Empire meets Republic Elder scrolls and Star Wars crossover

Prologue Death of the underworld.

Xildan niece to the illustrious and powerful Prince Xizor and junior Vigo of the Black sun criminal empire waited patiently with an escort of her best guards a motley group of Weequays and trandoshans along with a mandalorian stood on ceremony as the Prince of crime's star yacht land and opens it's hatch revealing the green skinned and devilishly handsome alien along with the strange blond human that he kept with him at all times.

"Your highness we are honored by your presence." the young faleen female said as she bowed to her uncle.

"Indeed sweet Xil. Tell me how are the new cattle?" He asked as they walked out of the hangar.

"We had raided a small colony in the Kessel system that was near the Maw. It was defenseless as if they didn't expect us to invade. The colony was made of mostly humans and near-humans with pointed ears with a few strange trandoshans with tails and feathers with hair and a catlike race." She told her uncle.

"Is that so?" Xizor asked as he leered at one of the human females and finding that his charms and pheromones that had made even the most prudish and honourable women of the galaxy become like bacta gel in his hands to do whatever he pleases. Yet these strange women seem to glare at him defiantly.

It was then at the same time as the prince of crime was inspecting these strange people when an old man bent and withered with age, dressed in rags with a cowl over his face and a beard of white slowly stood up holding his intricately carved staff as he began to sing in a strange and rough language:

Dovahkiin! Dovahkiin!

naal ok zin los vahriin,Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal!
Ahrk fin norok paal graan fod nust hon zindro zaan,
Dovahkiin, fah hin kogaan mu draal!

And as he sung the others from the humans and the near humans with pointed ears to the feline and lizard creatures joined in causing the guards to grow uneasy while Xizor kept an arrogant smirk on his face yet within him he was furious seeing these cattle acting defiant and singing in some dead tongue.

"Bring the old man out." He ordered the guards who complied dragging him out and tossing him at the feet of the faleen prince.

"Do you understand me Slave?" Xizor asked as he kicked at the old man gaining a groan of pain from him before the two gamoreans grab him by the shoulders and bring him to his knees.

The man's face was heavily scarred and one of his eyes had gone blind while the other held the color of icey sky-blue. Xizor gives the elder another arrogant smirk as he circled him and the guards holding him.

"I asked do you understand me?" He asked once more waiting semi patiently for the old man who soon answered

"Aye I understand you. You milk drinking son of a Horker." He said his accent like that of grinding ice when he suddenly rammed his head into the alien's stomach and knocks the guards holding him away and then summoned an ethereal purple sword from his hand.

"What the seven correlian hells!" Exclaimed a twilek thug before a sword thrusts through his body as strange portals appeared from nowhere and out of them figures in demonic armor.

"Shoot them!"Cried Xizor as he fled while the thugs shot at the strange soldiers but the lasers simply bounced off or failed to kill them as the warriors cut through them as like as a sword through butter.

The pirates too used to having people being frightened of them were now feeling the same terror as their victims as they were butchered. While Xizor, Guri and Xildan fled towards the hangars when suddenly a large creature made out of ice appeared and sent a large icicle at them impaling the faleen woman to a wall while the blond human woman stepped infront of her master.

"Gurri deal with this Thing." Ordered the prince as he went for a star fighter.

"At once Master Xizor." said the woman emotionlessly as a small device popped out of her right arm and spewed flame at the glacier like beast when suddenly a shot of lightning sends the woman back into another ship causing it to explode as the old man still wielding the ethereal sword steps into the hangar his left hand crackling with lightning while one of the demonic soldiers pulls out a crossbow and shoots a bolt at the prince's ship disabling it while more soldiers brought the faleen before the half blind elder.

"Good work troops in apprehending this piece of Horker shit. He-steals-everything how goes the magical corruption on their info maps?" The old man asked a light red reptile who wore blue robes.

"We have full control of their life recorders Your Highness. With these devices and the new spell that the guild cooked up we will be able to show whatever rulers the power of the Empire." He said while a large brute of a man spat on the still impaled corpse of the Vigo. "The sooner those walking twigs send the message the faster we can find a real fight. These damned slavers practically shat themselves and ran like whimpering goblins." He growled while a tall and golden skinned female slapped him across the back of his bald head.

"Quiet recruit Vignar or you will be scrubbing the Orsimer and riekling toilets for the next week." She said as she pushed her golden hair away from her face revealing her pointed ears.

"Enough all of you Whelps. Begin broadcasting He-Steals." Growled the old man as he stepped in front of a small purple eye that was the size of a housecat.

"Drem Yol Lok. Greetings citizens of Mundus. I am Ysmir Stormcrown, Ruler of the Nirnian Empire, Lord of the Imperial City, and Protector of the weak. My people and I have come before you now to discuss peace between all worlds and and gods of your people. As a token of our power to those who think they can try to fight us: Behold Prince Xizor of the Black Sun criminal organization! In the year 3571 Tenth Era by Nirnian reckoning Our people colonized a world outside the Cloak of Sithis or what you would call the Maw. For five months our people prospered on the world before we started to notice that people began to go missing. At first it was small villages yet there were no beasts no bandits on this world until our spies found these traitorous villians enslaving our people. On Nirn the punishment for Slavery is death." Said the emperor as he cut through the neck of Xizor while holding his hair as the body floor blood splurting from the cut before the eye as it vanished.

The old man sighed as he desummoned his sword and looked to his comrades "And now we wait." He said as massive golden starships in the form of strange winged beasts suddenly appeared surrounding the asteroid.

(And there it is the first chapter to Empire vs. Republic. I know it's pretty short and I will try to make the next one better. Happy Thanksgiving to my readers!)