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The Dating Possibilities of Jaune Arc

By Azure

Chapter Two- Contestant- Ruby Rose(V4)

Warning- this program contains out-of-universe craziness involving parallel dimension characters including but not limited to: Sorceresses, reverse Gendered dudebros, Maidens and/or maiden versions of main girls, extremely amorous Grimmified versions of main girls, famous voice actresses, Freelancer parallels, Non-blood related siblings, psychotic stalkers from another dimension, medieval warriors, and of course the occasional vampires that don't effing sparkle.

No other worldly Jaune Arcs were harmed in the making of this program, instead we are focused on exploiting the shipping potential of this Jaune Arc for our own entertai- Science, we definitely mean science!

For downloadable pictures of shota Jaune wait till after the show then tweet 'Hashtag Delicious shota' to our website.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

The image of Zwei hanging off the line disappeared bringing the screen back to the stage of the show where Whiz stood before the audience with his hands on his hips.

"Now welcome are back to our regularly scheduled program! We apologize for the brief interruption, but not only did we forget to enable the language censors we also forgot to put that disclaimer at the top. It's all taken care of and now we can return to the visual of…Jaune frozen in place again." The Blur armored host directed the camera over to a frozen Jaune with mouth agape behind the podium.

"Boomstick you know the drill."

"This is the part of the job I love." The Red armored host declared when he sauntered over to Jaune's place and delivered a swift backhand with his metal covered hand!

"Oommphf! Okay alright, I'll…try to stop doing that, just please stop slugging me in the face. That armor hurts like crazy." Jaune said woozily as he shook himself off. The thick bruise on his cheek healed soon enough with aura and both hosts went back ot the large game board at the left side of the show wall where the four doorway arches displayed the current four contestants.

Barbara cutely winked at him as she stood patiently in her doorframe. "Aww, he looked kinda cute frozen there like that. The open mouth stare was actually giving me raunchy thoughts on what to put in there." She commented eliciting a blush from Jaune as well as heated stares from the CRWBY on the other side of the screen.

"What she said, but try not to freak out on our date, cutie." Neptunia commented giving her own cute wink to Jaune nearly making him want to block out the memory. It was jarring enough to the boy seeing one of his friends/rivals in romance come onto him.

"Noted, I like to think I have a stronger constitution, us Arc men are built tough after all." Jaune said back putting a pose of false bravado earning a cute laugh from V4 Ruby and an embarrassed scoff from Carolina.

All the girls, including Ren, watched in addictive interest as the show returned from the Zwei screen.

"Awe, I liked that picture too. I should've taken a picture of it to put as my lock screen." Ruby said pouting not even registering what Barbara said, she assumed it was food.

Weiss, Blake, and Yang all breathed a sigh of relief that their still childlike leader didn't get what she said.

Yang giggled feeling proud of how brazen her counterpart was, Weiss was mildly disgusted at her vulgar demeanor. Blake didn't really care, but she did take note of another idea to put into her smut writing.

"You think she was talking about pancakes, Ren?" Nora guessed still sitting with her head atop of Ren's skull looking on at the screen like a cat. You forget sometimes she was childlike and hyperactive as Ruby herself.

"I sincerely doubt that, Nora, but what I'm wondering about are the contents of the disclaimer notice just before the show resumed. Are…all…those counterparts likely to come through?" Ren asked unsure of how he felt about a reverse gendered version of himself being set up as a dating partner for his leader. Neptunia alone freaked him out honestly.

"I don't think I can really look at Neptune the same way after seeing what looks to be a twin sister make a move on Arc." Weiss commented shuddering a little. Part of her didn't like what she saw because it distorted her view of Neptune, but also because she didn't like that Jaune was getting flirted with so easily. She just wouldn't dare admit it.

"I'm hoping he makes it with my parallel self, that would be so kickass!" Yang pumped ignoring the glares of Weiss, Ruby, and especially Pyrrha's.

"You would expect him to hook up with that version of you instead of wondering if he'll date the actual in-universe of yourself? Have you wondered what would happen if you yourself ended up showing in one of those portals? They stated it in the example earlier." Blake teased with a barely visible smirk when she noticed Yang's smile slipping from her face.

'S-she's right…! Would me and vomit-boy really…hit it off? Is that a possibility in this life?' She wondered and visualized Pyrrha in the near future bearing all kinds of malevolent aura when facing her down a supposed 'duel' during class. She shuddered at the prospect and tried to focus on something else.

'Not if I want to live, hehehe, still though…he's a cute blonde like me. Wait did I just say 'cute'?!'

"Did anyone else take the picture of little Jaune in his dress? I snapped a shot in case anyone waaannntss iiiittt." Nora offered teasingly while waving her scroll around, a scroll that displayed a screenshot of shota Jaune in a dress.

"Eeeee! So cute! I want one!" Ruby gushed feeling her cheeks light up the same as Pyrrha's.

"Send me one as well, Nora!" Pyrrha added with cheeky smile. 'Maybe I found a solid training motivation for Jaune with these pictures.'

"Oh for- just send it to all our scrolls." Weiss cut in with slightly tinged cheeks, she averted everyone's gazes and looked to the side in a typical tsundere manner.

'You're so easy to read, Weiss.' Blake thought and raised her hand along with the other girls.

After Nora quickly sent the picture to all their scrolls they all turned their heads back to the screen.

'Poor Jaune, I can't imagine how he would feel when he finds out about that or rather his reaction to the fact that he has an audience that saw that picture. At least no one else that we know of is watching this.' Ren thought feeling the vague premonition that…

…he was very very wrong.


"Dude…at first I thought that picture of toddler Jaune was something else, admittedly cute as hell, but now I'm way more focused and/or curious about that girl version of you." Sun Wukong stated with a look of surprise as he held the scroll in front of himself.

"Neptune? Buddy?" Sun asked looking over to his blue haired friend who seemed frozen in place at the sight of his counterpart.

'Oh great he's probably triggered, this is just like how he is when it comes to water. It's going to be all day with this.' Sun thought until Neptune broke out of his reverie with an unexpected shout.

"Hot damn I look crazy hot as a chick! Go get her, Jaune!" He pumped his right fist into the air.

Back to Jaune…

"Hey…uh…why did we all wait here doing nothing for those couple of minutes?" Jaune asked and the two hosts turned back to him after facing what looked to be an invisible screen. His thoughts and his eyes often went back to the dazzling quad of women, especially older Ruby who appeared as feminine and charming as Pyrrha and Weiss. Perhaps even more so.

He desperately tried to avoid looking at Neptunia, but the blue haired girl flaunted her 'assets' by stretching her arms over her head.

Carolina stood patiently waiting for the hosts to continue on albeit with a disgruntled frown on her face.

Barb was just tweeting on her phone in wait, all with a smile on her face.

V4 Ruby never stopped looking at him with that sweet yet somber look, Jaune couldn't help but marvel at her silver eyes.

'Has she always looked that…beautiful?" Jaune marveled in thought when the hosts spoke up.

"Apologies about that, Jaune. We were just gauging the reactions from our esteemed audience. So far the reactions are greatly amusing and we've recorded it all to feed into our live-stream for later." Whiz explained leaving Jaune to pale in fear.

'Those two hosts can see us watching them!?' Weiss thought astounded just like everyone else.

Pyrrha's head scanned around the room noticing nothing out of the ordinary before she sat back down on the bed.

"Well they did say they were 'Otherworldly' and have powers not of this world. Probably shouldn't come as a surprise that they can see us from their angle. They did bring in parallel versions of ourselves to the show after all." Yang summarized receiving nods from all around.

"I still feel like we're exposed, either way let's get back to watching it." Blake added turning her head back to screen.

"Audience? Livestream? This is all being filmed live!?" Jaune exclaimed clearly embarrassed when the revelation hit him that the baby photo was shown to an unknown number of people.

"First off, relax okay. This isn't being shown to every person on Remnant, just a very select few back at Beacon. Namely your friends on team RWBY as well as your own teammates." Whiz answered and discreetly coughed 'A few others too'.

Jaune's head slumped onto the surface of the podium defeated. 'That's at least some relief…but still...all the girls of my team and Ruby's saw me in that?'

"Boomstick get your fists ready." Whiz added causing Jaune to bolt right up deterring a sadly sighing Boomstick.

"I'm alright, maybe, let's just do this. How do I choose? Do I just pick any of them?" He asked.

"Remember those numbers from earlier, Jaune? You'll pick one of them and the rest follow in numerical order, also if you don't pick a choice before the timer runs out we select one for you at random." Whiz explained when a hologram with the countdown number thirty seconds appeared over the doorways.

"Okay…uh who do I pick then?" he said quietly to himself putting a hand to his chin in thought. His eyes darted up to see Barbara putting her phone posing like a fashion model jokingly.

Carolina simply stood where she was and brushed her large ponytail aside, Neptunia unbuttoned a few buttons of her jacket showing more cleavage, and Ruby simply smiled sweetly at him.

"30 seconds…" Boomstick called out.

'All these choices…! That Barb woman is insanely hot, but this older Ruby is just so…'

"15 seconds, bro!" Boomstick shouted again snapping Jaune out of his trance.

His face straightened up with a firm look of determination. "Alright then, for my first pick I'm going with…"

The girls plus Ren back at the dorm watched in anticipation as though they were on the edge of their seats!

Ruby nibbled at the edge of her hood, Weiss gazed at the screen with intensity, Pyrrha did the same as Weiss, Blake's ears twitched in anticipation, and Yang had squeezed her arms around the necks of Ren and Nora in anticipation.

Elsewhere Sun and Neptune were practically glued to the screens of their scrolls, Neptune wanted Jaune to select the redhead in the armor, but also favored that twin sister version of himself.

Sun wasn't not irked by that fact.

"Five seconds!"

Jaune's eyes switched back and forth between the girls undecidedly while the counter nearby reached the last number.

"Ruby! I…pick that version of Ruby Rose right there." Jaune answered slamming his left on the podium surface.

All the girls back at Beacon exchanged mixed looks of anticipation between each other with various grins, they all nodded respectively to the blushing chosen reaper.

Pyrrha seemed apprehensive but understood that her parallel counterparts would still play a part in this show, furthermore she was more invested in this show than any book she read.

Barbara made wooing calls to V4 Ruby as Jaune stood up to walk over to the blossomed Rose.

"Okay then! Glad you chose, otherwise we'd have to do for you since everyone hates indecisiveness. Now go over and follow into the portal so that your time/space date will take places. Just remember that various factors in the date will affect your plausibility score of ending up with Ruby Rose in the future. This often pertains to parallels with similar personalities to their counterparts, ya know. Fun fact; if the counterpart is nothing like the original character then it affects plausibility because of greatly contrasting personalities. Also note that the other three girls will be waiting in numerical order for their turn with you. Now go have fun, kiddo." Whiz stated as Jaune felt his hands get taken in by Ruby.

They walked into the portal doorframe behind them and ended up in an enchanting looking forest somewhere.

The screen on the display switched to their location rather than the game show set.

The forest was beautiful in greenery and luster, tiny specks of light floated here and there impressing Jaune as he wlaked alongside Ruby. It appeared to be nighttime and he couldn't help but notice that she was unusually quiet.

"Soo…how far into the future are you anyway?" Jaune asked breaking the ice.

Ruby turned around to speak but felt herself fumble a bit unsure of what to say to him. 'Remember you can't tell him about Beacon or Pyrrha! They said it would cause some kind of causality or something!' She stressed cutely and put her knuckles to her head in distress.

Jaune felt like chuckling at her plight, even after all this time she was still the same old Ruby. 'That outfit though, wow it is stylish and…sexy. Those torn leggings and that corset really stand out the most.' He mused trying not to gawk at her lavish new outfit.

"If they had some kind of rule about future stuff that you can't tell me, then that's fine too. I was just curious how much older you are."

Ruby sighed in relief and perked up. "I'm sixteen years old now, you could say I'm about eight months older than the other 'me' that you know. That's all I'm saying." She added the last part hastily.

"Wow, eight months only? You really grew beautiful…gah I mean you really blossomed…wait that's worse!" Jaune staggered causing Ruby to laugh at his plight with a red tinge in her cheeks. His were in the same condition as he struggled to collect himself.

"You're such a dork, Jaune, but…that's what I always liked about you." She stated seriously causing Jaune to stop fidgeting and look her straight in the eye unwavering.

The girls back at Beacon felt like they were on the edge of their seats with atmosphere of romance blooming between their formerly childish leader and the awkward blonde wonder.

Younger Ruby had stars in her eyes and clutched her hood close to her chest in anticipation. She usually never gets interested in these types of sources of entertainment since she's more for simpler things in life, but Oum help her this was too interesting to pass up.

She'll admit that if she were the type to be very interested in dating she would perhaps go for Jaune out of any other boy in the school. She was like him in a way and could very easily see them getting along like both socially awkward fun-loving dorks do.

Yang noticed Ruby's state and elbowed Blake and Pyrrha with a snicker. Even the champion found it cute how Ruby reacted to seeing the scene play out before them.

"If I'm a dork then so are you, Crater Face." Jaune shot back jokingly causing her to puff her cheeks in pout.

"Hey you're the original, Vomit boy." She shot back laughing along with him as they playfully shoved each other like friends do.

Eventually they calmed down together when Jaune spoke.

"You really have grown, Ruby. You've, pardon the pun, blossomed into such a beautiful flower." Jaune said feeling lame at the supposed cheesiness of the last part. 'Gah that was lame! Why did I ever read Blake's novels for tips in the first place?!'

Little did he know that those corny words actually had Ruby blushing profusely causing her to turn her head to the side with a smile…which soon turned into a sad frown.

"Jaune…I'm sorry." Ruby stated earning a look of surprise from him.

"Sorry about what?" He asked clearly at a loss. Ruby struggled to keep herself composed but the events at Beacon always ate away at her and she felt she needed to apologize to him…for failing.

"I-I…I…can't say! I failed you! I should've been better at being a hero and I just wished things didn-!" Ruby was interrupted when a slightly panicked Jaune pulled her into a warm supporting hug that calmed her down.

"Hey hey, take it easy now. Remember; they said you can't say anything about the future. I've seen enough clichés to know how that's a bad thing, but Ruby…" He began then pulled a little away from her to hold her face in his palms so she could look him into the eyes.

"…there's nothing you could do that would ever make me resent you, okay? From the very beginning since we met you've helped me stand on my own two feet, you were my very first friend here and a fun one at that. One that I could share some much and feel the most comfortable around. The point is…other than another very important redhead in my life, you…were always my hero." Jaune finished with utmost sincerity that made really hit home for this future Ruby.

In both realities both Rubies were tearing up, the younger having comically watery eyes usually seen in anime from the emotional moment between those two.

"I'll go get the tissue boxes." Nora chirped until she noticed all the other girls nearing the same state. "Better make that towels."

"Jaune…" Older Ruby uttered when several flecks of glowing light flowed over them further enhancing the moment. Ruby then grabbed his shoulders and tipped herself up on her feet catching Jaune by surprise after pulling him into a deep loving kiss.

The audiences; both the group in the dorm room as well as Sun and Neptune, gasped collectively at the shipping moment taking place.

Jaune was surprised at first and quickly receded into it. They two melted into the embrace within the luminescent forest for what felt like eternity to each other, even though it was only really a few minutes.

Neither wanted to let go of each other…but eventually they did so with beet red faces and dazzling smiles.

Ruby playfully giggled and put her head to his chest comfortably as though a huge weight had been lifted off her. Jaune simply held his arms around her backside grinning along with her.

The portal opened up and out from the doorway came Jaune Arc. V4 Ruby stood behind bidding him a sweet farewell with a loving smile.

"That does it for your date, amigo. There's a solid chance, depending on the plausibility ratio, that this version will come back during randomization for more dates. If the ratio builds up to one hundred percent then a glimpse into a very likely future will project onto the screen there. Don't worry, you'll see little Red Riding Reaper again." Boomstick addressed as Jaune placed his hands on the mirrored surface of the doorway portal.

Ruby stood on the other side placing her hands where Jaune's were looking at him longingly before giving a quick nod before the portal returned her to where she came from.

"That was sooo emotional…! (Sniff sniff)." Whiz commented trying to wipe his face only to realize he's still wearing a helmet. He gathered himself soon enough and addressed the audience along with Jaune. "Well I think I speak for all of us that the date we just witnessed proved to be powerful for both the participants as well as the audience it seems…"

The other three contestants lightly applauded, Barb and Neptunia with slightly tear smeared cheeks, Carolina was too hardened to show any tearful emotion, but she still congratulated Jaune nonetheless.

The girls back at Beacon were more or less in the same state, especially Ruby and Pyrrha.

"That was profound, I wonder if all the other dates will be just like that one. I never knew Jaune could be so sincere with women, it makes you wonder how he fumbles so much over here." Pyrrha commented with a giggle receiving nods from the rest.

Ruby on the other hand was biting the edge of her hood with comically large teary eyes until Yang pulled her into a sisterly headlock. "Aweee! My baby sister and Vomit-boy might hit it off in the future after all! I totally ship you two adorkable heroes together." Yang stated supporting her younger sister when she darted her head to the side at her other friend. "No offense, Pyrrha. I still support you and Jaune all the way too."

"None taken, Yang. They do appear quite cute together, but I still have my aim on him and I intend to win. You may also want to let go of your sister so she can relax, she appears quite thrown by what she saw." The champion answered back in a friendly way making Yang take notice of a nearly unconscious Ruby underneath her arm.

"Oops, time to wake up, baby sister." Yang let go letting her collapse on the floor landing on Zwei. The dog's barks snapped Ruby up awake and back to her normal state. She seemed quiet and bashful now for some reason.

"Aaaannnddd…the plausibility ratio says…" Whiz announced catching Jaune's attention from the now sealed doorway portal. He looked up to see a large circular hologram display just above the main game boars screen.

The percentage ratio was double digits and would determine if he was successful enough on that date to merit a future with Ruby Rose.

'All this time…I-I had never looked at Ruby that way before. Now things…feel different after that kiss.' He mused.

"Whooo that's a whopper!" Boomstick called out and Jaune snapped out of his thoughts to see a number that made his eyes go wide.

"89% plausibility on the first go! That is amazing." Whiz announced and pressed a button on his own podium creating a sound effect of an audience crowd clapping and cheering.

'Wow…' Jaune mused in awe hearing Barbara in the background wooing him.

"That's my OTP!" Neptunia called out.

"Woo, go Ruby and Jaune! Again no offense, Pyrrha." Yang cheered directing the last part to the Nikos girl sitting beside them.

She simply chuckled in a friendly manner. "Again none taken, Yang. The possibilities are quite large in this show and I look forward to seeing how Jaune fairs either with that version of me or another. As they say; 'Game on'." She declared receiving a fist bump from the blonde and a high-five from Nora.

Ruby was as red as her hood and really struggled trying to stay composed and attentive to the show without visualizing a fantasy of herself and Jaune.

"L-let's just keep watching! I don't want to feel more awkward than I already do right now." Ruby stammered earning small laughs from all around. Even Ren was amused at her reaction.

"So that version of Ruby is coming back later?" Jaune asked when he stood in front of the other three women standing in front of their doorways.

"You know it. With ratios that high it's guaranteed, at least two or more dates in it'll reach maximum and then we show you a glimpse of the future. I probably didn't mention this earlier, but if you're wondering how to get your 'rewards' like specialized training then all need to do is entertain. Having that high of a ratio with the contestants does the job for you. Right now, Jaune, you have the choice of either selecting your training session now or taking on another contestant." Whiz offered and Jaune looked across the selection of women looking at him.

Only Carolina was really hard to figure out, but Barb and Neptunia cast a couple of winks with the added exception of Barb sliding a finger through the circle of her thumb and other finger.

Jaune sputtered a bit.

"Lewd…very lewd, Yang." Weiss commented snidely.

"What? That's not me…yet. I'm certainly not as brave about my raunchiness like her, but I know when to have fun, princess." Yang shrugged hearing Weiss scoff.

Jaune sighed to himself and turned around to face the hosts. "I...will put off training just for one more date, I don't like to keep the girls waiting. It's bad manners."

"Suits us just fine, Jaune. Just so you know, since you picked number three with Ruby you will move on to the greater number after that with the other two following in reset order. That means its Barbara Dunklemen's turn next."

Jaune turned around to see the blonde babe get out from behind her own podium spot to pull him into a smothering hug where her breasts causing him to go red in the face which included blood coming out of his nose. "We're gonna have lots of fun, Ladykiller. Hope you're a drinker because I got some dares for you."

This time Pyrrha didn't plaster a friendly competitive face, she narrowed her eyes and felt her aura manifest itself malevolently. "That woman…" She growled from seeing the visual of Jaune turning into mush because of her.

All of team RWBY feared the Spartan at the moment and inched away from her.

"Ren quick! Make your 'relaxation' pancakes!" Nora commanded her partner dramatically posing when she did.

"That's just the ensemble of regular pancakes with herbal tea, Nora." He answered flatly.

"Well before you go into the 'fun zone' with Barbara, we'll select another randomized candidate in the place of Ruby Rose. Get your counter ready." Whiz declared.

Jaune looked up from Barb's chest at the doorway portal which used to house the older Ruby Rose display a randomizing double digit number display.

It stopped cycling and showed a number 4, the doorway of red lit up and out came…a young refined looking woman wearing a student uniform of Beacon. She held slightly curly platinum blonde hair that tied up in the back into a flowing ponytail draping down her side. She was bespectacled with classy glasses and possessed light green eyes that could pierce into your very soul, but her demeanor was rather innocent and humble.

Jaune didn't process it at first but then he connected the dots when he noticed she had a riding crop down her left ankle, which was adorned in silky transparent stockings.

"…This one is teenage Glynda Goodwitch!" Whiz announced as the young woman adjusted her glasses and cast a glance to her side at Jaune.

"Greetings, you must be Jaune." She greeted professionally with a polite smile yet her eyes appeared as though they were analyzing every bit of him for evaluation.

"Wow…this is awkward; young Glynda Goodwitch." Jaune stated almost laughing to himself when Barbara leaned down to speak to him.

"She's your teacher, right? Have any naughty fantasies about her using that riding crop?" She asked without hesitation causing him to sputter even more. "Well at least now it won't be so awkward fantasizing about her, she might even be a beast as a teenager." Barb purred making Jaune go red again.

"How vulgar, please do refrain yourself…at least for his sake." Young Glynda stated earning a spitefully comical glare from Barb.

"Well off you go then, Jaune. While you get situated in Barbara's domain, which should be radically different from anything you've experienced, we'll air a quick commercial break for our viewers which include fun facts and…more pictures of you in dresses as a kid." Whiz declared.

"No! Wait! Anything but those photos!" Jaune called out feeling the soul drain from his body again at the thought of his 'unique' childhood being a slideshow to his friends.

Barb simply carried him along with her as they approached her portal with no effort on her part.

"Sorry, Jaune, but if the girls liked a man rocking a dress then they'll adore you even more as a kid in one." Whiz commented ignoring Jaune's comical wails of despair.

"Hope you're a drinker, cutie. I got lots of fun ideas for you." Barb commented as they entered the portal.

"I am now." Jaune whimpered in defeat hoping that whatever substance he downs will make him forget about the humiliation of his childhood photos.

"Well that concludes our first date with our favorite shipping subject, we'll soon dive into the reality of Barb and Jaune as they get started on the second date. We're cutting to a quick commercial break in which we'll reveal a fun fact or two, in the meantime he's another picture from the Arc photo album. This time it's a slightly younger Jaune in what appears to be his signature 'nightwear' as a kid.

(A picture of a younger shota Jaune wearing his bunny onesie appears on the screen reaching his little hands up at the camera with a bright smile on his face. In the background are a bunch of unconscious blond women seemingly passed out from blood loss that spouted out of cuteness exposure. Some handwritten words at the bottom of the photo said; 'Upsies'.)

"Kyyeaaaagghhh!" The girls all screeched in gushing reactions to the picture over-the-top cuteness of little Jaune. Then one by one Ren heard the sounds of multiple heads collapsing on the floor with pools of nose blood seeping out from the unconscious girls.

"Nora…get the…oh." Ren was about to call out to his friend when he noticed that she was among them. Each girl looked completely passed out with goofy grinds on their faces.

"Okay, I guess I'll go get the towels then, but first I'd better take a picture for them." He flashed his scroll at the screen snapping a picture with a click before walking nonchalantly to the bathroom to collect various cleaning supplies.

End of chapter two

Next episode- Between bets, beverages, and Barb

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