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Pairing: Yaoi M/M, Harem – top Harry x bottoms Fred / George / Albus / Gellert / Severus / Tom (TMR) / Aberforth

Last Time:

Darkness descended over the memory and there was a vague popping sound as if someone apparated …


Jaws all over the room dropped to the floor as the mass pensieve faded away and the memory fell back into the vial the shocked goblin was somehow still holding. No one had any idea how to take this. Sure, the sudden darkness meant the dark lord blacked out and the sound of an apparate might have still been him reacting out of panic, but everything else was hard to comprehend. It was only when everyone heard James, Lily and Michael struggling against their bindings that reality set in.

The goblins did their best to keep everything calm, but once the trials ended they made sure to get Harry Albus and Hagrid out the door behind the judging bench. There were too many people clamoring for answers for it to be safe. Lucius promised to arrange something with the reporters so they wouldn't try to get answers by bothering Harry during school.

Albus sighed in relief when he stepped into his living quarters with Harry and Hagrid, "30 years of hard labor for James and Lily,, but only 10 for Michael. It's a big amount, but it doesn't feel fitting even if they reasoned that his behavior might be moreJames and Lily's fault- " he gasped as Harry nuzzled his neck. "You're lucky your kiss didn't have its usual effect.. that would've been embarrassing in front of all those people." Albus said with a blush.

The creature hummed thoughtfully, "It's probably because you're pregnant."

Hagrid beamed happily, "A baby! This is wonderful news- … oh Merlin, you shouldn't be doing so much work if you're pregnant. For now it might be ok, but it might not be safe later on."

"I didn't think of that." Albus said now borderline panicking because his mind was flooding with all the things that will need doing. "I need to find someone to take Minerva's place and-"

Harry held Albus close and gently kissed his lips effectively making Albus relax into his arms, "We'll figure it out. Just relax."

Hagrid hummed, "I have a thought. I'm sure the ministry will be more receptive to creatures now and we do know someone who has been in Hogwarts from the beginning ."

"That's brilliant! Should I translate for her?" Harry pondered while just gracing his mate with a comforting smile. "A dear friend." He explained.

"You have classes so it wouldn't be the best option, but Max, despite being grumpy at times, could help." Hagrid commented. "I'll go catch Dr. Izeki and we will have everything set for dinner.

"Oh, dad! Remus might be able to help too!" Harry exclaimed right before Hagrid flooed away. "You should rest. I'll go talk to the others and-" Albus cut him off with a kiss.

What was a burning explosion of pleasure was now a warmth that seeped deep into his body making him feel far better than he has felt in the last few days. "I'm going to need more of you before we face a slew of excited students."


'You have some nerve showing up right now.' Tom huffed as Nagini could her body around the tall back of his chair. He was still annoyed with his dear familiar since she revealed that Harry knew parseltongue. Despite using her letter to order toys he was mad at her for that too.

Nagini looked quite smug as Harry was swarmed by the very excited students whe he and Albus came into the Great Hall, 'I truly am brilliant and you will soon see too, master. I helped you find a mate who is also the one who stopped the dark lord twice and I assisted the minister-oh! It seems it's time for my reward.' She hissed over her confused master's head as Cornelius came into the room with a few Aurors and some people. The most recognizable of which was Hagrid, Sirius and Dr. Izeki.

"Everyone, please calm down and take your seats!" Albus yelled with his voice amplified by his wand. It took several tries, but finally the excited students forced themselves to sit and quiet down. "Thank you. Now the minister has an announcement."

The minister stepped forward and cleared his throat, "There are several things that went on behind the broadcast today. All the details will be reported in the Daily Prophet tomorrow and no I won't be answering questions about the broadcast or anything related to it. There's too much to cover. I am here simply to start mending the relationship we have with creatures and we're going to start by appointing a unique headmistress. Apparently, she has been part of Hogwarts for centuries and with her translator helping you will soon understand why I agreed to this."

Nearly every student jumped in horror as the stones in the wall near the small side door shifted allowing a massive basilisk to slither in. Those awkward moments were shattered when everyone heard a snap. Nagini was spotted falling off of her perch on Tom's chair and everyone saw her chasing a doxy.

"Nagini, what are you doing?!" Tom exclaimed, feeling a bruise on his arm where the serpent hit him on her way down.

Severus groaned, "Bloody hell." Only Nagini would try to cause problems in front of a giant basilisk.

Aberforth sighed at the chaotic scenes, but frowned when he saw his brother was zoning out on his stomach. "You ok, Albus? Is something wrong with your stomach?"

"Nothing wrong at all. A blessing actually." He whispered so his brother and friends could hear. If it wasn't for the Nagini related chaos they would've dragged Albus out of that room and started asking questions about what they think that hint meant. Unfortunately, Nagini always managed to take the spotlight as she continued trying to kill what appeared to be a very amused doxy.

For one split second of horror everyone saw the basilisk grab Nagini in her teeth. All of that panic vanished when they saw that Nagini was plopped on the back of Tom's chair completely unharmed. In fact, the basilisk only seemed to scold Nagini.

'This is not the time for rudeness, little slither. Behave.' Sara said sternly and suddenly turned to the doxy hovering, and snickering, nearby. "The same goes for you, Max. You want to represent your kind then no troublemaking.'

"Fine. Fine." Max sighed and, surprisingly, cast a small spell to amplify his voice so he could clearly state what Sara says.

Sara hissed and the doxy spoke, "I know my appearance is frightening to you, but believe it or not, I was once a dear friend of the students here. I played with them, let them ride on my back and stood guard over the castle. I was the reason that the founders felt safe in the decision to put Hogwarts where it now stands. Things happened and my first master passed, but he sadly did so when I was still in my chamber. Time passed and I was forgotten, but I could hear you little hatchlings and I never gave up on one day being free. Free from the chamber, free from what control Gaunt had, free from the hate that grew towards creatures over time and free to care for all of you. I am Sara Slytherin and I'm happy to be your headmistress. I hope you'll accept me and my friend, Max."

Harry didn't even let the silence linger long enough to get to that awkward feeling. He just walked over and gently stroked her scaled muzzle. She hummed softly right before raising her head up into the charmed ceiling. A click was heard and the candles vanished revealing floating orbs with fake glowing golems similar to the ones in the hidden passages. The only difference was that they were butterflies instead of fireflies and they fluttered freely around allowing the children to touch their harmless glow.

That was a start. When she saw the students have relaxed a bit more she, or Max, introduced Remus and Dr. Izeki as assistant professors and explained that Sirius helping out as part of his 3 year probation. They were going to help make sure everything runs smoothly and even teach on occasion. With that the announcements were done and the meal began. As the food was being eaten Nagini quickly raced out to catch the minister who was leaving with his Aurors.

Cornelius stopped in the hall with his Aurors when they noticed the annoyed snake slither up to them, "Ah, Nagini. I noticed something that might complicate the deal we made."

'We had a deal. What foolishness are you hissing about?" The irritated serpent despite knowing they couldn't understand her.

Thankfully, the minister understood the glare, "It has come to my attention that the Chamber of Secrets is actually Sara's room. The crate was probably Minerva's, who we have yet to find, and it was most likely dumped in the lake to get in through a route that doesn't utilize parseltongue. Though you found it, the crate was in Sara's room so technically you had no right to sign it over."

'Clever human.' Nagini hissed reluctantly, admitting that it was a smooth trick and it explained why he signed the contract so easily. He knew he had a loophole.

"I confess that I only learned this when meeting Sara, but, " the minister dared to lean close to the snake to whisper something. "I did notice that you stored a lot of things that didn't seem to belong to you or Tom. If I went through with the deal I may need to investigate that. I doubt you'd want that."

Nagini hissed in annoyance, 'Fooled by toasty skin cloths.' She muttered when she recalled that much of her nest was stolen clothes with warming charms.

"If you're interested I did get you one item on your list and I can provide you a way to get anything else without getting loose change from kids." Cornelius said as he pulled something out of his pocket and gave her what turned out to be a shrunken house. "The deluxe model for six large snakes, of course. Anyway, some of my younger Aurors are teasing Noles for being beaten by you." The minister smirked as he saw that the serpent looked insulted. "My thoughts exactly. We can't let them talk like you're an average snake that is lacking skill. Would you be willing to teach them a lesson? As an official trainer, of course."

A devious glint flashed through those serpent eyes. She, of course, agreed much to the horror of the Aurors behind the minister. This was definitely going to be a fun opportunity, but first she needed her present opened and she knew exactly who to ask. Just as she headed back into the Great Hall she saw Harry, Hagrid, Dr. Izeki and Harry's mates slip out so she followed them.

Dr. izeki wandered down the hall a little, "I'll just pretend there's something interesting outside so you have a private family moment." He commented as he looked out the window and hummed in interest as he actually saw something there.

A witch from a portrait near Dr. Izeki gave a flirty smile while showing a little extra cleavage, "You don't have to pretend, you know." She huffed in annoyance when Dr. Izeki moved to a different window.

Severus rolled his eyes, "Is everything in this place kinky?" He muttered dryly.

"Probably." Aberforth answered absentmindedly before grabbing his brother, "What were you implying earlier? Are you-"

"I am." Albus exclaimed with a smile. " I'm pregnant!" Everyone immediately hugged or cheered excitedly, but not too loudly. They did leave Sara and Max with the other professors and students and no one wanted to startle anyone while everyone was getting used to the basilisk.

Gellert couldn't stop smiling as he hugged his friend, "How long have you known? I thought it was weird that you were so tired lately."

"Harry knew." Albus said cryptically with a teasing smile.

Fred and George gave mischievous matching grins, "That kiss in the courtroom!"

The creature chuckled, "Yeah, that's when I found out. When I got very close he smelled different and-"

'Instinct took over followed by sweet mating.' Came a series of loud hissing and everyone looked down to see Nagini and a mini house on the floor with her. 'Finally, my master is growing his nest. I look forward to him being swollen with eggs! Now for my reward I'll need the half giant to put this in the east side of the lake.'

Harry picked up the shrunken house curiously and gave it to his Dad, "Why do you want it there?"

'The runespoors. 12 heads are better than one.' Nagini hissed and slithered away.

Tom blinked, 'Since when have you been dating-12?! Runespoors only have three heads, right?"

Hagrid laughed, "Yes, only three. This does explain why I've seen a group of four runespoors wandering around in the forest these last few years. I'll put the house up in a bit, but first we need to talk about the baby."

Dr. Izeki took that as his cue to walk back, "Very true. This is the first pregnancy of this kind in centuries so we don't know how you'll be affected, Albus. I'm going to keep an eye on you to make sure you'll be ok. We'll just take it day by day and see what happens."

Harry's wings came out and pulled his mates close as his arms wrapped around Albus' waist, "Yeah, we'll figure it out."

Fred and George spotted a sulky Ginny muttering down the hallway, "We'll first make sure she's ok."

Harry frowned, "From what I can hear she's fine. Just realizing she worshiped a normal person who wasn't as great as she thought."


"Ow!" Lily scowled as she saw blood drip from her finger and she tossed the needle that stabbed her at the rune covered block she was working on. "I hate this!" She snapped and kicked the very long crafts table making James and Michael flinch.

"Oh shut up. Try doing this with one arm!" Someone yelled from the other end of the table, which turned out to be none other than the dark wizard, Marvolo Gaunt.

"This is your fault! I'd still be Lady Potter if not for you! Now I'm not even married to a Lord and my son isn't special!" Lily screamed as she threw her rune block at his head. Michael winced as a fight began.

James scowled, "You say that like you weren't the one who lost Harry!"

A red flared across Lily's face, "ME?!" She snapped ready to hit him with magic blocking restraints like the ones they all had around their wrists.

Gaunt, despite completely missing an arm from Harry's acid and being weighed down by restraints, got back up, "You're both idiots-"

"Quiet!" The goblin that entered yelled. The chairs grew arms, grabbed the prisoners and pinned them to their seats. The goblin examined each block and made a mark on a clipboard. "Subpar at best. Lily and James Potter, you will be sent to the stuffing department. Lord-" the goblin double checked the clipboard. "My apologies. I mean Mr. Gaunt. It seems your heir paid us a visit and you also lost your title of Lord Slytherin. You guys have much in common." The goblin sneered, clearly mocking them. "Anyway, you will be sent to the fabric section. For stuffed bunnies, specifically." The goblin looked very amused as the dark wizard was dragged away whining like a child. "Your runes need some work, but your lord made it clear he wanted us to take your underage status in consideration."

Michael scoffed, "Yeah right. Like he'd bother."

"He did. Everything is arranged thanks to some help from Lord Potter and Lord Malfoy. We'll be tutoring you and when your sentence is up a house is set aside for you. I'll take you to a different cell." Michael snorted rudely, but followed the goblin to a room with a cot, clock and table. "Classes will be at 10:00 am and 3:00 pm and in between you'll make the runes for an income." The goblin said as he laid a parchment and ink pot on the table.

Michael looked around in disgust not liking the accommodations at all, "This sucks. I want a better room. Let me guess, the Lord all mighty demanded I get a crappy room." He grumbled sarcastically. "… what's that for?" He muttered when he noticed the parchment.

"In case you want to write your Lord who, by the way, had nothing to do with your accommodations. This is the basic jail cell all those sentenced by Gringotts have. Get some rest because you'll be starting your first lesson soon." The goblin said before leaving Michael alone in his cell.

"Like hell I will!" Michael snapped and flopped on the cot with his back to the parchment.

Years passed. There were several moments during classes where he heard his parents complain about constantly getting poked by their work table. That was baffling, and getting annoying, since he never got cut and he worked with a needle. It took a long time, a slow dawning of reality and a growing feeling of guilt before he started considering writing his Lord. A large part of him doubted he'd get a response back, but he finally did write one. He didn't get a letter back, but a picture instead.

It was a response that made him smile with genuine happiness, "I missed a lot." It prompted him to ask the goblins for supplies to make some personalized toys. He was hurt when the goblins inspected every step in the making of those toys as if he'd try something cruel, but he knew they couldn't risk it ...


"Ok you guys. Say cheese!" Harry said the four kids in a pumpkin patch smiled as their Dad took a picture with his phone. "Excellent. We'll celebrate Samhain soon so let's go pick your pumpkins for the altar. Try to stay with grandpa!" Harry followed slowly behind the excited kids with a pregnant Tom holding his arm as they walked through the pumpkin patch between Hagrid and the new Potter properties. "How are you feeling?" He asked, as Hagrid to keep up with the children.

Tom groaned, "I don't understand how the twins were able to start and run their shop when they were two months further than me, but I can barely move. I see what Severus was talking about." He whined sadly while leaning on Harry's arm. "What was that picture for?"

"Michael sent a letter. I figured a picture would be a good response for now. I'll send it to the goblins and they can give it to him." Harry said before sending the picture and returning to enjoying the peaceful walk.

"7 years. Took him long enough to grow a spine, but it's better than James and Lily … what was that look?" Tom asked the second he spotted the creature flinch.

Harry let a low growl out, "They did write. One day after the trial-"

"Why didn't you say anything?" Tom gasped. Only barely noting a sea of little baby snakes slithering away with four large runespoors and Nagini, who proudly wore her Auror issue band around her neck. Six pumpkins of their own seemed to float after them.

"It was during the time when we were figuring out everything and … nothing they said would've helped Albus relax at all. They tried sucking up to get back in my good graces and got pretty threatening in the end. It … it was bad. I had the goblins monitor their letters after that and I assume their tone hasn't changed since I haven't received any other letters." Harry whispered before smiling at a red haired six year old girl in a blue set of overalls who was running at him with a pumpkin, "Did you find your pumpkin, Ariana?"

"Yes, papa!" She beamed and held up the small orange pumpkin. One by one the pumpkins and kids were gathered.

"It's perfect. Your mama will be very proud when he finishes teaching for the day." Harry smiled . Sara changed many things and now everyone could go home after classes were done if they wanted. It worked well for the professors who wanted to go home to their families. One of which was getting ready to go back inside. Hagrid needed to help the two youngest who wanted a huge pumpkin, way bigger than both of the three year old red heads combined, that they couldn't carry alone.

"Mommy Tom, Aunty Nagini said she likes the swing. Do we have a swing now?!" A little dark haired 5 year old girl with black eyes asked cutely as she stubbornly carried her own tiny white pumpkin.

Tom briefly looked horrified before smiling calmly, "Yes we do. How about we stop at grandpa Hagrid's home to put the pumpkins there. I believe Kreacher can set up the snacks there." He said as he tightened his grip on Harry's arm. The creature was already using his phone to order a child appropriate swing set through Gringotts and ordering an instant install so the swing set would be ready by the time they returned home. Thankfully, their kids were still too young to understand half of what Nagini says.

Soon the family was at Hagrid's home and ready to celebrate together with blood and snacks. "Yay! Grandpa's rock cakes!" The kids yelled excitedly as they saw a happy Kreacher setting out a plate of cookies with cups of a thick red fluid.

Hagrid chuckled as he set the large pumpkin down next to an altar near the porch, "I made them with cranberries and apples this time. Tell me how you like them." He said and smiled as the cookies were happily munched on. "Everything ok?" Hagrid asked Tom while the kids were too distracted to hear.

"It's sweet!" One of the younger boys squealed happily as the adults arranged the pumpkins so they were all there.

Tom smiled, "That's good. You guys enjoy." He said before looking at his unofficial father in-law. "Sweet was never a word I'd use for them … anyway, yes I'm fine. Just … curious." He said as he turned his head towards Harry who was already drinking from a glass filled with the same fluid.

Harry sighed knowing his husband wanted an answer about the family matter, "If Michael behaves i'll give him a chance. As for James and Lily, this will be their only connection to my family." He commented while tapping his glass casually with his finger making the blood ripple inside. No one will ever hurt his family. If anyone tries they may end up in his glass too ...

The End