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A sharp banging drew Harri into consciousness, "Get up girl! Now! I expect breakfast in twenty minutes!" Came an unpleasant nagging voice that Harri could have sworn she left behind eight years ago. She heard a deadbolt retract close by followed by another bang, "Up!" Came a final order.

Harri huffed and sat up, "Figures I'd go to hell." She muttered, "Damn Potter luck. Won't even let me have a peaceful afterlife." A cursory glance around her personal hell revealed she was indeed in her cupboard under the stairs of #4 Privet Drive. With a resigned sigh she slipped out of her cupboard and walked to the kitchen to begin breakfast, hoping the appeasement of the Dursley shaped demons would lessen their torment until she could figure a way to her happily ever afterlife with her family.

Just as she was through cooking Harri heard the demons pounding down the stairs and clambering into the dining room. "Girl our food better be ready!" Came a shout from the Vernon/Whale shaped demon.

Harri rolled her eyes before plating all the food, "Of course Uncle." She said in monotone, sweeping into the dining room with all the food balanced on her arms.

Just as she began putting everything down the Petunia/Horse shaped demon screeched. "What have you done?!"

Harri blinked at her in surprise, "Um, made breakfast?" She said a little uncertainly.

"No, what have you done to yourself!" Petunia screeched, looking horrified as her eyes swept over Harri.

Vernon chose that moment to butt in, "I won't allow anymore freakishness in this house! Go get rid of that freaky stuff! I will not allow your need for your freaky outside to match your freakish inside to sully this family even more!" Harri blinked again in confusion before Vernon pushed away from the table and grabbed her arm in a bruising grip. He dragged her through the house and up the stairs, not bothering to keep her from hitting the stair's railings or the wall. He tossed her into the bathroom, "Fix yourself or you won't like the consequences!" He snapped before slamming the door.

Harri frowned and carefully got to her feet to look into the bathroom mirror. She froze at the sight of herself. The last time she had seen herself in a mirror, the morning of the final battle, despite the dark circles under her eyes and her scar riddled form she had been a twenty-five-year-old beauty. She had had curves and lithe and powerful muscles from her training and the war, her wild black hair had been cut in a short bob, and most importantly she had been about two feet taller.

"Why am I short again?!" She hissed, staring at her changed form. She was only slightly bigger than she had been when she had escaped the Dursleys the first time. Her curves were nonexistent and the muscle she had worked so hard to build up was gone. Her hair had grown out to the middle of her back and it was there that held what had most likely freaked out the Dursleys the most. She had several streaks of bluish white going through her hair now and in several places she had what appeared to be feathers, hidden only slightly by her thick hair. "Well that's different." She muttered, tugging a feather out from her hair, seeing that it was rooted to her head like it was hair itself. Harri stopped as she felt a tugging from her ice phoenix that meant the unusual animagus wanted to talk. Quickly she sat down and dove into her mindscape.

When she and her mates had completed the first animagus transformation, the one that directly reflected ones inner animal, Harri had been slightly disappointed. Oh she loved running around as Godiva, her ocelot form, but she wanted to fly under her own power. Thus she had begun the much harder second animagus transformation, the one that people could choose the outcome of if they concentrated hard enough. Harri of coarse hadn't really cared as long as she could fly, so through all the required meditation she had focused on wanting to fly and the feeling of flying on her broom and in her dreams.

It was a huge surprise of coarse when her form turned out to be an ice phoenix. Her mates thought it was a combination of her wish to fly, her love of winter, and her admiration of Fawkes. She thought it was her bad luck finally breaking even; after all she got to fly and got sweet ice powers out of the deal. Her view was further supported by the fact that the already strange animagus was much more vocal than Godiva. Whereas the little wild cat only gave impressions of feelings based on its instincts, the ice phoenix liked to talk and give her advice. It was reassuring and annoying in turn.

Looking around her mindscape, which currently looked like the common room of Avengers tower, she found her ice phoenix perched on the main couch in front of the large flat screen TV. "Glacia? What is it? I didn't think I would still have access to you once we died."

The sleek bird ruffled its light blue feathers making the white tips shimmer as it gave an agitated squawk, "We aren't dead!" Glacia snapped. "How could you think that?"

Harri put her hands on her hips, "Last thing I remember was Dumbles taunting us as we died! We were way too injured with both the physical and soul wounds to heal! Then I wake up and I'm back with the fucking Dursleys! Since Loki killed them when he found out how they treated me I think it was pretty safe for me to go ahead and assume we're in hell!"

One of Glacia's wings snapped forward and whacked Harri in the face making her back up and splutter. "We aren't in hell and we certainly aren't dead!" She turned her beak up haughtily, "I gathered up all our remaining power and brought us into the past."

Harri looked at Glacia with wide eyes, "We can do that?" She finally sputtered.

Glacia huffed and shook her tail, "I can do that. If you didn't have me you really would have died."

Harri just stared at her ice phoenix more, "How?" She rasped, then she crossed her arms over her chest, "Why? We could have been with our mates and child!"

"It's what you wished for!" Glacia snapped, "Now we can right the wrongs that have been done to us and protect our mates! Avenge our hatchling! Save our flock mates!" By this time the phoenix's wings were spread in agitation and she was exuding cold, her coal eyes glaring at Harri.

Harri simply blinked then a wicked grin stole over her face, "We can can't we?" Her green eyes glowed in anticipation as she rubbed her hands together like the cliché villain a few of her brothers sometimes teased that she was, "Oh this is going to be good."

Glacia let out a huff and turned her back on Harri, "So glad you're excited." She drawled sarcastically.

Harri sighed softly and reached out to carefully preen Glacia's feathers, "I'm sorry G. I wasn't thinking and when I made those wishes I wasn't even aware that it was an option. I'm very grateful that you brought us back so we could protect everyone."

Glacia looked over at her with one eye before ruffling her feathers and giving a short nod, "You're welcome."

Harri smiled at her, "Alright then. Now I guess I should ask the standard time travel questions. How did we come back?"

"I forced our first burning day early. Usually the surge of magic that accompanies that would condense us into an egg but since the rest of our magic was already going crazy I managed to use it to force us into the time stream and send us back to a time before Hogwarts when you were close to death. I dropped our renewing energy into your old body and here we are." Glacia said.

Harri hummed, "I guess that would explain the evening out in height and my body not looking like I was starved. My scars disappeared as well."

Glacia nodded, "The burning would have taken away all of your scars anyway, but the rest is correct. The energy could only make us grow a little bit without our body coming back deformed. The rest of the renewing energy fixed the damage the muggles did. It also aged us a bit; so technically we are the same age, physically, as our mates."

"And the hair and feathers?" Harri questioned.

Glacia ruffled her wings, "That is because I forced the burn while you were in your human form. I don't know if it's permanent or if it will just last until our next burning. We aren't exactly common."

Harri snorted, "Understatement." She sighed, "Alright, can we really change things? I don't want to end up disappearing or something."

Glacia shook her head, "We merged with your old body. The other timeline doesn't exist anymore. We can change whatever we like."

Harri nodded in understanding, "Alright." She sighed, "Tony would punch me for such a cliché line but...when are we?"

Glacia snickered, "That is a cliché line." Harri rolled her eyes. "We merged with your old body about a week before your first letter arrives."

Harri nodded, "Okay. Anything else I should know?"

"When we merged we used so much power healing and completing the integration we didn't have enough left to break the binds Dumbles put on your younger self, you also still have to get the horcrux removed. So while you may be able to do some wandless magic before you get our wand it won't be near to the level as before as most of our magic is on lockdown. As soon as you get the binds off though we will have access both to our core from before and the still growing core of your younger self."

Harri raised an eyebrow with a smirk, "Did we just become even more badass?"

Glacia let out a pleased sound, "Hell yeah." Her eyes lit with mischief, "We also still have the remnants of our mates' power cores tied to our soul so when we mate with them in this timeline they'll get a power boost too."

Harri let out a cackle reminiscent of Bellatrix Lestrange, "They won't stand a chance this time!"

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