Chapter 24 - Confrontation

Nick could be heard panting and gasping for air, he was getting tired of running away from these guards. Nick really, isn't an athletic person. He's just. A cop. I guess?

I still have a lot of learn about Nick. We haven't gotten much time to bond. Just bonded a few times, there and that.

But we can never catch a break can we?

One day It's all normal. Next day some random animal wants to kill me. Next day It's normal. Next day I'm being hunted again. Is my presence disturbing these people so much?

Is there a reason to keep me going? I really, think about this a lot.

What's so important about my body? Is it because I'm really smart? Is it because I'm from another world? Who knows, who the heck knows.

But I do I know If I ran this much I would never get tired, but It's probably just my child energy talking. With this mental sixteen year old brain I've developed.


Nick got into one of the rooms inside the hallway and locked himself in. He put his ear onto the door and heard the guard's going straight to the hallway's end. That's when he knew, it was good to relax.

He sighed in relief and he put me down on the ground. He ruffled my hair and comforted me a bit, I was a bit more relaxed now.

"We're just staying here for a few minutes, alright? Just stay near the door if you hear something." Nick said and smiled at me. He trusts me, and I am glad. But It's obvious he would, his goal right now is to protect me, right?

"O-Okay dad." I nodded and stood near the door. I sat there since I don't like standing up. I wonder If we really haven't been spotted yet.

Nick went around the room and noticed this whole room was weird... It was filled with lots of books. Like a library. But smaller.
Really small.

He lurked around and got books out of one of the shelves. A few of them I saw could be labelled as:

"Crimes Committed" "Murder's I've gotten away with" "Two steps on how to steal money" And the final book I saw called "Human studies."

Wait, human studies?! Like? Actual humans?! Oh right, apparently that scientist or lion thing gave birth to me and suddenly spawned me in this world without a proper mother or father.

That...actually intrigued me. I wanted to like, get out of the door but If I did that... Nick would get mad at me. But I noticed Nick was reading a few of those books. He was talking to himself, but I could barely hear him.

I'm really curious to read one of those books. I really am. But looks like our time is up. I begin hearing footsteps near the door.

"D-Dad! They're coming!" I whispered to him and his ears perked up.

"A-Ah! Damn it. Looks like this is gonna wait another time." Nick put a book he was reading out, he ripped out a page and placed it inside one of his pockets.

He rushed towards the door and he grabbed me, holding me on his arms. He opened the door and he looked to his left. The left was where the guard's where at right now. And the place they we're just exiting out of.

Nick had no choice but to head to the final part of the hallway, Out of there. A light could be seen and a really weird area.

He took a deep breath and let some air out. He started sprinting to there. And I looked behind him, luckily the guard's haven't noticed us. But I'm intrigued by those books still. What did he rip out from it? But, I hope to whatever god is out there, protect's us both now.

We are both on our own now, Finnick and Jack. Aren't here with us. Mommy, isn't with us. Neither is Jose... I just. Want thing's to go back to normal already, is this too much to ask for? Sigh...

Just as we reached the end of the hallway... We found ourselves. In the middle of the whole place. The actual middle. It was huge,
it was enourmous.

I didn't expect this place to be For a kingdom, castle thing. This place was pretty, big. Bigger than I thought. Pretty shocked at it, that I don't know how to properly react.

Of course, Nick kept sprinting with me until he reached the end of the area. He stopped at a small circle at the end. If he kept going any further, we would of fallen...

When Nick looks down there, It's filled with weird...water. It looks weird and bubbly. I'm assuming It's poisonous. This is why he stopped, huh?

But, now I realize. We have nowhere to go! What are we gonna do now?!

"Uh...!" Nick was stuttering and shaking. He reached a dead end along with me. Defenseless, yet again. No other choice now.

Suddenly a bunch of guard's arrived to the area now. They cornered us to the end of this circle but, the guards stood there and didn't do anything.

Nick raised his ear along with mines and we heard a hover coming from the hallway. It was pretty loud and...

...Of course. It was Maya and the lion in a giant floating plate as it hovers. Those two, assholes. They can burn in hell. I want them dead already.

"Nicholas Wilde." The lion said his name. He jumped out of the hovering plate and was now in Nick's circle.

"You..." Nick glared at him menacingly, looking like he could kill him. I also had a glare that could kill anyone, but what glare would be coming out of my face? I keep remembering I am just an apparent cub. Also known as a two year old child with super advanced brain.

"Remember me? Remember when I said bring me the child with you alone or else? You could of been a nice guy Nick. But you decided to tresspass our land, break free from your cell, destroy a bunch of our minions. Is this how you're gonna repay us? After sparing your life back then in Zootopia?" The lion pointed out everything Nick has been doing to oppose him.

"...Screw off." Nick kept glaring at him and holding me tightly.

I'm kinda scared now, I was staring at the lion with mercyful eyes. I don't want anything to happen to us. Why can't the lion give up on wanting to get rid of me? Or that scientist? Whatever it is.

"Hand us the child." The lion kept getting closer to Nick.

"I will not!" Nick took some steps back from the lion.

"Don't make this harder for us Nick, than it already is." The lion was getting even closer each time.

Nick was holding me tighly inside his arms. He was taking steps back. This is not a good idea!

"I wouldn't do that If I we're you." The lion looked at Nick and crossed his arms.

"I said, get away!" Nick yelled at him.

He kept taking steps back, but he was now on the very edge of the circle.

"Do you wanna die Nicholas? Along with your so called, son?" The lion laughed and laughed out loud, just mocking Nick and me.

"I'd rather die to your hands than you kill my son, Please just let him live!" Nick said and kept trying to defend me from him.

"How about a deal then?" The lion said.

"A deal...?" Nick raised his eyebrow and had a confused face on him.

A deal? What is going to come up with this time?

"What if we..." The lion rubbed his chin and was thinking of a deal.

"You...what?" Nick wanted him to finish his sentence already. But he kept thinking, up until now.

"You pick between your family and citizens. Or, your son. But if you pick your son. Each one of you will die, except your son. Including yourself." The lion chuckled and looked at Nick, who had the most jaw dropped face ever.

Nick's eyes we're widened. His pupils extended. He was so horrified by the idea to simply pick.

The lion then pulled out his phone, and showed him the same exact video he was shown back home.

"You want all of them to die now, don't you? Or would you rather let this pathetic waste of space live on longer than you." The lion glared at me and I gasped.

That hurt a bit to hear, but I'm not gonna let his word's destroy my self-esteem.

"Pick...?" Nick asked him, making sure if he just said the words. Pick.

"You wanna die here, along with that creature?" The lion pointed to him and myself, the word die. It just...makes me sick.

"I. Don't." Nick said and sighed, looking down to the ground.

"You can't take us down either Nick. You're surrounded by lots of things that could murder him, and yourself." The lion said and he looked at the knife that was in his belt.

...He has a point after all. But what am I supposed to say? I don't want Nick or me to die, I don't wanna die. I don't want mommy to die either or Finnick or Jack ugh, what am I supposed to pick?! This has to be hard for Nick... But still. I don't wanna die, I hope Nick. Doesn't pick...agh...

"...Then. Give me a few minutes to think. Okay?" Nick asked him, his tone getting weaker each time.

"...Few minutes. That's alright Nicholas. After all, either of you could be dead in a few minutes. Haha!" The lion gave out an evil laugh and Nick could only look at him with frigthened eyes.

"A-And would you give me some alone time here? I need. I need to think." Nick said and stuttered a bit trying to get something to come out of him.

"Okay, but some guards will remain in here. So don't try anything stupid!" The lion pointed to two guards who we're in the front of the hallway's door.

"..." Speechless as ever, Nick did not say a word back. The lion started walking away from the giant area now, heading to the hallway in which Nick came from. Maya flew away cackling and catching up to the lion.

Nick sat down, and just began sobbing. I got off his arms and got closer to his neck. I want to know, what he's gonna do now.

"Dad...?" I rubbed myself under his chin.

"Omid..." Nick kept his horrified look in place, he was just sitting on the ground with no expression at all. Just tears, rolling down his face.

"Yes, dad?" I answered him and looked at him with puppy eyes. Please, don't say what I think you're gonna say...

"I...don't know what to do..." Nick gave out a grunt and held his head tightly.

"Dad, I don't wanna die please!" I started to hypervelate now, I'm scared. I'm scared to death. I just wanna go home!

"Calm down, you're not gonna die. Okay baby? I will never do such thing to you." Nick ruffled over my hair and I let him do it. It helped me calm down in desperate times.

"I..." Nick couldn't finish his sentence. He got shocked as he looked up and noticed an old friend staring at him from the roof's window on it.

His friend spelled out the word's on the window with some paper. "S-A-C-R-I-F-I-C-E H-I-M, I H-A-V-E A P-L-A-N. A-C-T L-I-K-E Y-O-U W-A-N-T T-O G-E-T R-I-D O-F H-I-M. T-H-E D-E-V-I-C-E Y-O-U H-A-V-E I-S I-M-P-O-R-T-A-N-T."

That friend, gave him a thumbs up and a wait signal. Nick shook his head and the friend, rushed away from the roof. He removed the paper of there and just went out. Nick then put his arms on his pocket and realized what he had gotten from that room he found Omid in.

"Dad?!" I kept pulling his shirt and he snapped out of his spaced out look. He quickly wiped off his tears and stood up.

"Omid. Whatever happens, just remember. I'll always love you, okay? I will always love you. No matter what." Nick said and patted my head as he stood up.

"W-What do you mean?" I said and raised my ear in confusion.

I'm confused now, isn't this what people say when they're about to...?

"..." He didn't say anything at all now. What is he thinking?

"Dad?!" I pulled the side of his pants now. Why isn't he paying attention to me?!

"I'M READY!" Nick yelled out.

Is he not gonna discuss it with me?! Please...?

Suddenly the hovering plate was heard again. It was Maya in it along with the lion. The lion again, got off and cracked his knuckles as he looked at Nick.

"Ready now, you said?" The lion looked at Nick directly in the fact.

"Hm." Nick crossed his arms and I hid behind his legs.

"So, what are you going to pick now?" The lion asked Nick.

"I pick...I- Pick-..." Nick was stuttering trying to get the word's out...

This was the moment of truth. The moment where dad is going to decide my fate...he hasn't told me anything. I'm hoping...he's surprising me...? But- If Nick picks me to live! Doesn't that mean, he'll die...? I- I wanna scream...

I'm just hiding behind his legs. Hoping to hear. A satisfying answer, and no picks.

"To sacrifice my son..." Nick finally let out what he wanted to say. He didn't even take a second look at me.

...My eyes. My eyes. They're. They feel. They feel... My eyes are just widened and my pupils are huge... my jaw is dropped. What, what did he say?

"Say goodbye to them now. Because you won't see them anymore." The lion walked towards Nick who Nick didn't do anything to stop him.

I kept holding tightly onto his legs, but he still didn't do anything to stop the lion. The arrived arrived towards Nick and he forced me to let go of Nick's leg.

I screamed and panicked. I tried to bite the lion, but I couldn't even reach his hand.

"I don't wanna say goodbye to him." Nick said, adding more salt to the wound. Nick clenched his fists and he looked down to the ground, not looking back at all.

I'm gonna cry so much, I feel like crying. Not even a goodbye? Wait, but he's- I don't want to die!

The lion was holding me by my shirt now. He walked towards the end of the circle, and he mumbled...

"Finally...the moment is here. I've been wanting to get rid of your ass for ages. And now. I finally get to see you suffer and die. You pathetic and useless child. You will burn right here and die off. Nobody will ever remember you, nobody will ever love you. You understand? And remember the name. Kevin." The lion just had the biggest evil laugh anybody could ever have.

I was struggling, trying to get the lion to let go off me. But I couldn't do anything. I'm hopeless. I'm powerless. My one shot at survival, just got blown away.

I looked deep down to the bottom of this. It's, It's the weird bubbly water with different color. It's the poison... I'm going to be dropped down here and die...

Even If I was born, with no purpose or goal. At least I know Nick's true feelings now. Getting rid of me. He did all of this, just to get rid of me. He pretended to love me this whole time, he made me believe. I was his son. All of this. This is all a lie. And you know what? I'm glad I'm going to die now.

I will never forget what you did Nick. I will haunt you forever. I don't even care if this is my killer. The true killer, is you Nicholas.

And now, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. This is, the end for me. This is my last breath, and my last moments in this world. Goodbye, everyone.

And this marks. The end of this chapter. Will Omid survive? Did Nick take the right choice? What's going to happen next? Find out in the next chapter.

Chapter 24, END.