"Ahem, okay, this is my first time doing this, but here we go! The following is a program based on two different web series. This program will contain a lot of multi-universe craziness involving various versions of already wild characters. These characters are including but not limited to; Yanderes, mythological warriors, Catgirls, Reverse-gendered dude male characters that look very cute, deities, sorceresses, Maidens, spiritual warrior women, Freelancers, voice actresses, Etc. Oh and cute redheaded Cyborg women!" Penny Polendina from the Human AU squeaked while finishing her read off the paper.

"Oh, and please support the writer by sending messages demanding 'Updates', kicking his lazy butt into gear and re-motivating him to write so that we can all read this fun story. Be sure to include your favorites if you haven't already. Hee hee, and enjoy the show!~" She added, pushing a finger to her cheek and smiling a toothy smile at the camera.

Compatibility Ratio Scores- 200% being maximum limit.

Ruby Rose- 89% -(40% Initial Familiarity)

V4 Ruby Rose( 49% performance bonus)

Yang Xiao Long-64%-(30% Initial Familiarity)

Barbara Dunkelman (34% performance bonus)

Pyrrha Nikos- 0% *Reset after Marriage possibility vision* (40% Initial Familiarity-)

Agent Carolina (32% performance score)

Erza Scarlet (70% Score)


Raven Branwen- 64% (First-time encounter adaptivity plus performance bonus)

Weiss Schnee-80%(Initial Familiarity-35%)

V4 Weiss Schnee-(Performance bonus-45%)

Neptunia Vasilias- 61%-(Initial R63 adaptivity plus performance bonus)

Salem the Witch (RWBY)- 75% (First-time encounter adaptivity plus performance bonus)

Glynda Goodwitch-66%-(30% initial Familiarity)

Teenage Glynda GoodWitch (36% performance bonus)

Summer Rose (AU RWBY Past)- 67% (First-time encounter adaptivity plus performance bonus)

Blake Belladonna- 108% Score (20% Initial Familiarity)

V4 Blake Belladonna- 48%(performance score)

Ninja Maid Blake Belladonna- 40% Score (Initial familiarity and adaptivity plus performance score)

Kali Belladonna-70% Score (Initial familiarity and adaptivity plus performance score)

Winter Schnee (RWBY) 68%(Initial compatibility and adaptivity bonus)

Joan Arc (R63)70%-(50% initial Familiarity)

Neopolitan-68% (First-time encounter adaptivity plus performance bonus)

Nora Valkyrie-66%-(32% Familiarity)

Nora the Valkyrie Warrior (34% performance bonus)

Lian Ren (R63) 60%(Initial compatibility and adaptivity bonus)

Current Podium Roster-, Rias Gremory(Highschool DxD), Yang Xiao Long (RWBY), Tifa (Final Fantasy 7)

Reserve Roster- Penny Polendina(Human AU), Romana Torchwick(R63), Molly Mollusk(Grimm Anthro), and Crocea Mors(Weapon AU),Cinder Ella Fall (AU), Yio Brando-Long (JJBA-AU), Eve Taurus (R63), Vernal (V5), Wolf Faunus Ruby (Furry AU)

The Game Show of Jaune Arc's Dating Life

Contestant: Human Penny Polendina (AU)

By Azure

The flashing light above Penny's head called for the girl to do a little 'Jiggle-me-hips' dance of happiness. It was the cutest thing the audience had seen to date.

"I'm walking on sunshine. Oh oh ooh!~ Mhm mhm.~" She sang musically at finally being selected to be Jaune Arc's next date.

"Heh, she's kinda really cute, you know. I feel bad that she's been waiting this long for me to get with her though. Better make it worth her while." Jaune said himself as the portal window of the stage opened up, revealing a strangely high-class location of being inside of a manor somewhere in Atlas.

"Ah! That's my house! Yaaay! Our date is going to be there?" Penny asked the hosts Wiz and Boomstick nearby, both having the same posture of hands on hips and nodding their heads up-to-down inside their helmets.

"Yep, we figured this was perhaps the most appropriate place for you and Jaune to really get to know each other, we'll be doing faster up-to-date outings so that we can better scroll down the list. So expect that another version of you, or you yourself for a rematch, will come back at some point, okay?" Wiz instructed and Human Penny skipped into the air, whimsically rushing over to Jaune's side and happily hooking her arms around his right in a cute girly fashion.

"Hee hee, I can't wait. C'mon, Jaune, let's go to my place. There you can meet my dad and say hi to 'Freckles', my pet." Penny beamed excitedly, making Jaune chuckle happily with a smile as he patted the top of her head and started walking with her to the portal.

"Ah, wait a minute, hold on. I got something I wanna go over with everybody before you two play tonsil-honkey with each other." Boomstick called out, making Jaune's face go red with surprise and Penny tilt her head in confusion not knowing what he said.

'Did he have to phrase it like that!?' Jaune thought to himself in embarrassment the heard the scuffling noises of Yang and Tifa once more butting heads, literally.

"Ggggg! If you wanna go, chest melons, let's go! I've had about enough of your bad attitude already!" Yang snarled into Tifa's face, lightning struck across from between them, visible to everybody else's eyes and making Jaune sigh wearily once again.

'They had been going at it like this forever now since they arrived, maybe I can ask Wiz and Boomstick to send Yang home, but...' He pondered in thought and looked over to see Yang crossing her arms in a huff with Tifa mirroring her actions. '...I always did kinda wonder what it'd be like if we hung out together on a date. I don't think I've had one with her yet, unless you count Barbara her voice actor from another universe.'

"Well, as I was saying, I was going to tell you...Jaune, that after your date with Penny there, we're doing a twofer with those two big-breasted brawlers so they can be out of the way." Boomstick declared, making both Yang and Tifa look to him at the same time with surprise.

"What? We're going to be dating Jaune..."

"...at the same time together? Is that even allowed? I kinda wanted to spend some...*Ahem*..personal time with him alone, you know." Tifa finished, leaving Yang to stare at her from the side, begrudgingly nodding in agreement.

'I still don't know where I fit into all of this,to be honest. I still have Issei back home in my own dimension, buuut...I suppose I can give Jaune a tip or two as a 'Date' for our thing.' Rias thought to herself, still thinking she was summoned here by mistake.

"Yep yep, so that way you two punching Patties can't clock my head into a dented soda can anymore, also I think you're scaring some of the audience anyway." Boomstick answered.

"He does not speak for me." Romana Torchwcick spoke out.

"Neither hath I." Cinder Ella said in agreement.

"Same." Crocea Mors said.

"I welcome the challenge to fight or court that beautiful girly man myself. I care not either way!" Yang's counterpart Yio added.

"I couldn't care less, I'll cut off an arm if I need to." Eve Taurus added.

"Alright...let's hope for...no? I don't mind a down-n-dirty brawl, but I'm here for a man. So get on with it." Vernal said with a smirk and a growl directed at Jaune.

"*Gurgles*...me fine too." Molly Mollusk said.

"*Wooff!* Me too, too!~" Wolf Ruby chirped with a beaming smile on her face. The rest of similar looks on their faces, deflating Boomstick's message and making him gesture for Jaune to go with a 'Shoo shoo' gesture.

"Just go, have fun..yadda...yadda."

'Poor guy.' Jaune thought as he felt Penny tug him along with her as they entered the portal in front of them to arrive back in her home dimension.

With Ruby and the Others...

"Awww! Look just how happy Penny is by taking Jaune on a date. I'm so rooting for her, well...I...uh...am rooting for all of us too, obviously." Ruby giggled nervously.

"Worry not, Ruby, it is always fine to cheer for the women who Jaune manages to charm. I still root for myself of course, but I do digress...that a lot of women happen to be interested in him. This...might be a problem." Pyrrha voiced with concern and looked to the side wondering what the Mistralian laws are on 'Harems'.

'I know what she's thinking and it's not viable, otherwise, you would see many rich Atlas elites sheltering all of their illegitimate children and mistresses all in one place. Still though, Arc does have that kind of effect on people. I wonder if there's a way we can all win.' Weiss pondered and Nora simply scrolled through the website looking for more embarrassing photos of their leader.

"Aw, it feels like two whole years since we've gotten any updates, you know. I wanna see more embarrassing Jaune pictures!" She whined like a child and shook her arms around in frustration.

"I'm sure there's plenty more seeing as there were already some, to begin with. I just hope he doesn't turn into a stone statue again when they eventually bring them up again." Ren chimed in with the usual voice of wisdom from the group. 'I do admit, seeing him do that was actually kinda funny.'

"So...are we all just going to ignore that Yang is over there now and having a blood feud with that other girl? I'm kinda worried she will actually wreck the stage itself if she gets pissed off." Blake voiced, making the others frown in agreement at their friend's reckless behavior.

"I say we have faith in her, after all, even Yang knows she can't punch two cosmic Space Gods to get what she wants, right?" Ruby voiced with a shrug, and as though the Universe were waiting for that moment, they all heard the next part coming out from the TV.

"I'm going to punch your freaking blocks off, you two!" Yang's voice screamed from the television, making everyone glare at Ruby with deadpan eyes.

"Hehehe...there's always room for error?"

Back with Jaune and Penny...

Walking through the portal and arriving at the inside of a very lavish, spacious manor somewhere in Atlas, Jaune couldn't help except be amazed by everything around him. It reminded him a little of the training room he was given to perfect his abilities and strengthen his body like so, but in this case, it was Penny's home. The portal closed up leaving the two of them alone with each other, Jaune turned around to see the meek bashful sweet little girl fidgeting with her fingers in a very cute way.

'Dammit! She is just so cute...! But okay, it's obvious this is her first time with a boy, better be gentle and not rush or do things she doesn't like first. Start off as her friend.' Jaune thought to himself then cleared his throat catching her attention.

"So...how about you introduce me to Freckles, Penny? Then maybe you can tell me a little more about yourself in the meantime. There's actually so little I know about you, aside from the fact that Ruby in my world had a friend with the exact same name and face. Although, she's kinda weird...in a way."

"Well, I've been considered 'Weird' too from time to time actually. My father is so protective of me, he rarely ever lets me go out and play with the other kids or go off on my own." Penny let out, making Jaune's face soften up with sympathy as they walked through the manor to Penny's room.

"That sucks, my mom and Dad were kinda the same way, but to be fair I did have a habit of always accidentally shanking myself with my own wooden sword when playing Knight. I think parents just sorta do that thing, some more than others I guess, eh?"

Penny smiled at this and giggled just a little bit when picturing Shota Jaune doing exactly that.

"You wound up hurting yourself on a wooden sword? How is that even possible? Was it sharp?" She asked, interested, and looked a bit relieved to avoid the subject of her father's controlling nature. Jaund did pick up a few things about talking to women, after all, he also knew how to make one feel better by steering the conversation into something more pleasant.

"It's possible, even for a dull sword, I know half of my sisters were laughing, the other half were smothering me in their chests coddling me, and my parents had to bandage me up for about a week since it isn't sharp enough to warrant a trip to the doctor." He explained with a look fo embarrassment on his face.

"Hehehehehe! I'm sorry, it's just...I've never heard such a story before. Also, Jaune...I've been wondering about something before we really get started on our 'Date', I was...oh! Freckles! There you are.~" Penny beamed brightly when she was looking at something behind Jaune with a smile.

'Huh, is he a tall dog? I wonder how big he could beeeeeeeee...?!' Jaune trailed off when he turned around to see a large Mantis-class military Atlas-themed Android on hind feet standing over his head. It had a pair of rocket launchers attached to its sides, no face or eyes to speak of, just a smooth-looking torso piece that looked to be analyzing him through its hidden cameras.

The color drained from his face and he looked back to Penny for answers.

"Freckles! I've missed you so much!" She rushed at the large war-machine robot and hugged it's right leg, making Jaune feel dumbfounded.

"Mistress Penny, I am pleased to see you. Your father was very worried when you disappeared. I assume this is the culprit." Its electronic voice boomed into the hallway, making Jaune wonder just how in the Hell can this thing be considered a pet? It then pointed its missile launcher at him with a few additional mounted-machine guns doing the same. "Target: Locked."

"Uuuh, Penny? A little help, please." Jaune uttered out, feeling afraid of being caught in the crosshairs of something so large and menacing. Sure, he wrestled with Giant monsters in Nora's world, fought Grimm with Summer Rose, and did all sorts of stuff, but he still didn't like staring down such a large barrel of a machine gun.

"Ah. Freckles, down! Now! Jaune is not the culprit who kidnapped me...he uh...rescued me!" She revealed, clutching into Jaune's side protectively.

Freckles lowered his weapons a bit, seemingly powering down its arsenal it heard Penny add one last thing.

"That's right, he's my hero...and my date."

'Oh no.' Jaune thought.

And on cue, the machine guns were raised back up to aim down at Jaune once again, this time with everything powering up like it was to rage war against him.

"Target: Locked." Its voice boomed out again, making Jaune feel tempted to grab Penny into his arms and run away from this thing before he could hurt it, or it hurt him.

Thankfully a third voice spoke out, catching their attention and making Penny's smile return once again as they saw a kind-looking tan-skinned man rolling up to them in a high-tech wheelchair with orbs for wheels.

"Now, now, Freckles. This is Penny's hero here, lower your weapons and power them down immediately. We are not hurting anyone." The man said in a gentle yet commanding voice. The robot's weaponry slowly lowered down at it sides, as though it were reluctant to obey.

"Understood, Master. Observation focus: Two hundred percent on the suspect." The robot said, making it clear that it was 'Watching Jaune' in case he tried anything.

'Seriously? Why is this my luck with anything except women? Do monsters and robots just hate me?' Jaune whined internally until he saw the old man come up to him with ah and outstretched.

"Greetings, I am Doctor Polendina, Penny's father. Pleased to meet you, lad. I apologize about Freckles though, he can be overprotective of Penny." Doctor Polendina introduced himself and shook Jaune's hand with a kindly smile, making Penny beam brightly at the two as she took to her fathers' side in order to hug him tight.

"Sorry for worrying you, Father, is it okay if I show Jaune around the place? We're kinda on a special outing...as a reward for him rescuing me. I was...lost for a little while. But he is A-okay in my book. Tee hee!~" Penny explained with a giddy smile on her face, flashing her Dad a thumbs-up gesture while doing so.

"Hmmm, well all right, thank you very much, Jaune...was it? I'd be happy to have the Maids cook you two up a nice filling lunch later if you'll have it. Heh heh, but right now I'm sure my daughter wants to show you around. Please, be my guest." Professor Polendina scooted to the sight, allowing the two of them to move through into the rest of the spacious hallway.

"Thanks, Daddy. I promise we won't be long." Penny gushed, gave her father a hug then tugged on one of Jaune's hands hauling him away into the depths of the illustrious Atlas manor.

"B-but, please keep your door open! I don't want to have to send Freckles to intrude if I suspect some hanky-panky!" He called out, causing Penny to nearly trip over herself in response to that accusation.


Where the Non-Human Penny was at...

Holding out the scroll in her hands and marveling in wonder at the sight of her 'Human' self getting along to playfully with Ruby's friend, which she now calls her friend since they met, Penny the Android saw the look of happiness in her other self's eyes and wondered if she could be a part of that.

"Huh, that other 'Me' there is certainly happy, but I think she may be...sad on the inside? I can tell that both our Dads are very controlling, but still...maybe I should try getting on in this. If it's possible. Oh, I must tell Ruby right away! I need to see this tall friend she has and try to get in on this contest. It'll be sensational!~" Penny gushed happily and started making her way uptown from one of the lower parts of Vale's downtown area.

Behind her, and running herself ragged trying to keep up, was her handler Ciel Soleil.

"Penny...wait...! *Huff..huff..huff* At least take me with you if you're going back to Beacon! Hmph!" The tanned girl with a beret huffed and crossed her arms in a very Weiss-like fashion feeling annoyed with her partner. "That girl.

She then heard the sounds of Penny's rocket boosters coming online as well as he saw her brandish out her tech-wings from her backside, making Ciel's jaw drop like an anvil in mortification.

"H-how...no, wait! You can't do that in the middle of the city!" She warned, but Penny, feeling too excited, flew off anyway into the skies heading to the Beacon dormitory building, leaving many bystanders wondering just what the Hell they saw. 'They don't pay me enough for this.'

Just then, her Scroll came online, catching her attention and causing the girl to pull it out only to find a stream site link directly to the Gameshow going on.

'What is this?'

Back to where Jaune and Penny were at...

Arriving inside of the girl's bedroom and realizing that it was much like the rooms of his own sisters, albeit with the inclusion of Red Vs Blue posters on the wall, Jaune felt wowed by how girly this adorable ginger-haired angle was.

"Heh, nice room, it's...ahem...really big too. So then, Penny...what shall we do for our date...?" Jaune asked then looked behind himself to see a rather sullen-looking Penny sitting on her bed, huddling with her knees together in sadness. 'Oh no, what did I do? Did I say anything to offend her?'

"Jauney...? I must confess something to you...I...have never had a friend before." She began and looked up into his eyes with a somewhat anxious-looking smile.

"I've been so overprotected by my father that I rarely am allowed to go outside and mingle with other people. Even my schooling was private and handled by machinery. So...take no offense with me saying this...but I'm really not sure how to be a proper 'Date'...since I've never been a proper friend. It's kinda why I was so happy back at the stage of the Gameshow, I was actually 'Free' for a while and at first, I was excited to bring you here to my home, because well...you're kinda cute. Hehe. But...as soon as I saw my father again I felt like a little kid again and don't feel like the kind of girl that'd be confident enough to kiss you when this is over."

'So that's what it is, she's never experienced basic human stuff like hanging out with people. Huh, this was supposed to be a date, but the important thing is making them happy. Forget the romance for right now, time to be a pal instead.' Jaune reasoned then knelt down and reached for both of Penny's hands, grabbing them gently into his own and making her look up into his eyes with surprise.

"Okay, let's forget the whole date and romance angle for the time being, how about you show me what you do for fun around here? For this outing, I'll be your Bro, your confidante, and your all-around buddy regardless of what score it gets me. C'mon, I can think of a few things we could do for fun, like throw toilet paper all over Freckles." He suggested with a beaming smile, immediately making Penny's spirits lift up as she got up off the bed.

"Sounds Sensational! Hee hee, let's do it.~" She led him out of the room and readied to have a full day with her first-ever friend.

First, the pair decided to go with Jaune's idea by throwing rolls of TP over Freckles' stationary body while he recharges for the day. at first, Penny was hesitant about that to her pet, but she immediately found it fun and actually used an entire package of twenty-four rolls, making Freckles look like a mummy.

They laughed happily with each other for a good while until the giant robot Droid 'Woke up' and started chasing after Jaune exclusively with Missiles firing off of his salvos. Needless to say, that wasn't his most pleasant experience today, but he was having fun with Penny nonetheless.

Their second outing led to Penny and Jaune practicing cooking all on their own inside of the manor's kitchen, leading the girl to discover her talent for baking Cinnamon rolls, cakes, and Cannolis. How she knew those recipes was another story, but Jaune found what she made to be so sweet, he wound up making a comment that left her completely flustered.

"Heh, you're every bit as sweet as a roll itself, are you sure you're not made of sugar and everything nice, Penny?" Jaune asked with a mouth full of pastry, unknowing that he made the skittish redhead blush like a tomato.

This essentially led to her dousing him in thick gout of baking flour simply out of reflex! Shortly after cleaning himself and dusting off, both Jaune and Penny decided to continue on their day's worth of social time with Penny feeling less anxious about her lack of experience. Little by little she was succumbing to that warm feeling one gets when being fond of someone to the extent you'd call 'Love', this was most assuredly seen by Ruby back in Beacon.

With Ruby and the others...

"Awww, you can tell she's super happy right now. I never knew a 'Human' Penny could have it so rough, I'm guessing since..things are different her father would be way more protective of her, to the point it stifles her social life.' Ruby thought to herself, feeling happy that the alternative version of her friend was in such high spirits.

Even with Freckles silently tailing them from behind with crosshairs setting it sights on Jaune.

"That robot must really have it out for him, is it some kind of universe thing where Jaune...never catches a break? Because I'm starting to feel like it is." Nora voiced, making the others exchange looks of slight confusion and shrug, simply pegging it as more of 'Arc Luck' than anything unusual.

"In either case, I'll be happy when or if he returns home here. I do confess to being very curious about my other versions coming into the fray.~" Pyrrha sang, feeling very eager to see another future vision of herself.

"Yeah? Well, hold onto your Trojan horses, Pyrrha, because I'm going to be the next one to see that future of mine. I even got a contestant in line waiting for her turn." Ruby declared triumphantly with a hand on her hips.

"Your 'Person', Ruby, is currently sniffing the scalp of that other Yang clone, the Gaudy-looking one." Weiss commented flatly, making the red riding hood slump her arms in defeat.

"I'm just surprised you came out and said it, knowing Pyrrha's here. How do you feel about Jaune, Weiss? Both your sister and a future you have it bad for him if that score is anything to go by." Blake added with a coy smile, noting that Weiss became flustered once again at the mere mention.

"Hmph! I'll not give you the satisfaction of that answer, Blake." Weiss huffed indignantly.

"Well I know that I want my other self to have lots of babies with him! I'm not afraid to say it, I'm rooting for them! No offense, Pyrrha." Nora cried out with excitement.

"Hehehe, none taken, Nora. I wish all of us the best of luck in calming Jaune's heart." Pyrrha said, making Ren's eyebrow twitch and Blake's cat ears slump for the latter had not had a personal date with him yet.

'I still didn't get romanced by him yet though, my other selves maybe, but not me. I wonder...' Blake mulled until they saw the final scenes of Jaune and Penny's date coming to a head at a picnic within her mansion's courtyard.

Back to Jaune and Penny...

"So...aside from being chased by Freckles, again, this has been a pretty fun day so far,right?" Jaune asked, with his clothes largely singed and ruined in places after avoiding many missile strikes on his person.

Penny was giddy with happiness as she set his food on a paper plate then pushed it towards him. The smile on her freckled face this time wasn't a fake at all, instead, she was genuinely happy to have a 'Normal' day with another person like this.

"I am so sorry Freckles keeps on doing that, Jaune, no matter how many times I call him off he insists on stalking you for some reason. Maybe he likes you?"

One of Jaune's burnt hair locks fell off of his head and turned into ashes.

"I doubt that." He replied and then both felt smiles spread to their faces, with each of them laughing merrily until Penny tripped over something while standing on her knees.

She fell gently on top of Jaune's partially burnt frame, placing her soft hands onto his chest and feeling his exposed skin from the burnt holes of his favorite hooded shirt. He did feel he could ask Wiz and Boomstick to repair it though, but the two of them locked eye-contact with Penny's heart racing a mile a minute as she felt the compelling force of attraction take place.

Suddenly, without warning, she leaned down onto his lips and kissed Jaune directly without so much as an ounce of hesitation.

"Mhm.~" She mewled pleasantly with eyes closed tight and hands coming around his neck in order to embrace him completely. 'This is so nice...hehehe. I just...felt like doing it, no more anxiety or insecurities holding me back. I finally have a real friend...maybe a boyfriend in the future?'

Jaune closed his eyes and kissed back, letting it last as long as a few moments until eventually, they broke off with blushing smiles.

"Hee hee hee, that was my first kiss, yo know. But I'm glad it was with somebody I care a lot about, I guess I went from being 'Friend buddies' to 'Date' in zero time flat." Penny giggled as she got up and pulled Jaune to his feet, keeping her hands locked around his own as they looked into each other's eyes for a successful date now completed.

"Yeah, heh, it was more important for you to have someone to grow close with then feel pressure on a date. At least I think so, the first time for me kissing a BFF, not counting the dates I've had so far. So, what did you think of our date so far?" Jaune asked and Penny pushed a finger into her cheek, posing cutely and tossing a wink at him.

"What do you think, Jaune? It was sensational.~" She replied and saw him smile back until both of them heard a familiar voice speaking out into the background.

"I think you should marry my daughter now."


Jaune and Penny turned their heads to see Penn's father, Professor Polendina, rolling up into the courtyard with an expectant smile on his face.

"I'm glad you two seem to be able to connect with each other so perfectly, but as such, this house of mine does have a few rules. If my daughter is so much as kissing a boy, then he must immediately marry into the family, no ifs and or buts about it. It is why, to my regret, I forbade Penny from going outside too often to mingle with villagers and citizens of Atlas, but now I don't have to worry about that seeing as how she got a husband."

'WHAT?!' Jaune's mind screamed and Penny, actually felt at peace with that idea. It was a Win-win for her in every way possible.

"What kind of crazy rule is that?! What year is this anyway?" Jaune screamed out with a blush on his face, and somewhere he felt a murderous intent coming out of, not one, but multiple women back home and on the Game Show.

"Heheh, I forgot to mention that was a rule he placed down, but don't worry that doesn't apply to you since you're not a resident. You are from the Gameshow, remember?" Penny explained, easing some of Jaune's worries until they heard the stomping of Freckles nearby.

Once more they saw the giant military Robot cocking its guns and aiming all of its weapons straight at Jaune ready to fire.

"Target: Locked. Simply give the order, Master." It's electronic voice beamed loudly and Jaune, secretly wishing the hosts were watching out for him, subtly stepped away from Penny with Professor's eyes firmly on him.

"I don't know what Gameshow business you're talking about, but you will marry my daughter, boy! Freckles...keep him in sight." He instructed and Jaune was now sweating beads at this point.

"Penny, as much as I adore you, we're going to have come back to that idea...much, much later. I do have a Gameshow to get back to after all. Those ladies are waiting for me." Jaune explained nervously.

"Yep yep, I know, but still I hope I'll see you again, someday, Jaune. Until then, keep winning all those hearts and making all those women feel as special as I did, today." Penny beamed at him, waiving him bye as the portal nearby opened up.

'She is seriously such a cinnamon roll. Oh what the hell.' Jaune quickly pulled Penny into his arms and pressed his lips onto hers again, this time taking her in a very romantic kiss that made her body shudder with romantic euphoria.

The Professor's jaw dropped open and Freckles now charged his weapons to full capacity. The minute Jaune let go of a dizzily smiling Penny, he rushed right over into the portal leading out of her world, only to barely avoid several miniature missiles and bullets firing in his direction!

"Gyaaaaaaahhhhh!" He screamed out in panic and dashed through the portal successfully, leaving a gushing Penny behind holding her cheeks in giddy happiness. No sooner did the portal close up and he found himself back on the stage of the Gameshow with most of his clothing burnt off.

"Whew, okay...I think I made out just fine and handled myself perfectly." Jaune said while feeling more of his clothing getting turned into burnt crisps that crumbled away. Suddenly it was only wearing tattered jeans that barely covered up his crotch and a partially shredded Pumpkin Pete hoodie showing off much of his adorned.

This aroused many of the audience capacitance, particularly Vernal who had leaned over her seat to whistle at him.

"Take the rest off!" She called out to him, making him blush sheepishly as he turned around to face the hosts.

"Okay, so how did I do, guys? Also..." He turned in the direction of Yang and Tifa now begrudgingly sharing a Podium, leaving another completely empty next to Penny's vacant podium. "...are those two sharing a Podium now? What gives?"

Both Wiz and Boomstick sighed.

"It was because we had to get them to cooperate, and that was no easy feat, in order for each girl to date you at the same time." Wiz revealed, making Jaune look at them gobsmacked until he heard Yang call out to him.

"Hey, hey, Loverboy, it'll just be fun times between you and me come next round. As soon as I lose this third wheel anyway." Yang gestured to Tifa, who simply rubbed her temple and sighed before looking over at Jaune.

The brunette felt an odd familiarity with him and the image she had when seeing that blonde hair and blue eyes made her smile.

"Not before me of course, I'll give 'Loverboy' there a date of a lifetime, just you wait...it'll be fun.~" She purred while licking her lips. Tifa leaned over the podium a bit to tug open the cleavage window of her white top, making Jaune gulp nervous as he started feeling aroused.

"Well, in any case, it's mainly to get them both out of here. So we're doing a rare Double-Whammy Date where you'll take the two of them out and/or maybe engage them in a wrestling match to suit their 'I'm better than you' thing they got going on." Boomstick explained and Jaune looked to the two busty brawlers, feeling a bit nervous yet excited all the same.

He always did have a thing for abrasive women with large chests, even though he wasn't the picky type, but part of him did fear for his life in getting caught in that knife fight between Lionesses.

'This will be...something.' He thought then turned around to look at the hosts again while gesturing to his clothing. "Uh guys, a little help here please. I need a change of clothing first."

"You got it, man!"

To be continued...

End of Chapter

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