Hey everyone! It's the Bobcat with a new story! My writer's block has had a major break so I'm flooded with ideas right now and I got to get them down on paper. Game of Fairies is still my priority but this idea sounded like fun (Kinda going through a big Star Wars faze right now). The Fairy's Shadow was a sort of test run for this story although I've scrapped that one because I made a lot of adjustments to it. Anyways, I've stalled enough, without further ado I present The Dark Fairy!

The Dark Fairy

Chapter 1

The mountains jutted out of the earth like teeth into the gray skies above. It was a dark day outside. The clouds blotted out all sources of light from the sun and the occasional rumble of thunder was heard. The boy trekking through these mountains trembled a little as he heard the thunder's menacing rumblings that caused some pebbles to shake around him. The kid with brown hair and hazel eyes gritted his teeth and pushed onward. He was not scared. Not of a little thunder. That was not scary at all. Not compared to other things he had seen in his short 9 years. More rumbling followed by a loud clap of thunder caused the boy to jump and cling to the mountainside, his whole body trembling.

"Stupid Thunder…" he muttered under his breath. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Calm down Joshua. It's not like it's gonna rain.

*Drip* *Drop* *Drip* *Drop*

The boy named Joshua felt the wet plop of rain on his short, spiky brown hair. He stared up at the gray clouds above and felt a raindrop pelt him in the eye. He growled and rubbed his eye.

Well, that's just my luck isn't it?

The rain had started. It started off as a soft drizzle. Nothing that could deter him. But as he traveled through the mountain pass the rain steadily increased until it became a full force thunderstorm with enough rain to block out the boy's vision. He wrapped the black cloak he had wrapped around his shoulders tightly and shook some water off the dark hood he now had over his head that sheltered him from the cold rain. His right hand clasped the rocks and mud that made up the mountainside as he cautiously continued his trek forward through the pass. This was starting to get a little dangerous.

Lightning raced across the dark sky in massive branches. The boy stared up at the sky and then clung to the mountainside after the loudest peal of thunder his ears had ever heard erupted above him. He needed to get out of these damn mountains. And fast, not telling what a lightning strike on some loose mud and stone would do this high up. His soggy brown boots sloshed forward through the muddy trail. More rain dribbled over his hood as the weather grew more intense. After several more minutes of hiking the mountains began to thin out in front of him. The hills and plains that he had been moving towards finally came into view. Well, as much a view as he could get through the haze of raindrops that clouded his vision.

He could see a forest down below the mountains. The forest stretched out and straddle a large river that flowed towards a town off in the distance. His heart leapt at the sight of the town miles away. It was his salvation at this point. A chance for a roof over his young head and a hot meal in his aching stomach. Bread and salted meat was starting to lose it's taste to him. He smiled widely. It was all downhill from here. He took another step forward then he felt the hairs on his body stand on end.

A lightning bolt raced down towards the mountainside and exploded against the ground next to the boy. The force of the explosion sent the boy flying through the air and off of the trail. He slid down rocky mountainside flailing his arms for a handhold. Finally his fingers gripped an outstretched rock. His body's momentum stopped abruptly and the boy felt his shoulder pop out of place in the arm that was clinging desperately to the handhold. He cried out in pain and his cry echoed off of the mountain's mighty walls. He gritted his teeth and looked up at his hand. Ignoring the tremendous amount of pain in his left shoulder he heaved his right arm forward and grabbed the small rocky handhold with both hands. His knuckles were white from the amount of strain on his small hands. The boy breathed a small sigh of relief. He could hang like this and figure out how to get back up. But sadly, no such luxury was available to him.

He heard the rumbling before he fully realized what it was. The boy snapped his head back up to the mountain peaks and saw it falling fast down the tall mountainside, a mudslide. His eyes widened and his heart began to race. The boy thought quickly. He released his iron grip on the handhold and let himself roll down the mountainside. He spurred himself forward, enduring the bruises, scratches, and fractures that were punishing his small body. He had to stay ahead of the mudslide. The wall of dirt and rock was fast approaching him. Soon it was bearing down on his small form. It was only feet behind him. Stray specks of mud were raining down on his pale face and dark, torn, cloak. The boy then felt a large bump hit him in the right leg and then he heard a sickening crack. He cried out once again and looked down to see his right leg snapped clean at the shin and hanging limply. Now the mud was at his back. He could feel it accelerating his broken body down the cliff and towards the ground.


The mud was soon starting to swallow him. He kept his face as much out of the suffocating dirt as he could, gasping for the precious air above him.

No choice! Gotta try to use it!

He closed his eyes and concentrated. An energy in his small body began to bubble to the surface. His hazel eyes glowed orange for half a second. The mud was forced away in a wide circle around the boy as if by some sort of invisible hand. The boy then began to focus on slowing his fast descent. The mud flowed around the boy's invisible barrier while he concentrated on slowing himself down. It wasn't easy. His body and power was being pushed to it's absolute limits. He didn't have much power to begin with. The mud finally passed completely by him and settled down on the ground that was now just yards away. He let out a defiant cry and pushed out the last of his power to slow himself down before colliding with the muddy surface below.


"Oh come on Lucy! The rain isn't that bad. It feels kinda nice actually." smiled a pink haired teen at the blonde girl walking beside him.

"Says you! You don't care about how you look!" replied an annoyed blonde as she crossed her arms across her large chest and let out a frustrated sigh, "My hair is gonna look terrible when we get back." she grumbled.

"Natsu is right Lucy. You need to just relax." said a red haired woman wearing armor and a blue skirt. She turned her face back to look the two, "It's just water after all. It's nothing to get super upset about."

"Yeah!" cried a blue cat that was flying beside the blonde, "Besides Lucy, you can't get any uglier than you already are!"

The blond sent the cat a death glare, "What did you say you damn furball!?" All the while the pink haired boy named Natsu laughed aloud, his loud chuckles echoing off of the canyon walls around them. "That's not funny, Natsu!"

The red haired woman leading the way abruptly stopped and Natsu bumped into her back with a clank. He rubbed his nose and glared at the woman in front of him.

"Hey Erza! What did you do that for!" he roared as he rubbed his face.

"Shhh!" hissed Erza, "Do you hear that?"

Natsu squinted his eyes, "Not really."

"You can't hear it if you don't be quiet you idiot." snarled Erza.

Natsu then heard it in his ears. It sounded like an avalanche and it was coming from a few miles ahead of them. The storm must be really bad higher up in the mountains. Then he heard something else mixed in with the rumblings of the ground. A small cry of pain.

"Sounds like an avalanche to me." stated Lucy.

"Yeah. We need to be careful as we go forward through the canyon." replied Erza.

Natsu completely ignored her. He raced past her and sprinted forward through the canyon.

"Natsu where are you going!" called Lucy while Erza glared annoyed at the pink haired boy.

"Damn him." she growled before chasing after him.

"H-hey!" stammered Lucy as Erza chased after Natsu, "Don't leave me alone here!" Above her raced Happy as the flying cat flew at full speed to catch up to his pink haired friend.

Eventually he caught up to his sprinting friend and floated beside him.

"Hey Natsu what's up?" The cat asked.

"I heard someone. It sounded like they were hurt, and it came from the avalanche."

Happy's eyes widened. "Then how about I give you a boost then." he gripped Natsu's back and pushed his small magic to the max. The two flew at an incredible speed along the canyon floor until they came across the source of the avalanche.

A large pile of mud and rocks blocked the pathway back to their home. Happy screeched to a halt in front of the large obstacle and let Natsu fall to his feet back onto solid ground. The teen began to sniff the humid air around him, ignoring the raindrops that sometime rushed up his nose as he sniffed. There was definitely a strange smell here. And that strange smell was similar to a human. Natsu's eyes widened.

"Happy start digging! Someone is buried in this thing!"

"Aye sir!" replied the blue cat who began to use his small paws to burrow into the mudslide. The two were digging for several minutes when Natsu heard their two other companions race up behind him.

"Natsu!" roared Erza.

Natsu's eyes widened and he twirled around, "Erza wait-" a metal fist collided with his face and sent him flying up to the top of the mud pile. She then huffed and stared daggers at Happy. Happy held his hands defensively out in front of him.

"Th-there is someone buried in here! Natsu heard them I think." stammered Happy as he stared terrified at the red haired knight.

Erza's eyes widened, "Someone is buried!" She looked over to the blonde on her right, "Lucy, do you have a spirit that can-"

"Already on it." The blond grabbed a golden key chain at her waist and held out a specific key into the air in front of her, "Open! Gate of the Maiden: Virgo!"

A loud doorbell sound was heard and a golden glow enveloped the air in front of Lucy. The glow then formed into a young, pink haired woman in a maid's outfit with broken chains on her wrist.

"You called Miss Lucy?" stated the woman that suddenly appeared from the key.

"Yeah! There is somewhere buried in that pile of dirt." She pointed at the large mud pile, "Can you get them out of there?"

"I will do my best." saluted the maid before quickly tunneling into the thick mud.

On top of the pile, Natsu groaned and woke up after being KO'd by a furious Erza. He rubbed a large bump on his forehead and winced.

"That hurt." he groaned. He looked back and forth atop the mud pile and saw a hand sticking up out of the mud. "Oh crap! Don't worry I'll save you!"

He clambered across the mud pile and gripped the limp, pale hand. Natsu began to pull, and pull, and pull. But the hand wouldn't budge. "C'mon you stupid hand! Move!" Move it did. In the wrong direction. Natsu yelled out in a panic as the hand was sucked down into the mud and began to take him with it. "Oh no! NO! This way!" Natsu continued to tug until he felt his feet slipped on the slick mud and he was sucked into the mass of mud with the hand.

Lucy waited patiently for Virgo. After a brief few minutes the maid returned from the tunnel she dug and was pulling hard at a pale arm. The pink haired girl gave one final pull before a young boy's head peaked out of the mud. It was soon followed by the rest of his body… and Natsu who was desperately holding onto the boy's other hand. Erza and Lucy blinked at the sight of a mud covered Natsu hold onto the other hand while Happy just laughed at his best friend. Virgo held the boy aloft in the air along with Natsu with inhuman strength.

"I retrieved the buried person princess. And it appears your comrade was buried in there as well."

"I wasn't buried you crazy maid!" roared Natsu with fire in his mouth as he dangled from the right hand of the boy. He let go and landed on his feet.

"Thank you Virgo. Set him down and then you can go." ordered Lucy.

"Yes princess." the maid set the young boy down on the ground before disappearing in a flash of yellow light.

The Natsu bent over the unconscious boy and stared at him. He sniffed the air and nodded.

"Yup he's the one I smelled." A metal fist smacked him in the back of his head.

"Give the kid some space Natsu!" ordered Erza before she decided to invade the boy's personal space and investigate.

She placed two fingers on the boy's pale neck trying to feel for a pulse. She felt a slight throbbing on the boy's neck. He was alive, but barely. She then looked down to see that his right leg was snapped and bent in an unnatural way. She closed her eyes and then looked up above at the mountainside.

"He must of fallen from the cliffs above and taken away by this mudslide." she muttered to herself. "Happy!"

The blue cat floated up to Erza.

"You will carry him back to the guild with us. Make sure that leg doesn't touch the ground." ordered the red head.

The flying blue furball saluted her, "Aye sir!" then he gripped the boy by the back and hovered above the ground just enough so that his dangling legs wouldn't touch the ground below. Erza looked back to her other two traveling companions.

"We need to get back to the guild fast. The boy is alive, but barely. He needs a doctor."

"Right." replied Lucy and Natsu in unison.

"Let's move."

The group began climbed over the pile of mud and ran through the rest of the canyon and towards the town off in the distance.


Joshua felt like he had been sent through a meat grinder. I guess being swallowed alive by a raging avalanche of mud and rocks could qualify as a meat grinder. His whole body seemed to be in some form of pain. Whether it ached or was a sharp stabbing pain, his body felt terrible. But something was weird. First of all, he was alive. He knew that by the amount of pain he was in. Dead people don't exactly feel pain. Secondly, he wasn't resting in a giant mountain of mud. He ran his hands along what he though was the ground and felt soft sheets beneath him and his head resting atop a soft pillow.


He slowly let his heavy eyelid flutter open. It was bright in the place he was in. He squeezed his eyes shut as the bright light made him recoil. He then took a deep breath before letting them open slowly once again. This time the light didn't hurt his eyes. He was able to open his eyes fully and saw that he was in a bright clean room, it looked to be some sort of infirmary. To his left was a large window with bright beams of sunlight streaming through white curtains and glass. He groaned and tried to sit up before feeling a metal plated hand gently push him back down into the bed's soft embrace.

"Don't do that. You're very injured." said a kind voice.

Joshua looked to his right to see a woman wearing armor and a blue skirt. She had big brown eyes and incredibly red hair. She looked really nice, she had a kind smile. That smile soon evaporated as Joshua felt the bed creak and pressure being put on the open spaces to his side. He snapped his head back forward and met a tan face staring back at him with dark eyes and pink hair. Joshua noticed that this guy was squatting over him and seemed to be studying him.

"So who are you?" asked the teen before getting launched across the room and slamming into the far wall. Joshua then noticed the angry face that characterized the red haired woman and made him shake with fear.

"Give him some space!" roared the woman before sighing and looking back at a thoroughly intimidated nine year old. "Sorry about that, Natsu doesn't understand personal space sometimes."

Note to self… do not make her angry.

He tried to push himself up to a sitting position again before the same forceful hand forced him back down. Joshua grunted stubbornly and moved onto his elbow again before resting his back against the headrest behind him. He grinned triumphantly at the woman who was now frowning at him.

"You really should be just lying down kid." she stated in a serious tone.

"Oh come on now Erza." Said an elderly voice that now entered the room. Joshua craned his neck to see an incredibly short, elderly man walk into the room and pull up a chair beside the woman he called Erza. "If you were in his position you'd be just as stubborn. Hell, when you were hurt as badly I couldn't even get you to stay in the bed, much less lie down."

The old man had a bushy moustache and a kind wrinkly face. He was balding on the top of his head and had tufts of white hair coming out of the sides of his head. He also wore a bright orange jacket with bright orange shorts and a white shirt underneath. He smiled kindly at Joshua.

"How are you feeling young man?" he asked.

The boy stared at the man. He was reluctant to talk to these strangers. Talking to strangers never really worked out well in the past. He had learned that the hard way. So he stayed quiet and instead studied the two people at his bedside as well as his surroundings.

"Not a talker huh. That's ok." shrugged the old man as he sat next to the red haired woman, "I just felt I should come in and check up on you. After all, you have been out for four days."

"FOUR DAYS!" exclaimed Joshua with shock.

"Oh so you can speak." chuckled the old man, "Yes, you've been asleep for four days. Erza here as well as Natsu, whom you," he looked over at a knocked out Natsu at the far wall, "Must've met already, and another girl named Lucy found you in the canyons near Mt. Hakobe and brought you here for medical help. I must say, you gave even our guild's top doctor, Porlyusica, quite the scare when you first came in here. We weren't sure you were going to make it."

Joshua stared wide eyed at the old man then. He then quickly remembered his manners and bowed his head, "Thank you for saving me sir." he looked over to the red head and bowed his head to her as well, "Miss Erza."

The woman smiled. A loud commotion was heard outside of the door that led to the infirmary. Erza's face twisted in anger. She excused herself and marched out of the room dragging an unconscious Natsu behind her. Now it was just Joshua and the old man in the infirmary.

"Can I ask your name young man?"

"Um…" Joshua hesitated. Experience told him to say nothing to this guy. But at the same time, this place felt so warm and he seemed so nice. It couldn't hurt to just tell him his name. "J-Joshua." he muttered.


"I don't have a last name." finished the brown haired boy with a bowed head.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Do… do you not have a family?"

Joshua stared at the sheets. His hands tightened their grip on the white sheets as the memories hit him. He shook his head and Makarov sighed.

"I'm sorry young man. I've seen far too many children in the same situation as you in my life." he hopped down from his wooden chair and looked Joshua in the eye. "You are more than welcome to stay here Joshua. I'll go ask Mirajane to get something cooked up for ya. You must be hungry."

Joshua's stomach growled in response. He looked up at the old man.

"Wh-where am I?" he asked the old man. "And who are you?"

"Hmmm… Oh I completely forgot about that!" exclaimed the old man, "My brain must be aging on me faster than I thought. Haha, sorry about that. Well young man, my name is Makarov and you are in my wizard guild Fairy Tail in the town of Magnolia."

"Fairy Tail?" repeated Joshua with a raised eyebrow.

"Exactly, do fairies have tails? Do they not? We may never know until we found out!" cried Makarov with gusto, "It's a never ending adventure."

Joshua smirked a little at that proclamation. A never ending adventure huh, sounds like fun. But the term that went with the name Fairy Tail, wizard guild, was foreign to him. He decided to gather as much information as possible. He had nothing better to do right now anyways.

"If I may ask Mr. Makarov, what is a wizard's guild?"

Makarov blinked at the question, "You don't know what a wizard guild is?" Joshua shook his head, "Well that's surprising, I thought that was common knowledge. You see, a wizard guild is a place where wizards can go and find work, make friends, and earn fame and fortune."


"How hard did you hit your head kid?" asked Makarov.

Joshua shrugged, "I've just never heard of wizards before, I'm… I'm from really far away."

Makarov eyed the boy. He was holding something back. That much was clear. But Makarov had learned through the ears that trying to force someone to talk about their past was never a healthy thing to do.

"Well as wizard is someone with magic. Well correction, everyone has magic in their bodies. Wizards are just people who are able to tap into that magical reservoir of power and use it in spells and such."

Joshua's eyes widened in understanding, "You mean, wizards can do stuff like this." he opened his palm and the lamp that was across the room began to hover a few inches off of the table. Makarov stared wide eyed at the lamp before violently crashed back down onto the table, fell off, then shattered into a million porcelain pieces. Joshua cringed, "Sorry."

"No, don't apologize it's ok." Makarov smiled at the boy, "It appears you too are a wizard. Although, I've never seen a magic like that before. At least not in a very long time. You don't have much control over it do you?"

"Not really. It just kinda comes and goes." replied Joshua, "Although, I was able to use it on command when the mudslide happened. It was weird."

"Sounds like you just need some proper training and practice then." Makarov rubbed his chin and snapped his fingers, "I've got an idea. But you need to get healthy first." He walked over to the door and looked back. "I'll send Mira back here with some food for you."

"Thanks Mr. Makarov sir." replied Joshua. He liked that guy. He seemed to be an honest stranger at least. That was few a far between for him.

A couple minutes later the door opened once again and a beautiful white haired girl walked in carrying a metal tray piled high with all sorts of food. She wore a maroon dress and walked with authority yet elegance. Joshua stared at her as she smiled kindly at him and looked back with bright blue eyes.

"The master said you were hungry! So I got you a bunch of food!" she exclaimed happily. She gently placed the tray at Joshua's lap.

Joshua felt his mouth begin to water and his stomach rumblings only grew louder as the aroma of all sorts of food began to fill his senses. Before this lady, who Joshua assumed was the Mirajane the old man was talking about, could say what was on the tray, Joshua began to devour the plates of food.

Mirajane stared wide eyed as the small nine year old seemed to eat his own weight in food. Within seconds, the entire tray of food was cleaned off of all contents. The boy looked up at her.

"Do you have anymore?"



"Holy crap."

"How much is that kid eating!?"

"He's cleaning out the storage closet!" exclaimed another voice in the guildhall.

"That's what the fourth time Mira has rushed to the back to get the kid more food!?"

Makarov sat on the bar counter top with an exasperated face and a look of defeat.

"This kid is going to drive food costs up through the roof." he moaned as he grabbed a mug of beer and chugged it.

"Um… Master."

"What is it Mira?"

"We are… um… we're out of cooked food."

Makarov blinked for a second, "Sooooo much money!" he groaned before he decided that today was a good enough day to drown himself in booze.

"Can't be as much as you as the expenses for Natsu's latest job with Erza and Lucy." replied a brunette woman who was only wearing brown pants and a blue bikini top. In her arms was a whole barrel of alcohol that she was happily drinking from.

"Don't remind me Cana." stated Makarov gloomily.

"Sure thing, anyways who is the kid?" asked the brunette before she took another swig from the barrel.

"His name is Joshua. Other than that I don't know much else about him. He can use magic though, so he is a young wizard."

"Sounds kinda similar to a certain red head's tale when she first arrived here." replied Cana.

Makarov nodded before drinking more of his beer, "Yes it does Cana. Except he is obviously holding a lot back. But I won't push him on it. He'll reveal who he is in time. For now, he is part of the family."

"But he didn't even ask to join the guild." replied Cana with a raised brow.

"True. But did Erza or you actually ask?"

Cana sat there silently. "Fair point." she shrugged, "He's got nowhere else to go I'm guessing?"

"Correct. And no idea how to control his magic as well. So I'm going to need one of you brats to teach him."

"Ha! Me teach him! Good one you old geezer." laughed Cana, "If you want someone who is willing to teach look at Erza or even Mira. But not me, so sir. I'm not a teacher."

"But your magic requires a great deal of control. Something that Joshua back there needs to master."

"I said no!" barked Cana.



Makarov sighed. No point in arguing with her. When Cana made up her mind there was no changing it. She could be the most stubborn person he knew at times.

"What kind of magic does he use?" asked the brunette as she leaned her upper body against the wooden bar.

"Seems to be some form of telekinesis."

"Yeah, that's a big word for me. Ask Mystogan, maybe he'll do it. He's got the brains to understand it after all."

Makarov's face brightened, "Excellent point. Only problem is Mystogan is never here!" he replied with sarcasm in his voice. "I'll see what I can do. But if I don't find anyone else…"

"It won't be me and that's final!"


Makarov looked back to the infirmary door to see Mira breath a sigh of relief as she carried four empty trays out of the room. Joshua was finally done eating.

"It's like the kid never had anything good to eat." gasped Mira as she slumped against the bar exhausted.

"He was on an empty stomach for the past few days, maybe longer." replied Makarov, "Speaking of the Joshua. Do you know of anyone who will be willing to train him?"

Mirajane looked back at Makarov. "Well I can do it as a last resort. But I won't be able to do much since I don't have much of my magic anymore." her face saddened for only a brief second, "Maybe you can stick him with Laxus? Giving Laxus some responsibility may make the guy not as much of a jerk."

"That's a possibility. Let me think about it." Makarov leapt up the bar counter and walked towards the stairs that led to the second floor. "If you need anything I'll be upstairs."

Mira nodded and began to wipe down the bar with a wet cloth. Makarov reached the upstairs and sat down in the peace and quiet. As he did so he was finally given the chance to sense the magical reserves of the young man downstairs. He closed his eyes and concentrated then widened them. This kid was going to be a hell of a wizard.

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