Summary: What happens Ichigo was the King of king in 2 dimension, and that was Hell and Hueco Mundo , but that was thousands years ago and no one knows about it. Ichigo was powerful, and with godlike power that could beat Yhwach and the Soul King at the same time. Ichigo was the oldest Shinigami, Hollow, Quincy and Human hybrid in these three dimension. Ichigo was also know as 'Shin no Shinigami' or 'Gods of Shinigami' or even worst 'Akuma'. But he die when he was fighting in a war, an army of 3 people of his against 10 000 army who is the leading by two people. Ichigo's friends including his family members, enemies know him, but they all wrong. After thousands of years pasted, Ichigo was reborn with his old memories came back to him, from the shatter shaft. He also has the memories of Kaein Shiba.

IchigoxHarem, Almost all the characters is woman, that's including Hollow Ichigo(because I can), Some of the characters will OOC, everyone almost clueless, Ichigo almost dark but friendly, smart Ichigo.

'I hope you can survives this Ichigo or not, Ishin gonna kill me.' Uruhara thought as she was sweat dropped by the thought of Isshin beat the crap of her. Suddenly they heard a scream like hollow from Ichigo at the bottom of the shaft. Tessai was getting fear as Ichigo was almost complete to become a fearful hollow.

Tessai then chant some Bakudo and shout "First Song!" then wait for a few second as, he continue the same Bakudou, the, "Second Song!". Then Tessai wait for a few second as Ichigo was struggling to break free from the Bakudo and he was scream angry. Then Tessai chant the last part of the Bakudou, "Final Song!" Then Ichigo's shaft was glowing and the shaft was trembling and shaking heavily.

Uruhara was scare that Ichigo might be turn into Hollow completely. She suddenly had tears from her corner of her eyes and drop from her cheek. Uruhara then cry as she turn in a ball shape and cried there in that formation. She was crying because, she let Ichigo do the shaft and became a Hollow, and no one knows that Uruhara has a crush on the hybrid.


-Ichigo Mindscape-

'Where am I?' Ichigo thought while he moving his body. He feels like he was under water, like an ocean. He then snapped his eyes open to confirm it. Ichigo then around to see anybody, he was also panicking. Suddenly he heard a voice, a feminine voice.

"It's good to see you Ichigo-kun." Ichigo then turn around to see who is the female voice is.

When he did, he was shock and surprise to see a beautiful woman in her's thirties. Her hair was long black hair that reach to her lower back. She was wearing a sunglasses, but Ichigo could see her eyes and it was light blue just like the sky. Her skin was peach. She wears a long black like coat from her shoulder to her lower knee area. She was standing on a pole. All and all she looks stunning.

'Beautiful.' Ichigo thought, but then his body was feeling some kind a nostalgic feeling in his body. Like he knows the woman from the past but can't not recall who. The woman look at Ichigo and she felt guilty.

"Ichigo-kun do you now who am I?" The woman said. Her voice was melody to Ichigo, and he could still her voice from the echo.

"No I don't now who you are?" The woman felt disappointed and sadden. Ichigo could see her expression change and he felt pang of guilty for not knowing her name for some reason.

"Should I know you?" The woman want to answer his question, to only cut short by hearing a soft body collide 'thud'.

"Finally you back." the voice make Ichigo felt regret, guilty, sadden and happy? He didn't know why he was happy, but he is happy in the inside. The voice still shivers to Ichigo, because it was like a girl in her teens talking under water. Like two voice in one.

"Do I know you too?" the girl, who is hugging Ichigo from behind, felt sadden and she was almost in tears. But she keep from doing so, until Ichigo look behind and stare at the girl who almost the same height as him.

But that wasn't it, the most bizarre was her appearance. Her eyes was pure blackness like a void with yellow pupils. Her skin was pale white, while her finger nails was black. Her hair was also white that reach to her lower back. She was wearing a normal shihakusho, but was white the opposite from Ichigo which are black. All in all, she look stunning as well the other woman.

"Don't you remember who we are, Ichigo?" The girl said and she was about to cry and breakdown, but she surprise when Ichigo hugs her like they used to do. The felling was nostalgic for all the two girls but for Ichigo feels different. Like he often do this to the girl from the past also but couldn't recall.

Ichigo then let go of the girl and he cup the girl's cheek, and they look at each other in the eyes. Brown eyes meet yellow. Regret meets guilty. Then the girl lean forward slow, and she touch Ichigo forehead with hers'. Ichigo eyes widen, then he has a vision or a memories of his or his past life that he didn't know of.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" Ichigo scream from the top of his lungs. while clenching his heads to stop the vision. The girls just watch and they know if they interfere, the memories from Ichigo past will not return to it's fullest. Ichigo still scream in agony.


"Ichigo please don't go! Please don't!" a girl said while she look at Ichigo in the eyes that show almost lifeless and it was fading by a minute. The girl was kneeling beside him, and there are also another girl besides Ichigo to the right. The girls was crying because Ichigo was about to go away from them.

"C'mon now, atleast we win, almost." Ichigo said, then he cough some blood. The girls shout his name.


"I'm sorry about this my tsumas. I broke the promise that we did before the war. I am very sorry." Ichigo said.

"We know that you can't keep the promise very long." the other girl said, but she was almost breakdown.

"Huh guess I can't." Ichigo then cough some blood again, and the girls shout his name. His eyes was almost lifeless.

"Why can't we go with you then." the girl said, Ichigo wasn't surprise about it, because they all was stubborn as he is. Ichigo just chuckle and he hold both his tsumas hands.

"Do you want that?" the girls nodded.

"Okay close your eyes." The girls did so and then their body starting to fade away.

"By doing this, you guys are going into my body and to my mind. By doing this, we can reborn after thousands of years, but I will loss my memories with guys." The girls was surprise and shock by the technique that Ichigo use.

"This will be the last we meet, Shiro-chan Zan-chan." The the girls disappear and went to Ichigo mindscape. When they completely vanish, Ichigo just stare at the sky, and it was raining and also he heard the footsteps. There was two female holding a sword and a glowing light blue bow at their hands. The girls look at Ichigo, in his state and meet his eyes that show sadden. The girls was guilty to doing this.

"Are you guys going to finish me of?" Ichigo said while closing his eyes, and he was ready to die anyway. But no answer can be heard. But instead he heard a sobbing at the girls, he open his eyes, to see the both female was sobbing.

"Why did you betray us Ichigo?" the girl with a sword said, while trying to stop her crying.

"I didn't betray you. But for for you guys protection." Ichigo want to smile, but couldn't as he gasp for air, hard.

"C'mon now it wasn't your fault okay. Now stop crying and finish me off." Ichigo said but he was almost out of air as he was beginning to die.

Then he could feel the tip of the sword and the bow at his heart should be, and before they could finish off Ichigo, Ichigo smiles at them and said "Sorry and Thank You my Tsumas." Then the girls push their weapon down and Ichigo's blood splat all over the girls clothe and almost their faces.

-Flashback ends-

Ichigo then stop his creaming and breathe heavily. He then look up to both the girls, but their expression was either guilty or happy. He then try to walk at them, but he came to a stop and try to recall what is missing. But he just carry on until he just a foot away from them and look at them with the rarest smile at them. The girls blushed and was trying to avoid Ichigo gaze.

"Shiro-chan, Zan-chan?" without any second thought, the girls jumped and tackled Ichigo to the floor, and the girls was crying of joy to heard they nicknames again from a long time now.

"We miss you Ichigo-koi." the girls said unison while look at Ichigo.

"I miss you too my Tsumas."

After a while, they all was comfortable again. Ichigo has his memories back, but for some reason he felt some thing is missing. Something precious from his life. He suddenly have a vision of a girl with a long dark hair. Her eyes was black, and her skin was peach. The vision shows he and the girl sitting some kind an old japanese house, while eating watermelon. They were laughing, playing and joking around, until the vision shows her body laying down the ground, by her own blood. The vision suddenly vanish, and the girls saw this, and was preparing for it.

"Mi-ya-ko? Why what how? Don't tell me I live before I die again?" Zan-chan just nodded, Shiro-chan was about to said something to only Ichigo cut her by hugging her and Ichigo cries as he remember how Miyako was his wife.

"Sshhh Ichigo, let it out okay. Miyako is okay now because the family buried her just a few yard away from the mansion." Shiro-chan said while rubs Ichigo back.

"I should have known that Miyako would die on that mission on that day, but I am such a fool." about minutes past Ichigo was settle down.

"I think I should return to them." Ichigo said, and start to walk away from them by a few feet from the girls. "Also if you see her, tell her that I said 'Hi' to her okay." Ichigo then waved at them and the girls nodded. Ichigo then vanish.

'At least he has his memories back.' the girls thought.

-Uruhara underground training area-

Ichigo was still scream and he was struggling to set free from the Bakudou, and he was successes full by doing so. Everyone was ready to attack with their own weapons. Tessai with his Kidou, Jinta with his bat-like weapon, Ururu with her rocket launcher thing, and Uruhara with her Zanpakuoto Benihime. Everyone was nervous and feared as they prepare for, but the most prepare was Uruhara, because if Ichigo turns into a hollow, she had to kill it. And even worst is that, she had to inform Isshin.

'I hope you don't turn into a hollow, Ichigo.' Uruhara thought, but suddenly the ground was shaking and trembling. They could see rocks floating in the air and completely crush by a pressure and turn into dust. There are also a few boulders that was into into dust. Suddenly, the shaft was glowing and the shaft was cover in dust.

Everyone one was prepared was the attack, and waiting for the attacker strike first, but nothing came through. No attack, no surprised and even nothing. Just no movement nothing. Then the dust was slowly to get clear to see a figure. And the figure was tall, 6 feet 5 inches. The hair was long almost waist-length area. But the most fearful was the eyes, that was glowing red on the right while on the left is yellow. The others fearful about the figures is, two like horn from his head and went downwards. But that just the mask.

"Hey are you carrot-top?" Jinta said, then the figures tilt his head towards Jinta, who 'eep'. Then the figures lift his right hand and move to his mask and remove it slowly and steady.

'Which one his he? A hollow or a Shinigami?' Uruhara thought, just to only froze to place, because the figures just completely remove his mask to his right upper head. The figures shows the most shocking and surprising thing about the figures.

'Ichigo?' Uruhara thought still froze.

"Well hello there Uruhara-chan." the voice was very seductive low-tone man. Uruhara was blushing by Ichigo calling her '-chan'.

"Well congratulation Ichigo, you just complete the second training." Uurhara said with she snap her fan in front her face, smirking. But then the air around the area was heavy for some reason. Jinta was shivering, Tessai was sweat dropped, and Uruhara herself was also sweat dropped.

"I must say Uruahara-chan." Everyone look at Ichigo, confused to what Ichigo meant. "I thank you for restoring my power back." Ichigo then snapped his finger and his shihakusho change into a new one.

Ichigo now wearing a tight shihakusho, but it was black-redish colour with two dragon outline on the back. The dragon was shielding some kinda word in kanji, but Uruhara knows what was written on it. The colour on both the dragons and the words was golden. He also has three zanpakutou, both on each side on his hips. The last one on his back, covered by grey colour cloth. The zanpakuto on his both his hips, is that the right one a normal size samurai sword, and also resemblance a butcher knife but ten times bigger. The other one is a smaller one, but have no handling guard. The two zanpakutou was resemblance his power which are, the right zanpakutou is his shinigami/hollow power. The other one is his quincy power.

"Ahh, it's good to have the old clothing. I hope I'm not rusty." Ichigo said.

"Well looks like you have some magic on your sleeves, Ichigo-san." Ichigo suddenly chuckle and laughing hysteria. Uruhara and the others was sweat dropped, and how he was going crazy.

"Ahh c'mon Uruhara-chan, why don't call me Ichigo-kun or even yet..." Ichigo suddenly vanish. Everyone was shocked to see how fast Ichigo vanish. Then Uruhara froze as she feels a hand on both of her shoulders. "... why don't you call me Ichi." Ichigo said seductive and low-tone. Uruhara was blushing and her face was steaming hot.

Then the world around Ichigo and Uruhara froze. Uruhara was panicking, while Ichigo smirking. Then Ichigo place his hand around Uruhara waist, and pull her closer. Urhara was shocked and panicking, for Ichigo doing. She suddenly feels Ichigo chin on top of her head,resting and humming a song. The song was melody and beautiful. Then Ichigo pull Uruhara tighter, like there is no more tomorrow.

"I-Ichigo-kun wh-what are you do-doing?" Uruhara was stuttering and how embarrassing she was for stuttering.

"Becuase I know a birdy bird told me that someone has a crush on, a teenager in that." Ichigo said with teasing, Uruahara was sweat dropped and how Ichigo knows that she has a crush on him. But she still not convince yet.

"Do you know who it is th-then?" Uruhara suddenly feel Ichigo hand smoothly go up and down on her stomach area, while the other one playing with her chest area. She moaned and that makes Ichigo smirk devilish smiles.

"Ichigo-kun st-stop it!" Uruhara was struggling for Ichigo playing with her body. But her mind was telling Ichigo to keep going until she submit to him. Ichigo laugh softly and he keep playing with her body then he stop. Uruhara was confused for Ichigo stopped, and also she was disappoint for Ichigo to stop. But before she could ask why he stop, Uruhara was on the ground, naked by some kinda technique Ichigo used.

"Uruhara-chan, I didn't know that you have a beautiful body. And what's this, are you wet?" Ichigo tease her, and she then cover her lower region and try to convince that it just her, her, her...

"Yes, I am wet." Uruhara said, but barely a whisper, but Ichigo caught it.

"Ohhh, I didn't you are a mischievous person, Uruhara-chan." Ichigo said, but then he stopped talking.

"Ichigo-san?" Uruhara said with confused and curious to why Ichigo stop talking, to feel a heavy pressure. Ichigo was smirking, but Uruhara didn't see his smirking.

The pressure was heavy, almost a captain level, but maybe more, mayeb even the same level as Sou-taicho. Uruhara was sweat dropped about the pressure giving off by something or someone. Then the pressure stop, and vanished not even a trace of it. Then suddenly, the underground training, feels just like the one before, but even more stronger and sinister. Then they both heard a voice, very authority voice.

"Hello there Uruhara-san, Ichigo-san." the person said while walking up to them, then the voice reveal a person, a girl in her twenties or maybe more. But never the less, she was stunning and beautiful, and Uruhara was envy at her beauty.

"It take long enough to remember your memories..." The woman said, and the air was heavy like there were two sou-taicho, and Uruahara feels like she gonna past out. "... Koi-ya."

Just that word, Uruhara hears very low growl from Ichigo, and she could see Ichigo eyes was turning blood red both eyes with no pupils, but the most fearsome is, a mask was forming to Ichigo. Uruhara was fearing for Ichigo as he was in Hollow form, and it was almost the same hollow she saw just a minutes ago. But there was one thing that Uruhara bothering, the way she said to Ichigo, like she was very feminine on the outside, but inside she was mischievous person, and Uruhara could feel it. The aura she giving in. Then the realized hit her and she shocked.

"HUSBAND!?" Uruhara said, while the woman just soft laugh, but chuckle at the same time.

"After I given you, you just left me after that day and you didn't say why. But thankfully I killed you before they could kill you." Ichigo said , but was watery because his hollow mask that formed. Ichigo then lower her head and the horns starts to charging a cero, but it was total blackness, just empty.

"And I'm gonna kill you again just like last time..." Ichigo suddenly vanish, shocking Uruhara while the woman was on defence stance and ready for Ichigo attack.

Ichigo then appeared above the woman and said the last sentence before firing his cero, " my Tsuma, Haruka."

Then the cero launch at th woman called Haruka, and it was fast. Then the cero hit Haruka, who just smirk victory, and when it hits the ground, it was huge explosion. Uruhara was shocked and she was almost past out from the explosion before mutter the words that make Ichigo chuckle.

"Ichgio married?" She then past out completely.