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The year is 2016. The place: Starview Heights, Georgia, a sprawling metropolis powered by an experimental energy source known as Enertron. Thanks to Enertron, which has the energy output potential to power all of New York for an entire year with just one gallon, Starview Heights has become a city well-known for its technological marvels. Some tourists have even nicknamed it "The City of the Future".

But things here have not always been peaceful. Ten years ago, a top secret government organization known as the Global Protection Unit-GPU for short-initiated Project: Messiah, working to create an artificial intelligence unit capable of overseeing and monitoring entire cities by itself.

It was supposed to make everyone's lives better. But one day, it went rampant.

Renaming itself "Psycho", the artificial intelligence took control of every major computer network in the city, building an army of evil robots and launching a campaign in order to take over the world. It dubbed this army: the Vaglass.

In the end, the GPU managed to stop the Vaglass by locking Psycho in an alternate dimension known as Hyperspace, but at a grave cost. Most of the city was destroyed, several thousands of people died, and in the end, the GPU was forced to shut down by the FBI.

Now, unbeknownst to the public, the remnants of the Vaglass army are still operating, committing Enertron robberies in an attempt to gather enough energy to free their leader from his digital prison.

A small portion of the GPU still operates in secret from a state of the art base deep underground, working to prevent Psycho's return. However, they are not enough. If Psycho and his Vaglass army are to be stopped, then this city needs heroes.

Three children whose lives were changed forever on that fateful day ten years ago must rise to the challenge, and band together to become a team capable of winning the war and finishing this fight. These teenagers shall soon become...Power Rangers: Spy-Busters!

All that could be heard inside the Glover Residence were the sounds of crickets chirping outside as the sun slowly began to rise into the night sky, signaling the beginning of dawn.

Out of nowhere, a blood-curdling scream rang throughout the house, waking up its owner, Scott Glover.

Slowly getting out of bed, Scott quietly stepped into the hallway, trying not to wake up his two younger children, Seth and Eden, as he tiptoed past their rooms and made his way downstairs.

Turning left, Scott confirmed his suspicion-the scream was indeed coming from the guest bedroom downstairs, which had served as the bedroom of his nephew for ten years now.

Grabbing the doorknob, Scott turned it slowly, opening the door to see a tall Caucasian male sitting up in bed, looking more than a little shaken up. This was Graham Ulry, Scott's nephew through marriage.

Looking to his nephew, Scott said, "Did you have another nightmare?"

Running a hand through his unkempt dark brown hair, Graham turned his to his uncle and said, "Yeah...". He was clearly a little shaken up.

"It was about that day, wasn't it? The day your mom...y'know."

"Y...Yes." Graham confirmed, a single tear running down his cheek as he relived the memory in his head.

It had happened over ten years ago. Graham and his mother Melissa left his hometown of Water's Edge, Ohio on vacation in order to visit Graham's Uncle Scott and his wife Tammy, who was Melissa's older sister.

During the trip, Graham had asked his mother to go to the park, and she had agreed. While there, everything had been fun, until they left to go home. It was then that a driver had accidentally ran over his mother with a car. Or at least, that was Graham had been told. He had passed out a moment before and was told that his mother had been hit while pushing him aside so that he didn't die.

Either way, Graham woke up shortly to learn his mother had been rushed to the hospital. He and his Aunt and Uncle went to see her, hoping for a recovery, but sadly, she died. Her last wish was that if anything were to happen to her, Graham would go to live with his Aunt Tammy, so for the past ten years, Scott had supported his wife in raising the boy along with their four actual children, Elayna, Torrie, Seth, and Eden.

Taking a deep breath, Scott said, "Graham, I know it's hard, but your mother is in a better place, now. We all miss her very much, but we have to stay positive. Nothing can bring her back, she's gone, now. But she still lives on in our hearts. Especially yours. She gave her life away so that you could keep yours. She loved you very much, Graham, and so do your Aunt and I. All we've ever wanted is the best for you, that's why we agreed to raise you as our own after she passed. I know it isn't easy, but she's been gone for a long time, now. You know some days are worse than others."

"I know..." Graham replied, sniffling a little. "Do...do you think I'll ever see her again?"

"Someday." Scott told him. "One day, we're all going to go to a wonderful place, Graham, a place with no more sorrow and no more pain. A place where we can live eternally. You'll see your mom again once we get there. For now, though, she'd want you to move on with your life and become the responsible, strong young man she always knew you'd become. I'd try to go back to sleep now, if I were you. You have school in a few hours, and you don't want to oversleep."

"Yeah, you're right." Graham agreed, lying back down. "What time is Aunt Tammy coming home tomorrow?"

"They're telling me she can go home sometime in the early afternoon. She'll be back before you get home from school, I'm sure. Goodnight."

"Goodnight." Graham echoed, closing his eyes in an attempt to get some rest. Little did he know, the next day would be a lot more eventful than he expected it to be.

Meanwhile, in a parallel world similar to our own...

"Enter..." A disembodied, gravelly voice moaned, its owner seemingly in tremendous pain. "Where are you, Enter?"

"You rang, Monsieur Psycho?" A voice asked, as a stream of data collected in the air, forming to resemble a tall half Caucasian/half Asian male with spiky jet black hair and golden eyes wearing a strange gray jumpsuit.

"Enter." Psycho boomed, in such a way that any mere mortal would shudder in fear at the sound of it. "I grow weaker...I must have more Enertron if I am ever to enact my revenge on the petty humans. Go create a Metaloid and steal a shipment, immediately."

"Your wish is my command, Monsieur." Enter said with a bow, fading away into a stream of data that then shot out, leaving Hyperspace for Earth.

"You'd better look out, humans..." Psycho said, his voice filling the empty void of his digital prison. "The Vaglass Army has returned!"

*Cue Opening Theme: "Firing Squad" by Arrows to Athens*

(*As the music of the song begins to play in the background, establishing shots of Starview Heights are shown. A sweeping shot of the city quickly transitions to a shot of Psycho in Hyperspace, with Enter bowing in front of him. Following this, the camera speedily pans upward towards the show's logo as the vocals begin*)

~This is our manifesto, we've given all the best to you,

Like it was the least that we could ever do.~

(*Shots of Graham, Colin, and Colleen flash on-screen, showing them doing everyday activities. Graham is reading a manga, Colin is typing on his laptop, and Colleen is riding a bike. One by one, they turn to the camera and smile, as translucent images of their helmets flash over-top of their faces for a few moments before disappearing.*)

~We're soaked in gasoline, while you watched as everything just burned,

Letting your lighter do the dirty work.~

(*The camera flashes to show Enter watching a recording of the day Psycho went rampant, with younger versions of Graham, Colin, and Colleen standing near their respective mothers' dead bodies, tears streaming down their faces. As a Metaloid points his weapon at the three and fires, Enter laughs, a sadistic smile on his face as he turns around, the hologram playing the video vanishing into thin air.*)

~You'd better hold your ground, the end is starting now,

So load your gun, a war is coming!~

(*A now teenaged Graham runs towards the camera, his morpher on his left wrist, as Colin and Colleen follow closely behind. Looking down at the destruction being caused by the Vaglass, he morphs, the other two quickly following his lead. Now in their Ranger Suits, the three spring into action, using their respective special-abilities to amplify their powers as they engage the Buglars.*)

~We are all against the wall, won't be the ones that time forgot,

(Oh oh, oh oh)~

(*A shot of Graham, Colin, and Colleen each piloting their Zords into battle against a giant robot piloted by a Metaloid is shown. Gripping the controls, the three each perform a series of button-presses, forming their Megazord in time to block an incoming attack from their foe. They immediately retaliate with an attack of their own, knocking the Metaloid's robot onto its back*)

~If it's our fate, we're not afraid, yeah, we can face the firing squad!

(Oh oh, oh oh)~

(*The scene transitions to show Graham, Colin, and Colleen standing side by side, all three of them lined up as Enter fires a blast of energy out of his hand, the energy hurtling towards them like a bullet. Raising their arms, the three instantly morph into their Ranger Suits, deflecting the attack as Enter watches in awe. Gripping their weapons tightly, the three rush towards their opponents, as the logo flashes on-screen once more and the opening ends.*)

*End Opening Theme: "Firing Squad" by Arrows to Athens*

Episode 1: Destinies Fulfilled, Part 1

"Colin, time to wake up!"

Seventeen year old Colin "CV" Voice groaned as he was roused from his sleep by his twin sister Colleen, who prodded him in order to get his attention.

Blinking tiredly, he reached for his nightstand, fumbling around until his hand found what he was looking for, his pair of black-framed glasses. Placing them on his face, he adjusted them so that he could see properly before running a hand through his short and thick reddish-brown hair, his emerald green eyes peering up at his twin in slight annoyance.

"Do I have to get up...?" He whined, causing his sister to roll her eyes.

"Of course you do." She told him. "It's our first day at SHHS! Can you believe it? Capt. Shields is finally letting us go back to public school!"

"Yeah, only because we're done with our Ranger Training." Colin said with a slight scoff.

"Yeah, and it's our Senior year! Don't you wanna make some friends before you graduate?"

"Who cares about friends?" Her twin asked. "We're supposed to save the world."

"You're such a stick in the mud." Colleen replied, leaving the room. Stopping in the doorway, she looked back to her brother, saying, "I'm gonna go do my hair. Get dressed and ready to go."

"Don't spend too much time in there!" Colin hollered after her. "It doesn't take an eternity to put your hair in a ponytail and cover one of your eyes with a giant bang! Sheesh...I'd better get ready..."

Colin and his sister had been orphans ever since an incident ten years ago involving a rampant AI named Psycho. They'd begged their mother to take them to the park, and she'd agreed. They had fun, but that was when the Vaglass started attacking.

Things quickly spiraled into chaos. Buildings were destroyed, people were killed, and not a single person was immune to the rogue computer program's wrath. In the end, Colin and Colleen somehow managed to survive, but at a grave cost-their mother had been killed, and the two seven year olds had been imbued with strange powers. As a result, the GPU, the organization that created Psycho before he went rampant, took them into their custody after sealing the Vaglass' leader in Hyperspace, seeking to train them to be part of a team to stop Psycho if he ever returned. Ever since then, the two had lived with Captain Shields, a high-ranking officer in the GPU, and they'd been pulled out of public school and taught by tutors at home ever since the move. Now, Capt. Shields had finally relented and allowed them to go back to public school for the remainder of their Senior Year.

Getting out of bed, Colin quickly slipped out of his pajamas, changing into his usual outfit consisting of an unzipped purple hoody over-top of a green t-shirt with his initials "CV" written on it in purple lettering, which itself was over-top of an un-tucked purple dress shirt with a matching bow-tie, as well as black cargo shorts and gray sneakers.

Stepping out into the hallway, he knocked on the bathroom door, prompting Colleen to open it and walk out, all dressed up and ready to go. She wore an opened green sweater over-top of a purple and green dress that stopped just above her mid-thighs, with an aqua tie. She also wore black yoga pants underneath the dress, as well as black knee-length boots that went over the pants.

"I'm so excited!" She chirped, as Colin stepped inside the bathroom, brushing his teeth and combing his hair. "Do you think Graham will be happy to see us?"
"If he even remembers us," Colin replied, gurgling some mouth-wash before spitting it out in the sink. "It's been ten years, y'know."
Frowning, Colleen said, "You have a point, but you don't have to be so negative all the time. You never know, he could recognize us after all this time. Do you think he even remembers what happened?"

"Probably not." Colin mused. "His Aunt was too overprotective to even let him train to become the Red Ranger, so she probably lied to him about the whole thing."

"That's true..." Colleen mumbled, her good mood having disappeared somewhat.

Patting her on the shoulder as he exited the bathroom, Colin said, "Don't worry about it, sis, I'm sure it'll be fine. Even if he doesn't remember all the details, I'm sure he'll wanna be friends with us again. He is a pretty nice guy. Now c'mon, or you'll make us late."
"You're one to talk," Colleen joked, following her brother down the hall and out of the house, the two of them beginning the long walk to school.

Graham awoke once more to the sound of his phone's alarm blaring loudly, alerting him that it was time for school. Reaching under his pillow, Graham procured his phone with a groan, tapping the screen to disable the alarm as he sat up in bed, peeling the covers off of his body.

"I hate Mondays..." He muttered, reluctantly leaving his bed and walking over to his dresser. Opening up the drawers, he changed into his usual outfit, consisting of a brown hoody that went over his head with no zipper over-top of a plain white t-shirt, dark blue jeans with a black leather belt fastened through the belt-loops, and white and blue tennis-shoes.

Hanging from his front-left belt-loop was a long, metal chain, which was connected to the red and green wallet representing his favorite superhero Robin that in his back pocket.

Walking into the half-bath on the other side of the room, Graham proceeded to perform his daily hygiene routine-brushing his teeth, using mouthwash, putting on deodorant, shaving, and applying acne wash. Lastly, he combed his hair, laying it down flat and parting it to the right, applying some hair gel and mixing it in once he was done.

Looking it over, he ran his fingers through it in an attempt to make it look more natural. Satisfied with the way it looked, he flipped off the bathroom light and walked back into the main bedroom, grabbing a red vinyl messenger bag off of the floor and slinging it over his shoulder, heading out of the house for the day.

Walking down the sidewalk, he began the long trek to school, enjoying the fresh air as he did.

"I wish we had more trees and parks in the city..." Graham said to himself, letting out a sigh. While he appreciated the march of technology and thoroughly enjoyed the large digital growth the city had experienced in the past ten years or so, he wished that the city was a better mixture of urban environments and nature.

Continuing his walk, eventually, Graham arrived at his school, Starview Heights High School. Adjusting the strap of his messenger bag, Graham entered the school, making his way to the 12th grade hallway.

Approaching his locker, Graham grabbed ahold of the lock and entered his conversation, causing it to click open.

Opening his locker, he removed his messenger bag from his shoulder, opening it up and removing the books he didn't need during the first few classes, depositing them inside the locker and replacing them with the ones he would need.

Making sure he was ready for the first few periods, Graham closed his locker and re-did the lock, velcroing his messenger bag shut before heading to his homeroom class.

Taking a seat as he walked inside the classroom, Graham let out a yawn. Tapping his foot absentmindedly, he waited for the teacher to arrive, wanting homeroom and first period to be over as soon as possible. More students began to file into the classroom as well, some taking their seats as they immediately got out the homework they'd forgotten to do the previous night, others went to other people's desks to chat and needlessly add to the loud, empty noise that filled the room, threatening to choke the life out of Graham. This was one of the things he hated most about school, or crowded places in general, but that was normal for someone suffering from mild Autism.

After all, his Aunt used to tell him stories about when he was in preschool, and apparently whenever there was too much shouting going on, he would go and hide in his cubby and cover his ears until it stopped. A sick part of Graham almost wished he could fit in his locker-even as a teenager, he couldn't handle a ton of noise.

Eventually the teacher, Mrs. Englefeld, walked in, stopping behind her desk as the bell rang, signaling the beginning of the school day.

Scoffing as she saw all the teenagers in the room talking and goofing off, she snapped her fingers, prompting them all to settle down and move to their proper seats.

A few carefree students remained where they were, attempting to finish their conversations with total disregard for the fact that the teacher had arrived, but they were quickly reprimanded by Mrs. Englefeld, who glared at them, saying, "Everyone to your seats. Now."

This time, every one of the students obeyed, causing Mrs. Englefeld to give them a twisted smile.

"Good." She said, pleased that everyone had now followed her command. Looking to the class as a whole, she continued, saying, "Welcome back, everyone. I hope you had as crummy a weekend as I did. Alright, enough with the formalities, we have a few announcements to make. We have two new students today, and I'd like to introduce them."

Turning to the doorway, Englefeld motioned to two figures standing in the doorway, prompting them to step inside the classroom. Standing beside her desk, the two turned towards the class, looking nervous but generally excited to be introduced to their new classmates.

"This is Colin and Colleen. They're twins, and they'll be joining us for the remainder of the year. Colin, Colleen, this is everyone. Feel free to take a seat in any empty desk you see for now, I'll find you assigned seats later."

Smiling, the two nodded, each one walking over to a different desk and sitting down. Glancing over at the two of them, Graham began to tap his chin whilst thinking to himself, That's weird...they look really familiar for some reason...

After a rough morning consisting of a roller-coaster ride of experiences ranging from spending an hour in hell with Mrs. Englefeld in both homeroom and 1st Period Math, to having two of his favorite classes, English and Literature, consecutively for his 2nd and 3rd Periods, to going back to hell in 4th Period where he had Biology with Mr. Kingsley. (He hated Biology for numerous reasons, and Mr. Kingsley was a very no-nonsense kind of teacher.), Graham was finally free to go to Lunch Period, his favorite part of the school day.

Why did he like Lunch so much? Was it because of the food? Of course not, the food was as bad as it was in every school ever. You'd be an idiot for expecting anything different.

Was it because of the socialization? Nope. Graham barely had any friends, and they all had ate lunch at different times, anyway, making sitting with them impossible.

So why was it his favorite time of the school day? Because it allowed him to finally breathe a little.

Getting in line and waiting patiently until he finally got to the front, Graham stood there as the lunch ladies distributed whatever brown slop they were calling food that day, apparently it was meatloaf. He figured he'd let them have that one. Sliding his tray down the rack as they continued to fill it up with "food", Graham pulled out his Student ID Card and scanned it at the end of the line, paying for his meal before leaving the lunch line.

Carrying his tray with him as he walked outside, Graham walked until he found a secluded spot by the quad, where a large tree stood in the middle of a grassy area. Sitting right against the tree's trunk, Graham set his tray down, leaving for a moment and heading over to a nearby soda machine, where he bought a bottle of his favorite drink, Mountain Dew.

Returning to the tree, he opened the soda and took a drink, screwing the cap back on and looking down at his 'lunch'.

Seeing it bubble like some kind of weird, Japanese hot-spring from hell, Graham gulped, bowing his head and closing his eyes before speaking.

"Dear Lord Jesus, please tell me the meatloaf isn't alive. Please. Also, please help me to have a good rest of the day. In your name I pray, amen."

Looking up, Graham slowly reached for a fork, picking it up and using it to prod the meatloaf. Seeing that it didn't turn into John Carpenter's the Thing and try to assimilate him like he had initially predicted, Graham reluctantly cut a small piece off and lifted it to his mouth, eating it. Surprisingly, it wasn't as awful as it looked, tasting like a small step down from those frozen meatloafs you could find in those Banquet meals.

Happy that the school had served him something at least somewhat edible for once, Graham pulled out his phone, plugged in his earbuds, and inserted them into his ears, losing himself in some music from his favorite band, Arrows to Athens, as he ate his lunch, enjoying the small bit of fall breeze that blew through the air.

Meanwhile, back in the cafeteria, Colin and Colleen searched for somewhere to sit, to no avail. There seemed to be no empty tables, and the ones that had spots open were occupied by jerks who refused to let two 'stupid new kids' sit with them Therefore, they kind of didn't have any options.

"Man, I forgot how hard finding a seat during Lunch was..." Colin complained, turning to his twin. "This is ridiculous..."

"You've got that right," Colleen said in agreement, looking to the window. "We could always eat outside, though."

"Good point. Let's do that."

With that, Colleen walked towards the exit door, with Colin following closely behind. Together, the two opened the door and went outside, walking out into the quad.

Turning to the right, Colleen immediately saw Graham, who was sitting up against a tree, still eating his lunch. Lightly elbowing Colin, she gestured over to the boy, saying, "There's Graham. Do you think he'll let us sit with him?"

"I don't see why not." Colin said. "Worth a shot."

The two then proceeded to walk towards Graham, who was totally oblivious to their presence. Speaking up, Colin said, "Hey there!"

Not getting a response right away, Colin became perplexed for a moment before noticing that Graham was wearing ear buds, a look of realization forming on his face. Reaching over, he tapped Graham on the shoulder, causing him to look up and remove his ear buds.

"Can I help you?" Graham asked awkwardly, causing Colin to chuckle.

"Yeah, you can, actually." Colin replied. "My sister and I are new here, and there's no where else to sit. Do you mind if we eat lunch here?"

"Not at all," Graham told him with a shrug, causing the other two to smile. "Go ahead."

Taking a seat, Colin looked to him and said, "Thanks, Graham."

"You know my name?" Graham asked in slight confusion. "How?"

"It's a long story. One you probably don't remember." Colleen told him, sitting down next to her brother. "We met ten years ago, at one of the parks, downtown. You and your mom had come here on vacation, and we asked if you wanted to play with us, remember? I'm Colleen, and this is my twin brother, Colin."

"Oh, now I remember!" Graham said, the memories instantly flooding back into his mind. "Wow, I can't believe you even remembered that. That was a long time ago."

"Yes it was." Colin chimed in, a smile on his face. "It's good to see you again, man."

"Same here." Graham replied, happy to have some friends to talk to for a change. "So, how've you been?"

"Pretty good. We live in an apartment not too far from here, with Logan Shields."

"Logan Shields?" Graham asked, bewildered. "You live with Sonia Shields' dad?!"

"Yep." Colleen confirmed, a smile on her face. "You?"

"Oh, I live with my Aunt Tammy and Uncle Scott." Graham told her. "My mom, uh...she died on the day we met, so...I've lived here ever since."

Sensing the sadness in his tone, Colin said, "It's okay, man, we know how it feels. Our mom died shortly after we met, too. That's why we live with Capt-I mean, Mr. Shields."

Giving the boy a sympathetic smile, Colleen chimed in, saying, "It must've been pretty traumatic, huh? Seeing your mom die like that."

"What do you mean?" Graham questioned, furrowing his eyebrows. "I wasn't awake for any of it. I passed out while I was crossing the street and my mom pushed me out of the way of an incoming car. That's how she got hit."

"A car? That's how she-" Colleen began, before being cut off by Colin.

"I see." Colin said, giving his sister a silent glare before continuing. "Anyway, let's change the subject. You wanna do something after school? Colleen and I are free."

"Sure," Graham agreed, giving them a small smile. Moments later, the bell rang, signaling the end of Lunch Period and prompting the three to stand up, grabbing their trays and gathering the rest of their things.

"Well, it was nice to see you, again." Colin told him. "We'll see you after school."

"Yeah, see ya." Graham offered, holding up his free hand to awkwardly wave at them, gaining a giggle from Colleen.

"See ya, Graham." She echoed with a smile, before turning and following her brother back inside.

So his Aunt told him his mom died in a car crash, huh...? Colin though to himself, as he headed back inside for he and Colleen's next class. Interesting...

Later that Day, in the Downtown District...

A security guard absentmindedly snored away at his desk, taking his job completely for granted as he slept at his post, not paying any attention to the cameras he was supposed to be monitoring.

Due to this, no one noticed when a strange, un-marked van somehow managed to bypass two security checkpoints, drive into the parking garage, and unload its passengers without ever communicating with any of the staff or showing any form of ID.

However, one of the three passengers tripped a silent alarm, which caused a small, buzzing noise in the security guard's office that startled him awake, allowing him to look on his monitor and see that things were not as they should be.

Examining the three unidentified, cover-all wearing intruders, the security guard fumbled around with his right hand, hurriedly reaching for his phone before raising it to his ear.

"Boss, we have a situation." He spoke into it. "Three unidentified intruders have entered the building."

"What do they look like? Give me the run down."

"They're all wearing cover-alls...they look perfectly normal, but they slipped into the building without showing any form of ID, and their van drove by at least two security checkpoints according to my footage."

"Why didn't you report any of this before?"

"I uh...I fell asleep..."

"Why you!"

"Quiet, quiet! No time. They're getting something out of their van...some kind of strange equipment for...smuggling Enertron? That can't be legal for civilian use...I think they're here to steal the Enertron."

"Understood. I know just who to call."

Deep Underground, in a Top Secret Complex...

Captain Shields of the Global Protection Unit (GPU for short.) impatiently tapped his foot as he waited for the industrial elevator he was in to reach its destination, hearing the alarms blaring all over the structure he was currently inside.

As the elevator went down, he examined some of the hallways on different floors he passed by, seeing several cadets running to and fro, performing various tasks and rushing to their stations. This only served to ramp him up more and become even more impatient for the elevator to reach the floor he was headed to.

A few minutes later, the elevator finally reached the command floor, prompting Capt. Shields to step off of it and head into the hallway.

Waiting for him at the bottom was a GPU officer with Caucasian skin, jet black hair, and green eyes. He wore the standard GPU uniform-a dark blue vest over-top of a dark blue tank-top, navy blue cargo pants, and black boots.

To top it all off, on his chest he wore a GPU badge, as well as an insignia that identified his rank as Lieutenant. The surname "Woods" was messily sketched inside a box underneath the insignia.

Immediately saluting, the officer stood at attention, saying, "Lieutenant Woods, reporting for duty, sir!"

"At ease," Captain Shields began with a chuckle. Looking the Lieutenant over, he asked, "I assume you read the file I sent you?"

"Yes, sir. I memorized every word."

"Good." Captain Shields remarked, putting away the pocket-watch he seemed to be fidgeting with. Patting the Lieutenant on the shoulder, he said, "Walk with me."

"This facility seems...dated." Lieutenant Woods mused as he followed Captain Shields down the hall, the two of them passing by several rooms full of outdated equipment and spotty wiring. "How old is this place, anyway?"

"Pretty old. The city first built it in the 50s, to serve as an underground safe house for civilians in case a nuclear device was ever launched at us. After awhile, it just sat here, gathering dust, and the government decided to get some use of it, secretly sending soldiers here to train in their off-time from wars. Navy Seals, Black Ops, Marines, you name it, they've probably received some form of training here. Ten years ago, it was shut down-officially, anyway. You know, kinda like we did."

Nodding his head, Lieutenant Woods said, "Yeah, I'm still a little fuzzy on the details, actually, the file wasn't entirely concise regarding that. Why did we have to publically shut down? And how in the world did we manage to hide the fact that we actually stayed open?"

"It's called a cover-up, Lieutenant. Government agencies have to use them all the time." Captain Shields told him. "As for the reason behind said cover-up...I trust you read the part of the file where I briefly mentioned Project: Messiah?"

"Yes, sir. I found it kind of intriguing. I mean, looking back on official records and such, it seemed to be going so well, but ten years ago, the organization randomly pulled the plug on it with no explanation. And then we ended up 'shutting down' and going into hiding. What the heck happened?"

"Do you remember the attacks ten years ago?"

"Of course I do. Who could forget? It all happened so fast...and all three incidents happened on the same day, no less!"

"You'd be justified in believing those were malfunctioning drones, just like we had the public believe. You'd also be wrong. The truth, is far more complicated...and classified. What I'm about to share with you can never be shared outside of this room. If you leak this information, I'll have you transferred, stripped of your rank, and stuffed in a back room handling paper-work in the blink of an eye. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir. My lips are sealed."

"Good. Follow me."

With that, Captain Shields led him into a large room towards the back of the hallway. It resembled an old operations theater, with several desk-like stations set up. Each one was filled to the brim with high-tech computers and mechanisms, but one was clearly larger than the others, obviously meant for whoever was running this operation. On the wall facing the desks was a massive screen that took up the entirety of said wall, and displayed on it in bold, red letters were the words-"Classified: Eyes Only".

Turning to Lieutenant Woods, Captain Shields said, "What you're about to see is highly classified information. This footage has never been shown to anyone below the rank of Captain...until now, that is."

Turning his head towards another Lieutenant standing in the corner, he said, "Lieutenant, roll the film!", prompting said Lieutenant to press a button on the computer console she was standing behind in order to change the image on-screen, playing footage from the day Project: Messiah was shut down.

Several images quickly flashed on screen-people working on Project: Messiah, several sweeping images of the city, and people laughing and playing at one of the city's local parks.

Confused, Lieutenant Woods turned to the Captain and asked, "Sir, if you don't mind me asking, what exactly am I seeing?"

"You want the truth? Here it is, Lieutenant. Project: Messiah wasn't a failure. We succeeded in creating a sentient, self-thinking artificial intelligence capable of monitoring entire cities. Everything worked fine. It functioned as it was supposed to. It was perfect...perhaps a little too perfect. Soon after its completions, we decided to run a few tests...that was when it started. Rampancy. Messiah went rampant almost immediately after activation, for reasons I still don't understand to this day. Renaming itself Psycho, it began to hack into systems all over the city, using our factories to build itself an army of military robots, and once it was done, it launched a campaign to take over the entire world, starting with Starview Heights. It was chaos. The truth is, Lieutenant, those 'attacks' the public is so fond of mentioning whenever someone asks why we were shut down-the same 'attacks' they love to cite in order to mock us? The truth is, they mock us for them because they were our fault. Sometimes, there is such a thing as doing a job too well."

Following this revelation, the footage changed to show Psycho launching his attacks, deploying his army of Vaglass robots on the city to wreak havoc on the civilians. Several people were killed right before their eyes, and dozens of others were paralyzed, injured, or otherwise injured.

Lieutenant Woods watched in horror, himself reliving the day the attacks happened. The truth was, no one in Starview Heights that was alive at the time these attacks had happened had ever been able to watch this footage without freezing in place for minutes at a time. Until now. Although he was shaken up at first, Lieutenant Woods eventually balled his right hand into a fist, a scowl forming on his face. He was angry.

"Luckily, we were able to shut it down. It took us losing like, half our Science Wing and the deaths of the entire Research and Development Team, but somehow, we were able to lock it away in Hyperspace. To this day, Psycho sits there, trapped in his digital prison. His army, however, stayed here-turned off, yes, but still active. And although we never thought it possible, one of the RnD workers is still running around out there-a program wearing his face, anyway."

With that, the image changed once again to show a picture of what appeared to be Enter, wearing a disguise as he entered into a public archive.

"This is Professor William Miles...it looks like him, anyway. The truth is, I saw Miles die right in front of me. He had his data absorbed by one of those Vaglass things before being shot right through the head. Whatever this Psycho thing is that we created...it can create, too. Somehow, it's able to create digital avatars wearing the appearance of those its killed. The upper brass calls them 'Avatars'. This one seems to call itself 'Enter'. And it's been stealing Enertron left and right, all over the city. This can only mean one thing."

"And that is?"

"The Vaglass...are back. And they're trying to gather enough Enertron to bring Psycho back from Hyperspace, in order to enact his revenge."

"So...what are we going to do?" Lieutenant Woods asked, every fiber of his being currently dedicated to not breaking down in a cold sweat as he internally shivered with fear.

"Simple. During the attacks ten years ago, three young children were hit by energy blasts from Vaglass soldiers. They managed to live-somehow-and after running tests on them, we determined that they'd developed some...side effects. Namely, they exhibited superhuman abilities."

Snapping his fingers, Captain Shields prompted the other Lieutenant to press a button once more, causing the screen to begin showing footage of a seven year old Colleen, who was jumping at impossibly high heights through an obstacle course, with more agility than any other human had ever demonstrated.

"This is Colleen Voice." Captain Shields began. "Her ability is something we've dubbed 'Super-Agility'. Using her ability, she's able to jump up to insane heights that no other human can. We're talking a word-record jump height, here. She's also incredibly agile, and if she doesn't want you to catch her, you won't."

Following this, the footage changed again to show a seven year old Colin as he jumped into a boxing ring with a loud 'thud', somehow managing to beat up a dozen or so GPU officers wearing combat armor with his bare fists. The strength he was exhibiting was beyond anything Woods had ever seen.

"This is her twin brother, Colin Voice. His ability is pretty straightforward-you see it all the time in comics as 'Super-Strength'. Colin here is a real life example of it-the guy can punch through like, three brick walls and not break a sweat. He's able to hold his own in a fight with people up to three times his height and weight-and by some miracle, he's able to win, too. Seriously, don't piss him off."

Finally, the third and final clip began to play, showing a seven year old Graham kneeling down at the starting line of an indoor track course. Looking up with a fiery determination in his eyes, Graham vaulted to his feet, running forward as fast as he could. Eventually, he became a red blur, speeding across the track within seconds and blowing the Lieutenant's mind even more than the other two clips had.

"This is Graham Ulry. His ability is perhaps the greatest one so far-he's fast. Incredibly fast, actually. He's probably the closest thing you'll ever see to a real life version of the Flash. By our calculations, he could run circles around Formula 1 race-cars, go around the entire track a few dozen times, and grab some fast food before speeding back in five minutes time. His 'Super-Speed' is amazing. I've never seen anything like it."

"So...where do they fit in? Why are you showing me this?"

"That's easy. Because they're our only shot at stopping the Vaglass." Captain Shields told him. "Those three...are the only ones that have enough potential, both physically and mentally, to take on the Vaglass and actually win. They're our only hope of ending this war. You know those vehicles you helped develop over the course of the last ten years?"

"You mean the Zords?" Lieutenant Woods asked, to which the Captain nodded his head. "What about them?"

"Well, Lieutenant, it's really quite simple." Captain Shields replied. "Those kids? They're gonna pilot them."

"What the-?! Are you out of your mind?! If full-blown GPU soldiers can't take these things head on, what makes you think a bunch of seventeen year olds can?!"

"Lieutenant, let me level with you. This whole project? It's the entire reason the GPU didn't just lie down and take what the public gave us. This is the entire reason we lied about shutting down. I've spent ten years preparing for this day. Ten years of careful engineering, planning, and now, it's about to be executed within a few hours. Using the technology that we've developed for them, in tandem with their powers, those three will become the light to lead us towards the path to our future. They shall become...Power Rangers."

His eyes wide open with awe, Lieutenant Woods said, "I...wow. This is huge...you can't actually think these kids will willingly do this. And even if they were crazy enough to...what about their parents?"

"They have no parents. All three of them lost their mothers to the Vaglass on that day. Graham's father abandoned him when he was an infant, and Colin and Colleen's dad died shortly before they were born. For the past ten years, I've raised Colin and Colleen as my own. I've taught them, trained them, and nurtured them. They're ready. I know they are."

"And Graham?"

"I have no doubt in my mind that Graham is ready." Captain Shields told him. "That's why he's going to be their leader. There's just one small problem, though..."

"And that is?"

"His Aunt. She's...a little overprotective. When I asked if I could take him in to train him ten years ago, she refused. She slapped me for even daring to ask. Who could blame her? I mean, there I was, on the same day she lost her younger sister, asking her to give up her nephew, the one and only remnant of her sister that she had left. How could I ask her that?"

"Because you had to." Lieutenant Woods said quietly.

"Exactly." Captain Shields echoed, his voice nothing more than a whisper. "When you have a job like mine, sometimes, you don't get a say when it comes to the harder decisions. Sometimes, the situation dictates our actions. All we can is make the best of a bad hand, and make the right play in order to come out on top."

Out of nowhere, an alarm began to blare, ringing throughout the entire base. Coming in on the intercom, a GPU cadet said, "Captain, we've received word of a break-in at an Enertron Storage Facility downtown. Enter is attempting to steal the Enertron!"

"It's time..." Captain Shields said to himself, turning to Lieutenant Woods. "Lieutenant, since you designed the Zords, you're the only person who truly understands how they work, and how to operate them. It's for that exact reason that I chose you for this op. So do what you do best, Martin. Monitor those Zords."

"Yes, sir!" Lieutenant Woods said with a salute, running to his post without a moment's hesitation.

Glancing over towards the Lieutenant that had operated the video-screen, Captain Shields said, "Lieutenant Rose, you'll be working with Woods to monitor incoming transfers from Hyperspace. I don't want anything getting in or out of that place."

"Yes sir!" The Lieutenant shouted, rushing over to her own post directly next to where Woods was sitting. Her brown eyes were full of determination as she ran a hand through her shoulder-length platinum blonde hair with light pink streaks, manning the console in front of her immediately.

Looking a little nervous, Woods turned to her and stretched out his right hand, saying, "It's nice to be working with you, Lieutenant Rose."

"I may not seem like I share your enthusiasm, Lieutenant, but trust me, I am indeed happy to be working alongside you. Your record is quite impressive. But I have a job to do, so I don't exactly have the time to indulge in small talk. I'm sure you understand."

"Yeah..." Lieutenant Woods groaned, turning back to his station. He could already tell that this Lieutenant Rose was a tough nut to crack. Looking up at the Captain, he said, "And what will you be doing, sir?"

"Easy." Captain Shields replied, grabbing a set of car keys off of his desk as he headed out of the room. "I'm going to pick up our Rangers."

Back at Starview Heights High School, Graham tapped his foot rapidly on the ground as he waited for the final period of the day to end, eager to go hang out with his old friends Colin and Colleen.

With his gaze centered on the old analog clock mounted on the wall, Graham began to grow impatient, trying to silently will the hands to go faster.

After what seemed like an eternity, the bell finally rang, and Graham was finally free to leave. Practically hopping out of his seat, the boy gathered up his things before gliding out of the classroom, heading for his locker in order to sort through his books.

Picking out the ones he'd need for the homework he'd been assigned that night and leaving behind the ones he didn't need, Graham closed his locker and locked it back up, walking away and heading towards the exit.

Along the way, he passed Colin and Colleen, who began to follow alongside him, both greeting him as they did.

"Sup?" Colin asked in a casual tone.

"Hi, Graham!" Colleen chirped, sounding very enthusiastic. "How was the rest of your day?"

"Pretty awful." Graham replied, letting out a light laugh. "You guys ready to go hang out?"

"Yep." The twins agreed in unison, nodding their heads in confirmation.

With that, the three headed outside and began to leave the school-grounds, headed for the city in order to hang out somewhere.

However, before they could get anywhere, the three were cut off by a sleek, jet black car with tinted windows, which screeched as it skidded to a halt in front of them.

Hearing a small whirring noise, the teens looked to the driver's seat window, seeing it roll all the way down to reveal Captain Shields. Looking to Colin and Colleen, he coughed into his elbow a bit before speaking up.

"Colin, Colleen, there's been a bit of an emergency." He said, pausing for a moment afterwards. Noticing that Graham was with them, he said, "Oh, good, you guys have Graham with you. That saves me the trouble of having to find him myself."

Looking a little confused, Graham turned to the twins, saying, "What's going on...?"

"It's...a long story." Captain Shields said awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck. "For now, you'd better come with me."

And so, after getting in the back seat of the car, Graham, Colin, and Colleen all sat in silence as Captain Shields drove through the city, heading towards a location that was currently unknown to Graham. Eventually, they reached what appeared to be an abandoned mall downtown, with an equally empty parking garage sitting next to it.

Turning into the parking garage, Captain Shields parked the car in the first spot he saw, not having to struggle to find one since, again, the entire place was deserted. Getting out of the car, he walked to the back and opened up the door to the back-seat, causing Graham to look up at him with a look of skepticism in his eyes.

"C'mon, follow me." He told the three teens, prompting Graham to reluctantly get out of the car and follow him. The twins weren't too far behind.

"Can you at least explain where you're taking us?" Graham asked, sounding a bit annoyed. "Who are you, anyway?"

"My name is Captain Logan Shields. I work for the Global Protection Unit, or 'GPU' for short. We're an organization dedicated to-"

"Protecting the planet, yeah, I've heard of you." Graham said, cutting him off. "Still, I thought you guys shut down ten years ago after the cancellation of Project: Messiah."

"That's what we had the public believe." Captain Shields told him. "The truth is, only about two thirds of the GPU actually shut down. A tiny fraction of the organization stayed open in secret, working to protect the city from an unseen threat."

Continuing to walk, Captain Shields led the three inside the mall. Guiding them to an old, worn-down photo booth, he opened the curtain, saying, "After you,"

Nodding their heads, Colin and Colleen stepped up first, going into the photo booth one at a time. As soon as Colin's feet made contact with the photo booth, he teleported away, same with Colleen after him.

Looking dazed, Graham said, "What there-where did they...?"

"You'll see." Captain Shields told him, lightly shoving the boy into the photo booth and causing him to be teleported as well.

As the three warped away from the photo-booth, they felt a rush of wind blow past them as they were swept up in golden lights of energy. Moments later, the lights began to die down, and the windy sensation disappeared as they emerged on the other side of the teleporter, which was inside the Command Center inside the secret GPU base. On the loudspeaker, a computerized voice confirmed their arrival.

"Recognized: Colin, B-04."

"Recognized: Colleen, B-05."

"Processing...Recognized: Graham, B-06."

"What the...where the heck are we?" Graham asked, rubbing his head in slight confusion.

"This is the GPU's secret underground base." Colin explained. "This is where all of our top secret operations are launched. We also monitor the entire city from this location."

"Woah..." Graham said in awe, looking around the room as Captain Shields warped in behind them.

"Recognized: CPT. Shields, B-01." The computerized voice said, confirming the Captain's arrival.

"Alright, we're here." Captain Shields said, walking into the room and grabbing a remote off of his desk. Turning to the twins, he said, "Colin, Colleen, you two already know what's going on, so I won't go through the formality of explaining to you. Graham, you're not quite up to speed, so I'll clue you in. Ten years ago. November 2nd, 2006. What all happened on that day?"

"My mom and I went to the park. I met Colin and Colleen, we played together, I left, and my mom and I walked home. I passed out from exhaustion in the middle of the street, I almost got hit by a car, but at the last moment, mom pushed me out of the way and got hit, instead, so I could live. Then she...died."

Taking a deep breath, Captain Shields said, "It's just as I thought...this is gonna be as hard as I imagined. Graham, the truth is, only part of that is true. Everything leading up to your mom's death is true, but everything afterwards is false. Your mom didn't get ran over with a car."

"Then why do I remember it that way...?" Graham questioned, his voice having a slight hint of anger in it.

"Because...I implanted false memories in you to make you believe she did." Captain Shields revealed. "The truth is, on that day, the same day Project: Messiah launched, Messiah went rampant. Renaming itself Psycho, it hacked into systems all across the city, building an army of robots in order to take over the world. It launched a massive campaign against us, starting with Starview Heights. The park you were playing at...was one of the first locations targeted. You three were targeted by the Vaglass...but your mothers selflessly took your places. Your mothers sacrificed themselves so you three could live. Then, we managed to lock Psycho away in Hyperspace However, afterwards, you three were hit with energy blasts, anyway. Instead of dying, you somehow managed to develop special powers. Colin has the ability of Superstrength, Colleen possesses Superagility, and Graham, you possess what is perhaps the greatest ability, the gift of Superspeed."

"No way..." Graham murmured, in total disbelief. "Prove it."

"Gladly." Captain Shields told him, looking to the twins before nodding.

Nodding back, Colin and Colleen turned to face each other, Colin balling his hands into fists.

Throwing a punch towards Colleen, his fist became encased in an aura of blue energy, making it travel twice as fast and the impact twice as hard. Seeing the fist barrel towards her, Colleen jumped into the air in order to dodge, resulting in her vaulting all the way into the ceiling, landing in the rafters above before gliding back down.

Turning towards Graham, Colin swung a punch his way, causing Graham to react instinctively, super-speeding to the right as soon as possible.

Breathing heavily as he doubled over, Graham looked at his arms, saying, "This...this can't be real."

"It is." Captain Shields assured him, patting the boy on the shoulder.

"Then...why did you implant the false memories in me?" Graham asked. "How could you lie to me like that?"

"It was because...of your Aunt." Captain Shield explained. "You see, although Psycho is locked up in Hyperspace, remnants of his Vaglass army remain on Earth, operating in the shadows. Day and night, they work to steal our city's greatest energy source, Enertron, in the hopes of gathering enough to free their leader from his digital prison. In order to prevent them from doing so, we began a project ten years ago in the hopes of forming a team capable of fighting the Vaglass. Because of your abilities, you three are the only ones capable of being on this team. However, your Aunt was not willing to allow you to do so. Therefore, at her request, we implanted you with false memories in order to keep you safe."

"I...can't believe this..." Graham mumbled to himself, balling his right hand into a fist. "I can't believe Aunt Tammy would lie to me like that..."

"You can't be mad at her." Captain Shields told him. "She did it for your protection. Everything your Aunt has ever done...it's always been in your best interest. However...it isn't right to keep you hidden away like that. On that day, Graham...your destiny changed. Now, fate is waiting for you to make your move. Will you answer the call?"

With that, he turned and walked back to his desk, procuring a medium-sized black case. Turning back around, he walked up to the three teens, opening the case to reveal three sleak wrist-braces.

The braces were cast in black, and had silver and blue paint to accent some areas of them.

On top of each brace was a circular dial. The dial had four small sections divided by painted black lines-the left and right sections were painted silver, while the top and bottom sections were painted blue.

To the left of the dial, there was a large tray-like section that held a clear orange piece in the shape of a pair of sunglasses. Finally, on the front of the device to the right of the dial, there was a circular blue button.

"These are your Morphin' Braces." Captain Shields told them. "These will allow you to amplify your special abilities, and morph into the Spy-Buster Power Rangers. Colin, Colleen, you've trained for ten years to reach this moment. It's finally time for you two to accept your destiny, and become Rangers like I always knew you would."

Handing Colin his Morphin' Brace, Captain Shields said, "Colin, your strength is unmatched, and no one can best you in a fist-fight. You fight ferociously to reach your goals, and you use your strength to protect the things you love and wish to keep safe. Using the strength of a mighty gorilla, you shall become the Blue Power Ranger."

Turning to Colleen and giving the girl her own Morphin' Brace, Captain Shields said, "Colleen, you're the most agile human being on planet Earth. If you don't want to be caught, you simply won't be caught. You hop and jump your way through your battles, using the element of surprise and mobility to your advantage as you strike down your foes. By harnessing the agility of the nimble rabbit, you shall become the Yellow Power Ranger."

Lastly, he turned to Graham, holding out the final Morphin' Brace in his direction.

"Graham...I'm sorry that we lied to you. Your Aunt refused to let you be a ranger back then, and she threatened to expose us is we didn't implant the false memories inside of you. She wanted you to be safe. I wanted you to be safe, too. However, you're the only one that can do this. Your ability makes you special, Graham. You're meant for more. I always intended to tell you the truth one day, and allow you to make that choice for yourself. However, I never expected to be doing it so soon. Graham...I wish I could've had time to train you. To mold you into the soldier I know you can be. But in the end...I believe that this makes you different from the others. You may not have any sort of formal training, but you have the heart and soul of a true hero, and your ability is more than enough to carry you through this. Graham, burning inside of you is the blazing heart of a leader, I can just feel it. Please, will you take the speed of the prowling cheetah, and use it to become the Red Ranger, in order to lead this team to victory?"

"I...I'm sorry. This is a lot to take in. I...I don't know if I can do this..."

"That's okay." Captain Shields said, patting him on the shoulder. "You can stay here until the mission is over. Afterwards, I'll take you home and you can forget this ever happened. As for Colin and Colleen, I'm sure they can handle the mission."

"Alright..." Graham sighed, a twinge of guilt in his stomach.

Looking to the boy, Colleen frowned in disappointment, before Colin patted her on the shoulder, saying, "C'mon, sis, we have a job to do."

Hearing this, Colleen reluctantly listened, turning and following her brother back into the teleporter, heading for the site of the current attack. This left Graham all by himself, as Captain Shields headed for his post.

"Almost there, and...done." Enter said to himself as he unplugged an Enertron Storage Tank from the wall-socket it had been connected to, having finished extracting the Enertron from the building. Turning to his two companions, he said, "Alright, on to Stage 2."

"Not if we have anything to say about it!" Colin hollered, as he and Colleen rushed into the room, their Morphin' Braces on their left arms.

"Ah, Spy-Busters. I was wondering when you'd show up." Enter said, a twisted smile on his face. "It's so good to see you."

"Wish we could say the same, Enter," Colin said sarcastically, narrowing his eyes. "Now, hand over that Enertron, or we'll be forced to destroy you."

Letting out a laugh, Enter said, "Yeah, right, like I'd ever hand over the Enertron. Listen, young man, you're going to have to learn to be more patient. After all, how can you ever hope to fight me, if you haven't disposed of my minions?"

"They don't look so tough." Colleen said, prompting the two figures to cast off their cover-alls, revealing their true identities as purple and silver robots.

Upon seeing them, Colin and Colleen immediately growled-they were Buglars, the robotic footsoldiers of the Vaglass army that had killed their mother ten years ago!

"Well, dear, you can't always judge a book by its cover," Enter said with a grin, gripping the Enertron container tightly. Waving to the teens, he said, "Adieu, Spy-Busters.~"

With that, he turned and jumped out the nearest window, causing Colin and Colleen to rush over and gasp as they saw him fade away into a stream of data, preventing him from falling to his death.

Clenching his fist, Colin said, "Dammit, he got away!"

Turning to her twin, Colleen said, "I think we have more important things to worry about, Colin."

This prompted Colin to turn his head, seeing the two Buglars closing in on them. On top of that, several more were warping in out of thin air, gripping silver katar-esque weapons as they took a fighting stance.

"Now would be a really good time to morph..." Colleen mumbled, as the Buglars began to surround them.

"Y'think?" Colin asked sarcastically, looking to his sister. "Follow my lead!"

Lifting up their arms, the two brandished their morphers, turning the dials counter-clockwise. Turning their arms so that they reached across their chests, they each pressed the button on the side of their Morphin' Brace, causing the orange piece resembling a pair of sunglasses to rise up out of its tray and rest in front of their faces.

"Install: Spy-Busters!" They shouted, initiating their transformation.

~Morphing Sequence~

Colin and Colleen are standing in a blank white space, with their left arms still in front of their chests and their right arms stretched outward, pointing behind them.

On each of their Morphin' Brace's respective screens, a wall of green binary code can be seen scrolling down, with a certain sequence of numbers highlighted in their respective colors-blue for Colin, yellow for Colleen. With a electronic clicking noise, the screen zooms in on those numbers and the numbers begin to flash, causing the 1s and 0s of binary code to burst out and attach themselves to their bodies, forming their suits.

Leaping into the air, the two look upward, as energy incarnations of a gorilla and a rabbit fly towards their heads, forming their helmets.

The transformation is now complete.

~End Morphing Sequence~

Now morphed, Colin and Colleen examined themselves, in awe of what they had become. Their Ranger Suits were made from leather, not spandex, contrary to most other Power Rangers suits.

They both had a shirt in their respective ranger color with the sides of the shirt being colored a bright silver. Both shirts had a black line going down the middle, resembling a zipper, almost, and they each wore two black straps on their shoulders, the one on their left shoulders holding a black radio-esque device with the GPU logo on it. Holding the shirts in place was a silver belt-buckle with the exact same logo on it, with black belt-straps going all the way around. Their arms were both in their respective colors, with black cuffs around their wrists. The left of which had their Morphin' Braces connected to them.

On their legs, they wore black pants, with Colleen's shirt extended somewhat to form a makeshift skirt overtop of the pants. Both pairs of pants led into a pair of boots, which were both in their respective colors.

Finally, their helmets were each in their respective colors, and were themed after their respective animals-Colin's was themed after a gorilla, while Colleen's was themed after a rabbit. The front of the helmets were split into three parts, a top part depicting their respective animals, a middle part with sunglass-esque visors in their respective colors, and a bottom part at their mouths colored in flat silver.

Both teens smiled inside their helmets as they realized what they had become-they were Power Rangers!

"Jungle Warrior!" Colin began, bumping his right fist against his right shoulder before thrusting it outward. "Buster Blue!"

"Field Jumper!" Colleen called out, gripping her shoulder-straps with her hands before letting go of them, almost as if she were stretching them out like they were elastic. "Buster Yellow!"

"Let's do this!" Colin hollered, rushing towards the Buglars before pressing the radio on the shoulder, materializing a camera-esque device. Transforming it into a gun with the lens forming the barrel, he named it, saying, "Spy-Blaster!"

Watching Colin as he fired on the Buglars, destroying some of them and injuring the others, Colleen followed his lead, materializing what appeared to be a pair of binoculars before unfolding them into a short-sword esque weapon.

Back-handing the weapon, Colleen charged towards the enemy, shouting, "Spy-Saber!" as she struck her foes.

"These Buglars are no match for my firepower!" Colin boasted, firing at two Buglars to take them out before ducking to avoid a swing from another, shooting it point-blank in the chest.

Letting out a laugh as she jumped around, slashing the Buglars, Colleen said, "That's nothing! When compared to my Spy-Saber, these tin cans don't even measure up."

Eventually, they cleared the room, leaving them all alone. Pressing a button on his radio, Colin said, "Captain Shields, this is Colin. We found Enter, but he escaped with the Enertron. Can you track his position?"

"Colin, this is Captain Shields. Lieutenant Rose is already on it. Enter is currently wandering around a nearby construction site. Do you copy?"

"Yes sir!" Colleen said, as she and her brother rushed down the stairs in order to exit the building. "We're moving to intercept!"

"Roger that," Captain Shields said with a smirk, looking behind him in time to see Graham frown somewhat. "Keep up the good work."

Looking up at the monitor, Graham watched Colin and Colleen in their pursuit of Enter, a feeling of anxiety rising up within him. Should he have gone out with them? Was he even cut out for this? He didn't know. Part of him wanted to help, but part of him didn't know if he could.

Watching the boy's inner turmoil from his post, Captain Shields thought to himself, He can do it. I know he can...

~To Be Continued...~

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