Controlled by Fear: Chapter One-Fear's Promise.

Author's Note: Looking back over my story, I realized that I need to explain a few things, such as why Fear was Joy's first emotion, the additional, overwhelming responsibility Fear puts on herself and hint at what Joy and consequently her emotions suffer from. I won't be able to update constantly, as Real Life can get busy, however, I will add chapters as I go along, when I can.

Fear glanced over her shoulder at the couch where Bliss was hugging Sadness, who was openly crying. Fear sometimes secretly wondered if there was something psychologically wrong with Sadness. Did all Sadness emotions cry for hours at a time? Was this normal? Fear wished she could speak to other Sadness's but it was impossible to speak to other emotions in people's heads, at least according to the Mind Manuals that she read. Fear figured Sadness Spirals were from Sadness's constant stress. Fear glanced down at her own hands to notice that they were trembling uncontrollably. Fear nibbled on her fingernails, a nervous habit she always had.

"Joy, quit biting your nails!" Mom snapped. Both Fear and Joy jumped and Fear pressed a button a second before Joy jerked her finger from her mouth, then sighed and resorted to tearing her fingernails off her fingers. A habit Fear had somehow inadvertently passed down to Joy since her girl was five. Fear stared at her bitten off nails. Disgust said it was a nasty habit but how else was Fear supposed to relieve the nervous tension?

"How are you doing, Joy? OK?" Fear asked as she adjusted the throttles back and forth. Fear didn't expect her girl to answer her, hosts rarely did but it was nice to talk to Joy and spend a lot of time with her, at least. Joy was a good kid, she never purposefully put herself in danger, never gave Fear a heart attack, unlike those rebelliously defiant kids Fear read about in Anger's newspaper. Sure, Joy was a little reckless from time to time but that was because she didn't think of the consequences of her actions. Joy could get seriously hurt from that or killed from just one miscalculation. Fear noticed bubbles floating above her head with scenarios of her girl falling from a tree and breaking every bone in her body, jumping off a cliff and snapping her neck or getting hit by a meteor playing inside them. Joy whipped her head around, her body tensing. Noticing she was gripping the throttles too tightly, Fear slowly loosened her grip and took a deep breath.

"Shh, it's alright, you're safe," Fear murmured, as Joy settled back into the car seat with a sigh of relief.

"Shh, it's alright, you're safe," Joy murmured, wrapping her hands around her arms.

Fear smiled at Joy accidentally repeating what the emotion had just said. It was times like these when Fear was sure that Joy had heard her and could communicate with her host, even for just a few seconds. It comforted Fear to know that Joy knew Fear was right there, keeping her safe, if only unconsciously. Fear had promised that she would always keep Joy safe, ever since Joy was born.

Most people thought prematurely born babies were too young to develop emotions but Fear was the first emotion that had arrived in Joy's Headquarters. Of course, Fear had been scared of the new place she was in and confused why she arrived there so early. She was supposed to arrive three months later, she was way too young to protect her host from the dangers of this world. She was also terrified at how small the baby in front of her was. Nevertheless, Fear cautiously pushed the button on the console, making the tiny baby squirm in discomfort, replayed the memory orb and sent it rolling down the track to the many shelves behind the couch. Fear made a promise to Joy right then and there, to always keep her girl safe.

The peace and safety of being alone with her girl forever was shattered once Anger came roaring in thirty three seconds later, after Joy got her skin pricked with a needle. Fear had scrambled away from the flame headed emotion and huddled in the fetal position in a corner for half an hour, hyperventilating. Headquarters only became more crowded after that, with Sadness soon joining Fear and Anger, making Joy cry in disappointment, while Bliss made Joy smile in contentment at being held by the nurses and Disgust making Joy give Mom a dirty look at being dressed in a bunny suite and put in an Easter basket. Fear quickly discovered her job was to keep Joy safe, Sadness's job was to express disappointment, feel empathy and allow Joy to feel Bliss, Bliss's job was to get Joy excited or content about anything, Disgust's job was to prevent Joy from getting poisoned and Anger's job was too…Fear had no idea what Anger's purpose in Joy's life was, besides getting her hurt. He couldn't go anywhere else, Fear checked. As long as Fear contained Anger, life would be perfectly safe.