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Well this will be fun," Phil muttered darkly.

Despite this, Phil opened the door for the two figures obligingly and ushered them into the building, ignoring all of the curious stares they were getting from the agents that were milling around the entrance hall. "Welcome to Shield." He greeted in his usual calm lilt as he began to lead them toward Fury's location.

"Hey, Phil." Came a familiar voice from beneath one of the hoods, "Great day for a change isn't it?"

Coulson let his lips quirk a bit, "It is." He looked discretely at the second figure, "You seem a shadow short today."

A quiet laugh came from beneath the other hood, "We decided this would be a girls trip."

"I see," Phil said, he motioned the two into the closest empty elevator and it started its scent quickly.

"Report," Harriet said shortly.

"We've been hearing rumors about Fury's attempts at recruitment since just after your talk with him." Phil began professionally, "They were initially harmless but he received a conference call from the WSC about the sudden dismantling of the nuclear weapons we owned that you put into motion. That is when we got passed the information and we came to discover the extent of things. We pinpointed the victim half an hour ago and The Widow made the executive decision to call you in on this after they made visual contact. Thus far I authorized Hawkeye to administer 10 mg/ml of morphine sulfate to the victim via a modified tranquilizer arrow to alleviate the pain." Glancing up at the moving numbers of the elevator, "The Director has also likely already noted our presence in the building and had time to prepare for your potential arrival. Likeliness of infiltrating his current location without encountering resistance is at 21.34%."

"Thank you, Agent Coulson." Harriet answered with amusement tinging her tone, "If we are sticking to field names my companion can be the Lioness."

"Noted," Phil said as they came to a stop and the doors slid open.

"Oh good." The Lioness commented, "I was hoping to get some stress relief."

Harriet stepped forward slightly to address the fully armored agents that were blocking the wide section of floor ahead of them, almost thirty in number. "I am the Queen, many of you may have heard of me in connection with the Black Widow and Hawkeye, with this knowledge I will allow you this one chance to surrender." Surprisingly, only three opted to run and Phil noted them before pressing himself to the side of the elevator to allow the two witches to do their work.

Harriet rolled her eyes beneath the hood and gave a discrete motion to Alice before stepping forward.

As soon as Harriet stepped from the elevator, bullets flew. She put up a shield with a quick flick of her wand as Alice swept in front of her and threw out the first wave of stunners. Harriet pulled a gun from her pocket dimension and fired off at the few weak spots in the armor that would incapacitate the agents without harming them too much. By the time she was empty, the remaining fifteen seemed to understand their guns wouldn't work against the magic shield. Eight retreated down a hallway that Harriet assumed Fury was down but seven seemed to want to try their luck further.

One threw a knife at them but Alice hit them with a body bind curse. Another two had electric batons similar to Natasha's but Harriet used some well-aimed ice daggers to knock them away from the agents before stunning them. The last four seemed to think that charging the two witches was the way to go. Harri dropped the shield and met the first three agents head on while Alice swept around and met the fourth.

Alice, having less experience in the physical aspect, wasn't fully prepared for the trained agent and took a fist to the face within seconds. She apparated to the side a moment after it hit and kicked at the back of the agent's knee, dropping them to the ground. The agent hooked an arm back around Alice's leg and yanked her to her back, knocking Alice's breath from her in a whoosh. The agent dropped an elbow into Alice's gut, making her grit her teeth and roll into a ball to try and alleviate the pain. Alice rolled once more to avoid a knife that was heading toward her, when she came to her back again she kicked out, nailing the agent in the chest before apparating to her feet and behind the agent. Alice kicked the agent in the side of the head, dropping the agent all the way to the floor and then kicked them twice more in the stomach before seeing that they were still conscious, huffing, and shooting a stunner at them.

The clearing of a throat made Alice turn around.

Harriet was standing there with her three opponents stacked neatly in a pile and Phil had already moved to stand next to her. Alice was sure that Harri was cocking an eyebrow under her hood and she was grateful for her own that covered her slight blush. "That was fun." She commented lightly, trying not to sound winded. If she hadn't known about Harriet's time travel, the fact that Harri could take down three people in the time it took her to take down one would really embarrass her.

"Bet you're feeling better now." Harriet hummed in amusement.

"Much, actually."

Phil gave a short nod, "Shall we?"

With that, Harriet took the lead again, going down the hall that the agents had retreated into. Sure enough, the ones who had retreated were set defensively around a single door, guns at the ready. Harriet rolled her eyes and set another shield with a wave of her hand before she and Alice cast stunners and petrifying spells at the agents in front of the door. Once the eight were down, they levitated them out of the way so they had a clear path to the door.

"You may want to step back Agent Coulson," Alice advised as Harriet centered herself with the door.

Once Phil and Alice were out range, Harriet cast a Bombarda Maxima on the door and watched with satisfaction as the door exploded.

Harriet stepped in before the dust had a chance to settle, "Nicholas Joseph Fury! It would seem that you've been foolish enough to ignore the warning I so nicely gave you!" she announced dramatically as her eyes took in the room before her. It was a typical Shield interrogation room, gray and dreary with a camera mounted in the corner. In the center was a medical table where a body, completely littered with cuts and bruises, was strapped down. Next to the table was a small stand with a tray of utensils, some already bloodied and others waiting for use.

Fury was on the floor, where he had likely been thrown in the blast and he was looking up at her with his one-eyed glare. "Potter!" he snarled. Alice and Phil slipped into the room behind Harri as the dust cleared and Fury turned his glare to them.

Harriet snapped her fingers and his eye returned to her, "Out of everything we talked about last time, I thought the part about harming agents intentionally was the clearest part. Yet, I get this call and I hear about you torturing someone in an attempt to get an ear in my new division." Harriet crouched down so she was eye to eye with Fury and pulled her hood off, "I didn't peg you as stupid Fury." The man reached for his gun and Harriet petrified him with a roll of her eyes, "I will deal with you in a minute." Alice rushed over to the medical table while Harriet walked over to the far end of the room and looked up into the vent, "Phil seems confident you're coming with me. One of you might want to go get Artemis."

"Harriet," Alice called, motioning her over to the table where she was carefully untying the woman on it. "I recognize this woman. She was one of the more promising potential recruits. Jade Hoshimoto, I had actually marked her as one of Tonks' potential future partners." Harri looked down at the woman. She was rather on the lean side, with small but defined breasts and narrow hips. She also had auburn hair so dark that it was just edging on black and pale skin but Harriet couldn't tell if the last was natural or just because of her current condition.

Harri began the diagnostic charm on the woman in front of her, Jade, to see if it would be safe to transport her. "Was she a front-runner? Widow and Hawkeye said she was a newbie."

"She's got some pretty murky history and some interesting afflictions; acute paranoia, a personality disorder, a couple psychoses; but she supposedly tested at the top of her class at FLETC and was able to get into the second level of active field agents here within a month of being hired." Alice said, "I also suspect she is either a low-level mutant or a squib that is on the borderline because her file has several notes about strange happenings around her."

Harri nodded as she looked at the results of the diagnostic, "She's going to need some real healing up but nothing some potions and Strange can't handle."

"She's safe for apparition then?" Alice asked.

Harri pursed her lips, "I'm going to put her into a coma before you do. A lot of those injuries are really bad. Even with the morphine, she'll feel them going through apparating." She directed her wand over Jade's face and chest in the intricate pattern that coma's required. "There you go. Fred should have the potions you need to fix her up but call Strange in for a consultation beforehand, potions and morphine can sometimes cause real problems if they're put together."

"Right." Alice said, gripping Jade gently by the shoulders, "Will you be alright here?"

"She's not alone," Phil said, commenting for the first time since they had opened up the room. As if to prove the point, Natasha chose that moment to drop from the ceiling and assume a stance behind Harriet, who didn't react to suddenly having one of the world's deadliest spies right behind her.

"I'll be fine." Harri said, "It shouldn't take that long to get my point across to Fury and the World Security Council."

"It better not. I'm not sure how much of this place would survive if your mates came after you." Alice said with a small laugh before apparating away with Jade's comatose form.

Harri rolled her eyes but turned to Natasha, "Hey, how's it going?"

Natasha relaxed the slightest bit, "Not too bad. You made great time."

"Magic." Harri said with a shrug, "Clint's return path on the way to the Council Room?"

"It can be," Phil answered shortly.

Harriet moved over to grab Fury's limp form by the back of his jacket, "Cool, I think it's time I set fools straight."

"Are you not going to make good on your threat to Fury?" Natasha asked with a disproving look.

Harriet grinned back at her sister, "Oh I will. I figure I'll just streamline the process and do a two for one. What the Lioness said was true, if my mates show up then HQ will burn."

"I'd prefer if you didn't allow that to happen," Phil said as he and Natasha fell in behind Harri who had begun dragging Fury through the halls.

"Already a buzzkill huh Coulson?" Harriet snickered, "You'll be the perfect Handler for our team!"

"Probably the only one that could survive it." The redhead noted.

Harri laughed, "Yeah, you wouldn't believe how many we went through." She pushed through a door and started up the steps there, not bothering to levitate Fury as she went. "Seriously, it was getting ridiculous."

"Just what I always wanted, a group of superheroes to babysit." Phil deadpanned.

Harri sent him a grin, "Dream come true right?" she continued up the stairs without pause, "Don't worry Phil, we're a family. As long as you keep your taser under control where the family is involved we should be fine."

"It's effective." He pointed out and Harriet was certain the man would be pouting is he did not have such a phenomenal Slytherin Mask™.

"Be that as it may, we have some in our family who do not respond well to electrical impulses for a variety of reasons. There are other ways to get what you want in our family." Harri said.

"Please tell me we're not a mushy family," Natasha muttered under her breath.

The phoenix sent her sister a sly smile, "On occasion. I was talking about bribery though." Natasha snorted softly just as Harriet stopped on the second landing up to push open a door. She was greeted enthusiastically with a soft kree and Clint's excited smile, "Hawkeye." Harriet beamed.

"Your Majesty." Clint grinned, "What's this I hear about a sleepover?"

Harriet cocked her head cutely, "How else am I supposed to entice you to abandoned your work for my fairytale castle?"

Clint bounced in place, disturbing Artemis' perch slightly, "We're going to a Castle?" he asked excitedly, he looked to Natasha, "We're going to a Castle Tasha!"

"You are such a child," Natasha replied with a barely there fond look.

Harriet laughed, "We'll head out once I set Fury and the Council straight." Clint pouted but fell in behind Harriet as she continued, nudging Phil to the center of the formation.

Now that they were on the correct floor it took no time at all to reach the Holographic Projection Room, Harriet let herself in with the biometrics that she had Jarvis enter into the Shield systems. Harriet dropped Fury right in front of the six projection cylinders before heading over to the control panel to send out a request for the council members immediate presence. Phil, Natasha, and Clint moved to stand against a wall, giving them clear lines around the room.

After a few moments, Harriet let out a happy sound and flipped two switches before walking back over to the petrified Fury just as the holograms started to form in the projection cylinders.

"What is the meaning of this?" one of the men asked the second the last cylinder was filled.

Harri smiled, "Hello Council Members. How lovely to have you join us for this enlightening conversation. I'm sure you've heard of me by now. I am the Queen, Harriet Potter, and I have come to set some things straight with you and Shield's beloved Director here."

"You're the Queen?" a man hissed, Harri kept her temper in check as she recognized Alexander Peirce.

"Yes I am." Harri said jovially, "I'm sure you've heard some wonderful things about me from Director Fury."

"You're a child!" Peirce snarled.

Harriet couldn't help but at least be thankful that Fury had been smart enough to keep the time travel to himself. Harri cocked her head with an eerie smile, "What people see on the surface can be deceiving. Isn't that right Councilman Peirce?" Peirce reared back in shock before he quickly schooled his expression.

"Why have you called us Miss Potter?" Another councilmember threw in, "This is the first contact we have received from you and it seems you have captured Director Fury to do so. There was no contact after your company took over the other businesses that fund Shield, why have you decided to do so now?"

"Simple Councilman Yen, the Council's overreaction to the dismantling of nearly all of Shield's nuclear weapons caused Fury to take too much of a liberty with the life of a loyal Shield agent all in the name of spying on me." Harri answered, "I did come here to make good on my promise to take offense to any intentional and malicious harm that was visited on Shield's agents by Director Fury but I decided I needed to make my position clear to the Council as well while I was here." She gave them a flat smile.

"You had no right to have those missiles decommissioned!"

"I had every right!" Harriet snapped back, her tone cold, "Not only do I and Stark Industries own them, even more so now that we hold the majority over you. I also happen to be one of the people who lives on this planet that would be destroyed if one of you trigger happy fools decided to fire one!"

"We need those!" another councilman tried to argue.

Harriet held up a hand to stop the oncoming rant, "I didn't come here to listen to your tantrum about having your nuclear toys taken away. All I will say on the matter is that if I find you've had more made I will throw them into the sun and make s'mores in the flare while the financial support that the Vulpecula Conglomerate and Stark Industries provides you is stripped away completely." Harri tilted her head and flicked her wand into her hand, "And that's to say nothing of the individuals who ordered them made." She gave the council an eerie smile, "I know you haven't been able to find much on magic, so I thought I would give you a little demonstration on someone who has already ignored the warning I so generously gave him."

With a controlled flick of her wand, Fury was released from his petrification and relaxed onto the floor with a slight groan. His one eye searched the room warily until Harri stepped into his line of sight and he tensed up once more.

Harriet bared her teeth in a vicious grin, "Fury, how nice of you to join us." She purred, tilting her head toward the Council to make the Director aware of their audience. "The WSC is so very grateful that you ignored my warning so that they could see just what happens to those who ignore my warnings."

"I left the strike team to their mission." Fury gritted out, levering himself up slightly on his elbows, "I didn't interfere."

"It's pretty adorable that you think I only meant the strike team." Harri laughed, "Especially after I had just finished explaining to you that I and my brother own Shield. We pay a majority of the agent's checks, I'm pretty sure that can qualify them as my agents." Harriet leaned closer to Fury, her eyes blazing, "And if you had done a fourth of what you did to the recruit to Black Widow or Hawkeye you'd be dead before the day was out." She straightened back up and gave Fury a disdainful look as she leveled her wand at him, "So, this is your last warning. Next time I'll start taking limbs."

"Do your worst." Fury growled before Harri could cast, "I've been tortured countless times and didn't break. No fancy magic tricks are going to get to me."

"Crucio." Harri cast with a roll of her eyes.

As soon as the sickly red light impacted Fury's chest he let out a choked scream, his entire body writhing painfully. Many council members visibly paled or startled at the tortured screams that were coming from the battle-hardened Director. Peirce, Harri was careful to not, merely looked interested. Natasha, Clint, and Phil all watched stoically.

Harri cut off the curse and circled around Fury, "The Cruciatus Curse should be an excellent deterrent for all of you idiots who I can practically hear thinking of ways to get rid of me or go around me." She cast at Fury again, just a quick jolt to accent her point, "There is not getting 'used to' this curse. No blocking it out." Another quick hit, "just unimaginable pain pouring through every nerve ending you have."

Harriet sheathed her wand, letting Fury droop into a shivering mess on the floor, spit dripping from the sides of his mouth as his breaths came out in harsh gusts.

"I understand the place and use that torture has in this line of work." Harriet conceded, "But it should never be used against a loyal member of our own organization. That will break what little trust and loyalty our own has for us and lead to more potential problems for our security." Harri leaned down toward Fury and locked gazes with him, "You are the Director of this agency. I expect you to uphold the founding member's ideals and values while you have this position, even if that means telling these idiots no sometimes." She said, hooking a thumb at the Council. With that she straightened and looked to the Council once more, "And I expect you all, to remember that your position does not give you permission to use Shield as your personal attack dogs. I also want you to take a good long look at yourselves and just guess at how well you measure up to me." She gave them a cocky smirk, "Because if you try to cross me, you'll find very quickly that I could care less about a group of rich assholes who think that their money and minor government positions gives them the right to police the world." She moved her hand subtly to the control panel, "Shield ran itself without the WSC at its conception and it would run just as well, if not better, now, without it."

With that Harriet cut off the Council's connection and relaxed a little. She turned to her siblings with a big smile, "Ready to go then?"

"Yes!" Clint exclaimed, all hints of professionalism gone in an instant, "Castle time!" Harriet giggled as the trio of agents gathered around her.

"Potter," Fury called roughly before she could flame them away.

Harriet looked back at the Director, finding him trying to struggle to his feet, "Shake it off Fury. I've recovered from the curse faster when I was fourteen." She huffed.

Fury looked up at her with an unreadable expression, "May I," Fury gritted out unhappily, "send things to your new division if they seem out of our normal agent's league?"

"Aw, Fury!" Harriet cooed, "There may be hope for you yet! Of course, you can! We're all part of the same agency. Cooperation in a necessity! I'll get you a line to my division heads when I get back home!" she pulled up her flames around herself and the three agents, "Bye!"

Harriet dropped them right outside the infirmary doors; which, unfortunately for Harriet, were opened.

Strange and Frigga were working on Jade's comatose form while Fred and George were interrogating Alice, both tense and gripping their wands tight. Thor, Loki, his children, and the Marauders all stood off to the side with various worried and curious looks on their faces. Arthur was fluttering right behind his sons worriedly, mostly about their current emotional state though, which Harriet wholly approved of.

James was the first one to see her.

"Harriet Rose Potter!" James exclaimed, drawing everyone's attention to the door. James stomped right through the middle of Alice and the twins on his warpath to Harriet. "You are so grounded young lady!" Harri's eyebrows rose even as she heard Clint snickering behind her, "Going off on a mission without backup!"

"James!" Alice exclaimed, running over to him, "I told you that I went with her! And I told you that it was my idea not to call anyone!"

James glared at Alice, "She should have known better!"

Harri rolled her eyes, "I had backup at all times." She gestured to the newly arrived agents, "And if you listened, I'm sure Alice was telling you how I first wanted to grab everyone to completely shut the base down and then I wanted to come get Fred and George before Alice figured that she needed stress relief. Alice only left me once Natasha and Coulson were with me."

"You're still grounded." James huffed.

"This is my castle." Harriet snorted as she walked past her father to greet her worried mates, "You can't ground me."

James sputtered for several seconds as Fred and George checked Harriet over and pulled her into a few kisses. "I'll…with hold your Potter Ladyship!"

Harriet pulled away from George to give her father an amused look, "I wish you would." James' jaw dropped, "Go find someone to make me little brothers and sisters with. I've already got too many titles but you can never have enough family." James gaped like an unattractive fish even as Harriet lit up and waved Natasha and Clint into the room. "Speaking of family. This is Natasha and Clint! Part of ours!"

Loki's eyebrows rose in interest and he met Natasha in the middle of her journey, "So you are the spider I have heard so much about."

Natasha looked at him warily, her stance tense, "Maybe."

Loki smiled at her, "Nothing bad, I assure you. Harriet has spoken much about your skills. I must say I look forward to both getting to know you and sparring with you."

Natasha cocked her head slightly and her lips twitched, "You must be Loki then. Harriet has told me about you too. Said you would actually give me a challenge. I look forward to it."

While the spider and the god were facing off, Clint and swept past them and made a beeline for Harriet and the twins, "So where is Captain America? I want to see Phil lose his shit for once!"

Harriet laughed, "Steve is off with his kinda-sorta girlfriend, meeting her mom. He probably won't be back until after Christmas."

Before Clint could comment on the easy teasing fodder, Thor came up on the little group and gave Clint one of his jarring back pats, "You must be the Eye of Hawk!" he boomed, "I'm pleased to meet you!"

"And you must be Thor." Clint choked out as he regained his balance, "Nice to meet you too." He looked up at his fellow blond and his eyes widened, "Harriet was right, you are big."

Thor let loose a loud laugh, "Verily! Tis the mark of a fierce warrior!"

"Ah, ah, Thor." Fred began.

"We've talked about this." George continued.

"It isn't the mark of a fierce warrior."

"Just a big one."

"Size doesn't equate to ferocity."

"Which Harriet has proved multiple time by beating you in sparring."

"Oh?" Clint asked, "That sounds interesting."

"Harriet." Strange interrupted, all eyes in the room turned to the two who were healing Jade. The recruit had already started to look better, with her skin pinking up a bit and all of the wounds being healed into non-existence.

"How is she?" Harriet asked.

"She'll be fine," Frigga reassured her.

"Yes," Strange agreed, "You can lift the magical coma and allow her natural sleep to continue healing." Harri nodded and went over to Jade's bed, she released the coma as gently as she could and watched carefully to make sure that the woman was able to relax into a deeper sleep.

"Excellent," Harriet said, clapping her hands. "Now that, that is taken care of. I should get Clint, Natasha, and Phil settled in their rooms then we can have dinner!"

"Grounded kids go to bed without dinner," James grumbled from the doorway where he was sulking. Half the room broke into laughter but Harri just rolled her eyes.

Later, after dinner had been eaten and everyone had settled, Harriet sat in her room, in Fred's lap with George stretched out beside them as the three of them watched the live feed that was being shown on their TV above the mantle. The feed was of the American Ministry's Holiday Ball, which Tony was currently attending on Pepper's order. So naturally, since he was being forced, Tony called Harriet to complain.

"Tell me again why you're not here tonight?" Tony huffed from the screen as he scanned the room again. They had a view from a headband that Tony had made up that was similar to the ones he gave to Harriet and the twins for battle, his was currently trying to be discreet though, so there were no hallow screens up at the moment.

"Until I get out of school I don't have to attend these parties." Harriet laughed, "Can't blow my cover for some silly party."

"Excuses, excuses." Tony muttered, "Should have brought Friday with me."

"Friday and Dummy are currently seeing what all they can shove into the blender, sir," Jarvis informed Tony. Fred and George laughed while Tony just let out an exasperated sigh.

"Stop." Harri called suddenly and the scanning of the room stopped on screen, "Do you see those people ahead of you?"

"The two teenagers surrounded by beautiful woman who look like supermodels but are clearly guards?" Tony asked.

"Yep, them." Harri laughed, "That's the Crown Prince and Princess of Wakanda."

"Wakanda…where have I heard that name before?" Tony hummed.

"They are a currently closed off African Nation whose most precious and protected resource is their Vibranium sir," Jarvis reported smartly.

"What are they doing at this magic party?" Tony asked.

"Wakanda, while closed off from the rest of the world, has fully integrated their magical and muggle citizens." Harriet informed him, "It's how their tech is so advanced."

"So I'll be stepping on their toes in two regards." Tony put together, "Entering the magical-technology market and discovering a way to synthesize Vibranium. Should probably get some smoozing in."

"Well that," Harriet laughed, "And Shuri, the Princess, is budding engineer. You may be able to get a real conversation out of her instead of the rest who are just focusing on the fact that you're a muggle."

"Really now." Tony drawled, starting forward confidently, "Anything I should know going in?"

"Her brother, T'Challa, will grow up to be Wakanda's champion, the Black Panther. All members of the royal line go through vigorous training and have a panther animagus form, Shuri won't have hers yet but T'Challa should. T'Challa is a bit broody and likes to give speeches off into the middle distance but Shuri is great." Harriet offered, "The guards are Dora Milaje. They are the traditional Royal Guards. Primary weapons are spears, yes, they have them on them currently. Don't let their dresses fool you, they will drop you before you can blink." Tony nodded subtly, quiet as he started his final approach, grabbing a drink from a passing server without missing a beat.

"Their whole family has the same animagus form?" George asked with a frown, "That's not normal."

"They worship Bast in Wakanda." Harriet said, "They believe the royal family to be blessed by that Goddess with the form of a panther as a sign of their right to rule. I'm not sure what all goes into that but I do know that T'Challa and Shuri were integrated with the big cats at a young age and were trained, almost from birth, to act and think with the instincts and values of a panther. That will shape anyone."

Fred snickered into Harriet's shoulder, "Couldn't imagine you as a doe dearest."

Harri snorted, "I'm way too much of a fighter to have a doe as an animagus."

On screen, Tony's approach was detected by Dora Milaje and their shifting alerted the two royals within their protection. T'Challa, currently an eighteen-year-old who looked to be just outgrowing the baby fat in his cheeks, he also had the start of a beard on his rich chocolate colored cheeks but it stopped just on this side of peach fuzz. "Tony Stark." T'Challa greeted, "How curious to find you at such an event. I have not known the American Ministry to invite mundane peoples to their gatherings."

"Yes, well, when you're adopted by a real-life Articuno, you're given a bit of a free pass." Tony returned.

"Really Tony? A Pokémon? I'm almost offended." Harriet laughed.

A sudden soft click drew the trio of soulmates eyes over to the entrance to their room in just enough time to see Clint slide from the fake ventilation shaft. He landed on the floor with a light whump and grinned at them. Before he could say anything, a slender pair of legs slid out of the vent and nudged him out of the way. Natasha dropped right next to Clint without a sound and looked on the trio on the bed with a delicate eyebrow raised.

Harriet smiled at them before looking back to the screen, "We've gotta go Tony. Remember, don't start a war with Wakanda and Shuri is the fun one! Have a good night!" there was a subtle up and down motion on the screen as Tony continued to speak to the royal siblings before the feed cut out and the TV shut off. "Hey, guys." Harri greeted Clint and Natasha.

"Do you make a habit out of crawling out of vents in people's bedrooms?" Fred asked, settling his chin on Harriet's shoulder.

"Yes." Natasha deadpanned while Clint gave them a wild grin.

"The vents are my domain!" Clint laughed dramatically.

"He's the only reason they're in the castle." Harriet pointed out, "And yes, the stalker thing is an issue." She glanced between Fred and George, "I know I've touched on our family's lack of boundaries before."

"I'm not a stalker." Clint pouted, "I'm a vent guardian!"

"It sounds like the same thing." George snickered.

"It is," Natasha replied.

Harriet giggled and motioned the two assassins over to sit on the end of the bed, "So what's up?"

"We haven't had a chance to talk a lot face to face," Clint said as they perched on the edge of the bed. "Dinner was too hectic for it, especially with your Godfather trying to flirt with Natasha."

Fred snickered into Harri's shoulder but she just smiled at her sister, "I just ask that you don't kill him, Tasha."

"That I can do." The Widow conceded, an eerie smile on her face.

Clint sat forward eagerly, looking like a puppy as he focused on Harriet. "So what was this that Thor was saying about memories after the attack?"

"Mjolnir showed us some of Harriet's memories of Thor from the last timeline," George explained easily.

"Can we do that?" Clint asked, bouncing a little in place with a huge grin on his face.

Harriet pouted, "You'd rather watch it instead of just talking to me?" she drooped back into Fred dramatically, "I'm hurt, Clint."

The archer simply widened his eyes and blinked slowly at her, "Please." He whined.

Harriet summoned a pillow to her hand and wacked at Clint's face, "You're ridiculous."

Clint laughed and took the pillow as he leaned back, "That's not a no!" Harri rolled her eyes but snapped for an elf.

"How come his puppy dog eyes work on you?" George groused as he sat up.

Harri hummed a little as an elf came in with a courtroom pensive, "I was immune to your guys' puppy eyes when we first met and that didn't change until you got your animagus forms." Fred and George exchanged a glance, "Clint just wouldn't have stopped bothering me about it until I gave in." Harriet finished.

"Yup!" the archer chirped as he moved on the bed to face the pensive where it sat at the side of the bed.

"So this will show us what actually happened?" Natasha asked skeptically as Harriet started to pull memories free and toss them into the basin.

"Well, there are ways to change them if the person is practiced enough in the mental arts to do that." Harri explained, "But since I have no need and no preexisting mental health issues which would distort them naturally then yes, this will show what actually happened."



Fred and George shifted Harriet a bit so they could both hold her as she threw the last of the memories into the pensive. "Alright, I picked a few that shouldn't need too much explanation."

As they all watched as a screen appeared above the pensive basin in a burst of colors that swirled violently until it settled into a rather strange scene.

An older Harriet was chopping some vegetables in a cozy kitchen done up in dark woods and stone. Clint was leaning against the counter next to her but his focus was elsewhere. His nervous gaze was fixed on the little dining table where Fred and George sat across from Natasha.

Fred and George were talking a mile a minute in their usual fashion as they went over what was apparently a training schedule made up by Natasha, they were crossing out times and rewriting entries and even adding some different activities. Natasha was glaring at the twins, her eyes cold as they bore into them, but Fred and George didn't notice. Clint did though, and it was making him twitchy as he looked between the redheads seated at the table.

Finally, Clint interrupted with, "How are you two doing that?"

Fred and George looked over to the archer in confusion, "Doing what?" they chorused.

"Surviving the Widow Glare of Death?!" Clint exclaimed, "I've seen Fury crack under that face!" he gestured toward Natasha. "Well, as much as Fury cracks. But still!"

Fred and George exchanged a look before turning to Natasha and shrugging, "We kind of just thought"

"that you had a resting bitch face." Harri giggled quietly at their response while Clint sputtered and Natasha's face smoothed over into a slight frown. "If you want to try again"

"we're sure we can act scared." George finished with an obliging smile.

The scene changed.

Harriet and Clint were perched on top of a building, shooting at flying robots that were trying their best to destroy the building they were on.

"Fucking fuck! Fuck Doombots!" came Tony's voice from nowhere.

"Sounds like that would hurt!" Clint snickered as he let loose three arrows. Harriet reached over mid-spell and flicked Clint on the ear, "Ow! It does Harriet! Oh shit!"

Just as Clint had made his comment, a Doombot had plummeted toward them in a spiral of smoke. Harriet and Clint both jumped from the ten-story building just seconds before the robot crashed into where their perch had been.

Clint twisted midair and shot a grappling arrow at a nearby building as Harriet grabbed onto the back of Clint's uniform with a little yelp. When the arrow caught, they started being dragged up the side of the building but another Doombot flying by cut the line.

"Fucking Doombots!" Clint shouted as they started dropping again.

"That's what I was saying!" Tony piped up, even as Clint and Harriet continued to fall.

Harriet reached into her ever-present bag and pulled something free before slamming it into Clint's screaming mouth and quickly popping another into her own mouth. Both disappeared in an explosion of yellow feathers and two canaries appeared between falling gear.

One canary chirped crazily as it beat its wings in a frantic attempt to stay air born, the other seemed perfectly at home and dove under the other to lock its feet with the others. The calmer canary drug the panicking one down closer to the ground until, about a foot off the ground, they changed back to Harriet and Clint, both dropping into a single heap on the sidewalk.

"Why didn't you just apparate?" George asked.

"Magic conservation during a battle at first." Harriet answered, "Then, once we started falling, the momentum wouldn't have been lost once I apparated so we would have slammed into the ground."

Still on the sidewalk, Clint was groaning as Harriet stood up. Fred and George ran over to them, cutting a path through the lower flying Doombots. "That is so not what Canary Creams are for." George snickered.

Fred bent over Clint, "You alright there Hawkeye?"

Clint coughed up a bright yellow feather, "What do you think?"

The scene changed.

When the scene settled Fred, George, and Harriet sat at a bar in formal clothing as an elegant party went on behind them. The twins were wearing dark three-piece suits with deep green and burnt orange metallic ties and Harriet was wearing a long formal dress that matched their ties, with deep green as the base and the burnt orange in delicate webs down her sides and over her hips. Fred and George were scratching out something on a napkin while Harri scanned the room, looking bored with a drink in her hand.

Without warning Clint popped up from behind the bar with several bottles in his hands, "I hate these things." He muttered as he started opening bottles, he was also dressed in a suit but his was already disheveled and his tie was completely undone.

"We're here for Tony's sanity"

"and to keep Hammer and Stone off his back." The twins answered, not looking up from the napkin.

"Tasha's scary enough to do it on her own," Clint whined.

"Natasha is only one person Clint," Harriet said, she flicked her wand into her hand and made a subtle movement toward the party. Seconds later there was a commotion as someone tripped and tumbled into a flower arrangement, sending it toppling to the floor.

"Thor and Bruce got to skip," Clint muttered as he mixed various alcohols together.

"Thor isn't the best with talking to the none jock types," Fred said.

"And Bruce always pretends to be Hulking out to get people to leave early," Harriet added with a small smile.

"That's exactly what we need though!" Clint inserted.

"This is important for SI." George huffed, frowning down at the napkin and scratching something out.

"Yeah, yeah," Clint grumbled, pouring his concoction into a tumbler glass and holding out to his side. Loki appeared silently in the next second, took the drink from Clint, and threw it back in one go. "Thought you liked playing politics Lokes."

"Yes, well, there are always unsavory characters that ruin an otherwise pleasant evening." Loki sneered toward the rest of the room.

Harriet glanced back at him, "I saw Trump trying to talk to you."

Clint quickly poured Loki another glass while the God simply nodded in exasperation, "Yes, the ghastly man simply will not stop talking. And not in the endearing way Stark does, the talking cheeto simply will not stop spouting the vilest, most ignorant things." Loki took a drink of Clint's concoction, "He reminds me much too much of General Tyr and some of the more close-minded on Asgard. I had to leave before I cursed him."

Fred and George perked up, abandoning what they were working, "Curse you say?"

Clint eyed the twins curiously, "Pepper made you four promise not to curse anyone."

"It's not a curse per say." Fred hedged.

"Oh do go on." Loki said with a mischievous smirk, "I, for one, know that we all four have already thought of ways around that promise."

George shrugged and Fred pulled a small handful of tiny multicolored wrapped balls from his pocket.

"Your guys' candies?" Clint asked with a frown, "I don't think any of us want to see Trump under the influence of a puking pastel."

George snickered and Harri hid her smile behind her glass, "It's not a puking pastel." Fred chuckled, "These are new. Temporary voice changers."

Clint's eyes lit up and Loki leaned in conspiratorially, "Change it to what?"

Fred grinned, "Well like all fine Prewett Pranking Emporium Products we have a variety of course!" George started to sort out the wrapped candies as Fred spoke, "The black ones deepen the voice an octave and the white ones bring it up an octave. The more you eat the higher or lower it goes and it lasts for an hour."

Clint was practically bouncing in place now, "And the purple and brown ones?"

"Those two change the voice to mimic animals." George teased.

Clint's face split into a huge grin, "Well don't keep us in suspense!"

"The purple will change it to mimic a duck." Fred laughed.

"And the brown will change it to mimic a donkey." George finished.

Clint clapped in childish delight and ducked under the counter, "I can make a small slingshot to shoot it into his mouth from here!"

"Excellent!" Fred said, pleased, "The only question now is what we're sending him."

Harriet hummed as she moved her gaze back out into the crowd, "Well he's a creepy jackass that I've seen try to grope several women already tonight so I vote donkey."

Loki scowled, "Seconded."

George moved a brown candy away from the others, "High pitched jackass or all about that bass jackass?"

Clint snickered as he stood up with a few supplies and began the construction of his slingshot, "Dude, high pitched, if he's going to be a jackass might as well make it a girly one." George moved a white to pair with the brown and used a mild sticking charm to keep them together.

Not a minute later, Clint had a rudimentary slingshot cobbled together and he placed the melded candy into the pocket before he began swinging. Everyone turned back toward the ballroom in anticipation, listening to the soft sound of Clint's slingshot. Once Trump was clear in everyone's sights, Clint let the candy fly. The orange older man with the wispy hair, who was still talking, choked as the candy flew right into his mouth with enough force to carry it to the back of his throat. He swallowed reflexively, hunching over slightly to catch his breath. Clint's grin was so wide that it almost split his face as he leaned forward expectantly.

Trump stood after a moment and, when a bystander asked if he was okay, he let out a high pitched bray in response.

The room went completely silent for a moment and all eyes went to the panicking man who had thrown his hands over his mouth as his brow furrowed. He opened his mouth to talk again and another bray came out followed by another and another as they grew more panicked.

Clint started to snicker and somewhere in the opposite corner of the room came a giggle which spurred the whole room into laughter, the twins slumping over the bar as the braying continued and the joy rose in the room. Harriet was grinning and Loki had a small smile as he reveled in the chaos.

Natasha appeared from the laughing crowd and made a beeline for them, Clint dropped behind the bar with a breathless curse but the four magic users simply watched her approach through their amusement. "Really?" she deadpanned.

"Pepper said no cursing anybody." Fred pointed out.

"We didn't curse him, we just force-fed him candy." George continued.

"Loki was about to strangle him." Harriet added, "This is much better than a murder at an SI event." Loki simply lifted his drink in acknowledgment.

Natasha rolled her eyes, "I'm actually disappointed. You went for the easiest target. Try one who doesn't have loose lips."

Fred and George laughed and gave her a salute.

The scene changed.

When the blurry scene settled all that could be seen was a dim and dirty concrete room with a single steel door with no handle. Natasha, looking bruised and beaten, was chained to one wall by her left leg with her hands cuffed together. Harriet was laying in the middle of the floor in a similar condition, her hands and her feet were both cuffed together but she was staring up at the ceiling with wide and unfocused eyes.

"Why is the picture blurred like that?" Clint asked with a frown.

"I was drugged out of my head there." Harriet replied, "The idiots who kidnapped us didn't know how to block my magic completely or how to disrupt the soulmate bond. They drugged me in hopes that between that and the beating I wouldn't be able to concentrate enough to do anything. A good strategy really, my magic was unbalanced and if I had tried to apparate us out or bring Fred and George to me it would almost certainly result in splinching." The twins shuddered at the thought.

Natasha was in the process of moving as close to Harriet as the chain around her ankle allowed her, "Harriet. Harriet, I need you to focus." the Widow whispered, bending closer to Harriet in the process.

Harri's bleary eyes locked on Natasha's with a confused frown, "N'ta'ha?" She slurred out, "W're?"

"South American Hydra base remember?" the Widow answered, "Are you still connected to the boys?" Harriet managed a slight head nod, "How far out are they?"

Harriet's eyes gave a weak, watery glow before sliding closed, "Twn'ty m'les. P'ss'd. H'lk"

Natasha cursed in Russian under her breath, "If Hulk is out we need to do our best to keep them from moving us when they hear the approach." Harriet gave a strange hiccupping hum and Natasha shook her a little until her eyes opened back up. "Harri I need you to focus!" she repeated, "You said your magic isn't blocked. Can you do anything? They took my bobby pins from my hair and I haven't swallowed any here recently."

"Ew." George commented and Clint snorted.

Natasha shrugged, "It works."

Harriet gave a sharp nod before closing her eyes again. Her face screwed up in concentration and Avada green magic drifted into her hands for a moment before she abruptly shrunk into Godiva, the cuffs that had been around her ankles and wrists clattering to the floor as her paws slipped free easily. Godiva was on her back, her paws up in the air when she opened her eyes and looked around in confusion.

"Of all the times for you to finally complete your animal transformation." Natasha huffed as she carefully pushed the drugged cat onto her side. "This doesn't help us at all."

They were interrupted an alarm going off and shouting in an unfamiliar language over the base speakers that was backed by the distant sound of a roar. Natasha cursed again and quickly stood up, there was a vicious bang on the door and Natasha quickly grabbed Godiva from the floor. The door opened with a slam against the wall and ten men in Hydra uniforms burst in, their eyes instantly taking in Natasha and Godiva and the total lack of Harriet.

Despite the cat in her arms and the restraints currently on her, Natasha managed to take out the first three who charged her before losing her grip on Godiva who landed awkwardly but still glared woozily up at the Hydra agents. Natasha had taken out two more guards but the sixth man had gotten ahold of the chain of her handcuffs, so she was leaning as far against the wall as she could and glaring at the remaining enemies calculatingly.

Godiva growled and magic ruffled through her fur, moments later a familiar red and silver sword dropped out of nowhere to sever the chain of Natasha's handcuffs. The sword stuck perfectly in the concrete floor as the Hydra agent went reeling backward into his comrades.

Natasha glanced over at Godiva, "You couldn't have done that before?" Godiva's pinned back ears and thrashing tail easily conveyed that she hadn't meant to do that at all.

Before the Hydra agents could recover, the Widow pulled the Sword of Gryffindor free from the floor and killed the remaining men before using the sword to break chain around her ankle.

Clint winced as the metal struck metal, "That can't be good for the blade."

"It was goblin made and infused with basilisk venom." Harriet hummed, "It could take it."

Looking pleased, Natasha picked up the swaying ocelot from the ground and walked out of the room with the sword in hand, "Let's go meet the guys half way." Godiva dropped her head and gave a chuff of embarrassment where she hung from her sister's grip.

The scene changed.

This time they were following along with Harriet and Pepper as they drove in a sleek red four-door car through a shipping yard. Both Harri and Pepper were dressed in short black dresses and had their hair done up. Harri was driving, her eyes scanning the yard around them, looking for something. They slowed by a fence and seconds later Natasha and Clint appeared just beyond it, they climbed over the fence and quickly jumped into the car.

Pepper looked into the backseat, "I didn't expect you to have Clint with you." She noted, "You know he can't come with us. We promised."

"Mission went long." Natasha said shortly, "You brought my clothes right?"

"In the back." Harriet noted, "I put in that leopard print number you seem to like so much."

"Thanks," Natasha said, turning and digging into the back.

"So where are you four going for your girl's night tonight?" Clint asked, smirking as he relaxed into the seat.

"Now Clint, you know you have the wrong parts to be eligible for that information," Harriet said in amusement.

"I assume Loki's already there. I could just track her phone." Clint teased.

"You know what happened last time you guys tried to crash our girl's night." Pepper laughed.

"Fine, fine."

Natasha pulled the bag with her clothes free and, sitting up, caught a glimpse of four SUV's bearing down on them. "Incoming!" she called just before the lead car slammed into their back end.

Harriet huffed but sped up in an instant, "What now?"

Clint looked over the back seat and swore, "It's those gun runners! I thought we got all of them!"

"Apparently not," Natasha said dryly, she jerked Clint down with her as a brightly colored flash came their way and shattered the back window. "Harri, Wizard."

"Got it," Harriet answered, she rolled down the driver's side window and shot spells backward with the help of the rearview mirrors. She frowned when she saw a figure climb out onto the roof of the SUV and start deflecting her shots. "Bloody hell. Clint, get up here and drive." Clint was already moving, sliding into place just as Harriet was sliding out the window, not letting their car decelerate.

Watching, Fred and George's hearts were in their throats as Harri climbed out to stand on the roof of the car and start dueling the wizard on top of the other car. "We can't tell is that's insane or just awesome." They whispered into Harriet's ears.

"Awesome." Harri hummed with a smirk, "Clearly." They couldn't argue.

Natasha started shooting at the three SUV's behind them but the cars proved to be bulletproof and the drivers were swerving dangerously in an effort to keep the bullets from the tires. Clint twisted himself half out of the window to help, his foot just barely keeping the gas pedal down.

"Pay attention to the road!" Pepper yelled, jerking the wheel back into place and making Harriet wobble.

"Hey!" she protested jerkily, "Watch the sudden moves!"

"Kinda trying to get these assholes off our butts!" Clint called.

"It won't matter if we crash!" Pepper cried, jerking the wheel again so they avoided a cement barrier.

Clint wasn't paying attention, he leaned out further to line up a shot and they started to slow as his foot eased off the gas.

"Move over!" Pepper demanded, shoving at Clint. He yelped but moved to sit in the driver's side window as Pepper slid into the driver's seat and forced Clint's foot off the accelerator. She slammed her foot down on the pedal and they shot forward, making Harriet drop to a knee momentarily to regain her balance. "Hard left Harri!" Pepper warned before jerking the wheel and sending them careening through traffic.

"Where are you going?" Clint demanded between shots, "HQ is the other way!"

"To the club!" Pepper yelled over the rush of the wind, "I haven't had a break in over a month and I'm not giving up my girl's night because these drug runners can't die on time!" Pepper swerved around cars ahead of them and Natasha anchored herself in the backseat more firmly even as Clint cursed.

"Where the hell did you learn to drive like this!?" he asked with gritted teeth.

"Happy," Pepper answered shortly.

"Brake," Harri called as she shot another set of spells at the wizard on top of the head car behind them. Pepper slammed on the brakes obligingly as Harriet jumped to avoid a shoulder-launched missile that had been aimed at her. The missile flew under her and ended up hitting a street lamp, sending pedestrians screaming as it exploded.

"Jarvis!" Pepper called as she hit the gas again.

"I've noted the damage and called for Shield cleanup Miss. Potts." Jarvis answered from the dashboard.

Harriet looked up from rebalancing herself yet again and grinned when she saw that Natasha had gotten a shot in on the wizard's leg when they had braked. Harri fired off two more spells that sent the other wizard flying before wrapping them in a bubble as they tumbled from the speeding SUV, a third flick of her wand had her patronus sent off to find the aurors so they could collect the wizard. With the other wizard taken care of Harriet maneuvered herself through the back window into the back seat with Natasha. "Looks like we'll make it in time for the shot special!" she called jovially.

"We better!" Pepper said as she swerved onto a bridge, "Or I'm calling to chew Fury out!"

Natasha fired off one more shot that had the lead car swerving out of control and flying through the guardrail, sending them off the bridge. "One down."

"Two," Clint called as he loosed an armor piercing arrow right into the grill of the second SUV, causing a small explosion and leading to the car running into a bridge support.

Clearing their fallen comrades, the last two SUV's sped up to take their place. One moved forward to drive alongside them and the other swerved at their bumper, machine gun fire pouring into the back, making Harriet and Natasha seek cover in the back seat.

Pepper glared at the SUV beside them and took one hand off the wheel to grab at Clint's utility belt.

"Hey! Watch the goods!" Clint yelped.

Pepper rolled her eyes, "Oh please." She took one of his guns from his holster and reached out of the driver's side beyond him. She fired four times in quick succession, catching a tire on two of the shots and making the SUV careen out of control. It swerved in an effort to take back control but it ended up hitting the last SUV and causing them to come to a crashing halt.

Harriet grinned, "Good one Pep!"

"I didn't know you could shoot!" Clint laughed as he took his gun back from the redhead.

Pepper blew her hair out of her face as she slowed the car down, "Of course I know how to shoot. I was the personal assistant and babysitter of the world's foremost weapons designer." As they came to a stop Pepper looked at up at Clint where he was still perched in the driver's window, "Alright, out. We have places to be." Natasha's lips quirked up into a small smile and Harriet broke into laughter.

The pensive screen swirled before dropping back into the basin.

Harriet looked at her siblings with a smile, "So?"

Clint turned and grinned at her, "I have so many questions!"

It was five in the morning when Harriet was awoken by Dianna's voice calling her name. Taking stock, she could feel George half underneath her and Fred hugging her tightly from behind. A hand was also gripping her ankle, something she hadn't felt upon waking since she came back in time. The calluses on the hand made it easy to identify and many puppy piles with her family gave Harriet an insight into the why of the hand's placement, so she didn't remove herself from the grip.

What she did do was open a single eye to take in the house elf perched on the bedside table, "Lady LeFay." Dianna began again, "Your patient has awoken. She is currently attempting to find a way out of the castle."

Harriet cursed softly and rotated her ankle to wake up her brother before sitting up carefully, finding two intense gazes on her immediately.

Last night they had all five talked a great deal, laughing and telling stories, it wasn't a surprise to Harriet that Clint had fallen asleep shortly after Fred and George, both still sitting up and clinging to her, had. Natasha had sent Harriet a silent question, her eyes darting toward the door but Harriet had shaken her head and quietly assured her sister that they didn't have to go. In the last timeline, puppy piles had started when Tony had his first PTSD episode with them around but by the end of the war, and certainly, after Todd had been killed, they became pretty commonplace. Harriet knew it would take time to work back up to that but she certainly wasn't going to kick out Natasha and Clint now.

"Want to help me with the new recruit?" she asked the two agents softly. Despite wishing that her brother and sister were comfortable enough to fully relax with them, Harri knew that the two had only slept the half-sleep of stakeouts, constantly alert for any potential dangers coming up on them without their knowledge. That would work in her favor this morning.

Clint and Natasha nodded and slid from the bed easily, watching with thinly veiled amusement as Harriet carefully extracted herself from her sleeping mates.

It was after they had made it out the door and to the Queen Suite sitting room that Clint asked, "You're not seriously going to do this in your sleep clothes, are you? Not exactly something a new boss meets people in."

Harriet looked back at him with a raised eyebrow before glancing down at her sleep shorts and Slytherin t-shirt. "This will be fine. I'm sure she's had enough of the intimidating clothing from Fury, what with his leather fetish." Clint let out a choked laugh, "Besides, she doesn't have to work for me. She can always leave if she wants to. I'm not into forcing people into things. The other candidates would have been and still will be given a rundown of things before making a decision and have their memories of the new division erased if they don't want to participate."

"Smart." Natasha commented shortly as they passed through the family common room, "The less who know specifics the better."

Clint nodded, "Agreed, but when are you going to come up with a name for this thing? Calling it the 'new division' forever is going to get old."

Harriet shrugged, "Haven't really thought about it. My first goal was to get it running."

Descending the stairs to the main floor of the family wing, the trio noted the handle to the wing entrance jiggling harshly. The walked down the hall to the door, but as they drew closer they heard muttered curses from the other side. Natasha cocked an eyebrow at Clint but Harriet just huffed and opened the door, making the woman on the other side jump back in shock and brandish a spoon in front of her.

"Agent Hoshimoto," Harriet greeted easily, ignoring the spoon in the agent's hand, "how nice to meet you properly. We've just woken up as well, care to join us for some coffee?"

"We?" the agent asked, her voice a little hoarse, likely from screaming through her torture. Harriet nodded and moved enough for Natasha and Clint to be visible, "Agent Romanoff, Agent Barton." The woman acknowledged, still not moving.

Harriet nodded, "Yes, they alerted me to your predicament and I came to retrieve you from the Director's 'care'." She wrinkled her nose at the word.

"So, how and why did I end up in a magical house?" the woman demanded, the disgust on her face when she snarled the word magic causing both Harriet and Natasha to raise eyebrows.

"It's a bit big to be a house." Clint joked, trying to lighten the mood.

"House, manor, skyscraper, whatever." Hoshimoto breathed harshly, "I've worked too hard to stay away from this stuff to be caught now!"

Harriet cocked her head slightly, her gaze locking onto the peculiar eyes of the agent before her, "Away from magic or away from your family?" Harri questioned out of the blue, making the woman tense even further until she was practically shaking with energy, "Because if that distinctive mountain jade colored iris tells me anything it's that I'm actually looking at a Grison family member and if that is the case then I can certainly understand why you've been trying to get away from them."

It took a moment for Harriet's words to fully register with the agent in front of them but when they did, the tension drained slightly from the woman's shoulders and she stood down. "I knew I should have made a color changing potion for my eyes." She groused, dropping her makeshift weapon down to her side.

"What?" Clint spluttered.

"Well, I didn't exactly expect to run into a witch or wizard who could identify the 'family eyes'!" Hoshimoto defended.

Harriet laughed, "To be fair when you spend so much time glaring at another set of said 'family eyes' and hoping for spontaneous combustion, you get pretty familiar with them."

The agent grinned, "Wishing flames one of my shit family members huh? You can't be all bad." She held out a hand for Harriet which she took, "I'm a rogue Grison currently hiding under the name Jade Hoshimoto. Nice to meet you."

Harriet shook Jade's hand firmly, "Harriet Potter. A pleasure."

Jade's eyebrows shot up, "Britain's savior? Who would have thought?"

"What the hell just happened?" Clint hissed at Natasha.

"Apparently they know each other."

Jade waved her hand a bit with a frown, "Not really, but the defeat of Voldemort made it to the states way back so we grew up with similar stories of the-girl-who-lived. We're not quite as…worshipful as the Brits seem to be but everyone loves a good hero."

Harriet rolled her eyes, "And while the American Ministry of Magic isn't as drastically corrupt as the British Ministry is, the Grison family in America is one of the big corrupt pieces in American Magical Politics." She looked to Jade, "Speaking of, how did you get out of the family business? I've never met a Grison I didn't want to cast a Cruciatus on, let alone one who would willingly work with non-magicals."

"Apparently when you're a family of asshats who like to abuse their power, you make enemies." Jade huffed, "One of those enemies kidnapped me when I was a baby and placed an illegal permanent bind on my magic. My parents tried everything to remove it but when it was clear wouldn't come off without almost killing me, my absolute gems of parents tossed me out. Not worth anything to them if I can't cast even a simple spell."

"Well don't they sound lovely," Harriet said with disdain. "I'm sure we have much more to talk about on both sides here, so how about we go to the kitchen to get coffee for this conversation?"

Jade frowned, "I should probably just leave. I'll need as much of a head start hiding from Fury as I can."

Harriet fought her urge to smirk as new plans started to take shape in her mind. Not only would Jade make a wonderful partner for Tonks in the future but she would also be just the person Harriet needed to prevent Chrysoprase Grison from becoming the new American Minister of Magic. Now she just needed to seal the deal.

"Don't worry about Fury. I've taken care of him." Harriet deflected as she finally stepped completely free of the family wing with Natasha and Clint right behind her, "If you're interested in staying with Shield but working toward a different goal I do have a proposal for you."

"What kind of proposal?" Jade asked warily, her grip on her spoon tightening.

"What is your exact relation to Chrysoprase Grison?" Harriet countered.

"My mother?" Jade practically growled, "What about her?"

'Thank you, Potter Luck!' Harri crowed internally, "Well, I'm making a new Shield division to handle the more magical side of things. Rumor has it that she is vying for Minister of Magic here in upcoming elections two years from now. I would really like to keep her from taking that spot."

A vicious grin spread across Jade's face and her distinctive eyes flashed, "Oh, I am so in."

Chapter Notes
FLETC stands for Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. I'm using it as the base standard for Shield before they, of course, continue on to more in-depth training.
Jade Hoshimoto is not completely mine. She is an OC that 'Dark Angel aka DementiaJackson' on fanfiction offered up. Like I told her, I could not use everything because she was much too in-depth for a non-main character and because the original intention would have messed with what I have already established as canon within this story. However, I have pulled as much as I could from the original character description so I do not own Jade completely.
I really went back and forth on how to bring in Wakanda and the Black Panther but I figured that this would be a cool twist. A full integrated magical society!
Jade's eyes, are that beautiful opaque green you see in all those Asian jade statues. I absolutely love that color and I've always thought of it as a sort of 'ghost green'.
Thoughts on the new division name?
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