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The Dating Game show life of Jaune Arc

By Azure

Chapter One-Let the Shipping begin!

(This takes place during V2-V3)

It was another day at Beacon Academy for all its young hunters, it was Friday afternoon and the weekend spelled fun for both teams RWBY and their sister team JNPR.

Down the halls skipped Ruby Rose in her usual Red/black ensemble followed by Yang, Blake, and her tsundere partner Weiss Schnee.

"So are you all up for a movie night this time or are we going into town for the carnival?" Yang asked clearly pumped for the game plan of their get together.

"Last time we went to a movie Blake wouldn't stop pointing out the plot holes and character stereotypes of all the newer movies. We get it, Blake; Hollywood cinema can't do storytelling right." Weiss said in a snarky way.

"We could always stream a movie in our dorm room then, one of actual integrity and not a needless remake without heart that is injected with a political statement. Another option on the table is that you could all just go into town without me and leave me to my books." Blake retorted heatedly.

Ruby twisted herself around to address her teammates' strife. "Now now, ladies, no need to argue with each other. We'll just ask Jaune's team and see if they have some fun ideas, they are coming with us anyway after all."

All three girls nodded in agreement and approached the dorm room leading to team JNPR. They were already at the door when Ruby knocked on it several times.

'I sincerely hope Arc doesn't come onto me again, then again he hasn't done that at all since the dance. I'm certainly not complaining about it, but it just feels so weird.' Weiss mulled with a finger to her chin.

"Ya know, going to the arcade is always a fun idea if we're down for that, but if I I'm honest with myself I'd prefer to go clubbing…and fighting, sometimes the two coincide." Yang offered off handedly earning a groan from both Weiss and Blake.

"Yeah right, after you trashed that one night club before coming to Beacon I doubt any nightclub would even welcome you. I still don't understand how you haven't yet been billed for property damage." Weiss commented earning a sheepish look from Yang as she looked off to the side trying to appear nonchalant.

The team waited a few seconds until the door opened revealing a mildly distracted Nora. "Hey there, ladies, what's shaking?" She asked looking at them curiously wondering what they were here for.

"Hey Nora! We were wondering that since we were all heading into town later today that you guys had any fun ideas in mind." Ruby explained with the ever friendly smile on her face.

Nora looked a little fidgety as though she left the stove on or something, her legs pumping up and down like she's in a hurry was a clear sign of that.

Blake was the first to notice something amiss. "What's wrong? You seem like you're distracted by something. Did we come at a bad time?"

Nora shook her head and pushed the door wide open revealing Pyrrha and Ren searching around the room in haste. "No nothing like that, it's just that….Jaune is missing! We haven't seen him all day!" She screeched putting her hands to her chin in a melodramatic manner.



Most of team RWBY suddenly tensed up and became alert, all except for maybe Weiss, went into 'support friend' mode as Ruby named it.

"Okay…we'll help you find him, maybe he's off doing some extra credit for Miss Goodwitch again or probably staying for remedial classes with Doctor Oobleck." Ruby offered when Pyrrha came to the doorway looking frazzled with the situation and felt relieved to see team RWBY at the door offering to help.

"I'm so glad you are all here and offering to help. When we awoke this morning we found him missing from his bed. At first we assumed he went off to an early morning training regimen…" Pyrrha trailed off when Nora chimed in for her.

"But then we saw that both his scroll and all his equipment including his sword and armor were left behind." Nora added earning an increased look of alarm among the girls.

"Arc is probably just off doing his own thing like purchasing comic books or making a call at the CCT to his family. You all might be probably overreacting to this." Weiss offered and both redheads shook their heads in denial.

"That's just it; he's never done anything like this before. We pretty much go with him just about everywhere, on top of that he would've at least told us through his scroll that he'd be doing something out of ordinary." Pyrrha confirmed now earning a somewhat alarmed expression from Weiss though she remained a little skeptic.

The group was quiet for a minute until Ren's voice spoke from behind Pyrrha and Nora. "Uh…girls, I think I may have found out where he is."

Suddenly all six gals bolted around to see Ren behind his teammates holding up his own scroll in front of them. It displayed a screen intro to what appeared to be a game show. What was said in the title was what really caught their attention.

"Dating possibilities for Jaune Arc- Live."


Suddenly the attention of all the girls was absolute and they immediately rushed into the dorm room closing the door behind them to fully scope what it was about.

Pyrrha was easily the most invested going by her transfixed gaze at the screen, it seemed as though she was eying it menacingly as well as obsessively.

Ren sighed when he felt overcrowded by the girls hovering around him to look at the screen.

"You know…I think this is a streaming broadcast that we could all look at individually." He said putting emphasis on the 'individually' part. "The link was inside a message sent to the personal inbox on my scroll and I'm fairly sure you all might have gotten it too, meaning you could all view it on your own scrolls." He stated matter-of-factly earning a collective face-palm from all of them.

The rest of them each brought out their personal scrolls and reacted in utter surprise when noticing that the very same message link was indeed in all their inboxes.

"How or why did we receive this? Was it sent only to us personally or to everyone else?" Blake pondered somewhat worried about this appearing on the scrolls of everyone in Beacon.

"It looks as though it was all sent to us individually or else it'd been forwarded with an uncountable number of email addresses at the top." Ren deducted and noticed each girl hesitated with clicking on the link.

Yang got up and strode over to the dorm room's television and placed her scroll in the docking port letting the projection appear on a larger screen for everyone to view in its entirety.

"There, now we don't have to hover all over our scrolls. This feels like it could really be more interesting than any movie. Hehehe, I'd love to see what kind of juicy entertainment Vomit-boy's love life is all about." Yang said putting her hands on her hips proudly while everybody pocketed their scrolls.

"Yang…this may be a humiliating experience for Jaune, I don't think I'd be too comfortable enjoying it at his expense. Someone's intimate love life isn't something for everyone to watch and laugh at, you know." Blake stated reluctantly. She knew all too well that one's personal affairs were meant to be clandestine unless willingly shared with people you trust.

Pyrrha immediately nodded in agreement, partly out of Blake's reasoning and also because she didn't want to risk Jaune getting paired off with another woman romantically. "I agree with Blake on this, Yang. Maybe we should just go back to searching for him-"

"Come on, P-money! Aren't you at least a little curious as to what this is about? It could be a good chance to get to know 'Ladykiller' better and figure out some surefire ways to get him noticing you more romantically." Yang baited with her back turned to everyone so that they wouldn't the wide mischievous grin she had on her face. She could practically feel Pyrrha crumbling under the temptation of this opportunity in grabbing a chance at her affection.

"A-Alright…! I-I'm in." The Redhead declared bashfully with a reddened face and a determined expression.

"M-Me too…! It's only because I want to know more about Jaune so that we could be closer as the best of buddies. " Ruby cried out childishly earning a snicker from Nora and a careful look from Pyrrha.

Ruby had looked conflicted as Pyrrha which only meant a few farfetched possibilities about affection blossoming for the guy. She even came off in the same uncertain fidgety state as the Spartan champion did, Weiss felt like snickering at their predicament.

She by no means hated Jaune at all, although she will admit to being greatly relieved he stopped asking her out, but she couldn't fathom how he affected these two in such a way. Looking over to her teammates she noticed Blake having a similar crisis of conscious, probably more out of respect for his personal life than affection. It was then that she decided to speak up.

"Oh come on now, everyone. How bad can it possibly be for him? I really doubt he'll be irreparably humiliated or anything like that." She suggested earning uncertain looks from the rest. "I say we just watch a little bit and see where it goes from there, if we don't like it then we just turn it off and go searching for him. Sound good?" Weiss offered slowly earning a collective wave of reluctant nods from the girls and Ren.

'Should I really be here for this?' Ren mulled with a flat expression before noticing Nora had a death grip on his left forearm preventing him from leaving. She had a bit of a manic look on her face showing that she was also heavily interested in peering into her leader's love life. 'I suppose so.'

"Alright…but if this by any means insults and humiliates him then I will-" Pyrrha started but was cut off.

"Shush it's starting!" Yang piped excitedly and rushed over to sit with them nearly pushing Pyrrha over.

The screen bearing the title of the show altered into a different visual.

All the girls sat back and got comfy atop the beds of team JNPR eying the screen anxiously.

The visual changed to a set that appeared like that of a game show with podiums and colored doors aligned along the colored wall ironically designed in red, white, yellow, and black.

"Welcome to this debut episode of…"

"Dating Possibilities for Jaune Arc!" A man's voice sounded and the visual panned out to see a person clad head to toe high tech looking blue armor with grey shoulder pads. He had a helmet on that covered his face and for some reason he had an assault rifle attached to his back. "I'm Whiz and next to me is my Co-host…"

"Boomstick!" A guy wearing similar armor and helmet called out. Unlike the other one this host was clad in all red with a rocket launcher on his back.

"We are longtime hosts of another web series that you may have watched on repeat in the solitude of your room or at the school library like everyone else, but now we've been given this awesome opportunity of entertaining the audience with the shipping fuel and love life of this guy…" He pointed to the far end of the camera where it zoomed on one unsuspecting Jaune Arc sitting behind a podium tied up and gagged.


"There he is! Where is this and why is he tied up?!" Pyrrha asked panicked and slightly aroused at the sight of him bound and helpless. She wouldn't admit it but the visual gave her some naughty ideas to use in her fantasies later. She itched to grab her spear and run off to wherever this location was even without knowing exactly where that is. Ren and Nora both put their hands on her shoulders in a calming manner in order to get her settled down.

The two hosts then continued.

"Why is he also gagged?" Weiss asked when seeing a ball-gag put square into his mouth to keep him from speaking.

Yang was tempted to cover Ruby's eyes were it not for the fact that she had no idea of the implications that little item had. Blake seemed to red up in the cheeks as it gave her a sample visual of something that often appears in her novels…and admittedly in her own self-made fanfiction.

Yang merely purred at the sight teasingly and stroked a left finger around her collar bone. "Mommy like."

"Before we begin, we'll first undo his restraints so that he can participate. While we do that I feel we should explain how this show works to our viewers. From where we come from we watch this world as entertainment and that tied up knight-in-hooded armor over there is a prime source of it. Often seen as an everyman underdog by many, not unlike Spider-man himself, he is written and shown to be quite compatible with most people, especially of the female variety. Ironically he himself doesn't entirely believe he's such a catch, we're here to experiment with that by playing his compatibility up on whichever huntress gal pal he knows as well as some other characters we personally select from another universe just for fun. You could say this serves up as a nice packaged shipping fanservice fest in which Jaune Arc's life is everybody's soap opera."

'Are they for real!?' All the girls except Ren thought incredulously. Some of them, especially Pyrrha, had nosebleeds at what could potentially come of this.

"Now back to the topic at hand; Jaune Arc, from what we've noticed has a great degree of likability and potential not yet explored, not only that but he is also theoretically compatible with nearly every female colleague at his school as shipping potential. Think back to all the heaps of Harry Potter and Naruto fanfiction where they basically have their own harems, this is almost something like that. We're giving him the biggest opportunity in this reality and testing the waters to see how that fairs; would he and Ruby Rose make a cute couple in the future? Would Blake and Jaune bond over Faunus issues, or would Yang get him to liven up a little in wild nightclub life? Chief among those theories is will a certain redhead finally lay claim to the Arc 'Sword' she sought after for so long. Endless possibilities and alternate futures of Arc ships were practically dumped on our lap, canon need not apply as the fanon saying goes, so we can't help but experiment with great enthusiasm."

"In short; it's just shipping fun for us." Boomstick concluded earning an annoyed look from Jaune before he went over to undo his bindings and remove his ball-gag.

"Uagh! Finally, what's the deal with all this and when can I go back?" Jaune asked fiercely ready to punch the armored man in front of him.

"Relax, Jaune. This is a game show to show you your potential lovers going from the gals here at Beacon to…parallel universes connected to this one." Whiz offered when he looked over to him. He gestured over to a podium for the blonde to stand behind, but Jaune refused to move and simply gave a hard look.

"Look, just send me back, I don't want to be part of this game of yours…unless of course there's worthwhile prizes like an Xbox one, but mostly I want go back and not be embarrassed."

"This is a time/space dimension outside normal laws of Remnant, Jaune. We can send you back only if we want to." Whiz commented earning a slump of defeat from the boy. "But, we can also motivate you and convince you to play it out."

Jaune looked up in curiosity. "How do you plan to do that?"

"Simple; assuming you're interested in seeing a very plausible simulation of a future with your potential dream girl who lives among your peers, we can also permanently boost your stats. From increasing your health, dexterity, agility, raw strength, to completely learned attunement of certain fighting styles." Whiz explained earning an astounded look from Jaune before it changed to skeptical.

"Come again? You can make me stronger? Bring me up to speed with everyone else? H-how would that even work? I mean we're not in some video game…" Jaune asked skeptically then flattened when he added "…are we?"

"No we're not, but we are cosmic otherworldly travelers granted time/space powers just to have fun with your life." Whiz answered seeing a cloud of gloom loom over Jaune.

'I really am the universe's punching bag…' He wordlessly thought sighing.

"Don't get down in the spirits now, Jaune. This is just for entertainment, what comes out of it for you is getting significant buffs in your physical attributes, gaining intimate knowledge of your potential girlfriends, and earning a simulation vision of a possible future. We'll even arrange a cross time/space date with a parallel version of potential candidates including dazzling women you've never met before. Now are you interested?" Whiz asked testily and Jaune reluctantly nodded when picking himself up.

"Fine…I'll play along with it for now. I mean…I'll admit it would be great to know more about the girls I hang out with after all. Seeing some alternate future of me and whichever girl you think I'll end up with is also something I really want to see. About increasing my stats, how do you plan to do that anyway?" Jaune asked with a glint of interest in his blue eyes.

"Simple as pie, my man." Boomstick chimed in and stood off to the side where a door shaped portal to some cosmic training room filled with high-end equipment and training gear appeared.

Jaune's eyes went wide with wonder at the sight.

"This is a compressed time/space training chamber where you'll work out for a small period of time to improve which stat you want upped. Whichever stat you choose will be brought up to a very high level because the mystical equipment in there increases the results ten-fold. Just imagine having strength that goes toe to toe with Yang Xiao Long or being as nimble and speedy as Ruby Rose. Even learning the fighting style and techniques of Pyrrha Nikos is possible with this. Sound like a sweet deal, right?"

Jaune nodded feverishly. At long last he could bring himself to a level he should've been at before coming to Beacon, now with that he'll feel like he'll earn the right to be called a huntsman.

The girls from beyond the screen also stared in awe, all of them thought it was the best possible opportunity Jaune could take, the thought of him being trained to peak level made them giddy with anticipation.

"Yeah it does, now I'm pumped. Let's do this." Jaune stated excitedly after the portal closed.

"Glad to hear you motivated, Jaune, otherwise we would have had to send embarrassing photos of you from the Arc family album to the scrolls of your friends. As motivation of course." Whiz added making Jaune nearly stumbled in extremely alarmed reaction.

"Wait what?! W-w-what do you mean by that?!"

"Behold, we're not going to use them unless you decide to back out. These are from your 'unique' childhood of being surrounded by gushing sisters." Whiz commented then pointed to a holographic projection screen which brought up a visual that resulted in a very wild reaction from all, namely the girls.

It was a childhood photo of a very young seven year old Jaune dressed up in a little girl's dress posing cutely for the camera while shadowed blonde women behind gushed with naughty smiles and nosebleeds. (Image is from the shota Jaune dress up pics by CSLucaris)

"Kkkyeeaaagghh!" All the girls squealed in reaction to the utter cuteness of shota Jaune in a dress.

Nora's face warped into a cat like grin with her snickering beside Ren in awe of the picture. Her cheeks were red and her nose leaked a bit of blood just like the others, Ren was simply startled and quickly went back into his stoic 'unfazed' look as if didn't bother him. It did.

Pyrrha felt steam coming out of her ears and her cheeks go tomato red, blood was seeping from her nose the same way as Ruby, Yang, Blake, and even Weiss.

"SSSSOOOOO CCCUUTTEEE!" They each cried out squealing in delight.

Jaune however merely stood frozen in stone at the embarrassing sight of his past with his sisters.

"Boomstick…snap him out of it, we got work to do." Whiz commented with a frustrated hand on his visor.

"You got it." The red armor clad host walked over and simply slapped Jaune's face with an armored glove nearly knocking him over.

"Ah okay okay! I get it, I'll play your game to the end, just PLEASE don't show anymore pictures or release them to any of my friends!" Jaune urged clearly panicked with very red cheeks. He felt like the soul drained out of him just a little bit when that was shown.

"We don't mean for this to come off as blackmail, Jaune. Just wanted to motivate you, but you have our word that we will not send pics to your friends." Whiz stated seeing Jaune relax and added 'But we will have to keep the audience pacified and show off at least one at a time during the commercial breaks.'

"I'll take your word for it, now let's play already." Jaune yelled out clearly pumped and then his expression changed into a mildly confused one. "So how uh…does this work anyway? You said what you wanted to do with me and 'potential love interests' but you never explained how to play."

"Glad you asked; you see these colored doors behind me?"

Jaune nodded.

"You decide on a candidate after the doors randomize whichever potential 'Waifus', as we call them, appear you enter into it. Remember these Waifus could be from anywhere in the known multiverse; from adult versions of your friends to similar parallel versions of them that exist in a non-magical world. Once you go through you will live out a romantic event of the girl of your choice, once the date is over you come back out over here and the plausibility ratio will indicate how likely it is to happen in your reality's version of the chosen girl, depending on the ratio level it is then followed by a statistically accurate vision of the future of you married to her." Whiz explained and Jaune nodded clearly in awe and a little giddy with excitement.

Of course that was nothing compared to Pyrrha's level of excitement of seeing a guaranteed future of herself and Jaune, she was positively jittery now.

"Just a few more things before we begin. These are very important so pay attention."

"First off, the girls back at Beacon in your reality will not be participating, if their current selves show up as a choice then in their place will be your own pocket of reality with the date happening instead of in your own canonical one so as to test you on the likelihood of ending up with said girl. For example; if one of these doors revealed your own world's Yang Xiao Long then you would go into that door and live out the date with her in the non-canon pocket of reality. The real Yang back in your world will not have been her and therefore not have experienced the date herself, but your intimate knowledge and feelings will remain when you come back. The plausibility ratio chart will determine how likely it is that you may fall in love together with her."

"Okay…I'm following this as best as I can, but wow…is this crazy." Jaune commented unsure how to feel about what he was told. Sure he was interested in dating, despite giving up on Weiss after his revelation, but he was more interested in getting stronger first.

Back with the girls, nearly all of them were blushing and now heavily interested in this show. Yang appeared a bit flustered at the fact that Jaune would be dating a reality simulation of her and coming back with intimate knowledge of everything about her. She didn't know whether to worry or welcome the possibility if Jaune turning himself into the perfect boyfriend suited to her personal needs.

'The only problem with that is…' Yang thought in slight panic and fear when feeling Pyrrha's comically murderous gaze on her backside with sword ready in hand. '…Pyrrha might not like the theoretical competition. Hehehee.' She mentally laughed nervously.

"Okay I got that part; basically it happened but not really happened. I get it, what else is there?"

"The last thing is that if plausibility is so strong there's an off chance the time/space duplicate of whoever you date will come over to your reality and become real so as in order to date you, but that doesn't apply to female RWBY characters that already exist. That only really applies to characters not living in your reality of Remnant such as non-huntress parallel versions of your friends and reverse gendered bombshell versions of your male friends." Whiz finished and Jaune did a double take when he remembered the last part.

"The likelihood is that is low, right?" Jaune nervously asked dreading the thought of having to date a female version of Cardin or Neptune. "Nevermind, let's get started!"

"Glad to hear it, and…here WE GO!" Whiz declared and the 'doors' of color projected numbers after apparently being randomized from behind the colored veils.

Once the numbers ceased they were branded with random one-digit numbers his choices were; 6, 2, 3, 1.

The doors then slid up and Jaune marveled at his choices.

The girls back at Beacon closed on the screen in great interest when the candidates appeared;

Number 6, was a gorgeous blonde blue eyed woman with beautiful long golden hair. She was tall and wore a tight red shirt highlighting her sizable bust and tight fitting jeans that showed off her curvatures. She appeared a little toned and masculine yet held the beauty of a super model and held an air of a party girl.

"Number Six is….Barbara Dunkelman of the Rooster Teeth universe!"

"Hey there, ladykiller." She winked and stuck out her tongue in a flirty way. Jaune blushed and felt his nose bleed at the sight of her, he also felt his heart beat hard.

The girls back at Beacon didn't like it too much that he reacted to her in a way he never reacted around even Weiss.

"That's my voice, she sounds like me…! That's a parallel version of me! So freaking awesome I look like a badass babe!" Yang cheered with stars in her eyes.

' Hate her.' Pyrrha and Ruby both thought in unison with the visual manifestation of malevolent aura radiating off of them.

Number 2, was a female clad head to toe in badass looking space armor similar to that of the hosts. Her strange helmet came off and down came a flowing ponytail of blazing red hair. Her eyes were green and her face gave off the vibe of a hardened warrior jaded by her experiences. Pyrrha took note of the resemblance and immediately connected the dots.

"Hello there." She simply stated with a leering gaze directed at Jaune that made him feel a little intimidated at first glance.

"Number two is…Agent Carolina from Red vs Blue!"

'That voice is…me. This must be a parallel version of me but much older." Pyrrha surmised completely astounded by her other self. Everyone else sat in awe as well and eagerly awaited the next two contestants.

Number 3, came out an older version of Ruby Rose in her V4 outfit, she was taller and more womanly with her hair being just a bit longer. She appeared to truly have matured and looked on at Jaune somberly.

"Hey there, Jaune." She cheerily greeted in her soft sweet voice.

"Number three is…a future version of Ruby Rose from your universe!"

"Wow! Look how cool I look!" Ruby cheered back at the dorm room with stars in her eyes. Everyone else was just as impressed at seeing the spirited little girl mature into such a young woman.

Lastly number 1, was a teenage woman a bit taller than Ruby, she wore tight jeans and a familiar red jacket that did little to cover her bust. Her hair spiky and blue stylized in the same way as Nebula Violet with goggles at the top of her forehead. Her light blue eyes and fully pouty lips gave off the impression of the wild babe archetype that also had a few tiny star shaped marks along her left cheek.

Jaune immediately paled when he realized who she resembled and remembered what the host said earlier, Weiss looked astounded and completely appalled when all of them made the connection in identifying the last candidate.

"Number one is…Neptunia Vasilias from the R63 universe!"

"Hey there, good looking." She jeered with a cute wink sent towards Jaune's way.


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End chapter

Continued in the next episode…

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