The atmosphere was relatively quiet; calming, classical music played on her speakers as cars occasionally passed by from the roads outside. The conditions were far from ideal, yet it was something she already appreciated after having a long day.

Lounging on her chair, Yaoyorozu glanced at her phone, browsing all the comments on something that had recently gone 'viral,' as they termed it.

Was it really Creati ? Sweet Creati ?

bless the one who took the video lolololol ~~ i wish we saw how she looked tho

I think it makes her kinda cool B-) consider me a fan now

Marry me, Creati! Step on m—

And with that she clicked the button at the side of her smartphone, completely shutting off the screen. Sighing, she started gathering the paperwork in front of her, packing away the documents she used for the day.

It had been years since their graduation. With the help of her seniors and colleagues, she managed to make a name for herself and set up her own hero agency. It wasn't an easy path; various obstacles needed to be overcome each day just to make sure they were doing their jobs. Despite that, she was happy at the heights she was in; sometimes, she still can't believe that the day had come where she finally could say she was a Pro Hero.

She knew it was truly a great honor to be given the opportunity to use her abilities in defending and helping those who couldn't. A sense of fulfillment—that's what she felt most of the time in her service. . . Though it wasn't limited to that. Of course, being a Pro-Hero meant being within the eyeshot of the masses, and it was inevitable to gain attention.

She admitted she still wasn't used to it. Until that very moment, she was still baffled by the crowd chanting her name in the aftermath of their festival performance as first years. Being talked about in a public domain was another whole different experience, and it was something she'd rather not explore if she could help it. For that event, however, she admitted being intrigued, so she decided to have a peek of the masses' thoughts via the comments section. She was at least relieved that most of them were "positive" feedback—others a bit disturbing and questionable, but still relatively positive. Knowing that was enough to satisfy her curiosity and make herself relieved.

"Oi, Momo! Food's getting cold!"

Startled by the outburst, she began storing her things in their respective folders.

"Coming!" she responded back, just as she had her hands on an application form that she recalled taking when she visited U.A. Her eyes scanned the header saying 'PART-TIME FACULTY', along with the logo of their school.

U.A. . . She certainly had plenty of nice memories. Much like her Pro Hero days, it wasn't an easy journey, but it was an experience she wouldn't trade for anything else in the world.

Her eyes continued browsing through the texts, going over the personal details that needed to be filled up, along with the different departments she could apply too. Heroics, General Education, Support. . .

Momo laughed, a particular memory flashing in her head. She still remembered tired yet piercing glares that Aizawa gave them the moment they passed a total of 16 proposals along with 16 prototype models; with her quirk it was rather easy to make synthetic versions of whatever they envisioned.

"Yaoyorozu Momo!" His voice sounded far more annoyed. "Hurry up!"

She grinned, just as she remembered doing upon seeing the big A+ on their grading sheet.


"I'll be there!" she responded, scrambling to her feet and descending the stairway.

Momo knew she was an overthinker. She had a habit of preparing herself for the worst so she could mentally prepare herself to deal with them, just like the first time she had to partner up with Katsuki in U.A...

However, seeing him, along with the untouched meals he prepared for the both of them. . . She realized she had gotten the better end of the bargain after all.

A video caught from a smartphone circulated on the virtual space, which garnered over a million views. It was footage of the rescue operations at a famous tourist spot, led by Creation Hero, Creati. Escorted by the other heroes and sidekicks, crowds of people surged out of the building. It seemed the operations were going smoothly. . . Until the audio caught on Creati's voice repeatedly giving instructions in English.

'We need to head out!'

The video then shakily shifted to the commotion, showing said hero urging a group of foreign tourists to follow her lead. They all seemed to ignore her.

"Please follow me; this is for your own safety."

Still, they ignored her. The atmosphere was getting tense just as the ground shook. The one holding the smartphone let out a panicked shriek. As the video then shifted to the exit doors, a voice—undoubtedly belonging to Hero Creati—reverberated just before the video ended,

"Forgive my language but if you want to live, PLEASE RUN THE FUCK OUTSIDE—!"

No other footage of the event came out, but since news of zero casualties were confirmed, the citizens were certain that the group of foreigners eventually listened to the frustrated hero. . .

Some time, when class A had a reunion, it had been one of the main topics of conversation. An embarrassed Yaoyorozu kept telling them it was simply her means of convincing the stubborn tourists to save their own lives. They knew that, of course—drastic times call for drastic measures—but it didn't stop her cheeky classmates from teasing her anyway.

The night went on, the merriment yet to die. In the midst of it, certain individuals couldn't help but speculate that their former class vice-chair's actions were influenced by spending too much time with their particularly explosive classmate, who surprisingly joined their reunion despite saying how "unnecessary" their gettogether was in their group messaging app.

What was their relationship status, anyway? They weren't certain. If there was something they were sure of, however, it was how large the impact that particular classmate had on Yaoyorozu Momo. . . It was a phenomenon they jokingly termed as "The Bakugou Effect."


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