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In the Iowa wilderness

It's too bright out, and those birds are too loud. Shut up, stupid birds, Dean thought as he started breaking the surface of consciousness. Trying to sleep here. Sammy, go shut that bird up. Wait. Sammy. SHIT the wendigo! Dean sat up from his reclined position suddenly as consciousness brought back memories, but immediately regretted it as the motion brought back the pain. He let out an involuntary groan and squeezed his eyes shut as waves of pain traveled through his ravaged torso. Dean sucked in breath slowly through gritted teeth, head pounding and stomach roiling, and realized he wouldn't be able to fight the wendigo off and save Sammy in his condition. He hated it, but he was going to have to call for some help. He dug in his pocket and took out his cell phone, but the cracked screen and case indicated that his phone was well and truly broken.

Dean reached up behind himself, pointedly ignoring the protests from his ribs, and grabbed the handle of the Impala's door with his left hand, using it to drag himself up to a standing position. He stood frozen there for a few seconds, panting shallowly, as he waited for the torment in his chest to ease up. Once it became bearable again, he slid into the driver's seat of his baby. Even that small task made it clear that calling for help was the smartest course of action. (Not that Winchesters usually did smart decisions.) Dean tried to put the keys into the ignition, but realized that he couldn't tell which of the two keyholes floating in front of his eyes to put the key into. Once he figured that out, he briefly entertained the thought that driving with a concussion was not a good idea, but then his thoughts strayed back to Sammy, and he decided he could risk it. Dean put the car in drive and slowly pulled away from the woods.

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