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Warning: AU- sexual content, Mpreg, language, violence, abuse, blood drinking – Manipulative McGonagall, Potters Bashing

Young teachers Gellert/Albus/Tom/Severus, Tough Fatherly Hagrid

Lord Marvolo Gaunt as Dark Lord

Creature Harry

(I'm thinking)

"I'm speaking"

Pairing: Yaoi M/M, Harem – top Harry x bottoms Fred / George / Albus / Gellert / Severus / Tom (TMR)


"oh my! Look it's him! Michael Potter!" yelled one person out of the big crowd waiting for the Hogwarts Express at King's Cross Station.

"he's so dreamy" swooned two girls who looked liked twins.

"I bet he'll be in Gryffindor" said on guy in the crowd.

"of course he will you git! Where else would the guy who killed a Dark Lord at only two years old be?" shouted another person as the crowd swarmed the Potter parents and the smirking Michael Potter who was an exact replica of his father, but with green eyes behind thick framed glasses.

Off to the side of the mob of adoring fans the train pulled up where a boy whose face was hidden under the hood of a black hoody and wearing dark blue jeans went on before anyone came to their senses. He had no suitcase or any luggage, but he boarded and went right up to the first compartment with his hands securely in his pockets.

The compartment door swung open for him and he went in. Once the door shut behind him the blinds closed and shade over the windows plunging the compartment into darkness as if on command. A command the boy never said out loud.

The boy lowered his black hood revealing a glint of eyes and black gloves on his hands, but nothing else could be seen in the darkness. The sound of other students caught his attention and he placed his hand on the door. The boy whispered something and the door vanished. With every clunk of a suitcase the boy twitched as if it was too loud. Only two minutes passed before the boy shrugged and snapped his fingers making all the sounds fall to a little less than whispers. A smile graced the boy's lips and he laid across the bench where he promptly fell asleep.


"alright first years, this way! Only four people per boat!" boomed the huge bearded man with a thick accent guiding all the new students from the train to the boats.

"whoa, who's that? Is he human?" asked a bushy haired girl.

Michael shook his head "nope Hermione, that's the half giant gate keeper Hagrid"

"and who's perched on his shoulder?" the red haired Ron Weasley asked his famous friend.

"huh?" the Potter blinked and saw the boy in blue jeans and a hoodie sitting perfectly balanced on the half giant's shoulder farthest from him. It didn't matter what the giant did the boy remained perfectly stable, which pissed off Michael because the guy was probably killer on a broom. With the black hood up he couldn't see the boy's entire face and his eyes stayed hidden even after gracefully jumping off the half giant's shoulder to help people into the boats. The boy had no suitcase, no uniform and helped everyone equally. He even helped the spoiled Malfoy and his friends board a boat "I don't know"

The hooded boy finished helping a pair of twin girls before coming over to them "my name is Harry, may I help any of you?" the hooded boy asked in a smooth, alluring voice as he approached their group. Michael sneered and clumsily jumped in the boat to prove he didn't need help, but he felt his anger rise as he saw Harry assist Hermione, Ron and a nervous Neville into the boat. The guy didn't even pay any attention to him! Harry seemed more concerned with the bloody luggage!

The bastard should at least look disappointed that he didn't get to touch the Boy Who Lived!

Before Michael's anger could mount to the point where he'd do something stupid the boy leapt gracefully off the boardwalk down onto the half giant who was in the lead boat and the boats were off with Harry perched on Hagrid's shoulder again.

"what a freak" hissed Michael.

Ron scoffed "he is weird"

"I admit he's different, but he seems … nice" said Hermione.

Neville shushed them "I think he can hear you"

"don't be stupid. We're too far-" the Potter turned his head and he and his companions winced. The boy was looking right at them. The feeling of those eyes hidden behind the hood made them shiver. It was really unnerving, but he wanted to look tough so he just huffed, but at the same time they all stayed quiet for a while.

Ron grinned "wicked, there's Hogwarts!"

Everyone stared in awe at the fully lit castle that stood out against the night sky. It was a beautiful sight to see!

As they came closer to the shore near the enchanting castle a port appeared along the shore. Potter and his group blinked in shock as Harry suddenly appeared on the shore and began helping the boats dock. No one even saw him move from the half giant's shoulder and they were still 30 feet from the shore! How the hell did he leave the half giant and clear 30 feet of water without anyone seeing?

"how the bloody hell did he get over there?" Ron gaped as he watched Harry stand on the second boardwalk waiting for them.

"he must've apparated or used a portkey" said Michael confidently.

Hermione shook her head "portkeys don't work over short distances because people get splinched and even if he was old enough to apparate he couldn't do it inside the wards"

"how do you know all that?" Ron blinked.

"I read it in Hogwarts: A History. Didn't either of you read it? I gave it to you Michael" Hermione pouted as the Potter responded with only a sheepish grin "you're hopeless" the witch sighed making Neville chuckle.

Ron just draped his arm over Michael's shoulders "we're going to be Gryiffindors not Ravenclaws" he teased and the boys laughed as Hermione rolled her eyes.

Hagrid and Harry helped everyone out of the boats lead the starry eyed awestruck 11 year olds into the castle and up a staircase that ended at a pair of huge doors "alright everyone, leave your things here and the house elves will handle them after your sorting" Hagrid said kindly.

The Headmistress, Minerva McGonagall, came up to the first year students "thank you Hagrid" she said dismissively and Hagrid walked up to the huge doors as she turned to the first years "I am Minerva McGonagall, the headmistress of Hogwarts, and I welcome all of you to your first year at school. You will all be sorted just beyond those doors and once you are your house becomes your home. Of course if you wish for help or someone to talk to you are more than welcome to come to me or any staff member. Now I wish you all luck in your future studies" Taking the hint Hagrid threw the doors open to reveal the Great Hall in all its glory. As the awestruck students followed the headmistress Harry paused nervously.

"it's ok, Harry. I'll be here" the half giant said softly in his thick accent. The boy's eyes may have been hidden, but the small smile was clearly visible. Harry nodded slightly and joined the group of first years in the front of the room though no one noticed because everyone was focused on the old singing hat. Hagrid moved with surprising stealth along the side of the room and took a seat at the staff table.

Going from right to left was the potions professor and House Head for Slytherin Severus Snape with black eyes and shoulder length black hair wearing all black. Then Tom Riddle the DADA professor who was a very handsome young man with red eyes and dark brown hair. Next was Albus Dumbledore, a young handsome man with auburn hair and blue eyes who teaches Transfiguration, the House Head for Gryffindor and is the Deputy Headmaster. Then an empty seat where the headmistress sits when the sorting is done. Then the handsome young violet eyed blonde Gellert Grindelwald the Charms professor and House Head for Ravenclaw. Then Hagrid seated next to James Potter the flying instructor. With the other professors and local healer Madam Pomfrey bringing up the rear.

"Lets get the sorting started shall we? When I call your name have a seat" said the headmistress as Albus stood up and placed himself next to the chair holding the sorting hat in his hands. As each name was called the child sat on the chair and the hat was placed onto their head. The hat seemed to take a certain amount of time to consider before calling out the House that fit the child the best.

"Ravenclaw as expected and Neville is …" Ron whispered to Michael as Hermione was sorted and waited with a dramatic pause as Neville had the hat placed on his head.

"Hufflepuff" the hat stated getting an applause as Neville went to the Hufflepuff table and was welcomed warmly by the other Hufflepuffs.

Ron grinned "no surprise"

"no kidding mate" Michael snorted. Suddenly Ron's name was called and sorted into Gryffindor.

Several names were called until there were only two kids left to sort "Potter" everyone waited in quiet anticipation as Michael sauntered forward, but he made only steps before Minerva called "Harry? … Harry Potter?" everyone looked baffled, especially the headmistress. Since when was there two Potters? Michael gaped unattractively as the hooded boy from earlier glided passed him "where is your uniform young man?" the headmistress said before she could get her thoughts straight. She heard snickers and immediately regretted embarrassing the boy.

Harry stopped in front of her "the handbook states that a uniform is required during school hours. Since we live here I assumed 'school hours' meant classes only, not meals. Classes don't start until tomorrow so unless we should expect a quiz on the food I see no reason to risk an awkward moment by changing in a crowded train that's moving at unsafe speeds. Is that alright headmistress?" Harry pulled his hood down revealing his blood red eyes and short silky deep blood red hair earning gasps from several students and teachers, while a few were blushing. Some because Harry was good looking and others because they did in fact have awkward moments on that train.

"well … yes that's fine then" McGonagall said hesitantly as the boy walked passed her and sat in the chair. She actually couldn't argue with that logic. The professors exchanged glances. No one knew what to think about the boy.

Tom frowned "did you know about this Potter boy, Sev?" he asked Severus quietly as a stunned Albus placed the hat on the boy's head.

"yes Tom, because clearly I want to know everything about Potter and his brood" Severus hissed sarcastically. He wanted nothing to do with the arrogant fool and his pompous wife. The Potters seemed to like messing with him. Severus closed his eyes to think "actually during one of her visits I do recall that there were two boys. I believe they were almost three then since it was at the end of our second year. Remember, we tried to see in the stroller and she told us to get away because we were Slytherins"

"that's right, but we've never seen both kids since then" Tom sighed and glanced at Albus and then Gellert only to see that they were saddened by something. Of course the two professors were a year older than them and knew the Potters longer.

Lily Potter, was the most condescending, narrow minded, know-it-all witch Severus has had the grave displeasure of meeting. During his second year of school with Tom they saw Lily visiting her much older husband dressed in expensive robes and showing off her brat that stopped a dark lord. They tried to see the little kids, but she told them to go before away before they contaminated her children. The Slytherins were stunned to see the woman who mocked them was a professor's wife! … but then they found out she was James Potter's wife and it made sense.

The story is that when she reached legal age she left to supposedly deciding not to attend her last year. Until she returned a month or so later, but not to finish school … The muggle-born witch Lily Evans returned as Lily Potter, the flying instructor's wife! There were rumors that the two were dating before she even became legal, but that was never confirmed.

James Potter is the Potter family head and the Hogwarts flying instructor who was once a famous Quidditch star. Usually he's tolerable, but you see how much of an ass he is when you're in Slytherin. The man is bias to the extreme and despite being their teacher, Tom and Severus suffered because of it, both in school and when they became professors. The man was Gryffindor all the way, but Severus was wondering why the arrogant man was watching Harry with a mixture of shock and guilt … it's almost like Potter forgot he had another son like everyone else, but the potion master shrugged it off as very unlikely. The man liked spoiling his brats. The famous Potter child being shocked about his brother was interesting though, but it was most likely because Harry stole his spotlight.

Nobody was aware of the conversation between the hat and the boy …

'Hello again Harry! How have things been?' the hat greeted telepathically with surprising familiarity.

(very good, Dad and I bought a home and made portkeys to go there. Sara is exploring around there now and not on school grounds anymore. Dad said it's better for everyone not to keep a basilisk on school grounds even if there already are creatures everywhere. Dad is still trying to find out what kind of creature I am, but we ruled a lot out. Of course it's trickier because I'm a rebirth not a person who is part human or unlocked an inheritance or was bitten by a werewolf or vampire. I have no human blood in me despite being born from humans so there isn't a scan for something so rare … Can you still not get in my mind?) Harry thought back.

'nope! However I can still get the surface thoughts. Hagrid was right to have you meet me a month in advance so we could talk about which house is best for you. Like most creatures I can't read your mind and your defenses are the strongest I've ever seen. I can't even get a flicker and I've been trying for a month! If anything your mind gets stronger each time I try! Truly impressive, but enough of that. I believe we stalled enough. Ready to be sorted?' the hat asked.

(lets do it! I can't wait to see his face) Harry mentally snickered revealing nothing to the baffled people watching.

'you and me both! Kick ass Harry!' "Slytherin!" the hat shouted in excitement receiving silence and dropped jaws as the response every person in the room except Hagrid. A Potter as anything but Gryffindor was unheard of!

The half giant was the first and only one to stand and start clapping as Harry stood up and handed the hat over to a very stunned Albus "Wonderful! This is a sign, I bet! A sign that the feud between snakes and lions will come to and!" the half was getting choked up over the heartfelt mention of a truce. Harry paused in his walk to the Slytherin table to watch Hagrid "You must be very proud James" Hagrid clapped the flying instructor on the back. Unfortunately the gate keeper put just a little too much power in that friendly gesture and James Potter's face went into the table in front of with a hard crack.

Several gasps were heard and two people fainted as the flying instructor sat up revealing clearly broken nose that was gushing blood "YOU BLOODY IDIOT-" James barked only to be cut off by Poppy who didn't the kids to hear such language and from a teacher no less! Minerva immediately cast a silencing charm and watched the children as Poppy handled the mess

Gellert and Albus went over to Hagrid 's side to comfort the half giant who was crying into a hanky and blubbering apologies "it's ok Hagrid … you didn't mean to" Albus said softly.

"I'm the one hurt why are you comforting him?" James snarled and squeaked in pain as Poppy popped his nose together and healed him.

"it's not his fault. He's crying and saying sorry Potter so get over it before you really make a scene, you know he didn't mean it" Gellert hissed under his breath.

Tom and Severus smirked and tapped their glasses together … best welcome feast ever! They noticed a few Hufflepuffs who fainted from the sight of blood were being tended to by Minerva, Michael Potter was watching his father in worry and Harry … was ignoring the entire situation and taking a seat at the end of the Slytherin table apart from the other snakes. If anything the boy looked amused. The potions and DADA professors were watching the boy with interest, but it didn't last long for the boy seemed to feel their eyes and looked right at them. Tom may have red eyes too, but Harry's were unique. They were staring straight into blood and getting pulled under fast. The trance they felt was broken as the headmistress settled everyone down …

Minerva smiled as a grouchy Potter was cleaned of blood with a flick of Poppy's wand. Hagrid was now calm a sitting down. Albus left to put the sorting hat on its pedestal and everyone settled down "now that that was taken care of lets start the feas-"

"hey! What about me?" Michael snapped rudely making an awkward silence as everyone realized they forgot about him with all the commotion. Albus turned on his heel and brought the hat back to the chair while shooting the Slytherin professors a scolding glare for snickering.

"I'm sorry Michael, go ahead" Minerva said and Michael sat down on the chair looking annoyed as the hat was put on his head.

"Gryffindor" grumbled the hat in a bored tone before yelling "let the feast begin!" a wide assortment of food appeared and everyone started eating. Michael nearly tripped as he ran to get a seat next to Ron and start scarfing down food.

"that's my line" Minerva pouted slightly as she shot the hat a little glare as Albus placed it back on its pedestal before going to eat too.

No one noticed a stare down between the half giant and Harry. Whatever the silent discussion was one could only guess, but it ended with Harry sulking and adding a scoop of veggies to his plate next to the very rare meat. All the food on Harry's plate was eaten … even the bones in the meat …

After everyone had their fill the prefects for each house escorted the students to their new dorms. Once the first year Slytherins were shown around the Slytherin house and dorms in the dungeons levels of the castle they gathered in the common room to meet their House Head for a quick run down of the rules. All of that made sense, but there was one rule Harry couldn't follow …

Don't go out after curfew …

Yes, that was a rule he had to break. The night always calls to him and he had to meet his Dad after dark for a drink. As long as he isn't caught that should be fine, but he noticed a hidden message behind Severus Snape's words. The professor was currently implying that the other Slytherins should steer clear of Harry. That subtle message was clearly made because of his unfortunate relation to James Potter and meant to isolate him, but it just made Harry smirk in amusement as they were dismissed. He had no interest bonding right now and preferred it if people stayed away. One benefit to being in Slytherin is that each person gets their own room. He went into his room, shut the door to his room and waited until all the lights went out.


Severus and Tom made their rounds and went to the Gellert's living quarters where they found Allbus with the Ravenclaw house head.

"ok, what was that about earlier?" asked Severus as he sat on the couch with Gellert. The four youngest professors have been good friends for a while despite being in different houses and years. Albus let Tom stay at his home so he didn't have to go back to the orphanage and soon after they dragged Severus there too to save him from summers with his abusive father. Gellert was a good friend of Albus's who lived nearby and though he went to a different school at first, but they stayed pretty close.

When Albus's mother and sister were killed in an attack from Marvolo Guant's Death Eaters in Diagon Alley that first summer with the Slytherins Gellert transferred from Durmstrang to Hogwarts to join Albus's third year and be supportive. It was a good thing too because Albus's father went on a rampage to get revenge and died just after school started dueling Marvolo Guant leaving Albus with his little brother, Aberforth. The four professors grew up helping each other a lot through the war and through the aftermath.

"you guys are only 21 so you were a over a year off, but when I started school Lily always brought the newborn twins to parade them around. After the war got worse she stopped coming … the next year you both started school and then spent the summer with me … not long after that summer where my sister, mother and father were killed …" Albus paused to shake the painful memory away "after that summer Marvolo was killed when the killing curse bounced off Michael and we rarely saw both twins. I'm ashamed to say I forgot him"

"that's hardly your fault … that summer before Guant's defeat wasn't easy for you or any of us. Plus Lily never really went around showing off anyone other than Michael after that" said Gellert.

"so she dropped her less popular child? And here I thought the Potters couldn't get worse" Tom scowled as Albus handed them cups of tea.

Severus nodded "I doubt Harry wasn't spoiled. He just wasn't shown off and showered with attention, but this might make him even worse than his brother and father. I bet Harry will do what he can to get in his brother's spotlight"


"I think it's safe now" Harry said as he opened the door and slipped out into the eerie green glow coming through the windows lighting the common room. The Slytherin house was unique because it was in the dungeons under the Black Lake. That did make it tricky to leave since he couldn't just jump out the window and scale the wall being that it was underwater, but all he had to do was get past the door without someone seeing. His gloved hand pushed the door open and he was gone.

(The security sucks) he thought, but shrugged away the disappointment from having an easy escape and wandered through the halls towards the exit without any extra light being needed. His vision was just as crisp and detailed as it would be in the daytime. If anything it was better at night. The daylight was too bright.

A fresh scent of someone nearby made him pause and look around. He could hear two voices chatting not far away, which was actually too far away for any human to hear.

"I can't believe our little Ronniekins never mentioned a second Potter" Harry peeked around the corner and saw two red heads that he saw sitting at the Gryffindor table before.

"you're right Fred. It's like he didn't know about this Harry guy. We can't let that slide!"

"very true George! We must deliver a punishment to our little brother on the grounds of not telling us about the smoking hot Potter" a certain Potter smirked at the compliment. Even from this distance and in the dark Harry could see the two red heads grin mischievously.

"smoking indeed! Did you see those eyes? Oh he will be something when he gets older"

"he doesn't look like Michael at all, but if he's here at the same time that means Harry and Michael are twins like us!"

"one sexy twin and one who's lucky he's famous because that's the only way he'll get some tail … we certainly don't have that problem Fred"

"no we don't! We're equal in devilish good looks" Harry found himself agreeing with that statement as the red heads started sneaking away. He couldn't resist letting out a wolf whistle startling both twins.

"it seems we have an admirer" the twins said in perfect sync and they smirked in amusement as they walked away with a little more swing in their hips to entice their unseen admirer. The Slytherin chuckled and went outside to let the twins' have their fun.

In no time at all he saw Hagrid's hut and went in "hey Dad are you still heart broken over busting James' poor nose?" the boy teased as the half giant pulled some rock cakes out of the oven.

Hagrid sneered completely ruining the gentle giant façade as Harry sat at the table "I should've hit him harder. He has some nerve looking guilty all of a sudden. They left you at Hogwarts after one visit when you were nearly six and ignored all of my attempts to remind them that you were with me for a month! 200 times I owled and floo called them, but I get nothing beyond several broken 'we'll pick him up later' promises … and then there was that foolish mistake of mine …" Hagrid sighed and set a rock cake with a cup filled with a red liquid on the table in front of Harry "but that's neither here nor there. Drink your blood little giant, you'll need to keep up on that if you want to stay sane around those idiots" the half giant patted Harry affectionately on the head.

"thanks Dad. I need something just to get through those loud meals. My ears are still ringing" Harry gulped down every drop of the warm metallic tasting liquid and instantly started feeling better "Dad do you think they would've bothered if I could do magic back then?"

The half giant shook his head with a heavy sigh "I … I don't know for sure, but that was their fault too. If they bothered to check they would've known you weren't some fussy baby, but a starving creature in need of human blood in your diet. Maybe if they weren't so absorbed in this fame from Michael they would've noticed, but they didn't and here we are. You couldn't use your magic because it was trying to keep you alive … you were half dead from starvation when Firenze found you wandering around the Forbidden Forest looking for a wounded animal"

Harry smiled and easily bit into rock cake getting the plump cherries inside "I remember … I was so hungry for so long, but he took me away from a bleeding animal kicking and screaming and gave me to you-OW" Harry hissed in pain and set his cake down as Hagrid came over and took his relatively tiny hands in his.

With great care the half giant gently removed the gloves revealing bandaged fingertips "your fingers are still bothering you huh … lets see here" One bandage was removed to show a sharp flat pointed white bone poking out from under the fingernail like a second nail "it looks like you're … getting claws? First your eyes and hair change now this. What next?"

"no clue, but this will make potions tricky if I can't prepare ingredients" Harry sighed as his father figure bandaged his fingertips again with surprising skill for a man his size "guess it's a good thing I decided not to be a straight A student"

Hagrid nodded "yes, do what you can to fly in the wards for a while. At least until we find out what you are and to see if you would be in trouble with the ministry for not being registered or being in school. I won't let you get sent to Azkaban or, Merlin forbid, executed for being alive and wanting an education"

Harry put his gloves back on "potions don't effect me, my skin resists magic, now claws … at this rate I'm not on the LDC" he said as he finished his cake "oh Dad, don't say fly in the wards, I might sprout wings next"

"lets hope! That would greatly narrow down our options on the List of Dangerous Creatures and if you aren't a creature on the list then no one can stop you! The school will have to allow it since they allow any pure or rebirth creature not on the register to attend as long as they aren't a threat so don't kill the Potters even if it's tempting!" Hagrid grinned making Harry chuckle as he put his plate and cup in the sink "now you go back to your room. First day of school and all, you will need to rest so no late night stroll tonight. Don't forget your uniform, fake wand and books … goodnight little giant" said Hagrid before patting the boy's head.

The young boy reached under his father's bed to pull out a box with a neatly folded uniform with a wand like stick on top and a school bag holding his textbooks and quills. He hugged Hagrid and went back to his dorm without anyone being the wiser …