Chapter 4

A few hours later, or what felt like a few hours, a knock sounded on the door of the training room and Lorelei entered the room. Harry stopped, panting, and wiped his sweat off his brow.

"Where's Will?" He asked, looking around as if the mentioned Shinigami would suddenly appear.

"He's dealing with his own paperwork. How's your training going by? Are you getting used to your scythe?" Lorelei pointed a dainty finger to a hidden shower room.

Harry let go off his scythe, and it disappeared, waiting for the next time he would call upon it.

"I'm getting more used to it, but I'm not done training yet. I don't want to rely on my powers to guide me." Harry called back as he trooped to the shower room. He washed up quickly and exited the shower room, walking over to Lorelei.

Lorelei fell into step with him as they walked out of the training room, then took the lead as they talked, nodding at the occasional Shinigami that they walked past who bowed at them.

"What about my powers? Do they remain the same?" Harry asked.

"Of a sort. I was the only one governing that world you were in, but now that we are in a realm with more… supernatural, your powers will expand."

"Elaborate. And don't leave anything out, I don't need to remind you of that incident, do I?" Harry raised a brow.

"It was an accident, I swear… but the look on your face when you walked in was priceless," Lorelei laughed but sobered when Harry shot a look at her, "As the Shinigami Lord, you can summon any Shinigami to attend to you. You'll be able to see the past history of the Shinigami, including their human lives… but that's a topic for another day. There's a lot more, but we've reached our destination."

The pair came to a stop infront of a pair of doors with a sign proclaiming it to be the kitchen in delicate silver calligraphy.

Lorelei opened the doors and strolled in, leaving Harry to follow behind her as he observed the kitchen. It was a modern kitchen, with gleaming silver appliances, and was completed with a white marble island and counters.

"…There's no one here." Harry commented as he took a seat at the island.

"Of course not." Lorelei appeared from where she disappeared into another pair of silver doors labelled 'Pantry', bags of food trailing after her in the air. "Shinigami are dead, it's a want, not a need for them to eat," she directed the food to the island counter, "Still, it is nice to eat."

"What are you doing?"

"Baking. It's relaxing. And a treat after working out is always appreciated." Lorelei shot a wink at him from where she was rummaging and preparing ingredients.

Harry kept quiet as Lorelei baked, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere with Lorelei humming in the background.

Barely an hour later, Lorelei took out the first batch of chocolate chip cookies. The sweet chocolaty smell waved through the air and the open door and Harry's stomach grumbled as he took in a deep breath.

"I've been wondering… why do you even know how to bake anyway?" He questioned as Lorelei set the cookies aside to cool, discretely hitting the cookies with a cooling charm.

Lorelei raised a brow that signalled that she knew what he did, but returned to baking as she answered him. "I have a lot of time on my hands, being Death. I get bored sometimes, wandering the world. There's only so much I can do without getting tired of it." She shrugged and set more cookies aside.

"You know I have a sweet tooth," Harry raised his brow. Indeed, who would have missed Lorelei snacking on sweets literally half the time he saw her? "And well, it's simpler to make my own than to go out and buy some. It's also relaxing, so that's a plus."

She pushed the first tray of cookies to him, "Here. They're cooled enough to eat now." Harry eagerly snatched a cookie from the top of the pile and bit into it, savouring the still warm gooey chocolate that oozed from the melted chips.

"It's delicious!" He praised as he gobbled down a few more. Lorelei laughed as she cleaned up. "Slow down, they aren't running away from you."

By this time, there was already a crowd of Shinigami gathered outside the open kitchen doors, drawn there by the smell of the cookies like bees to honey. "Come on, break's over." Lorelei told him as she waved a hand, arranging the cookies into neat piles on several trays.

They walked out of the kitchen with Harry still munching on a cookie. The crowd parted around them, the Shinigamis bowing and greeting them respectfully. It wasn't much of a surprise that they already knew Harry was their lord, news travelled fast in the Death Realm ( Do not underestimate the power of Shinigami gossip ).

Will appeared silently by Lorelei as they exited the crowd, having been summoned silently by her. She gestured to the line of floating trays behind her. "Go ahead and share them with the rest. We'll be in my office, Harry needs to learn how to use his powers efficiently." Will nodded and proceeded to walk off, both the crowd of Shinigami and the trays of cookies following after him like ducklings.

"Aren't we supposed to leave for the human world?" Harry asked as he finished his cookie.

"Well, that can wait. I want you to be fully prepared to deal with anything that can happen, no master of me will be looked down upon and powerless."

It seems like I'm getting lesser and lesser sleep with each day. Sorry for the abrupt ending, I lost my muse at the end. Next chapter will be the start of episode 1, so look forwards to it :)