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The first time, it surprised both of them.

"Come with me," said Elphaba as she pulled on her mittens. "Boq always asks about you, you'll save me the trouble of inventing something terrible."

"I haven't got the hang of Vanishing yet," said Glinda, pointing her training wand at an apple on Elphaba's nightstand. The apple rolled off the table and under the bed.

"Looks vanished to me," said Elphaba.

Glinda snorted.

"I don't think Miss Greyling will count that. There's a quiz on Friday."

"Bring your wand, practice on the way. You've been here all afternoon, the fresh air will do you good."

"Since when are you the one to drag me out away from studying?" teased Glinda, closing her book.

Elphaba grinned.

"Yes, I'm a terrible influence."

Glinda laughed, grateful that Elphaba hadn't chosen to take the opportunity to comment on Pfannee and Shenshen's absence lately. She suspected her roommate was concerned over her recent retreat from her former social circles, not that Elphaba would ever admit it. Elphaba's protective shell never softened or cracked, but Glinda had evidence that it did grow larger to accommodate new concerns.