Arthur note: Hello all after reading someones fan fic about Naruto being in the Blood prison and having a changed personality gave me the idea to start a challenge for who will take it.

Btw I don't own Naruto but I do for the challenge and thanks to beastakris1 for making a blood prison fic and giving me the inspiration to make this.

Ok it goes like this since he was accused of trying to kill the Raikage when he didn't and no one believed him he lost all hope of anyone from Konoha so now onto the good stuff.

Things that need done.

How long he was on the inside like months years how long is up to you but the limit is 5 years or less.

Must have a strong hate/dislike for the leaf and his old friends.( Bashing is allowed if you want to do that.)

Relationship. No leaf girls unless you make a good argument about it but girls outside of the leaf are free game. Plus his trust with Tsunade is shot so he pretty much hates her already at this point.

How violent you want it to be is up to you if you want character death go for it.

Naruto and Kurama should have a decent relation between each other like I said with the relationship thing turn him into a girl and we have a fem Kyuubi if you want or turn a male to female.

Now since he was a criminal and Missing Nin you get free reign on where he goes once he's out.

Final thoughts I know this isn't the best but this is my first challenge so please take it easy on me ok and tell me if you take the challenge good luck.