A/N: Inspiration for this extended scene came from a hilarious meme someone sent me, that showed Erza pregnant and locked in a cage, while Jellal handed her a piece of cake from a long... I don't know, object lol. Anyway, it had the words "Easy, Erza," written by Jellal. Collectively, the whole piece was downright hilarious, and I wanted to use that as a prompt for an extended scene. So, voila! Enjoy!

Morning Sickness or Flu?

Part 2: Cake or Die!

By: xSteleAliniax

Three Months Along...

Erza lay face down on her kitchen table, literally growling in anger and frustration.

"Easy, Erza." Jellal murmured from where he sat across from her. He was reading the newspaper, black glasses perched on his nose. Despite it being early morning, Erza had woken him up, quite violently so, and ordered him to make her some strawberry cake. He'd immediately obliged, because pregnant Erza was even more terrifying than regular Erza, and he didn't want her wrath focused on him. "Ten more minutes."

"I. Need. Cake." She growled furiously. Jellal fought back a smirk. Yes, she was a force to be reckoned with lately, but she was still his Erza. And she was being highly dramatic.

"Then cake you shall have, my love." A pause. "In nine minutes, thirty-three seconds." She growled in response and slammed a fist into the table. "I could try to distract you?" He offered, though he had no idea what he could possibly do for this woman that would distract her from her sudden craving.

"I don't understand all these damn feelings!" She yelled, voice muffled where she lie pressed against the tabletop.

"They're called 'hormones,' I believe." Jellal supplied helpfully, flipping to a new page in his newspaper and raising a curious eyebrow at the headline. "Crocus is having a shortage of yellow tulips this year."

Erza glanced up at his serious tone with a look of disbelief.

"What?" He asked, too innocent. She glowered, red sparks practically shooting from her eyes.

"Who the hell cares about tulip shortages when we're having a strawberry cake shortage?!" She slammed her fist onto the table, making their tea cups jump and slosh hot liquid into the table top. Jellal tossed his napkin over the spilled mess casually, then turned a glance over his shoulder.

"Eight minutes, seventeen seconds." He said, then winked. "Then the cake shortage will be dissolved!"

She gave him a hard kick under the table. He grunted in pain as his eyes rolled to the back of his head for a moment.

He cleared his throat. "Ehem, terribly sorry."

Erza continued to scowl at him, but her expression didn't hold any malice, it was more tired and slightly annoyed.

"More tea?" He offered, gesturing at the pot that sat between them. She folded her arms over her chest, which was admittedly much bigger than normal.

"I detest tea," she pushed her cup towards him, which she had drained of its contents ten minutes earlier. She didn't hate tea ten minutes ago... "I want coffee."

"You can't have coffee, it isn't good for the baby." Jellal stated as delicately as he could. She growled.

"Who told you that?!" Erza demanded. "Tell me their name so that I may exact my revenge on them for disallowing me from drinking my most beloved beverage!"

"Erza," Jellal began slowly. "YOU told me that, two days ago." Erza blinked at him uncomprehendingly for a moment. "Also, you hate coffee."

She glowered at him and banged her fist into the table again.

He looked up at her calmly. "Keep doing that and you're going to make your cake fall..." He warned. She went wide-eyed.

"That would not be acceptable." She agreed with a firm nod. She sighed heavily. "I want cake."

"I'm aware," he went back to reading his paper.

"Aren't you going to check the time again?" She asked pointedly.

"No," he didn't look up from his paper. "When it's ready the timer will ding, and I will go and take the cake out, thus appeasing my pregnant fiancé."

"I never agreed to marry you!" She accused.

"You will." He answered, unconcerned. "This piece is really quite sad. The tulip shortage has made the town look rather dull in color. What will Crocus do with no yellow flowers to counteract all the reds and blues?"

"Eugh, no one cares." Erza groaned in annoyance, snatching her tea cup back and pouring in some hot water from the tea kettle before dropping in a bag of some fruity tea that had absolutely no caffeine, and even less flavor. She downed the scalding liquid in one, long pull. Jellal raised an eyebrow at her. She ignored him, straining her eyes to see the timer across the room behind his head.

"Gah!" She cried out in frustration. "My eyes are not obeying my commands to work properly!"

"That does not make any sense, my love."

"Nothing about this makes any sense, Jellal." She grumbled irritably, dropping her head back down on the table.

"Pregnancy isn't supposed to feel normal." He reasoned. "This is uncharted territory for both of us."

The redhead scoffed.

"Please, what do you have to go through, Jellal? It's my body that's doing all the changing! My body hates me all of a sudden! I feel so emotional all the time!" She sobbed. Jellal reached out and patted her hand.

"Do be calm, Erza. And think, it's only six more months!" He snatched his hand back before she could crush it under the fist she slammed into the table once again.

She growled, which seemed to be her new favorite response to anything Jellal said.

"I hate you," she seethed.

The timer dinged loudly and Jellal turned an amused smile her way. "Your cake is done."

Her head shot up at once. "I love you!" She exclaimed.

He chuckled and pushed from his chair, carefully making his way over to the oven, just in case the cake wasn't done yet. He pulled it out and stuck a toothpick in the center. It came out clean, so he left it on the counter and shut the oven. He set another timer, then walked back over to were Erza waited eagerly, her face falling when he came back empty handed.

"Where's my cake?" Her tone was pitiful and sad. He almost felt bad for disappointing her.

"It's much too hot to frost right now," he told her. "Half an hour should be good, I put it under the cooling fan."

"Thirty. More. Minutes." Her expression paled like she'd just receive news that a loved one had died. "I'll never live that long..." Then she turned an accusing glare on Jellal. "Why didn't you make it sooner so that I wouldn't have to wait so long?!" She demanded. He shrugged.

"I definitely learned my lesson: don't let the cake run out."

"This is hardly a joking matter, Jellal." She snapped.

"I know, Erza. I am being entirely serious."

She glared at him in response, apparently not believing him at all.

Jellal sighed and put down his paper, taking off his glasses and folding them before sliding everything to the side to give Erza his full and undivided attention.

"Alright, Erza, tell me a story."

The redhead lost her scowl and blinked at him for a moment before speaking.


He bobbed his head in a nod.

"And you'll sit there for the whole thing?" She asked doubtfully, raising an eyebrow.

"For every last word." He promised.

"You won't run off and cry afterwards?"

"No promises on that one." He replied seriously.

Erza watched him for a moment, and then felt her lips pull up into a smile. Jellal winked in return.

And, so, Erza began a rather gruesome tale of some past adventures dealing with a giant mole-thing that liked to play in mud, and apparently tried to marry Lucy, or maybe it was Wendy, Jellal didn't quite understand the specifics.

By the time her story was wrapping up the timer dinged from the kitchen, signaling that the cake was now ready to be frosted.

Erza jumped up at once, face determined as she walked with purposeful strides into the kitchen, Jellal following behind at a much more reasonable and calm pace.

When she reached the place where the cake sat atop the counter, still sitting under the cooling fan, Erza requipped into her cook's armor and pointed a rather intimidating blade at the cake. Her eyes were steely and commanding as she stared down the cake.

"I will take no more fight from you, Cake!" She bellowed fiercely. "I will take my revenge on you for making me wait so long!"

Jellal leaned against the doorframe separating the kitchen and dining area, arms crossed over his chest and eyes alight with amusement. Erza was something else, he thought. There was really no one like this woman.

After another ten minutes of watching Erza "frost" the innocent strawberry cake, the pair were finally seated back at the kitchen table with a cake slice sitting in front of each of them. Well, Erza had two slices, because she had to make sure the baby got a piece of his or her own, of course. Jellal had made no arguments against this, and worked to keep his face as expressionless as possible. Smirking at her adorable logic would get him nowhere, except maybe in a body bag.

With eager eyes, Erza gripped a fork in a tight fist before jabbing it into one of the slices and stuffing it into her mouth. As soon as the cake hit her tongue, Erza stiffened, eyes tearing up and fork clattering to the plate before her. Jellal glanced up in surprise as Erza smacked a hand to her mouth before jumping up from her seat and darting to the nearby bathroom.

After a moment, Jellal followed, rapping softly on the door before pushing it open and popping his head inside.

"Erza?" He called out. She was hunched over the toilet, fingers gripping the sides so tightly her knuckles were white. He rushed over to pull back her hair and held it out of her face as she continued to expel the contents of her stomach.

"I guess our baby hasn't taken a liking to strawberry cake yet." He joked mildly. She growled in response, apparently not finding him to be very humorous.

Once Erza finally stopped retching, Jellal helped her to stand so she could splash some cool water on her face. She looked pale and sleep deprived, but still beautiful. When she caught him staring in the mirror, she gave him an evil glare, to which he responded with a smirk before exiting the bathroom to give her some privacy.

You don't scare me, Titania… He thought, making his way back into the kitchen to start cleaning up.

By the time she came out, looking only slightly less sickly than before, she gave him some semblance of a smile before taking her place across from him at the table.

"Are you feeling any better?" He asked her, peering at her over the newspaper he had been reading. She shrugged, picking at her cake but not really eating it. "Do you want me to put that away so it doesn't make you ill?" He offered, gesturing at the untouched cake slices in front of her.

Erza's face turned pained for a moment, and then she burst into tears.

Jellal's newspaper fell from his hands and his mouth gaped.

Erza is… crying?

When had Erza ever burst into tears? Certainly not as long as he had known her. Sure, he'd seen her cry a few times, she was only human, after all, but never had he seen her quite like this. She was sobbing loudly into her hands, and kept crying out unintelligible words. Jellal was too stunned to act at first. What could he even do?

"Um…" He tried, but no words came to mind. Instead, he reached a hand out towards her, as if to comfort her.

He didn't get the chance, however, because Erza's eyes shot to his, and they were red with sudden rage.

He just narrowly missed the fork she tried to jab into his hand. He yanked it back to safety, then sat stiffly in his chair, not saying a word, as he waited for her next move. Would she try to stab him again? Cry?

He wasn't sure which option was more terrifying.

"I. Am. So. Angry." She seethed, carefully enunciating each word. Jellal kept his expression neutral as he studied her.

"I apologize," he finally said, in a measured tone, careful not to unintentionally bait her.

"This is all your fault, you know." Her tone more matter-of-fact than accusatory. He couldn't hide the faint smirk that pulled at his lips.

"How so, my love?" He pushed his glasses down his nose so he could peer over them at her. She narrowed her eyes at him.

"You put this demon inside of me!" She cried out angrily. At this, Jellal chuckled.

"Erza, it's not a demon; it's a baby."

"Then why does it suck the life out of me?" She moaned, dropping her head onto the table.

"That, I cannot answer," he replied apologetically. She visibly deflated before him, body sagging where she slumped in her chair.

"I am not cut out for this…" She whispered. "I will surely die."

Jellal held back the amused laugh that threatened to splutter from his lips. Instead, he knelt by her side and wrapped his arms around her, feeling her shudder in response.

"Do not fret, my love," he whispered in her ear. "This will all get better soon, I promise. And soon, we will have a beautiful baby girl-"

"Or boy," she interjected. He continued as if she hadn't said anything.

"To hold in our arms. Think about how amazing it's going to be to hold our baby for the first time."

Finally, Erza peeked out from her slumped position, eyes curious.

"Do you think we're ready?" She asked. Jellal nodded confidently.

"Most definitely. Let's show Fairy Tail how to make a baby."

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