Chapter 1: A New World


Happy Halloween, guys! I hope you all had a happy Halloween! I know I did. I got a lot of candy, and I dressed up as Minnie Mouse. So, I decided to post this story. Like in the summary, it's about Dory and her parent's new lives in the ocean. Enjoy! :D

Dory's parents tucked her in bed for the night. They kissed her goodnight and swam to bed.

The fry closed her eyes and went to sleep, not knowing the huge change that would happen to her in the future.

Later on at night, Dory was singing softly in her sleep. Her magenta eyes opened when she heard her mother crying.

"Mommy?" She looked down, seeing her parents.

"What's gonna happen to her?" Jenny asked between tears.

"There, there, Jenny," Charlie said softly, touching his wife's fin.

"Oh, no, don't cry, Mommy, don't cry," she said quietly.

"Do you think she can make it on her own, Charlie?"

"Oh, honey, it'll be okay," he assured.

Dory looked away from her parents and saw a big purple shell lying on the sand.

The young girl had a determined look in her eyes. "Mommy loves purple shells." She swam closer to the shell, forgetting about the undertow.

Dory tried to lift it up with her tail, but it was too heavy for her.

Her parents called their daughter's name when they don't see her in bed.

"Dory?" Jenny shouted.

"Dory?" Charlie called.

"Dory!" Jenny shouted again as she and her husband swam to their daughter.

"Mommy?" Dory saw her parents, but the undertow sucked in her in the pipes.

"Dory!" they shouted as they watched their poor little girl in the pipes.

"Mommy! Daddy!" she yelled as she panted fearfully.

The pipes lead Dory into the ocean. The poor fry was lost and scared. Dory looked around nervously, seeing a whole bunch of kelp. She was in the kelp forest.

Dory decided to get help, so she yelled, "Hello?"

The other fish didn't hear her, so she got closer to them, hoping to get help.

Back in the institute, Jenny was crying loudly to her husband. "Oh, my poor little girl! She's out there all alone!"

"Shhh, sweetheart, please don't cry. We'll find her." Charlie gently stroked her dorsal fin.

Jenny wiped her tears away and sniffed. She rested her head on her mate's chest.

Charlie kissed her. "Maybe she's in quarantine."

"Good idea. We'll search for her there."

The couple went in the pipes and swam to quarantine.

When they got there, they asked fish if they have seen their daughter. Unfortunately, they haven't seen her.

Jenny frowned, about to cry again, but Charlie lifted her chin up. "Sweetie, if you cry again, then you'll make me upset. We'll see Dory again, I just know it. Please, try to be happy."

Jenny smiled at her husband's words. "I'm so glad I married you. You're so wise and funny."

Charlie blushed and kissed her. "Thanks, honey."

Jenny thought of something. "The pipes must've lead her into the ocean. We can look for her there."

"Good thinking, honey."

They both swam home, then towards the pipes.

The female looked at the pipes fearfully. "Charlie, I'm scared to go in the ocean. There's a lot of predators out there."

"I know. I'm scared, too. But, we have to do it. Our daughter's out there."

Jenny let out a deep breath. "Okay, here's go nothing."

They went in the pipes, about to go in a new world that would change their lives.