The Wind

How do we know the wind exists?

It can not be seen or heard

it can't be touched, it has no smell

and to taste it would be absurd!

We do not see the wind itself

when it plays with people's hair

all we see is the effect it has

the wind itself can't be seen any where!

When the wind gently flows past us

we can't hear the sound it makes

however, we do hear the noise

when it gives the leaves the shakes.

We can not touch the wind itself

when we feel a gust or a breeze

all we feel is the air changing

bringing us warmth or making us freeze.

The wind itself has no sent

though we can smell the aroma it carries

we smell the things it has blown past

whether it be garbage from the dump or a pie made of berries.

When the wind blows on by

we can not taste a thing

however the perfume it may be wearing

could stir a memory that makes our taste buds sing.

It's the same way with God

never seen, heard, touched, smelled or tasted

yet like the wind I know He's there

His power is never wasted.

I can't see God Himself

but I see the effects He has on peoples lives

when they choose Him over evil

their spirits He revives.

My ears don't hear Gods voice

His is a voice that comes from the heart

I feel a reassuring whisper

that says we will never be apart.

My skin does not touch Him

yet I feel His presence always near

when I'm sad, it feels like arms around me

comforting me, His love is sincere.

Obviously, I can't smell His sent

it's a smell no nose knows

He is far too clean and holy

for us to be able to smell Him like a rose.

Now God Himself, He has no taste

He is not a thing for us to eat

all I can taste is the fruit of His works

and man, let me tell you-it's a wonderful treat.

~*A/N Well, thanks again for reading! I hope you liked it!*~