Compatibility Ratio Scores- 200% being maximum limit.

Ruby Rose- 89% -(40% Initial Familiarity)

V4 Ruby Rose( 49% performance bonus)

Yang Xiao Long-64%-(30% Initial Familiarity)

Barbara Dunkelman (34% performance bonus)

Pyrrha Nikos- 0% *Reset after Marriage possibility vision* (40% Initial Familiarity-)

Agent Carolina (32% performance score)

Erza Scarlet (70% Score)


Raven Branwen- 64% (First-time encounter adaptivity plus performance bonus)

Weiss Schnee-80%(Initial Familiarity-35%)

V4 Weiss Schnee-(Performance bonus-45%)

Neptunia Vasilias- 61%-(Initial R63 adaptivity plus performance bonus)

Salem the Witch (RWBY)- 75% (First-time encounter adaptivity plus performance bonus)

Glynda Goodwitch-66%-(30% initial Familiarity)

Teenage Glynda GoodWitch (36% performance bonus)

Summer Rose (AU RWBY Past)- 67% (First-time encounter adaptivity plus performance bonus)

Blake Belladonna- 108% Score (20% Initial Familiarity)

V4 Blake Belladonna- 48%(performance score)

Ninja Maid Blake Belladonna- 40% Score (Initial familiarity and adaptivity plus performance score)

Kali Belladonna-70% Score (Initial familiarity and adaptivity plus performance score)

Winter Schnee (RWBY) 68%(Initial compatibility and adaptivity bonus)

Joan Arc (R63)70%-(50% initial Familiarity)

Neopolitan-68% (First-time encounter adaptivity plus performance bonus)

Nora Valkyrie-66%-(32% Familiarity)

Nora the Valkyrie Warrior (34% performance bonus)

Lian Ren (R63) 60%(Initial compatibility and adaptivity bonus)

Current Podium Roster-, Rias Gremory(Highschool DxD), Yang Xiao Long (RWBY), Tifa (Final Fantasy 7)

Reserve Roster- Romana Torchwick(R63), Molly Mollusk(Grimm Anthro), and Crocea Mors(Weapon AU),Cinder Ella Fall (AU), Yio Brando-Long (JJBA-AU), Eve Taurus (R63), Vernal (V5), Wolf Faunus Ruby (Furry AU)

The Gameshow of Jaune Arc's Dating Life


By Azure

Contestant(s)- Yang Xiao Long, Tifa Lockhart

Penny Polendina (Human AU) Rating Score 55 Percent...!

(Initial Familiarity plus Date Bonus) -Performance 55 %)

"Hey,why is my score low? Is it because I treated Penny's date more like a friend's outing instead of a romantic one?" Jaune guessed, feeling a little dumbfounded when he saw how average his rating was with Penny after it was shown on the holographic display. He honestly thought it went well all things considered, although he could've done without being chased by the girl's giant pet killer robot several times during.

"You guessed it, buddy. I mean, this is called 'The Gameshow of Jaune Arc's Dating Life' after all. Friendly dates don't account for much on the scoring ratio unless it is strictly romantic from the beginning, intentions and everything. It is actually kinda ironic that you managed to woo her in the end regardless, still, you gotta start romantic and end romantically. At least that's the technicality we're going with anyway." Wiz explained and Jaune cocked an eyebrow and frowned in skepticism.

"Oh alright now that is just crap, I mean, we still kissed in the end, didn't we? Date: happened." Jaune refuted, making a cute pout with cheeks puffing up.

"Well yeah, but you said it yourself when you started out with 'Let's Be Friends' and go from there, it only worked out by accident and by being in the heat of the moment. Besides, you never use those words when you're out on a date. Not unless it's strictly a buddy-buddy go-around filled with binge drinking and literal pissing contests, hehehe. Ah, middle school. Anyway, this is a love focused battlezone, amigo. Saying 'Friends' when referring to the other girl is a big 'No-no' in most cases, trust me, I know I'd hate to hear the F-word every time I have a woman go out with me. Oh man, I can just remember all of those bad dates where they say that right after I pay for dinner at the lobster house. Sigh...I'm gonna need a beer right now to help drown out the memories. Excuse me for a moment." Boomstick suddenly whipped out a large 42oz beer bottle wrapped in a paper bag, then started chugging it down excessively somehow through the mouthpiece on his helmet.

'Alright, I know they're made out of magic and stuff, but that is just plain ridiculous to look at or even comprehend.' Jaune thought sourly with a flat expression on his face. He heard footsteps coming up behind him and he turned to see both Yang and Tifa now standing side-by-side without wanting to kill each other.

They still looked a bit irate with one another though, both girls suddenly reached out and each grabbed ahold of Jaune's elbows respectively, claiming their places at his side and making him feel very awkward about it.

'I know this shouldn't be anything new, but wowza anyway...I have two smoking hot women hugging my arms.' He thought, feeling a little bit light-headed until he heard Yang's voice call him out of his dream-like stupor.

"Oh Jaune.~ What say you and me take our so-called 'Date' right over in that special training room you have? I'd really like to see just how much stronger you've become, but do feel free to have your shirt off by the way. I'm positive Ruby and Pyrrha *Among many others* will appreciate it. Well, everybody except Ren anyway. What do ya say?" Yang purred seductively while leaning close to his right ear and giving Jaune a downward peek at her cleavage from above. He started fidgeting a little because of just how noticeably hot, pun intended, Yang really can be at times when she's like this.

"Ghnk! They're even bigger up close. No,no, I can't let everybody see me reacting this way, I must not lose face...!' He thought to himself while gulping nervously. Nodding his head to her suggestion he then felt a hard tug on his left side now, calling his attention over to Tifa next. Suddenly Jaune was yanked right out of Yang's grasp and brought directly into Tifa's embrace via his face planting into the girl's sizable , and rather fluffy, breasts! His face was now resembling a red-colored crayon due to how much blushing he was doing.

'This is fine.~' Jaune thought dreamily while Yang simply made her eyes red and hair became ablaze.

"H-Hey! Cut that out! I called dibs on him first, chest-lugs! Also you can't smother a guy in your tits either by the way, there's some kind of stupid law or censorship rule they have here. Oh, nevermind, there it is. ~" Yang paused mid-rant just in time to see the 'Censored' holographic bar literally covering up the entirety of Tifa's chest as well as Jaune's face.

There was one minor flaw in that however.

"Aaaagggghhhh! I can't breathe! I can't breathe inside of this damn thing! Help me!" His muffled screams came out from within the holographic censor bar, making Tifa wonder what the point of it was as she stared at the hosts pointedly.

"Yeah, I really don't see the point of this. Anyway, can me and Jaune get going on that joint date idea you mentioned already? As much as I hate to include her, I am really interested in getting to know this little charmer right here flailing in my arms." Tifa said, earning a glare from Yang, still feeling Jaune struggling to break free while flailing his arms about.

"Certainly, just...let go of him first. Can't have him dying on us yet, not unless it's out of embarrassment via family photographs of him wearing dresses." Wiz said and Tifa released Jaune from her hold, allowing the bar to disappear and leave him gasping for breath.

"What kind of pointless censorship is that?! She wasn't even naked!" Jaune yelled out, but Wiz and Boomstick just ignored him. The latter was still drinking a large forty-two oz magically through his helmet.

"Anyway, soon as you catch your breath, listen up and we'll tell the game plan on the date with these two lovely ladies before you get started." Wiz began and Jaune got up to his feet again, this time Yang holding her arms around his right elbow like a doting girlfriend, intentionally batting her eyelashes much to Tifa's...and everyone else's annoyance back at Beacon. "Alright, now allow me to start..."

Before he could speak, Boomstick spoke up first and with a bit of a drunken slur to his voice.

"Basically we just want these two gone, two birds in one stone. Don't care how you go about doing it, just work your magical mojo and get them out of here, because these two are like a pair of rabid schnauzers constantly growling at each other. Bad blood, Death Battle rigging, paid bias, yadda, yadda. Just have fun and woo the pants off them for us, will you? Personally I think blonde boobs over there may have had a head start seeing as how she knew you longer than the other one." Boomstick finished explaining then took another hard swig of his beer before burping out a small puff of fire.

"Well, you heard him, Loverboy. Looks like it's just me, you...and her. Let's go try out that special training room of yours and really get you ripped into muscular adonis.~" Yang said with a playful smirk, earning a competitive glare from Tifa.

"Say...Jaune, was it? As much as I hate to say it, I agree with blondie over there. I myself definitely want to get to know you better, and what better way to do that than in that training room,hm? We could even train you to handle a sword...a much bigger one. Might I suggest gelling out your hair to make it look more spikey?~"Tifa suggested with a bright friendly smile on her face.

Tifa wrapped an arm around his other elbow and tugged him in the direction of the portal with yang doing the same. Yang clutched her side a bit more possessively as they guided Jaune into the vortex, ready to see whose charm will outshine the other's. It was the silent challenge they made to each other earlier on when they both wanted to brawl over having Jaune's full attention. Yang was more than willing to have that brawl actually.

'Why do I get feeling like I'm a piece of meat about to be torn to shreds by a couple of lionesses?' Jaune wandered and they got into the portal, being taken away to the high-tech training as part of the arranged Triage date.

The minute they were gone, Wiz and Boomstick turned to the audience with grins unseen underneath their visored faces.

"Now then, while they're getting set up for that special date filled with possible pain, we have a design popularity poll we'd like to go over with everyone before they do. The prize for taking this survey will be another embarrassing photograph of young Jaune Arc wearing a dress, and trust me ladies, it is a doozy." Wiz announced and all of the girls, excluding no one at all, became excited upon hearing it. Especially Vernal, Crocea, and Rias who remains undecided on what to be a part of, but was eager to see the boy in cute drag again anyway.

"*I want to see the master in funny clothes too!*" Molly gurgled with feminine red eyes glimmering brightly with excitement.

"Uhmm,, I that as well. I have already downloaded the current crop of photographs on the Scroll you have given to me." Crocea addressed with a blush around her cheeks, making her normally composed face appear cute.

"Hell yeah! Bring on the sweet delicious shota wearing girl clothes! I've already got the entire album downloaded am anxious for updates!" Vernal cheered out with steam puffing out of her ears and nostrils.

"Oh! I would certainly love to see my Prince Charming in yet another adorable photo in his small form Mmmmnhh! It'd be like I'm going to the ball again. What wonderful news this is." Cinder-Ella said musically while gushing with lovestruck excitement, making a certain duplicate of hers seethe with the rage of a thousand suns.

The rest of the women simply nodded in agreement, as did certain female attendees of the Livestream audience. Wiz and Boomstick's bodies started glowing as a result, they were ready to discard their appearance in space marine armor and see if the viewers would enjoy their more "Accurate" forms in preference.

'Hook,line, and seeker, Wiz. Maybe the ladies will start coming to us when they see our more fleshed-out selves.' Boomstick whispered to Wiz secretly via Telepathy before addressing the audience again.

"Alright then, we're going to transform into what we perceive to be our more 'Honest' selves, or more accurately the designs according to this world's artistic credibility Let us know if you like our new sexy selves or prefer us in Space Marine armor, which I gotta admit has kinda lost its flavor a little since the good old days. So many modern redesigns can really make it look lame,Wiz." Boomstick said.

"Eh, give it another five years or so, maybe a decade, for a resurgence in popularity with the classics. Now then, onward to our new designs. Tell us what you think about them in the survey as soon as you get the link to it. It's just a simple binary selection of preference." Wiz announced as the two of them transformed...!

Back with Ruby and Co...

"Go, Yang! I'm totally rooting for you, win against that dark-haired girl that hates you for some reason. I'll totally support you and Jaune if you ever become a couple, or at least I would if I weren't rooting for myself. Hehehe.~" Ruby chuckled nervously. She felt conflicted on sharing Jaune with her sister should there be any romance blooming between the two of them.

"I wonder what kind of insane competition they have planned for Jaune once their 'Date' gets underway. I'm pegging it to be something akin to wrestling, judging by Yang and that girl's brawling aesthetic." Pyrrha theorized, looking to the others for input while dangling her feet in the air while she was on the bed.

"Ack! You beat me to it, Pyr. I was totally going to say Wrestling match, or better yet mud wrestling naughtiness! Preferably with Jauney being the one in the middle without any of his clothes on. Hehehe." Nora gushed with steam puffing out of her ears and a scarlet color coating her face, incidentally this brought out the same effect in Pyrrha and Ruby.

Weiss simply hid her reddened face with a fake cough, and Blake's cat ears twitched excitedly at the thought of it.

'Hmm, Nora really gets like this when something involves a guy being in the middle of a brawl between two muscular women. Maybe it's a fetish? Or simply something to do with her love of high-testosterone competitive sports.' Ren conjectured and noticed that a blinking icon was displaying itself all over their Scrolls.

"Aside from wondering if Yang will bond with Jaune in any meaningful kind of way, considering her personality and his, let's see what this link is all about. Hm? I'm actually hoping for more of those family photos." Blake stated as she read the notification on her Scroll saying it was a survey of Design preference.

"I wonder what they look like inside of their armor, although...I think the names speak for themselves considering how cliche they actually act and sound like. We'll see." Weiss added. 'Still though, Arc has been crazy about me forever...what if...those two big-breasted girls really catch his attention? I'm still not ruling out the harem idea, even if it's a tad ridiculous. Weiss also fluffed her chest and puffed out her cheeks in mild frustration.

"Oooh, hehehe, a new photograph will be the prize just for taking this, hm? Well, don't mind if I do.~" Pyrrha giggled to herself as they all held their scrolls tightly in their hands, waiting for Wiz and Boomstick to finish transforming so that they could 'Yes' or 'No' to their new designs. But really, it was for the photograph of Shota Jaune.

It was even trending on Schnee-Twitter under the tags 'Delicious Shota' and 'Arc Naked'.

Where Jaune, Yang, and Tifa were now at...

When the three of them arrived they suddenly felt their clothing change completely via magic to better suit the aesthetic of the environment they were now in. Yang now wore a yellow sports top with the word 'Beacon' imprinted on the front and a number 'Four' on the back. She also had a pair of tight-fitting workout shorts that rode up to the hips and showed off plenty of leg for everyone to see. She had a pair of sporty tennis shoes on around her feet and her long golden hair was tied back into a ponytail with bangs dripping down her forehead. Yang looked positively eager for the 'Date' to start as she looked at Jaune when he was changing.

Gone was his usual hoodie with jean ensemble combination, which had all been repaired after the last date, and now he wore a simple blue T-shirt over his chest and a pair of basic workout shorts over his bottom. He had on tennis shoes as well and looked positively buffer and more toned than Yang remembers him being. She secretly growled to herself and wiped a bit of drool escaping her lips while Tifa underwent a change as well, but she didn't care about her.

Tifa now wore a set of black form-fitting workout tights which included a pair of thigh-highs over her nicely-toned legs, a set of disconnected sleeves worn tightly over her arms and ending at her shoulders. She was glad she kept her brawling gloves on, but was surprised to see a tight sports top around her chest. It peeked out just beyond her white tank-top and matched the pair of pitch-black spats she now wore underneath her skirt. Part of her thinks this design was more in-line with censorship than functionality, but she still felt primed and ready all the same.

"Man, this feels...weird. I mean, I've never worn this kind of thing before at all, I'm usually more a minimalist when it comes to clothing, you know." Tifa said while checking herself out in the mirror. "Nice ass though. I still got it.~"

"Go on." Jaune let out while staring at Tifa's booty reflection in the mirror, that is until he felt a slap on the back of his ass causing him to squeak in surprise. He saw that it was from Yang after walking up behind him.

"Well now, how shall we do this, Loverboy? We fight you? We fight each other? Or do all of us brawl for the honor of bringing your esteemed 'Date' for this contest? Either way, I'll win." Yang said with a cheeky grin.

"Hah, in your dreams, I'll be the one winning this time. Jaune barely knows me, it'll be a perfect opportunity to really bond with each other during this training exercise." Tifa challenged, making Yang's eyebrow twitch with mild annoyance as they glared at each other for the umpteenth time, making lightning shoot out between their eyes.

'Uh oh, they're looking ready to brawl alright. I have a feeling it isn't just about me here, I'd better play mediator and try smoothing things between the two of them before it starts getting messy.' Jaune thought and cleared his throat loudly, catching their attention. Both Yang and Tifa looked in his direction now, the tension still remained visible between them as he pointed at the girls with a triumphant toothy smile.

"That's enough, you two! You've been having that glaring contest in front of me ever since we got here. I don't know exactly what went down between you ladies, but this is my date! And I'm going to treat you like queens, or rather combat Queens, and take you out on a romantic date if you can beat me in a one-on-one sparring match. I wanna see what you're both made of." Jaune challenged, putting on a lot of airs of enthusiasm right now, but it seemed to be working since both girls eyed him with smiles of excitement.

"Alright, have it your way, Loverboy. I've been pretty eager to try you on myself anyway after seeing how strong you've become after appearing on this Game Show. Me, Pyr, Ruby, and secretly Weiss, all drooled like schoolgirls when you see you get buck-naked on a couple of occasions. I gotta say, I like a man who is muscular and isn't afraid of anything. *Growl* So...who goes first?" Yang asked and Tifa immediately raised a hand with cheeks burning with excitement.

"Well, I am new. So naturally, I get first dibs, he has to know me better first before we start dating after all, and I gotta say I like what I sure. Could use a bit of gel in your hair though, maybe we can make it a little spikier and more anime-styled? Just a suggestion.~" Tifa giggled and winked at the boy, making him blush hotly as he cleared his throat.

"Well alright then, Tifa, you're up first. Safety Gear; On!" Jaune called out, making the combat bracers he used when sparring with Carolina appear over his arms, legs, and torso surprising Tifa. Yang begrudgingly walked off to the side and leaned against a random wall somewhere to observe the contest.

'Hmph, she got me with that whole "I'm new" bs, huh? Well, at least Jauney and I already have history. More or less.' Yang mulled in thought as she saw Tifa's safety gear appear around her body as well. From giving her arms and legs bracers to having some bondage-looking gear attached to her torso just like Jaune's was. She honestly didn't see the point of those things unless it helped Loverboy build muscle.

"Okay...Wiz! Boomstick! Either,and, or both...please set a round timer so we can have our training date fighting round whatever starts. I'm ready to throw down and I'm coming after you, Tifa Lockhart. Pretty name by the way." Jaune said as he got into battle position, ready to come out the gate strong and brawl with the busty beauty he knew nothing about..

"Right back at ya, handsome. Show me what you go!" Tifa reciprocated and a holographic timer appeared above, showing five minutes total for the round.


Tifa went in hard and fast, surprising Jaune right off the bat and putting him on the defensive. He quickly ducked and covered, went into a low-angle fighting stance and used his enhanced speed and reflexes to his advantage by blocking all of Tifa's punches. The girl hit hard and fast with sweeping kicks that nearly took his head off several times, yet she was as nimble as a delicate flower and flowing at him like a hornet.

Jaune countered one of her hard-hitting low-kicks by grabbing her leg with both hands, feeling the softness of her thighs which gave him some level of arousal, then hurled the brunette high into the air! She quickly backflipped several times, landing in a perfect recovery when Jaune came at her with a straight right hook! With a swoosh of intense air and force pushing out, Tifa barely managed to dodge his strike and quickly wrap both legs around his right arm, putting him into a hold that made him collapse onto the ground.

"Whooff! Wow, you weren't kidding, you really are a great fighter." Jaune managed to say while laying on the ground feeling his arm being kept in the girl's leg locks, again admiring her soft-toned body from beneath. His hand was actually grazing her abs, feeling some firm muscle underneath that made him a little envious.

"Yeah...! Heheheh, I gotta say I'm having fun already. I know this is just a sparring match, but it is said that you know a person more intimately through combat. So...tell me about yourself while you're down there, handsome. The 'Syllabus' or Handbook or whatever those guys gave me only tell so much. I wanna know you personally.~" Tifa grunted as she kept a firm leg-hold on Jaune's arm, making sure to keep him at her mercy until he started picking her up with great strength. "Whooaa...heyyyy!"

Jaune was now holding her up like a Tifa popsicle, keeping her hanging on his right hand like a monkey with legs still crossed around his right bicep and arms hanging across his right forearm. She was honestly a little more surprised by this show of strength that Jaune has.

"Heh, I enhanced a lot of my basic stats with my earlier date token. Thank you, Valkyrie Nora and..*Ahem*...Carolina. Anyway, I'll tell more about myself if you can survive...this!" Jaune swung his right arm forward, throwing Tifa into the air until she quickly recovered by bouncing her feet into the wall of the training room! It was an impressive feat of physical strength and skill, making a small crater in the wall's surface until she bounced back and launched herself at Jaune like a rocket.

'That doesn't even seem physically possible! Oh wait, I forgot where I was...' Jaune thought flatly and felt the force of Tifa colliding into him like a rocket blast!

A crash of dust and the physical impact resulted in leaving Jaune there locking hands with the girl herself as they arrived in a deadlock of strength. Tifa was gunning it to win,yet she was smiling at him coyly in pure competitive fun. Yang, however, was feeling more than a little jealous in watching the girl charm Jaune unknowingly just by fighting him.

"Ggggg! Oh screw waiting! I'm jumping in and having a slice of Loverboy for myself!" Yang shouted and launched herself into the air, ready to crash into both Jaune and Tifa for a three-way brawl! "Banzaaaaaaiiii!

'Oh no...well, I should've seen this coming, for a number of reasons.' Jaune thought as he saw the busty blonde come crashing down into them resulting in yet another dust cloud of impact leading to the three of them sparring against each other in a melee!

Back to Cinder and Crew...

"Hmmm, how boring. A fight is always entertaining, but this is just mindless brawling between one man and two women. I'm rooting for the women though." Cinder said to herself acidly while seeing Jaune dodge punches and kicks while effortlessly performing reversals on Yang and Tifa.

Occasionally Yang would focus only on Tifa, as though letting out some pent-up aggression until Jaune intervened and became her target next. Tifa likewise demonstrated some killer moves involving her legs that made Mercury look a little jealous. All in all it was a harmless training brawl to both let out some much-needed steam as well as help Jaune connect better with the dates, but it wasn't something either of these three were interested in. Well, except for Mercury admiring the boob-jiggling Tifa and Yang were doing.

"This is so hot..mmmf! Nothing like two cheerleaders duking it out, am I right?~" Mercury said offhandedly with a gleeful smile, enjoying the sight of both girls' jiggling breasts shaking through their sports tops while they fight.

Emerald simply rolled her eyes and scoffed, wondering if she'll get to see the Seven Merc Dwarves that Cinder's counterpart mentioned having.

"Men. Or in this case, classic you. I can kick ass all day, you know, and I don't see you gushing over me like some thirsty little frat boy." She pointed out and Mercury shrugged.

"That's because you're more of a fun-killer sister who's a bit on the frumpy side of beauty, and quite a bit grouchy on top of that. Bottom line; You're no fun." Mercury pointed out, not even noticing the girl now aiming her guns at him with a look of murder in her eyes.

"Emerald." Cinder beckoned testily, making the girl hesitate until she saw her mistress smile. "Go right ahead. I'm going to just sit here and enjoy this fight. It might give us some insight into how this Arc boy fights. I mean, If Salem herself became interested in him romantically then maybe there is something about him that might be of special interest to me as well. B-but only that...only that. I must find out his secret and gain access to that Game Show after all." Cinder defended, and rather weakly, making both Emerald and Mercury exchange looks of uncertainty.

'Is it me or is Cinder...becoming interested in that Arc guy? Please don't tell me she's actually having it bad for him now that's wooing all sorts of women on that show.' Emerald thought in worry while Mercury simply thought differently.

'There she goes again with that Hungry For Power schtick. Like seriously, just how one-dimensional can you be? She needs to get laid pronto, preferably someone who can survive her murder lust antics.' Mercury thought with arms crossed, missing the look of intrigue on Cinder's face. It was one that would be mistaken for hunger for power, but it was mixed in with a look of interest focusing on Jaune Arc.

Back to Jaune, Yang, and Tifa...

*Round Over*


Lying along the ground and heaving tiredly after such an intense brawl which decimated most of the ring they had started in, Jaune and the two girls laid on the ground in a heap. Both girls were sweaty and Jaune himself was sore all over from being caught in the middle of a fight between two powerhouse women, but he did get a good feel for their fighting technique, improving his own prediction skills in combat. All the same, he still needed to go somewhere with this date romantically if he wanted a good score again.

'Man, was so easy, now I actually got to worry about performance. Also surviving seems like ever Salem's date things have been getting steadily crazier. I'd better start getting serious.' Jaune considered and sat up, looking at the two babes with a somewhat tired smile.

"How about we go have ourselves a drink at the bar to get to know each other a little, eh?" He suggested and Tifa and Yang both looked at each other, nodding their heads in agreement. "Hey, Boomstick, can you-"

"Already done, buddy." Boomstick's voice came out from nearby, surprising Jaune and the girls by showing him at a newly manifested bar somewhere in the training room. He was there wearing a completely different appearance that left Jaune's jaw hanging open.

"No...way! That is what you look like underneath?!" Tifa yelled out as they saw a portly, beer-bellied, redneck stereotype wearing a trucker hat, flannel vest, and in possession of a shotgun for a right leg. He had a thick mustache and pair of bushy eyebrows, but Jaune could tell that was what Boomstick appeared to be underneath. At least in some universe's art style anyway.

'This is so jarring.' He noted and got up, helping both Yang and Tifa to their feet, then feeling them latch into his sides like a pair of showgirls. "Yep,, let's go have ourselves a drink, relax, and get to know each other. Starting with Yang...just to warm things up, Sorry, tifa."

"No skin off my back, I got to fight you first and have fun doing it. I can wait." She voiced as they walked over to the bar, ordering up a pair of Strawberry Sunrises for the girls with a glass of water for Jaune.

"Oh, come on! Why water?" He refuted with a childish face, seeing Boomstick chuckle and push him a glass of milk instead. Before a vein could appear on Jaune's forehead he heard Tifa speak up next to him after she downed her glass in one go.

"Well, let's start. The name's Tifa Lockhart, I was born and raised in the small village of Nibelheim...until a certain event I don't want to talk about. It'll be a mood-killer and it's kind of personal, but since then I've trained underneath a master Martial Artist named Zangan who taught me his Martial Arts style of combat. I've been tending a bar in the city of Midgar moonlighting as a Freedom Fighter for the group called Avalanche ever since. Let's just say the rest of what followed is a whole tale in and of itself and I don't think we have enough time to cover it all. If you want to know my type of guy though, then you'll be happy to know that being a blond aspiring hero wielding a sword is right up my alley.`` Tifa introduced, and Jaune, intrigued, looked her way with a soft smile before seeing her offer him a wink.

"Now you go next, Jaune. I only know so much about you from the pamphlets they give out right before being taken from my world. I would like to get to know you a bit better. Even if I got abducted here and put face-to-face against...her again." Tifa gestured to Yang with her thumb, receiving a gesture back in the form of Yang sticking out her tongue childishly.~"

"Yeah, they tend to do that, just like they did with me. Although I can't complain..." Jaune flexed his right arm, showing off some well-toned muscle that made Tifa and Yang growl like kittens. Right before they both flexed theirs showing a bit more meat in the muscle. This deflated Jaune a bit. "Okay, it's a work in progress, I'll admit but...say...has my stat for strength changed at all since then? I'm kinda thinking that maybe the meter is broken or something since I can wrestle with Valkyrie Nora, Erza Scarlet, and throw boulders at people. Not to mention my date with Agent Carolina." He said to Boomstick now.

"Eh, details, details, we'll get to that later. and finish updating the Cosmo internet browser, damn DSL. The patch takes way too long to install and copy." Boomstick answered.

'You are Cosmic Space Gods! How does that even make sense...?!' Jaune's mind silently screamed until he felt the soft hands of Yang' Xiao Long creeping up behind his waist and hugging him from behind. This sparked a look of annoyance and jealousy within Tifa, especially when she saw the girl flash a smug wink in her direction.

"Well, Jauney and I don't need an introduction. I already knew him since he became Ruby's friend, way back when he threw up on my shoes. *Jaune chokes on his milk in shock and embarrassment!* "Since then, I've watched him grow into a strong and dependable leader of Team JNPR. Heck, everyone is watching us right now, Jaune, and the ladies *Minus Ren* are loving what they see.~" Yang said with a snicker and Jaune's reddened face only became worse when he realized what she meant.

"Do you mean...?"

"Yep, yep, yep! We got all of those pictures downloaded in HD quality, perma-saved on our Scrolls and on a Cloud network. You're just such a beautiful little boy when in drag, Jauney boy." Yang chuckled happily, ignoring or simply not noticing Jaune's mortified face of embarrassment.

'Damn you, my perverted and creepy sisters! You've emasculated me for life!' Jaune thought until he felt Tifa reach over and hug her arms around his head next, gently nudging his face into her boobs through her smelly sports bra. Needless to say, he didn't mind the stench of sweat.

"There, there, everybody wears a drag from time to time, even on secret missions to infiltrate enemy bases and save a special friend from a dark fate. If it's any consolation, I think you're the cutest blonde warrior I've ever seen, and I would really like to know more about you personally without any special triage date circumstances getting in the way." Tifa said soothingly, patting Jaune's head in a loving manner.

This made Jaune feel at peace with the world until he felt Yang hug his waist tighter, nearly making him throw up his lunch since she was crushing his stomach.

"Hhmmpfh! Yang...! Too tight! Too tight, woman!" Jaune grumbled in a muffled voice of pain and he saw the two girls exchange dagger-like glares as though they were too predators fighting over the same prey.

"Hey...remember the boob censorship bar thing? I don't think you want to suffocate Jaune again inside of that, remove his face from your chest, or else..." Yang warned and Jaune was feeling warning flags already.

"Why don't you remove your hands around his stomach first, I think you're crushing his spine, you know." Tifa threatened back and the lighting back between their brows in full force.

'Alright, that's it, no more bad blood between these two!' Jaune decided as he pushed himself out from their embrace and looked them straight in the eye with a determined, and somewhat frustrated, look on his face. "You two are really bad, and murderous, terms with each other. It's time we let out all the steam you have pent up inside you and continue with our 'Training' course. I want you two to team up and come at me together, just note that I won't be holding back."

Jaune this time flexed both of his arms and channeled his bright white Aura menacingly as though he were going Super Saiyan. His hair became glowing somewhat and the power radiating off of him, thanks to the high-spec training gym, was making Yang and Tifa's hairs stand on end. This had the inverse effect of exciting their blood and arousing them even more.

"Wowza, I think I can feel that from here. Way to go on the power-scaling,buddy! I know you could be awesome if you tried, I'll definitely be getting around to updating that Spec chart for ya." Boomstick said as both Tifa and Yang looked to each other with begrudgingly agreeable smiles, nodding in unison as though it were a silent agreement.

"Alright, Loverboy, you're on. If you can beat the two of us in a Melee, which I'm sure you're capable of despite what that spec board tells ya, we'll make peace. We'll get romantic, personally, another time it's just singles, but right now I want you to prove to us that you can handle more than one girl. I think you'll be needing the training considering how many women you've captured the hearts of already!" Yang declared, making Jaune gulp nervously as they both shucked off their bracer garments, leaving their fists bare with only the basics of workout equipment along with gloves.

"Yeah! What she said, and if you beat her down first I think I'll give a big smooch on the lips as a reward." Tifa offered with a flirtatious wink, making Yang seethe with the flames of the sun as her Semblance had just now been activated. Glowing red eyes and flaming blonde hair was enough of an indicator that she was fiery with mad energy and rightly pissed off too.

'Oh dear sweet gods or whatever of Remnant; help me.' Jaune thought as he got into a battle position, readying himself to settle things between the two busty beauties once and for all. He lowered his center of gravity a bit to the ground and remembered the fighting style he used when dealing with Agent Carolina earlier. 'Speed will be super important here, gotta make them wear out a little before dealing the decisive blow.'

Just then, Boomstick spoke up.

"Alright then, time for the Final Round! Wiz, cue the thing!" Boomstick shouted to his co-host, who then pushed in a certain key on the holographic keyboard, making the Death Battle 'Signal' pop out.


In a blur of speed, both Tifa and Yang came rushing at him, swinging either their fists or their legs in an attempt to knock Jaune out of commission, but unfortunately for them, he was prepared to intercept and retaliate. Jaune ducked, dived, and narrowly avoided getting his face caved in by either of their iron fists. He was putting speed to his advantage after remembering a few tips from Winter Schnee's spar as well as recalling how he bested Agent Carolina. Truth be told, he was scared shitless of getting pancaked since they were both furious fighters.

Yang, in full Semblance mode now, dealt a few blows to his chest and legs, attempting to wind him so that she could suplex the man into a crater, but she was predictable in her anger-fueled attacks and thus, left herself open for a body-throw courtesy of Jaune. Of course, she did willfully smother his face in her breasts again, enjoying his reaction before being thrown across the ring of the training room! Ruby, Pyrrha, and Nora were most certainly impressed by Jaune's feat and knew that his spec-readings were less accurate than they showed. He was certainly every bit as strong as either Yang and Pyrrha.

Then, Tifa came in and swung at him hard and fast with blinding punches and dizzying kicks that Jaune barely managed to avoid. He knew very little about her fighting style and was honestly very distracted by the way her chest always moved, but Jaune had a specialty of endurance and took quite a few high-powered punches from Tifa before delivering a deciding blow. He low-punched her abdomen, knocking the wind momentarily out of her lungs, then got behind Tifa in order to do a suplex like Yang attempted to do! With a hard slam, as well as a crater forming in the ring, Jaune managed to nearly knock out the busty brunette only to receive a kick to the side making him fly a few feet before hitting a nearby wall. feeling momentarily winded and seeing that Yang now recovered from her temporary crash earlier, Jaune saw both sweaty, messy, women now charging for him, ready to beat him and win the match.

'Alright, here goes, learn how Pyrrha taught you. Channel your Aura, reinforce your muscles, you have plenty of the former to make your body like an iron fortress! Here goes!' Jaune said to himself with body lighting up in white blazing energy, astounding many people that were watching the program including a now highly intrigued Cinder Fall.

Many of the other attendees in the audience stands to watch with ever-growing excitement and intrigue such as Eva Taurus, Yio, Vernal *Who was salivating*, and of course Molly Mollusk who vowed to suck on her chosen betrothed's blood as soon as she got the chance.

With a shout of energy and bravery, Jaune rushed at Yang and Tifa both, ready to deliver the final crash of power-infused fists at the same time they'd deliver theirs. Meeting the middle and creating a shockwave of intense strength and force of the wind, Jaune matched his fists with each of the girls, making it to be one epic showdown between brawling fighters.

Back to the GameShow Stage...

"Whoa! Talk about anime special effects, I can barely make out what's happening on the screen after they did that." Wiz pointed out, adjusting his glasses when he saw the entire holographic display went bright, nearly blinding everyone in the area.

"Ah, that is my future Prince Charming.~" Cinder Ella Fall said with an excited shudder, receiving a smiling nod of agreement from Vernal nearby.

'What you said, sister. This guy has got all the chops to fight, and he looks good whenever you put women's clothing on him. Oh ho, he's a keeper." Vernal said in agreement, leaning over the railing to see the fight wind up with Jaune wind up with Yang and Tifa together shakily standing on their feet with tired, worn-out, appearance all over their bodies. 'What'd make this better would be him wearing that outfit we saw in the picture uplink we received. Uunnnnff!~'

'Should I be worried about this woman who is so, how I put it, thirsty for the Master?' Crocea Mors considered, keeping a watchful eye on the bandit from the side.

With Ruby and the Others...

"Wow,wow,wow...! He's really doing it! He's actually going toe-to-toe with Yang! And that other woman...awesome!" Ruby gushed with stars of childish excitement in her eyes, making everybody around her match her surprise with blushing faces.

"Yeah, I'll say, I never expected to see Jaune really duke it out with Yang of all people." Weiss added, feeling unexpectedly hot and bothered by the sight of him looking ruffed up and wearing his bracers in cracking shambles of what they once were. Brawling with both beauties took a toll on them, but nothing Space-God magic couldn't fix.

"Was this really a date though? Or just an excuse for the hosts to get rid of them? All that aside, I'm actually glad they're having fun punching it out. Yang always talks about dating being a priority when that other person could outdo he rin combat, although that is a rather high bar if you ask me." Blake commented.

"No kidding." Nora chirped.

"Well at least we know that she has standards Jaune met, I wonder if they'll still have their romantic moment after finishing this u-oh, nevermind, both girls are now knocked out." Ren said pointed to the screen where it shows Jaune just barely standing upright after seeing Tifa and Yang collapse into exhausted heaps right there in the center of the game ring.

Now it was his time to shine, again.

Back to Jaune and the Girls...

"*Huff...huff..huff...huff!*...Oh man, that was something I wasn't totally expecting, I really wanted to step over you in victory, Loverboy, but really have gotten stronger." Yang breathed out, sitting beside Tifa back-to-back with her face all sweaty and hair a frazzled mess. She had bruises and abrasions all over and her outfit was torn in some places, but that tired smile on her face never left.

Leaning against her back, reluctantly so, was Tifa looking no worse for wear. The girl's black tights were stretching to their limits since she had exerted plenty of muscle force into each of her attacks landing on Jaune. Ultimately, she managed to wind him down a bit more than Yang did, but he still managed to edge her out in terms of endurance overall. Tifa has seldom had a thrilling fight like that in a long time, normally she never enjoys combat unless she has to fight for her life against monsters of every kind, as well as enemy soldiers of Shinra. This...was a new experience for her.

"So...*Whew*'d we do, handsome? Did we train you to perfection? Seems like you pretty much broke those bracers you have on your arms,hehe." Tifa commented with a giggle and saw Jaune knelt down next to them, each of his hands taking one of their own and making them blush.

"Thank you, both of you. Without you two, being these strong superwomen that can punch boulders into pieces, I wouldn't have gotten this much farther in my training. Now, I know I can stand on the same level as everybody else. Plus, I think you both worked out all your pent-up frustration you had with each other also." Jaune pointed, clutching their hands softly and making each girl interlock their fingers with his own, feeling their hearts stammer excitedly.

'Has he always been this charming up close? I'm kinda feeling like that vomit memory way back when means nothing now...heh, maybe Jauney boy really does have a way with women of all kinds. He passes the Yang test and...' Yang looked to her side at Tifa, flashing her a sporty and friendly smile that she returned. It seemed both of them had gotten over their bad blood with each other, partially due to their Death Match battle last time they met, but also because they were just so similar. '...I gotta admit, this gal can really kick ass, I don't know why I kinda hated her. Oh well, just another memory not to think about.'

'Hmmm, he does have a point, he did get stronger thanks to the two of us. And, as much as I hate to admit, this blonde bimbo over here actually really kicks ass. I don't even remember why I wanted to snap her neck when I got here, that memory just feels so unimportant now for some reason. Guess I got all the poison out. As for him...' Tifa looked intentionally into Jaune's innocent blue eyes, brimming with confidence, and feeling a certain feeling of romance for heroically aspiring blonde-haired blue-eyed soldiers. "Hmm, yeah, I'd say it all worked out, but we still have to have our personal dates for each of us to bind with you, remember?"

"She's got a point." Yang chimed in and stood up with Tifa, keeping Jaune's hands entwined with theirs as he pulled them both in, giving the girls a feeling of romantic excitement now fluttering through their hearts. "But we'll save that for the next date so we can be a little more personal. I gotta say some things regarding you...and my mom, after all, you know. But getting the bad blood out is also good. C'mere, Vomitboy.~"

Yang pulled Jaune to the side and pulled his lips onto hers for a sweet yet chaste kiss that soon turned romantic after her eyes had closed. Jaune was shocked and surprised by this action and soon found himself kissing back, feeling Yang gingerly suck open his lips as they lingered for a moment until he was pulled back to do the same with Tifa.

"What she said, but brunettes are better." Tifa giggled and kissed Jaune full on the lips with a stark blush on her face while holding her hands around his face. This sent even more jolts of excitement down Jaune's spine and made him dizzy.

'This is fine.~' Jaune thought while wearing a goofy smile, he pulled back from Tifa's lips seeing a glowing smile on the girl as the portal leading back to the Gameshow stage opened up. He had his hands around each of the girl's waists, feeling on top of the world for now achieving maximum strength and melee combat ability. The guy just needs to see his Spec score, presumably after Boomstick and Wiz update it anyway, apparently, it was broken this whole time. Another thing that made no sense to him since it was all supposed to be space magic.

Just then, Boomstick spoke out.

"Oh right, I forgot, this is the photograph we offered for the design change survey. Take a good look at it, Jauney! I'm sure your sisters will appreciate seeing it HD 4k resolution." Boomstick called out, making Jaune suddenly pale and his eyes go wide in horror.

'No! it couldn't be...! Not the Graduation present!' He thought in panic and saw Tifa, Yang, and everybody else back at the Gameshow stage hold out their Scrolls readily. Each attendant received at least one for this exact purpose.

"That's right, here is...the Graduation Party." Wiz announced as soon as they arrived back on the stage with boomstick in tow. Jaune's jaw fell like an anvil when the holographic display materialized in full.

'The Graduation Party'


A picture of a more older, possibly fifteen-0year old, Jaune strutted out wearing a Bunny Waitress outfit with fishnet stockings over his legs and a tight strapping corset over his broadening chest. He walked around inside of a parlor or cabaret club somewhere with the silhouettes of his seven sisters in the background all snapping pictures furiously with plenty of them oozing blood from their nostrils with excitement. His hairstyle was largely the same and his youthful boyish appearance was even more pronounced in this old photograph, making it better for every woman out there clutching their phones and enjoying the sight of a cute girlish boy wearing women's clothing.

Little notes with each sister's signature underneath them were scribbled all over the photograph with comments like 'He Spoils us' and 'Sexy Thang,You'. There were seven in total and Jaune once again felt his soul leave his body as he remained standing upright between Tifa and Yang looking pale as the embarrassment filled his body to the core.

Little did he know that it was actually more a 'Gift' to every thirsty female attendant out there, more so than an embarrassment. If only he knew.

Back to Ruby's bedroom...

Ren plugged in his ears and readied the towels after grabbing a bunch nearby from a bulk package of them, for he heard the siren-like squeals of gushing excitement coming every girl in the room.


'I'm glad I brought this raincoat too.' Ren thought flatly as the gushing streams of blood done anime-style spilled all over the dorm room making a mess of things and making him regret watching this show with girls in the first place. 'It is fortunate I had that Super-Savings card when I ordered all of this stuff, I'm quite literally saving a fortune and getting money back for it at this rate.'

End of Chapter

To be continued….

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