( Next day )

Mewtwo awakened by the rising sun rose up looked over at the bed and saw Ash asleep splayed out with Pikachu and Pichu laying next to him, Mewtwo gave a small chuckle then pointing Ash's Pokeball at him sucking the boy up in a red light, Pikachu immediately sprang up to see where Ash had disappeared to before noticing Mewtwo with a Pokeball pointed at the bed and realized where Ash was. Mewtwo then put his hand to his chin in a classic thinking pose. " Now where should I start?" Mewtwo asked himself out loud in contemplation of the beginning of his new journey. After a few moments of contemplation a smile formed on Mewtwo's face before he left in a flash of his teleportation. Leaving behind a sleeping Pichu and a startled Pikachu.


In a flash of light a pokemon appeared in the little town of Little Leaf catching a few trainers by surprise which turned into determination as they looked upon the form of Mewtwo. Pulling out thier Pokéball's and throwing them out Mewtwo found himself surrounded by several different types of Pokemon. Mewtwo gave them all a smirk before pulling out his own pokeball.

" If it's a battle you want then a battle is what you'll get." Mewtwo said projecting his words for all to hear shocking them all before tossing his ball to the ground releasing Ash from it's confines. Everyone around froze in shock as they stared slack jawed at Ash as he had come from the pokeball. None of them could comprehend what they had just witnessed, Ash looked around the area and took notice of all the looks he was receiving.

" What's going on?" Ash ask no one in particular as everyone just kept staring at him, turning to Mewtwo he said." I think you broke them." As he said this he pointed to the trainers and Pokemon.

" No, i have seen this reaction before. They are fine come on let's go and change to your smaller form." Mewtwo said as he strarted to hover over the crowd.

" What do you mean you've seen this before, Mewtwo what about these people?" Ash asked as he waded through the crowd everyone just stood there like statues. Mewtwo sighed as he floated further over the crowd as he looked back at Ash.

" Ash you could say their CPUs have crashed, now let us leave before they reboot." Mewtwo said as they continued to the back of the crowd. Getting out of town wasn't to difficult although Mewtwo had to wait for Ash as he slipped by all the stunned trainer. Exiting the town to the sight of the deep woods that surrounded the town Mewtwo kept going for five minutes before leaving the trail and going deeper into the woods. They kept walking for several hours before Mewtwo started setting up camp. As Mewtwo set up Ash started stretching.

" Hey Mewtwo where is Pikachu and Pichu?" Ash asked as he looked around during his stretches.

(3 weeks later)

Ash was really starting to show the fruits of his training as his speed, strength, endurance as well as his flexibility had all improved greatly. The moment the two left the forest and got on the trail proper they would have been steemrolled by a very terrified trainer running past them while screaming her head off, like she had seen a ghost and when the two turned their heads to look where she'd come from. There peeking out of the forest was a Duskull waving at them with one arm while the other rested on what went for his mouth trying not to laugh at the silly human he had tried to greet. Mewtwo shook his head slightly at the site of the girl.

" Gee, I wonder if she is afraid of ghost Pokémon like Misty is of bug Pokémon. " Ash said as he waved at the Duskull.

" She has stopped just past this hill your old friend Brock is there, I believe that he is working on calming her down." Mewtwo projected for Ash to hear.

" What, really? Then let's go and catch up with them, I'm getting hungry and no offence but you and I don't know how to cook, Brock is an awesome chef." Ash said with excitement and picked up the pace subconsciously using agility leaving Mewtwo in the dust. Mewtwo shook his head once more with a small smile on his face before lifting off the ground and dashed after Ash catching the boy near the top of the hill. As Mewtwo and Ash made it to the top they could see off to the side of the road was two people setting up a table and camping stove.

" Hey Brock long time no see." Ash called waving his hand as he walked over.

" Ash, hey how have you been, have you been eating well?" Brock greeted his friend." And before I forget, this is May and she just started her Pokémon journey today he finished while pointing at the girl who was covering the table with a cloth. As Ash and Mewtwo approached the table May started to shake slightly but continued her task setting enough plates for all of them.

" Hello May as you heard I'm Ash and this is Mewtwi... my trainer." Ash said with a bit of hesitation in the end as well as mumbling the last part. May was shocked to hear that a Pokémon was a trainer let alone the trainer of a human boy.

" Wait, what how is that even possible? I didn't know Pokémon could be trainers or that humans could be caught like a Pokémon, my little brother threw a ball at me once it didn't work so how?" May asked more than just a little confused and a little frightened.

" Don't worry May he can't catch just anybody,(sigh) he altered my genetics to make it possible." Ash said in an attempt to calm May down but had the opposite effect of freaking her out even more.