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[Unknown planet in the outer rim]

On an unknown planet in the outer a Kom'rk-class fighter/transport lay dormant in grass field. The ship had a purple and blue color scheme and had the name Vengeful Spark painted in white on the hull. It's two passengers Summer Ordo and her daughter Ruby were currently outside the ship using makeshift targets for practice. Both wearing jumpsuit with Summer having hide her armor away in a secret compartment.

"Mom haven't we practiced enough for today?" Ruby whined to her mother hoping she could do something else like exploring the old ruins.

"Alright but if you're going to be exploring those ruins remember to bring your blaster pistol with you. In case you come across any hostile wild life." Summer reminded Ruby.

"I know. I already have my WESTAR-35 with me so I should be fine." Ruby stated while showing Summer her blaster pistol that had her name carved into it.

Summer sighed this wasn't the first time she wished Ruby's father was around but reminded herself that it was best to keep Ruby a secret from him only telling Jango for if something were to happen to her.

"I can tell just be careful while you're there." Concern was clear in Summer voice has she spoke.

"Don't worry I will." Ruby confidently replied as she left for the ruins in the distance.

'Ruby what are you searching for in that destroyed temple that you seem so eager to find?' Summer thought worried about what it could be and how it could impact Ruby's future.

[Old Temple/ruins]

As Ruby approached the temple she felt the familiar feeling of something calling her further into the temple. Nature had taken back the temple where wildlife now resided. Ruby took a slight pause to mentally prepare herself before entering.

'Remember Ruby you're a Mandalorian of clan Ordo you can do this. Normal wildlife shouldn't be a problem. It's just like Kashik except less dangerous wild life here.' Ruby thought to herself.

Ruby then ventured into the darkened hallways of the temple after turning the flashlight on her WESTAR-35. The hallways walls had dried blood on the from a conflict that happened centuries before there seemed to be more blood the further Ruby went in giving it an eerie vibe that unnerved her a bit, but she pushed herself more than before to continue down the corridor even after seeing a few skeletons and shooting a rodent that ventured to close to her from the darkness. After a while Ruby came to a set of large doors. On the doors, there were some words on them but the only words that she could make out where Dedicated, Jedi, Master Revan.

"Hmm Revan the Jedi that defeated Mandalore the Ultimate and the one gave Canderous Ordo the title of Mandalore. So, this temple belonged to the Jedi at one point I have to see what's behind those doors now if there's any chance this could hold anything about Revan." Ruby spoke with enthusiasm.

Ruby then approached the doors. She gave the doors a light push to test them. The doors for some reason opened all the way with only the light push.

"Well that was unexpected." Ruby said as she entered the now open chamber.

Once she entered the doors slammed shut and the noise of a locking mechanism could be heard. Ruby ran to the doors and began pounding on the doors but they wouldn't budge at all.

"Dam it I'm stuck in here now! Well better look around here at the very least." Ruby admitted in defeat.

As she looked around she noticed a small black crystal in the center of the room on a stone table. Ruby unconsciously moved towards it she was about to pick it up before a voice came out of nowhere scaring her half to death.

(Unidentified Voice)"Who are you and what are you doing in this sacred temple." The unidentified voice asked.

Ruby turned around to see a figure glowing light blue. On reflex Ruby fired a few shots but they went right through the figure. Instead of being angered by this the figure only stared at Ruby as if she had done nothing wrong.

"So you can see me which means you are force sensitive but you are too young to be either a Jedi or Sith." The figure spoke with wisdom beyond decades of experience.

"I don't know what you are talking about but I'm Ruby Ordo but who are you?" Ruby asked hoping for an answer. She got one but not what she expected.

"Ordo that's a name that I haven't in a long time. In life I was called Master Revan but that was centuries ago now. You must be here for the crystal. I could feel it calling you here. I'm curious did the Jedi council send you here?" The now identified force ghost of Revan asked.

"I did feel something calling me here but didn't know what it was. No, me and my mother are just exiles from Mandalor 4. I never seen a Jedi in my life so far. But why is the crystal calling me for is there something I need to do with it?" Ruby asked Revan.

(Revan)'This girl has no idea the danger she is in I have to do something without a teacher she is vulnerable to the dark side of the force. She great potential. I guess I'll have to teacher her as a favor to an old friend.' Revan resolved in his mind.

"I guess that means I will have to teach you then. Yes, there is something you have to do with it well more like use it for. It's the core piece of every lightsaber something you will need in the years to come. I sense great potential in you just need to use it." Revan told Ruby.

"Well that would be great but right now I just want to get out of here." Ruby said after picking the crystal as well as the bits of tech scattered around it and putting it the pack she brought with her.

"All you need to do is use the force to open the doors. Focus and thrust your arm forwards." Revan told Ruby subtly aid her in the task.

Ruby did as Revan told her and used the force to push open the doors. When she did she sent the large stone, doors flying down the corridor. Ruby just looked at her hands in shock. Unknown to her Revan guided her use of the force this time.

(Ruby)'Did I just do that?' Ruby thought in amazement.

Ruby headed down the corridor after Revan asked her to bring a tattered cylinder device with her telling her that it would help her after she made her own. Ruby understood what Revan meant by that somewhat.

Once she got out she realized how much time went by as the sky was now dark and rushed to the ship where her mom was probably worried sick about her.

Revan decided that he would stick with this girl for the long haul serving as a source of knowledge and experience for her in both the light and the dark side of the force.

(Revan)'Maybe I can still help the Jedi through her only time will tell. I should teach her the proper way to deal with emotions and not whatever the current Jedi would teach her.' Revan thought to himself before following Ruby to keep a close eye on her.

[Back at the Vengeful Spark]

Summer was getting worried why you may ask? Because her 9-year-old daughter was out exploring some old temple ruins and hasn't been back for hours. She kept pacing in front of the ship. Fearing that Deathwatch may have found them.

'Come on Ruby where are you? You should have been back by now unless something happened. Did part of the temple cave in?' Summer thought worriedly for Ruby's safety.

Summer didn't have to wait long as in few minutes a familiar voice called out.

"Mom I'm back!" Ruby called out to her mother.

"Ruby do you have any idea how worried I was! At least tell me why it took you so long to get back." Summer asked concerned.

"Well I went deeper into the temple then normal opened these huge doors and found this." Ruby told Summer.

Ruby then showed Summer what she found. The black crystal, the pieces of tech and the odd cylinder device that Ruby told Summer she had no clue what it is. But Summer knew what it was and was confused to why it would be in some random temple on an unknown and uncharted planet.

"Ruby do have any idea what your holding is?" Summer asked Ruby.

"No I don't but should I?" Ruby question innocently with a tilt of her head trying to give the impression she didn't know it was a lightsaber.

"Ruby what your holding is a lightsaber and from the looks of it still works and the other stuff looks like parts to make one." Summer told Ruby.

'I'll need to contact Obi-Wan now but that can wait for a few weeks.' Summer thought to herself.

Meanwhile Ruby already went into the ship to start work on building her lightsaber. Little did either of them know that in the coming weeks that the unthinkable was going to happen.

[A few weeks later]

In the past week Ruby, has finish her lightsaber and began to practice with both her lightsabers as Revan taught her the forms of lightsaber combat. Ruby particularly favored forms 5 and 6 or Shien/Djem-so (Form 5) and Niman (Form 6). Though Ruby preferred the inverted grip of Shien as it felt more comfortable to her. Currently Ruby was practicing near the temple with both her lightsabers active. Her blue lightsaber in her left hand and her black lightsaber in her right. She still had her DC-17 blaster pistol but it was holstered to her thigh.

Her lightsaber with the black khyber crystal in it had a jet-black hilt with a small chain at the base of it. The lightsaber with the blue crystal in it used to look worn from centuries of weathering but Ruby had taken it upon herself to replace it. It now had new hilt that was lighter than the original and had a slight blue tint to the metal.

"Hey Revan why are you having me learn the Djem-so variant of form 5 when I'm already learned with Shien and Niman." Ruby question Revan only for him to roll his nonexistent eyes at the question.

"It's simple Ruby. Shien weakness is one on one combat while Niman helps to counter this and help cover other weakness. It's simply not enough to deal a form 2 or form 7 users. You will need something better to deal with specialized combatants and that's where Djem-so comes into play. Djem-so is just the other part to form 5. It utilizes a strong defense for strong counter attacks." Revan explained to Ruby who reluctantly agreed with Revan.

"I understand. Shien and Niman won't be enough if they specialize in lightsaber to lightsaber combat. I'm just thankful that Djem-so is like Shien so I can manage it. But compared to a normal student how am I doing so far?" Ruby asked Revan while practicing Djem-so.

"Well compared to a normal student you've learned both Shien and Niman progressed having already become adept in both form 5 and 6. But you don't have any combat experience so you have that going against you for now. Your skill in the Force right now is lacking but that's mainly do not focusing on that right now but from your little show at the temple you have great potential you just have to learn to tap into it." Revan stated calmly to Ruby.

Ruby smiled in response.

"Well that's partly because you're a great teacher Revan." Ruby replied to Revan.

"It wouldn't matter if you weren't willing to learn." Revan stated.

[Meanwhile back at the Vengeful Spark]

Summer Ordo was currently in the process of contacting the one person she hasn't talked to in nearly a decade. Summer was nervous about talking to this person. So, who might this person be that has Summer so nervous well it's Ruby's biological father Obi-wan Kenobi.

'Dam it what am I going to say? I can't just say hey you have a daughter you never knew about that is Force sensitive like you and built a lightsaber in two days. Well I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it I'll just tell him he has a daughter first.' Summer silently thought to herself.

It took the comms some time to establish a link. When they did a hologram of Obi-wan was in front of Summer.

"I take it that there is more to you calling than just to reconnect with an old friend?" The hologram of Obi-wan asked curiously as to the reason his old friend was contacting him.

"As much as I don't want to admit yes. You remember the last time we saw each other I was holding an infant." Summer told Obi-wan while looking sideways away from the hologram.

"Yes I remember you also said that you weren't seeing anyone at the time. Which left me questioning how you had child if you weren't with anyone. What does that have do with why you're contacting me?" Obi-wan questioned thinking deeply on why Summer would contact him now of all times.

"Well you did say that Force sensitivity can be passed down from parent to child." Summer stated calmly looking back towards the hologram.

It took Obi-wan a few moments connect the dots before he realized that he must have been the father of the child. As to his knowledge he was the only one to have been with Summer in the 3 year he was on Mandalore.

"So I'm the father of the child I take it. If the child is Force sensitive." The hologram Obi-wan stated shocked to find out that he was a father of a child that until recently he never knew existed.

"You don't know how hard this was to say. Her name is Ruby she takes after you in some aspects such as your tactical thinking to a degree. I know she doesn't get her intelligence from so it must be from you." Summer told Obi-wan trying to break the ice involving Ruby.

"So how did you find out she Force sensitive if you don't mind?" The hologram of Obi-wan asked curiously as to how this all came about.

"It started a few weeks ago when she took an interest in some old ruins. It was only a couple of days ago that she found something in the ruins. Apparently, it was a Jedi temple from the Old Republic. When she came back she was carrying an old lightsaber, some old pieces of tech and a black Khyber crystal. And then she took the old lightsaber apart then but it back together again using some form of telekinesis. She shocked it a few times with some lightning from her fingertips." Summer told Obi-wan unaware of the magnitude of what she just told him.

"Wait did you just say she shocked the lightsaber a few times with lightning from her fingertips." Obi-wan stated shocked after what he just heard.

"From how shocked you are from that I guess that's supposed to be a bad thing. She learned that from what she called a force ghost. I think she said its name was Revan in case you're wondering." Summer told Obi-wan dejectedly her right-hand resting against her cheek.

Obi-wan while initially shocked that Ruby used force lighting calmed down after hearing the name of the force ghost was Revan.

'Revan a Sith Lord turned Jedi Master. If she learned it from him then I shouldn't worry too much. At least for right now she's safe from the dark side for now more than I can say then Anakin. I'm going to see if he could handle an apprentice in a few years.' Obi-wan silently thought to himself.

Suddenly the sound of a ship door opening could be heard followed by footsteps. Before Summer knew was going on the intruders opened fire on her sending her to the ground. Obi-wan could only what in horror as the scene unfolded be for going to his ship command bridge with coordinates from the communication. He just hoped they would arrive in time to save them or at the very least stop Summer Ordo's killer's.

[Elsewhere near the Vengeful Spark]

Ruby knew something was wrong as soon as she got near. She could see the Trandoshan as they headed inside the ship. Once she heard the blaster firer she ran towards the ship despite Revan's warning's. The Trandoshans that where waiting in the shadows quickly attempted to stun Ruby with their blasters. Ruby having sensed the Trandoshans earlier let out torrents of force lightning on the Trandoshans shocking them to death but Ruby was too focused on the Trandoshans she killed that one of the Trandoshans managed to sneak up and knock her out.

The Trandoshans with their prize captured quickly fled the system hoping to sell their prize to the separatists for a high price.

[A couple hours later]

A Venator-class star cruiser arrived in the system a dropship came out of its hangers headed to the planet below. Once to the planet the drop ships occupants got out. The first to emerge from the dropship was Anakin Skywalker then Obi-wan.

"It seems we are too late." Obi-wan said sorrow clear in his voice.

"I can sense someone still alive in that ship up ahead. Hopefully they can tell us something about what happened." Anakin spoke snapping Obi-wan back to reality.

Together they dashed to the ship only to find a mortally wounded Summer Fett cling to life.

"Obi-wan you're here!" Summer spoke surprised to see Obi-wan half expecting to die alone.

Obi-wan rushed to her side.

"Don't talk Summer save your strength." Obi-wan said with tears in his eyes.

"Don't bother I know I'm not going to make it. Trandoshan came shot me and took Ruby. Obi-wan promise me that you will find Ruby and continue what I no longer can." Summer spoke with tearful eye's.

Anakin was clueless as to what Summer meant and who Ruby was. Obi-wan noticing Anakin's confusion decided to tell him the truth.

"Ruby is my daughter that I never knew about until today. I'm pretty sure you can figure out the rest from there." Obi-wan spoke quietly.

"So this is your former Padawan. Anakin, was it? I would like to ask something of him as well." Summer asked Anakin looking in his direction.

"Not sure what I can do but I try to help as best I can." Anakin spoke unsure of what he could do to help.

"I want you to take care of this ship for me it's Ruby's now but right now it needs someone till then. But I'm sure Ruby wouldn't mind a good pilot." Summer said her voice slowly getting weaker and her eyelids slowly start to close.

"Don't worry I take care of it but first what's the ships name." Anakin asked knowing there isn't much time left.

"Thank you Anakin and its name is Vengeful Spark." Summer after finishing all she had to say closed her eyes death taking its hold of her.

There was a long silence before Obi-wan spoke

"You take the ship back to the star cruiser Anakin. I'll take Summer's body to the dropship and meet you on the star destroyer so we can give her a proper funeral.

Anakin was a bit hesitant but complied with what Obi-wan had said. Anakin still felt like he should do more for young girl who lost her mother and was now in the hands of the Trandoshans, than just taking care of her ship. Then it came to him if the girl were to join the Jedi he could take her on as padawan.

Anakin never felt more determined before but resolved to help the girl in any way he could. And right now, that included finding her above all else.


So yeah this took a while to write out but hopefully it came out alright.

Now will Ruby given to the Dark side while under Trandoshan captivity and how long will she be there captive. Will Obi-wan keep his promise or will he falter. Will Revan help Ruby maintain her sanity?

That will be answered in the next chapter. But don't hope for Ruby to come out unscathed by her experience with the trandoshans. I'll tell you this it's going to haunt Ruby for awhile.

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