01. Admiration

Somehow she appeared more beautiful when he looked at her in the morning light; The smile still spread across her face; Her hair lapped across her as the sun peeked through the windows. He was betting she had no idea that he was watching her; that he enjoyed the quiet thrill of wondering what dreams crept into her mind at this hour; but that was okay with him; it gave him more time to admire her.

When her hazel eyes awoke from their slumber, she was looking at him with a mysteriously playful smile; His wife had a million different expressions to convey her feelings and he knew this one well; it was contagious.

"Were you dreaming about me," he asked, his own voice dark and husky as he gave her a welcoming smile of his own?

"Maybe I was," she stated, deliberately evading the question.

"Aren't we mysterious today," he said, brushing his lips against hers for a slow, steamy kiss. Her body molded into his as his arms wrapped around her waist. He could hold her just this way for eternity if he had the time.

"Do you have to be in court this morning," he asked her?

She flashed him a sexy grin as she shifted her hips and turned so her face was only inches from his. "Not until this afternoon," she said.

She didn't give him time to digest what she was saying; She pressed her moist lips against her husbands as her tongue plunged into his mouth. "We have all the time in the world cowboy. I want you to show me how you feel about me."

"With pleasure," he said, and his lips began to travel the small of her back as she settled into the familiar space of his taught chest. He wanted to love her just like this for the rest of his life. Today he would settle for the moments when he could love her as if he would never get the chance again.