When Josiah Bartlett first decided to run for president, he knew there would be problems, including those he couldn't forsee. But, he never seriously considered this one. Still, this was the job he chose, the one he fought to get. After being elected president Jed Bartlett was informed that space aliens were real, and there was even a covert branch of american intelligence that moitored extra-terrestrials. Not too long ago this group had tried to murder most of these "people." Then, quite suddenly, the leader, agent Pierce, reversed tactics. Now Pierce was advising his new president to make an official agreement with them. Bartlett had been president for less than one month, and now they were having a covert meeting. It was at midnight, the american people likely still weren't ready for the truth. Pierce would be at this meeting, perhaps he and Bartlett could do the "good cop bad cop" with the leader of the aliens. These aliens were represented by a young man named Max. Max was 16, or at least he looked like a 16 year old human. Max was brought to the meeting just before midnight.


Max: Thank you for seeing me mr president.

Bartlett: It's my pleasure. I have to admit you're the first extra-terrestrial diplomat I've met, as far as I know.

Max: Well the truth is, I'm half-human.

Bartlett: May I ask, how many of your people are there in America?

Max: As far as I know, there are only ten. Seven other hybrids like myself, two pure bloods. But I'm not at liberty to say their identities.

Bartlett: Fair enough. But as long as they're just living in peace, paying taxes, not hurting my people. I have no problem letting them stay here. I know there's been a bad history between your people and our soldiers. I hope we can put that behind us.

Max: I hope so sir. But you should know, there are other aliens on Earth, in America. I don't speak for them, and my people have a, "bad history" with them.

Bartlett: Any idea who they are?

Max: No sir.

Bartlett: I see. I have no desire to drag my country into a war between two planets, is it too planets or just two groups from the same planet?

Max: Multiple planets, multiple groups. It's complicated.

Bartlett: Whatever this conflict is about, don't expect me to be an ally, or an enemy.

Max: I understand sir.

Bartlett: You can understand why I can't allow two groups of aliens to use my country to settle their feud. If you can convince this other group to agree to a peace summit, I'm more than happy to act as a mediator. But if this conflict spills over, and my citizens are hurt, I will have no choice but to take certain measures. I won't like it, but ask Pierce what his unit is capable of.

Max: I'm aware sir. And I appreciate your bluntness.

Bartlett: Good, I'm glad we understand each other.


Bartlett extended his hand, and Max shook it. Whether this was a new beginning between their peoples, or the last calm before the storm, only time would tell.