Hello Everybody!

Important announcement (obviously, otherwise I wouldn't have updated a completed story).

I have been doing a lot of thinking, editing, rereading, researching, and critiquing of my own work. And after several months of doing that, I got to thinking.

I can do so much better.

This story was quite literally the second story I had ever written pretty much in my life. And the only one that I have ever written to completion. During the process of writing this story, I learned a lot about constructing a story, creating a plot, writing characters, even proper grammar and structure. With that being said, i made some mistakes. Some big mistakes. And I especially notice these mistakes after getting in contact with someone who was able to offer a very in depth critique of my work. Some character motivations (now that I look back at this story) make no sense. The story is riddled with plot holes. And overall, I feel like my biggest mistake is that I failed to understand the Fairy Tail characters and their abilities properly.

So with that being said, I am doing a rewrite! And the first chapter has been posted under a new story name!

The Fairies of the Force

Go check it out you guys! And before I go, I do want to thank you all for both the support and criticism while writing this story. If this story had not gotten the readers it did, the reviews it did, and the criticisms I probably wouldn't be writing today. this story helped cultivate my love for writing to a point where I want to do this for a living (I'm actually working on chapter 3 of an original novel and I have completed the plot outline for it too! SO EXCITED!) But during those moments where I just need a break from the original stuff, I'm going to work on this and my other stories!

I hope to see you guys at the rewrite! Have a nice day!