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Chapter 3 - Sleepover

We arrived to the movie shop. Mark was still dragging me by the hand, not letting go. God damn it.

"Alright. Alright. We're going to find Zootopia for you to watch." Mark smiled and let go of me.

I was about to run back and leave this place, but then I realized they're doing this for me, and I should be considerate about this. God damn it, do I really have to thought? I mean, I have to. They're my friends and I care about them, and they care enough to actually have me as a friend when I avoided them for weeks. I'm pretty terrible, I know.

So I walked around the store looking for the movie, Mark was watching me from the distance, he was also looking for the movie as well while keeping an eye on me.

I decided to check the shelf next to this one, and there it was. The animated movies section.

I crouched down and started moving the movies one by one, and sometimes even looking at them and reading them.

I saw a few movies that catched my eye, I took a few of them to take to the sleepover to watch, and then after I pulled the last movie. There it was. A Zootopia movie. I groaned and grabbed it. Some weird dust came out of the top cover. It was extremely dusty, It was apparently the last movie in stock it seems, I looked around the back and no more Zootopia movies we're there.

Mark came to my section and noticed I found the movie.

"I asked the manager for the movie and said there was one last in stock- It seems that you found it." Mark chuckled.

"It's so dusty. I wonder why nobody bought this furry movie." I rolled my eyes.

"Even If It's a furry movie, who cares. It's good and you're gonna love it!" Mark dragged me once again, taking me to the cashier.

I put all the movies in there. Mark said he was going to pay for all of it, so I don't have to worry. He passed his credit card on the slot, The total wasn't that much but I felt bad I didn't have money to help pay it all. I spent it all on food, which I haven't even eaten yet. The cashier put the movies in a shopping bag and handed it to Mark.

We we're done shopping for movies, we decided to leave the shop. I was thinking on our way back to the table, why was that copy so dusty and not sold-out? Makes me wonder a bit...

Mark and I arrived to the table. Carlos and Mike we're looking at a store near them and Jessica was texting.

"We're back." Mark said.

"Oh, I see you brought a few movies and hopefully Zootopia." Jessica giggled.

"Yes, we did." Mark chuckled.

I sat down on the table and quickly stuffed my hand inside the bowl, grabbing out a drumstick.

"God I am hungry." I was about to eat it until...

"We're leaving. It's already getting late. We've been shopping for hours." Mark said as the time marked five o'clock in the afternoon.

"..." I was speechless. I sighed and got up with Jessica. I put the drumstick back in the bowl. There was still food left there thankfully. On my way back I'll sure as heck enjoy it.

Mark went to grab Carlos and Mike who we're inside a store looking around.

"We're leaving now. Let's gooo." Mark said as he called for the two of them.

"Already? Ah man." Mike groaned.

"Hm, yeah. It is getting pretty late anyways." Carlos sighed.

The three of them headed to me and Jessica who we're waiting at the table, I was holding the bowl of chicken, waiting until we head out to eat it.

Each one of us proceeded together and headed out of the Mall. We we're outside now and the sky could be seen getting dark already.

It was mid season already, and It always turned to dusk at this time. We we're walking together as a group again.

Jessica was in-front this time, Mark was behind her, Carlos and Mike we're both behind Mark and I was behind everyone mostly.

I decided to take a drumstick out of the bowl and started eating it. It was so delicious I could not resist. I made chewing noises and was pretty satisfied by it.

"Now you're eating? Jesus." Carlos chuckled.

"Yeah, I've been hungry pretty much all day, Mark kept dragging me to each movie store and all of them didn't have Zootopia except for one." I rolled my eyes and just kept eating.

I suddenly heard my phone vibrate. I ignored it and kept eating. It vibrated again. It was starting to get annoying now. I finished eating the drumstick and cleaned my hands with a tissue.

"Hey can you hold this for a sec?" I gave the bowl to Mike who was in-front of me.

"Uh, sure?" Mike grabbed it and raised an eyebrow.

"Don't throw it away, Mark's food is still inside." I said.

"Good! You better not eat it." Mark said.

I rolled my eyes and proceeded to pull the phone out of my pocket. I had three notifications. They we're news apparently. I thought I turned those off. I decided to open the app and inside there we're three different articles. "Kid disappeared from home after watching a movie." "A young teen suddenly disappears from their home." "A lost copy of a Zootopia movie is dangerous." And the picture of the article had a similar case of the movie, like the one we bought...that was weird...

These we're the news. I tapped the other two news but It never said which movie it was. Nobody knows why those kids disappeared after watching a movie. These we're the news, odd. But this app was pretty trusted. Or maybe I didn't install the right one?

I doubt it. But that last article sure had me concerned. A lost copy of a Zootopia movie is dangerous? It said a lost copy of Zootopia was apparently handed by a terrorist in the town who was caught and arrested for arming a bomb inside of it. Who can do such a thing like that on a movie?! Obviously this case was small and only had a CD inside. I skimmed through most of the articles anyways. Short story was that a few kids ran away from their home or something after watching emotional movies or something, and a copy of Zootopia is apparently a bomb. I want to check the CD now, but I know they'll yell at me for ruining the suprise they've been wanting to give me. So I shrugged it off.

I was starting to feel doubtful about watching the movie now. Am I really gonna watch this god damn thing? It's high-rated yeah, sure.
But I'm not interested in it! Ugh...the things I do...

I sighed and turned my phone off once again, I should really think about muting notifications. These past ones have been so pointless. I was starting to fall behind from the group from being distracted. I decided to sprint and catch up with them. Thankfully nobody noticed me looking at this. I should tell them if they got these news, but they're pointless. Who cares.

Anyways, we we're almost at Jessica's home. It was just around the block.

"Hey Carlos. Put all the food in the counter alright?" Jessica asked him.

Jessica has some extreme OCD. Her house is literally the most organized ever. I'm pretty sure if she sees a single piece of paper out of place she would lose her mind.

"And put it in order. If It's messy I'll hit you!" Jessica threathened him.

"Wow, scary." Carlos chuckled.

"I have the board games with me." Mike said as he raised the bag.

"You put them in my room." Jessica said.

"Alright." Mike said.

After a few minutes. We we're finally in Jessica's place. I was getting tired again after walking so much. Thinking in the first place, why didn't we call someone to pick us up? Well then again, It's our day off. Right...I forget about that. God, my mind has not been in good places lately.

Jessica pulled out some keys from her pocket and opened the door to her house, her parent's we're in vacation and she had the house all to herself.

"Put your shoes to the side over there. And wash your feet outside I don't want the house to stink up with your smelly feets." Jessica started nagging already. She sounded like my mom, but even worse.

Everyone took their shoes off and placed it neatly to the side of the living room. Mike proceeded to put all the board games on the ground.
Carlos was taking care of the food and Mark was in the bathroom. I was just standing here doing nothing. I should probably head outside and wash my feet. I then proceeded to head out the door and saw the hose on the garage. It was completely dark outside.

It seemed to be we took at least an hour to get here. Hmm, I turned the knob on the hose and started pouring water on my feet. My feet do not stink thank you very much, I dunno why she wants us to do this, It's unnecessary. I suddenly heard someone coming from the streets. It sounded like a child. I turned the hose off and walked a bit to the front yard. I looked at both sides of the road and it was completely dark still. I rubbed my eyes and there was still nothing. I'm not going crazy now am I? It sounded like a child...

Maybe I need to rest or something. Maybe this sleepover will help me relax. I have way too many things running in my mind. I headed to the door and opened it, inside Carlos was preparing some chips and dips in his pajamas. Mark was in his pajama clothing and was sitting on the floor.
Mike was setting up a movie in his pajamas as well for us to watch. I can only wonder which movie we will watch. Jessica was also in her pajamas. Everyone was comfy besides me.

"Hey, you should go change in the bathroom. Mark said as he threw to me my pajamas.

Finally, I thought I had nothing to wear but Mark saved my life.

"Thank you, I'll go change now." I said as I quickly rushed to the bathroom and went inside.

I took my clothes off and put them in the ground. I'm leaving tomorrow anyways, It can stay there. I looked at the mirror and started putting on my clothes. I look over to my hands and they we're full of fur. What?! I quickly jumped and blinked twice, I looked again at my hands and made sure if they really we're what I thought they we're. And they weren't. They we're just regular human hands.

I was really losing my mind. I rubbed my eyes again and made sure one last time. Still regular hands. I sighed and headed out of the bathroom, Jessica was heading outside apparently with her phone, looks like she got a call from her parent's or something. I headed over to Mark who got up from sitting on the ground instantly.

"Finally you're out, took you forever I need to use the bathroom!" Mark rushed over to it and locked himself in.

Jesus, what got into him? I noticed Carlos wasn't in the kitchen anymore. I kinda overheard from the walls that he was heading upstairs to find some other ingredients for the food in Jessica's attic.

"Hey, do you mind putting the movie in for me? I need to clean my feet outside, Jessica keeps complaining they smell from walking all day. God she sounds worse than my mom." Mike sighed.

"Haha I agree with that, alright. What movie?" I chuckled and asked him.

"This one." Mike handed me the Zootopia case.

I knew it was gonna be that one. Mike headed outside and I was the only one left downstairs in the living room.

I started to think, everyone was acting odd lately, or I'm just paranoid, I don't know those articles I read are still bugging my mind is this CD really a bomb? I doubt it. But whatever, I headed over to the TV and saw the DVD player.

I looked at the case and it was still dusty. I should probably clean it up shoudn't I? I grabbed a tissue from my pocket and started to rub the case. Nothing came out.

"Huh..." I said to myself. The dust didn't come off. I decided to shrug it off anyways, I opened the case and inside was the movie.
See? There's no bomb of course, but there was some weird messages inside.

This was so odd...the dvd on front had "DON'T WATCH!" "WARNING" "DON'T" written all over it in sharpies. I was slowly losing my mood to watch it now. Maybe the ratings we're lying. Maybe this movie is terrible. I grabbed it anyways with much care. I turned on the DVD player and it booted up. The tray opened and I gulped. I was terrified of watching this movie now, It's gonna be terrible I just know it. I slowly placed it on the tray. I sighed again. I closed the tray and knew, I was going to watch this.

The tray closed and I instantly hit play, after that I sat on the ground. The screen showed several pictures of Zootopia characters before the screen instantly turned black. I processed on the mind, they we're tigers, they we're foxes and wolves and bulls, and the last pic shown was a picture of a lady sheep. Oh my god. This movie truly was furry as heck. I did notice a certain fox was pretty cute. Wait, did I really just say that? I found something cute on the movie? A furry fox? No! I'm not a furry. Jesus, I'm not thinking properly. I haven't even seen five minutes of the movie yet. But Mark was kind enough to spoil a bit of it and say it was about a bunny cop and fox cop who fought crimes in their home city and stuff, that's all I remember from Mark telling me. I was kinda uninterested and barely payed attention to what Mark said. But I guess the moment of truth is here.

I waited a few minutes for the screen to light up, but nothing happened. Maybe the cd was too scratched up to even watch it? No, that's not right...the black screen resumed. I got up and wanted to check if It was scratched up. When I put it on and looked at the CD it had absolutely no scratches. But now, I heard beeps coming from inside. Loud beeps from the DVD player. This was weird. Maybe It's indicating the movie is indeed scratched up and I didn't notice? I was about to open the tray until...

I coudn't believe this...The DVD blew up on me in an instant, all I remember is, my whole vision turned black in an instant. I could hear my friends from the outside and footsteps coming from upstairs. The world I was living it, was no longer a world for me. I knew from this point on, that I was dead as I gave one last breath,
the last thing that came to my mind, was about the article I looked on my phone when getting to Jessica's place. I should of...I should of read it completely and not skimmed through it... I should of listened... I knew something was fishy with this movie...the world I lived in, was gone from me. The whole area was revealed and open thanks to the explosion, I was just laying on the ground lifeless. Is this karma for bashing on a movie the whole word finds perfect? Is this truly what I deserve for being ignorant and not listening to others? Am I too selfish for anything and don't deserve anything? But the most important question of all was I really dead? Who really knows, this is just the beginning of my story.

Chapter 3 END.