Everyone was either confused, shocked, curious and all other aspect. Because right infront of them was a, who just moments ago was a innocent little girl Yuzu, to very feminine woman who has the burst of Orihime, the height almost the same as Yoruichi. The hair was crimson red, which reach until lower back length. Yuzu was hugging Ichigo, and surprising them.

"Ichigo?" Karin said, completely gain attention from everyone except Yuzu. "What did you mean by she is my 'sister'?" Then everyone look Ichigo, to only have a bright red circle coming infront of them, Yuzu and Ichigo.

After the light disappeared, there was a family some sort. There was a middle-aged looking man with long crimson red hair that is tied as a loose ponytail with a black hairband. He has bright blue eyes. He also has a short and red beard or stubble. Also, a woman with shorter brown hair. The woman has the same appearance as Yuzu, but Yuzu hair was crimson red while she has shorter brown hair. She also looks young but despite that, everyone could feel the power from her and the man beside her.

"Hi/Greetings." Said the both the man and the woman. Everyone was intense by their voice, because it feels either angry or sadden. Then, another red circle energy just like the both man and woman did, but this one like teenage couple. But rather than the oman and the middle-age man is, these teens couple was in their early twenties, and the boy has the same appearance Yuzu, but different gender. Beside him was a woman in her french-maid costume, but her hair was gray-ish colour. She also wears a glasses.

"Sorry to disturbed my fellow shinigami friends." The teen said. Everyone was confused to why they came, but the most confused to why is Yamamoto, Shunsui, Ukitake, Isshin, and Unohana. They are know who the family infront of them, but the others didn't, until Ichigo said shocked others.

"Hello Father, Mother." Ichigo said, Yuzu then startled by the name and quickly let go the hug, and turn around to see the family. She ran towards them and hug the mother, Yuzu cried, while the Mother try to stop her crying while saying something courage.

"Sirzechs, Father, Mother, Grayfia. How are you?" Ichigo said their names, while look at them. They all have different reaction. Sirzechs was happy that his bbig brother has return. The Father was angry at him but didn't show it, but Ichigo knows he have a beatdown with his Father. Grayfia on the other hand was shocked to see the new family memember that she didn't know about.

'So this is the King.' Grayfi thought, then Yamamoto cough to gain the attention all over the places.

"Zeoticus-dono, what business do you have here?" Everyone except, Ukitake, Shunsui, Unohana and Isshin, shocked to hear the name.

"One of the 72 Pillars families!" Soi Fon said, she then bow to Zeoticus to show respect, and he also in return the bow as well.

"Yamamoto-kun, what a pleasant surprise." Zeoticus said, then Sirzechs said the confused others except the family.

"Ichi-nii, when will you come back? Everyone was worried that you didn't return from the great war." Everyone was either shocked, eyes wide or just curious to what Sirzechs meant, to only Ichigo answer when power in it.

"I will return after I meet them face to face. I have some business with them, after that I return. Maybe I visit her." Everyone was confused to what Ichigo meant by that, to only the family including Yuzu shocked. Then Yuzu ran towards Ichigo, and hug him tightly like there will no tomorrow.

"No you can't! You will get kill if you meet her and if not worse she will not hesitate kill you like last time, Ichi-nii." Yuzu was in years as she protesting Ichigo to meet that person even Ichigo knows what will happen if he meet that person.

"Rias is right, Ichigo. You will get kill like last time even you knew that she will kill you." The mother said.

"I know Mother, but even so I promise her that I will come back after the war." Ichigo then look at the family sadden, then look at the others. Isshin was surprised to see Ichigo sadden face. Ichigo look at the girls and they also surprised, then look at the Gotei 13, and nodded to Yamamoto. He nodded back.

"We will see you at Soul Society." Yamamoto then open his senkaimon and went through it, and followed by other captains.

"Isshin, would you mind and please take the girl up stair and company them, also Uruhara please also company them." Isshin look at Ichigo as he look Ichigo differently, and his expression was serious. Isshin then went up stair and the others followed.

"Now for the punishment." Zeoticus said anger as he about to beat up his 'son', Ichigo. But Ichigo, he knew that this will happen, so he didn't as Zeoticus went flying and punches, kicks at Ichigo. While this happening, the mother, Venelana, Rias, Sirzechs and Grayfia, who is terrifing and scared for how strong Zeoticus could get.


While that was happening, Isshin and the others was having their own conversation. But they didn't know where to started, because first of all, they were shocked that Yuzu, the little sister of innocent sister to Ichigo and Karin turn into completely person and it was more feminine. Secondly was that Ichigo knew the the Gremory Family, and Isshin was more shocked than others. Thirdly was, Yamamoto trained by Ichigo, and that was the past. Even though Isshin has some of his secrets, Ichigo take this one. And lastly, is that Ichigo knew some of the arrancar, also known as Vasto Lorde, but not one but two Vasto Lorde and it was woman.

But Isshin thought was cut off by the room their sitting and thinking what just happened, shakes and it was hard. They could even feels the ground shaking like it was earthquake but to only to them. They also heard some load 'BOOM' and screams. But the screams was a cry of sadden and angry for someone. Then the shakes starts to stop, and they didn't hear anything. Not a single thing.

"I need to check on Ichigo." Karin said, then she stand up and went to the underground training to only stop by an open door. And it was shocking to see.

There stood Ichigo in his Shinigami/Hollow power, and it was bloody. His right arm was cut off completely, while his left were cuts all over them. Her legs also cut and also bruises. At the torso was the most gruesome to watch. The torso was more or less completely cuts, bruises, and they also sees a hole right above Ichigo's heart should be. They all look, tear in their eyes, but before Karin ran towards to Ichigo, he collapse.

"ICHIGO!" They shout unison, and went quickly towards Ichigo and healing him right on the spot. While this going on, they didn't notice that the Gremory Family was there, but Rias was either scared to look at her 'Onii-sama', but instead clench to the mother, Venelana. Sirzechs also in tears but he keep in while Grayfia hug him, try to stop him to cry. Zeoticus also try to stop his crying because how badly he injured his 'son'.

"You!" Isshin shout at Zeoticus. And all of them look at Zeoticus, but Karin was not look at him but rather healing Ichigo. But then they all heard a groan, and Ichigo was slowly try to sit up, to only stop by Karin. He look at her, smiles before saying and confusing all of them.

"Well at least, they will come after I done with them." Ichigo then totally collapse, and everyone shout his name.


It's been a week or two since, the 'event' occurred, and it was still shocking to know. Even though that was happening, at the Kurosaki Residence, was having a meeting with the Gremory Family. The Kurosaki Family and the Gremory Family was having their meeting, because Isshin still dumbstruck of the Ichigo new 'family' and how Yuzu turn into a very feminine woman.

In the house, at the living room, there was the two families, and it was awkward to say atleast. Isshin was sitting and on his right side was Karin in her shinigami form. The Gremory was also sitting on a sofa that was holding all the family members. But the most intense/awkward was Rias or Yuzu, which Isshin and Zeoticus would name her, because she were once was Rias Gremory but she died by unknown, but she was reincarnate as Yuzu, then back to Rias again and she also has Yuzu memories.

"Dad." Zeoticus and Issin look at Yuzu/Rias, and she was nervous to even ask the question, but still do. "Do you forgive me for what I did and the secrets that I kept?" Zeotics look at Isshin and Isshin look as him, and nodded.

"I forgive you Yuzu-chan, but I also have some secrets too." Isshin said, so Yuzu/Rias smile at Isshin and she then turn to her father, Zeoticus.

"I also forgive you..." Rias was happy but then Zeoticus continue, " But I will not forgive Ichigo for what he did." Rias then sadden for her father as she remember that Ichigo didn't stop as Zeoticus try to stop him from participate the great war of the three races. Then it was silence, until a doorbell ring.

"I get that." Isshin then got up and went to the door to open it, to only see two women in black and the others was white. One of the women is wearing black long cloth with black shoes and her hair was also black. The hair reached until her waist-length area, her eyes was covered by her bangs but Isshin could feel the power in it. Her height a foot or two if you put Ichigo's height. The other women was the opposites of the first women. She was wearing white cloth but it was haori clothe. The colour of the haori was very beauty and power. There it shows a image of a dragon with it surround the word 'Peace' in kanji while the other one is 'Judgement' also in kanji. Her hair was bluish colour, while her eyes was ocean blue colour. She also has the same height as the first woman.

"What can I help you with?" Isshin asked, both women were hesitated to answer until a voice just a few feet away from the door.

"Ywhach!? Takamina!?" Isshin and the women look at the voice, and they all shocked the most shocked was Isshin. Because he watch as Ichigo surrounded by a few women or girls. Isshin know there was Hyori, the arrancars which are Tia Harribel and Ulquiorra Cifer which are the Queen to Ichigo, and also Haruka. They all wearing some casual clothing. But Isshin caught an unknown person there beside Haruka as she and the unknown person giggling or maybe laughing about something.


Before Isshin and the women met and the awkwardness from the both families of both Kurosaki and Gremory. So there was Ichigo surrounded by beautiful, busty and very heart warming woman. Hiyori was chatting with Tia and Ulqi, while Haruka was walking besides Ichigo, holding hands. For Ichigo, he was getting paranoid for yesterday meeting and encounter of the whole Gotei 13. But the most annoying thing was everyone at the Urahara underground training, didn't get the most massive reiatsu. But it wasn't shinigami, but rather very Hollow powers.

'So she has come.' Ichigo thought, that he didn't notice the girls was calling his name until.

"Hello Heika." Everyone look to the voice, even Ichigo look at the voice, because of how nostalgic sound of it. The girls was on their guard, and also they were shocked to see another of Ichigo's crazy unknown girl from his past adventures.

"Yui-chan?" The girl known as Yui look at them and when she lock with Haruka, she cool see it, the hoy she been searching for.

"It can't be!?" Haruka said, an before she could think twice, Yui lunch at Haruka, hugging her tightly.

"Haruka...can't...breathe...going to...die...!" Yui then let go of the hug and quickly apologises to Ichigo.

"Yui it's been so long!" Haruka said as she and Yui hug each other then she look at the other girls, and also hug them too because how they knew each other.

"So how about we settle at my dad's home?" Ichigo said, and then Yui nodded ad walk with them.

After a few minutes past and they almost at the house, Ichigo was having a feeling that today will be the most dangerous or happiest day ever if that happen. Oh how wrong Ichigo are. When the almost at the house they could see two women look at each other and nodded and went to knock or maybe a door bell and press it, and just wait there to see who open the door.

But when the door open, Ichigo was surprised to see Isshin, his dad open the door and questioning them, and before he or the girls come to conclusion, Ichigo look at the women apparance and it was shocking. One of the women is wearing black long cloth with black shoes and her hair was also black. The hair reached until her waist-length area, her eyes was covered by her bangs but Isshin could feel the power in it. Her height a foot or two if you put Ichigo's height. The other women was the opposites of the first women. She was wearing white cloth but it was haori clothe. The colour of the haori was very beauty and power. There it shows a image of a dragon with it surround the word 'Peace' in kanji while the other one is 'Judgement' also in kanji. Her hair was bluish colour, while her eyes was ocean blue colour. She also has the same height as the first woman.

'It can't be!?' Ichigo thought, and just a few feet away from the girls, Ichigo said, shocking Isshin. "Yhawch!? Takamina!?"

The women and Isshin look at Ichigo saying their names, and the women ran towards Ichigo hugging him, and tightly them, like there was no tomorrow. And when the women look at Ichigo, they kiss him on the cheeks, and he pass out from lost of air.

"Just what the hell is wrong with my Family!?" Isshin shout and question them.