A customized battle armor was expensive.
Yet again someone had decided to tear into his costume and he needed to fix it.
And who should pay for it?

"Follow me", had Slade ordered as Dick had entered the safehouse.
To his surprise the man had lead him into the master bedroom, a room he hadn't been in before, he still respected his privacy.
He saw a wardrobe, big enough for two, and watched stunned as the mercenary gave a fully equipped Nightwing suit.

"Is there a reason you have one of those in your bedroom?", joked the younger lightly to diffuse the suddenly serious atmosphere.

"It is for you", answered Slade, the 'obviously' hung unspoken in the air.

"You may use the room with me, if you want to", with that he turned to the bathroom and allowed Dick to think about the offer.
He could either leave and rest in his 'childhood' room or stay here and sleep, euphemism for sex included next to the actual resting.
Slade gave him a choice, he wouldn't discard him if he didn't...

Unsure he laid down on the bed, like on the first night here, and closed his eyes.
The warmth of a nude body pulled him closer and he snuggled into the embrace.

The new motorbike

He had loved it.
Nightwing looked with a tear in his eyes at the remains of his motorbike.
That had been mean and an attempt to flew from him, but mostly mean.
It had been innocent and pure like very few things were in the world.

He had taken the remains back home/the safehouse and a sighed softly.

"Would you like to speak the eulogy?", had Slade playfully asked and gotten a proper speech.

"You were always there for me, a strong and hard body between my legs on which I could relay on.
I always tried my best to be careful while I cleaned you and polished your pipes.
You always seemed satisfied with my work and purred under me while I achieved new heights thanks to your endurance and strength.
I will never forget you or the pleasure you brought me."

Instead of tears or applause he had gotten a slap on his ass from his chuckling partner,

This had happened yesterday, today...

"You bought me a new motorbike", a toy for grown men worth several thousands. He couldn't believe it, should be his reaction, which would be a lie,
Dick had expected something like this, the only question was how he should explain that Batman.
Heroes weren't supposed to receive expensive gifts from dangerous men...

"You need one for work", the keys shimmered in Slade's open hand as he spoke the words with an air of fake innocence, no innocent man sounded so smug.
He wanted to take them, knew that he would, but at least he could ask for the price.
"I just want to help you achieve new heights of pleasure", purred the older man sensually into his ear as Dick's hand gripped the keys.