Three Candles

When you light three candles

and you place them in a row

you can see that the flames are all equal

in the intensity of their glow.

Watch the flames as they dance

to some hidden desire

you stare in fascination as in your mind

you see clever images in the fire.

Each flame is different

their dances are unique

even if you try you can't imagine

the dancers using the same technique.

Now tip the candles together

the flames now burn as one

they are still three separate dancers

a new dance has begun.

A/N: These flames represent the Trinity. One represents the Father, one represents the Son, the other represents the Holy Spirit.

Continue to watch the flames dance

occasionally you'll see a spark

watch as that spark temporarily glows

as a tiny light in the dark.

Watch the spark as it gently falls

pretend it's seeking something to burn

give it some fuel and watch as it grows

it will give you a new dance to learn.

It will not last as long as the candles

it's dance is short, but sweet

quickly lift it up to the candles before it dies

now it can dance forever, what a treat!

A/N The sparks represent the Holy Spirit burning in the hearts of the Fathers saved children in the Old Testament.

Now pull one candle away

the flames seem to wave farewell

two flames now dance together

the third alone will dwell.

Now take many smaller candles

place them around the one with a flame

imagine the tiny candles moving away from the sparks

dodging them like it's some kind of game.

Light a few of the tiny candles

then quickly blow most of them out

see the smoke rise around the tall candle

taunting it with the tiny candles doubt.

Take the large candle

reunite it with the other two

extinguish a few more of the tiny flames

now only a small group burns true.

Place the candle with the little ones again

allow almost all to take light

the larger flame seems to dance with joy

knowing it has won the fight.

A/N The big candle is representing the Son. The tiny candles are representing His followers. In the New Testament.

Return the large candle to it's friends

they are now one again

their work for now is complete

they have shown to all that death is slain.

Imagine the tiny candles

showing their light to all

imagine that light being passed to others

spreading even though many candles fall.

When a candle falls

picture in your minds eye

its tiny little flame

joining the three, knowing it will never die.

A/N The tiny candles with flames represent Christians.

Picture unlit candles seeing the light

and turning away

imagine the bigger candles sorrow

at seeing the lightless be led astray.

These poor candles will not be saved

they have chosen to live in sin

they could have had eternal life

but instead they have let death win.

A/N The lightless candles represent the unsaved.

A/N Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read this! I wanted to explain why I chose fire to represent God as fire usually stands for Hell. Fire keep us warm, but it can also burn us. It's the same way with God. He is all powerful and could easily use that power to destroy us, or to force us to believe in Him. But He doesn't. He lets us choose and He uses that power for good. This is also where the love/fear relationship comes in. He wants us to love Him, but fear His power. This is mainly why I choose fire to represent Him. Fire has the power to hurt us, to kill us, to destroy everything-like God, only on a smaller scale. However, it can also help us. It can keep us warm, dry off our clothes, cook our food, etc. It can meet many of our needs if we let it, which in a sense is what God does. If you let God, He will meet all of your needs. Um... yeah, I'll shut up now...

Oh! I almost forgot! Part of this poem (Only the beginning) was written for a friend of mine, as a present. She's obviously a Christian, she has helped me out a lot and I wrote this in part to thank her. She's a youth worker and I am hoping that this may help her describe the Trinity to others. Will you please let me know if this analogy makes sense? Thank you! ^_^