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Flare guns at the ready, all three of them charged into the tunnel to help Sam.

Bobby fired a flare at the ground to give them light to see. When the light reached Sam, they all pulled up short, shocked at the scene. The wendigo had Sam in a tight grip, jaws clamped on his shoulder. Sam's face was screwed up in pain and he was whimpering softly as the wendigo drained him. Blood was gushing from the wound, and though the wendigo was lapping up much of it, an alarming amount was on Sam's clothing. Not only that, but there were multiple claw marks on his shirt and legs, all of them stained red.

Dean's mind went blank. The wendigo had crossed the line. It had hurt his Sammy, the person Dean had sworn to protect since he was four years old. Letting out a wordless cry, Dean charged the wendigo and punched it in the face before anyone could react. That had the effect of making the wendigo let go of Sam, and the man crumpled to the ground.

Bobby and Maddy rushed over to help Sam as Dean continued to engage the wendigo. Bobby took off his shirt to staunch the bleeding in Sam's shoulder, and Maddy cut strips off of the bottom of her own shirt and pants to bandage up some of the more serious claw wounds, each of them apologizing profusely when their ministrations caused Sam to grunt or cry out in pain. Soon, they had his bleeding down to a more manageable level, but Sam had already lost a lot of blood, and they knew that if they didn't get him to a hospital soon, it was likely that he wouldn't live.

Suddenly, Dean gave a shout. Bobby and Maddy spun towards him just in time to see the wendigo grab Dean by his left wrist and slam him against the roof and walls of the tunnel. It let go and Dean slumped down, bleeding from his back, head and side.

Bobby quickly cursed himself for forgetting about Dean's fight and fumbled for his flare gun. Before he could get it out, the wendigo turned to him and charged. Bobby was sure he was a goner, but the wendigo suddenly burst into flames right as the claws were reaching for his neck. Maddy stood right behind it, flare gun smoking. Bobby was stuck on the spot, shock clear on his face, but soon shook himself free of his paralyzed state.

He ran to Dean and knelt beside his head, fearful of what he might see. Bobby placed his fingers on Dean's neck and held his breath, searching for a pulse he was afraid he wouldn't find. He let out the breath he was holding when he felt the slight fluttering beneath his fingertips and sat back on his heels. "Oh thank God. I thought I lost you, boy," the grizzled hunter whispered through a sad smile, his voice hitching a couple of times.

After confirming that Dean was alive, Bobby and Maddy cut away his shirt, revealing his battered torso. The broken ribs looked as though they had worsened, and almost all of the stitches had popped out, letting the old claw marks ooze. There were two new claw marks marring his abdomen and a few more on his forearms.

The sight of Dean so battered had both of them close to tears, but they worked quickly and efficiently to bandage him up, using pieces of his own shirt and pants as well as Sam's. When they gingerly turned him onto his side without jostling his broken ribs, they found that he had been lying in a pool of his own blood from his back and his head. His back was a mess of scratches and deep cuts, as well as quickly-forming bruises.

The scratches had already stopped bleeding, but the deep cuts were pouring out a seemingly endless supply of blood. However, both Bobby and Maddy knew that the blood was far from endless. Dean wouldn't be able to lose too much more without being in serious trouble. The two of them used the rest of the clothing trying to staunch the bleeding and there was still the problem of Dean's head wound. It had stopped bleeding, but they were pretty sure he would have at least another concussion.

They were just wondering how they would get the two young hunters out of the tunnel when they heard noises at the mouth of the cave. Bobby and Maddy exchanged glances that said There can't be another one can there? No probably not, but just to make sure let's keep our guns out. Then they heard distinctly human voices and glanced at each other again. These said Humans? It must be those others we left in the woods. Why would they come back here? They got their answers soon enough as the motley group stumbled in.

One of the bloodstained men stepped forwards and said, "We are here to help in any way that we can. Even if it is just taking care of the men who saved us. We would really like to help..." He trailed off in the face of Bobby's glare. Bobby took a small flask from his hip and opened it, looking like he was going to take a drink, when he suddenly splashed the man. The man was surprised, but nothing out of the ordinary happened. Bobby grunted, apparently satisfied. He proceeded to do the same to everyone else and refused to answer any questions about it until he was done splashing everyone, including Maddy and himself.

"Well, now that I know there are no demons in any of us, let's get these idjits to the hospital," Bobby commanded. "Be careful with them. These boys are my life," he added softly. Maddy patted his shoulder as they watched the two hunters get picked up and carried to the car to be driven to the hospital.

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