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[Star destroyer one hour before the second siege of Genoisis]

Ruby was a bit worried after Amber's outburst she may not have a good connection to the Force aka a very weak one. But it didn't take the force to feel the anger and rage rolling off Amber.

For a split second she thought Amber would actually kill her. That was a risk Ruby wasn't willing to take.

'She just needs some space for now. Just what did Summer do to her?' Ruby thought to herself as she leaned against the hanger wall before glancing at the assortment of ships around her.

Nearby she could see mechanics working on Y-wings, ARC 170's, V-19 Torrent, and LAAT Gunships. "Yeah like V-19's will be much help in the up coming battle. No use out side of fighter support. ARC 170 fits that role better that role for ground support." Ruby thought out loud.

The dull white noise of clones going about their tasks distracted Ruby a bit to the point she didn't notice a certain someone standing right next to her. "You know its almost calming in a way looking at so many ships in one place sometimes I wish I could find a ship take it apart and put it back together but better than it originally was." Came the voice of the one person Ruby didn't expect to come find her.

This of course startled the crap out of Ruby "AH!" Ruby shouted in surprise almost falling to the ground "Where the Hell did you come from Amber! More importantly when!" Ruby got out her voice a mix of both startled and pissed.

Amber shrugged not really caring "I came here after a quick chat with Turquoise and making some modifications to my armor. Talking with her helped me calm down and focus like always. She advised me to come talk to you." Her tone as she spoke to Ruby was unnervingly cold almost like she didn't want to talk to Ruby.

It took Ruby a few seconds to notice Amber had added some Beskar plates to her armor most likely for added protection. "So talking to your girlfriend calmed you down? good to know." Internally Ruby was thinking on a different line 'Okay she's really starting to scare me appearing out of nowhere like this!'

Amber's sole eye twitched "She's not my dam girlfriend! We're just close friends. Sure we kissed once but that doesn't mean anything!"

Ruby giggled "Ruby and Turquoise sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-Argk..!" Ruby didn't get to finish as a rather pissed off Amber began to choke her with the Force using her right hand to use the skill.

Amber glared at Ruby "Not another dam word about me and Turquoise kissing or I'll just snap your neck next time."

Amber released Ruby from her force choke turning her head away from Ruby with small blush on her cheeks.

Ruby gasped for breath as her lungs burned from lack of oxygen "Dam.. guess I can't joke around with you. Shesh you could have killed me!"

Amber looked to down a bit in shame "I'm sorry S-si-sister. I'll try not to do that again."

Ruby flicked Amber's forehead "We really need to work on your sense of humor Amber."

Looking back at the hanger Amber sighed before fiddling with her lightsaber. Something that she did solely to keep her mind off certain topics.

Ruby gently placed her left hand on Amber's shoulder "So how are you feeling about the upcoming battle Amber?"

Amber hummed softly as she took apart her lightsaber solely by using the force.

Ruby waved her hand in front of Amber's face "Um HQ to Amber you there? At all?"

Amber stared at the crystal of her lightsaber "Nope everything's fine except for a spec of dust on the casing."

Ruby promptly face palmed "Oh god she's as dense as a rock!"

Amber slowly put her lightsaber back together before looking at Ruby "Huh? You say something Ruby?"

Ruby groaned in defeat "I give up! You go talk with your girlfriend some more. Find me before we have to head out. I need a drink!" Ruby stormed off to see about getting a hard drink before the battle.

Amber stared as Ruby walked away "Wow she has weird mood swings. Wait...She's not my girlfriend Ruby!"

[40 minutes later]

Ruby was face down on a table with a large number a of bottles next to her. Some clones made it a point to stay away from the semi drunk mandalorian it would take a brave soul to get Ruby to sober up.

"So this is how a mandalorian deals with family problems. From how Amber talked of you it makes sense in away." Came the voice of the brave and some would say unfortunate soul.

Ruby looked up slowly her head pounding in pain due to the alcohol in her system "I'm not *hiccup* drunk. Just need a few minutes to get my bearings *hiccup* again Turquoise right?"

Turquoise sighs and helps Ruby up "Come on I'll help you to the transports. You know Amber speaks highly of you Ruby."

Ruby shakes her head at that notion as Turquoise helps her back to the hanger "She shouldn't. She helped me escape but when she needed me I left her behind to suffer. I don't deserve her praise. That's why I'm going to do my best to help her heal. I need to be there for her now more than ever."

Turquoise gave her a sympathetic look "But it doesn't feel like your making that Amber is too broken to fix?"

Ruby was a bit shocked by this but nodded in agreement "Yeah that explains it perfectly. She just has so much rage and anger its hard to be near her. The only thing that helps her calm down is working on ships and talking to you."

Turquoise gave Ruby a pat on the back as they neared the hanger "Don't worry I'm sure its because I'm just a better listener than you. And Amber told me she really hates your jokes."

Blinking as if in shock Ruby barely managed to respond "My jokes aren't that bad."

Turquoise gave her an odd look "Really you called her cyclops as a nickname a few days after she got one of her eyes cut out. That was very insensitive on your part."

Ruby practically sobered up when she realized how much that could have hurt Amber "Your right I wasn't thinking at that point."

Turquoise smiled as they finally entered the hanger "Well I believe your sober enough to make it the rest of the way but just to be sure one last thing for the road."

Ruby raised an eyebrow "What do you me-!" Ruby's reply was silenced by a kiss from Turquoise. After the shock faded Ruby returned the kiss dancing her tongue around Turquoise's. After what felt like an eternity they broke for air.

"Where..the hell did.. that come from?" Ruby said between breaths.

Turquoise smiles as she catches her breath "A simple I love you wouldn't be enough so I settled on this. So did you get the message?"

Ruby nods slowly a bit stunned by the confession "Yeah I did you want to be more than friends. And you know what I'm fine with that. *Pulls Turquoise in close by the waist* But after this mission I'll show you a night you won't forget."

Turquoise blushed bright red as Ruby didn't beat around the bush "I'll keep that in mind Ruby."

Ruby smiles and walks away with a noticeable sway in her hips. Turquoise takes a few last glances before heading to the transports as well. 'By the Force what have I gotten myself into!' Turquoise thought to herself.

Meanwhile off to the side Amber was starring at a hologram of Summer. Amber's lone eye burned with rage. "Mother I promise you someday I'll find you. And when I do *Crushes the hologram projector* I will make sure you suffer every bit of pain I have. That I will make sure of and I will kill anyone that gets in my dam way!" Amber walked slowly to the transport her rage barely contained. For now at least.

AN. Well this chapter was a roller-coaster of emotions in a way.

Turquoise and Ruby are a thing now.

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