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Harri stared out over the sea of bodies before her, numb down to her very soul. Friends stared up at her from dull eyes, their blood just beginning to congeal. Enemy soldiers were scattered among her allies; broken and defeated, dying simply because they foolishly followed betrayers and manipulators.

Harri wept for them all.

She wept for her good friends and staunch allies. She wept for the misinformed who went out believing lies. She wept for the innocent that were caught in the crossfire.

She wept for her family. Her crazy brothers who had taken her in, taught her to fight, and fought for her in turn. Her scary sisters who had taught her to embrace her feminine side, who taught her the subtle arts, and who never once questioned her. Her strange yet wonderful uncles who had taken defending her honor to slightly embarrassing degrees and protected her 'til their dying breaths. Her many friends who all shared her joys and sorrows, her happiness and pain, and who stood firm at her back as she went into battle.

Most of all though she wept for her soulmates and her child. Her child who had been taken from her mere moments after he was born, killed by the traitors. And her wonderful mates, who had held her and made her feel safe for the first time since she was a baby. Who had loved her through her both her bad and good times. Who had shared her anger and laughter in turn. Who had left their own family when they betrayed her. Who accepted her family as their own. And who had been taken from her by the enemy just yesterday in an effort to break her.

As her emotional pain left her as tears, her body swayed. Blood loss and the overwhelming ache of her broken soul was finally taking its toll. She dropped her wand and hit her knees next to the broken form of one of her sisters, fingers brushing against the bloodied blonde locks. She could feel death approaching her and smiled, she was going to be with her boys and the rest of her family. She couldn't wait.

As the darkness drew closer she allowed herself a few moments to wonder and wish. Wonder what would have happened if she had caught the manipulations earlier. What could have happened if she truly embraced her Slytherin side. If she had more time to right wrongs. But all she could do was make feeble wishes that could never be fulfilled. She wished she could have had more time with her family. Wished she had caught on to the traitors earlier. Wished that should have protected her soulmates as well as they had protected her.

Feeling the cool peace of death washing over her she barely took notice of her own icy power growing inside her chest. It raged against her injuries and the broken soul bond, stretching and pulling in a last ditch effort to grant her wishes. Still she pushed what little awareness she had of it back as she looked up to see the great manipulator and the two biggest traitors approaching to watch with sick glee as she died.

"My dear girl. It is high time for you to give in and reunite with your family." said a deceptively kind voice.

Harri glared weakly up at the great manipulator as her inner ice phoenix screeched in rage and her magic gave another violent surge. "Go to hell old man!" She snarled, her magic gave one last surge and icy blackness overtook her.