he had been able to block some of Mewtwo's blows but many had gotten through further bruising his lower chest and ribs he was thankful he was able to block the tail but was regretting it as his arms were practically numb with pain but he knew they weren't broken so gritting his teeth, Ash raised his arms once more he knew he was losing but he refused to go down with out a fight and prepared for his next strike thinking Mewtwo had used his full speed but kept in mind Mewtwo might not of either so taking a step as he began to run he was not as surprised when Mewtwo ran even faster than before with a gleam in his eyes Ash couldn't identify and then every thing went black as Mewtwo struck hard and fast at his chest sending him skidding back to his original position only for him to fall backwards onto his back eyes open faded and lackluster in his unconscious state. Mewtwo then used his psychic powers to lift off of the ground taking Ash with him but before he got to far he heard someone screaming for him to wait when Mewtwo turned he saw Pikachu coming towards him with a determined look in his eyes he asked Pikachu "What do you want?"

"I want to go with Ash, I want to stay with him." Pikachu said.

"So be it." Mewtwo said and then bringing Pikachu up to them flew off to places unknown.

(unknown amount of time later)

Ash slowly woke up to Mewtwo changing bandages he didn't see any blood on the old bandages and was confused he was about to ask when Mewtwo said "I applied a salve to help reduce the swelling and heal the bruises." Nodding he relaxed a little before Pikachu made his presence noticed, that had Ash smiling but Mewtwo spoke again "You impressed me Ash when you fought me after my combination of hits you used your own power hidden within you called aura I want another fight against you and I'll get it one way or another after you heal you are going to go train this power of yours when I think you have trained long enough I will come search for you and when I do you better be prepared for a real fight against me with my powers against you and your power." after finishing the final wrapping Mewtwo applied some sap to the cloth to keep it in place. Ash was still feeling drowsy and sore so he fell back to sleep with Pikachu curled by his side.

The next time Ash woke up was to Pikachu shaking him as best as he could which was pretty good right now but he was screaming at Ash saying "Ash wake up already you slept all night and most of the morning you need to eat." Ash could hear the concern in the familiar voice that reminded him of Pikachu's.

First thing Ash thought was Pikachu had learned to talk like a human and became excited and asked "Pikachu when did you learn to speak English."

"(sigh) First of all Ash I'm not speaking in English it was Mewtwo he did something to you I'm not all that sure of everything but he said you'd be able to understand us now I didn't catch all he said since he used some technical terms and lost me, sorry." Pikachu said exasperated at first then apologetic at the end since he couldn't remember everything Mewtwo had told him when the psychic Pokemon had returned later after Ash had stopped tossing and turning.

(one week and four days later)

Ash had been healing very fast with the salve Mewtwo used on his bruises and had much more mobility back in his stomach and arms and was enjoying feeding himself once again as Mewtwo tended to his bandages. "Now that I can move better I can finally explore the valley we're in I hope the weather stays mostly sunny."

Ash thought to himself as Mewtwo was leaving planning his evening as well but when he heard Ash's thoughts he said "I hope you don't plan to go to far if you leave there is a strong thunderstorm heading this way." He wouldn't had said any thing but Ash wouldn't have been able to get back in time to avoid the storm nor would he have found a good shelter to wait the storm out so with his peace said Mewtwo left the room.

"I guess I'll just walk around the clearing outside. Bulbasaur do you mind helping me up and out?"Ash asked to his Bulbasaur friend.

"I'll do it." Came an all to familiar rumbling voice from the window. Ash, Pikachu and Bulbasaur turned their heads to the window to see the large winged lizard that had spoken. Walking across the room and to the bed Charizard bent over Ash.

"Charizard you came back but I thought you said you weren't coming back." Ash said with tears of joy running down his cheeks as he hugged Charizard.

"Of course I came back I couldn't leave you not after all the things you've done for me, I felt like I had to come back. Now let's get you out of here." Charizard said as he picked Ash up and moving to the window when he stepped out he spreads his wings in preparation to fly but he was waiting for Bulbasaur and Pikachu to get on with Ash so he can take off with all of his friends but before either Pikachu or Bulbasaur got there Mewtwo spoke out.

"The storm is heading in a northwestern direction but going more to the west which will bring the center of the storm directly over this valley if you fly now you might be able to avoid the storm." Mewtwo said with a smirk he knew Charizard planned to keep going as far as he could but Mewtwo had a plan he had created a choker that looked like two Mews were holding a red and blue sunburst gem between them and their tails wrapped back and around meeting and wrapping around each other to make the choker completely wrap around the neck of the wearer pulling the choker out of some sub-space Mewtwo once more said "Before you leave I want you to wear this." Mewtwo finished with showing Ash the choker. Ash thought that the choker was great he loved it and eagerly agreed and with a flash of light the choker was around Ash's neck. Mewtwo smiled now he would always have a vague idea of where Ash was but Ash didn't know that and with a quick and powerful leap Charazard was out of the window and beating his wings with all his might and flew northeast so he could avoid the storm altogether in order to keep Ash and himself dry.

Mewtwo strolled out of the room thinking to himself with a smirk on his face. "Now I can watch the storm and then return to my work with the pokeball, that Charizard will keep Ash from making his wounds worse and now that I can work undisturbed, the work should go faster on a pokeball that will catch a human."

(several days later)

Ash was resting against the warm and comforting belly of Charizard with Pikachu in his lap as they all slept Bulbasaur was gathering fruits and nuts to eat as he gathered it all on a large leaf to keep the food off the ground.