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Chapter Twenty One: Heaven Isn't Too Far Away

Barden is like...super famous.

And has been ever since last night when the repel spell was vanished and everyone from Barden returned clueless to the town, thus bringing in every known investigator, policeman, news channel, and a bunch of other important people to skyrocket Barden's campus capacity. To make this situation more suspicious was the army of clueless Bellas-some crying, some angry as they demanded to know what the hell just happened- came stumbling onto campus amd caught everyone and their mom's attention

Hence making Barden the top story to chat about and even the number one trend on Twitter.

Which is pretty freaking neat minus the almost dying part.

After enjoying the night before all the madness starts, hang loose until all the adrenaline dwindles down, you, Aubrey and Stacie aren't far from the celebrity classification, either, which probably has something to do with the fact that you guys can actually talk to all the news anchors, detectives, officials, firemen, ecterura, and give them all the juicy details about what the Hell just happened in Barden.

But you guys don't.

Playing dumb and clueless about everything is what you guys do the second you step foot on campus this morning where everything is blocked off with tape and another second later get swarmed by literally everyone. Roads are clear, classes are cancelled and there's crowds upon crowds in the streets, demanding answers about last night and this morning's discoveries, wondering, first of all, is it even safe for anyone to be living here.

Now it is, you think to yourself when witnessing all the commotion that's borderline riot, but don't voice it out loud.

There's questions coming at you from every direction from stupid news people who won't leave you alone, "are you okay?" and "can you tell us who did this to you?" and from the medics "Are you hurt? Do you feel any head pain or nausea?" and then from the detectives "can you give us a description of the person who kidnapped you?"

Yeah, short, criminally good looking, has a killer smirk, a Crest white type of smile and eyes so dang pretty you can't help but get lost in them every single time you look at her.

But you don't tell them this, of course.

What you are is overwhelmed by the sudden attention and all the questions that you can't really go in depth and answer for them.

Not like anyone could really blame you, because telling the police that your sorority was taken over by two, insanely scary black witches that wanted to become immortal and destroy the rest of the world while building a gigantic witch cult with all the Bellas sounds, excuse your language, ballshit lunatic.

And you definitely can't come out and tell the whole world-since that's what it feels like with so many people on campus- that your girlfriend, super famous music producer/fake freshman/white witch, technically, was the one to take you hostage, along with your friends Stacie and Aubrey, who all happened to take part in a big witch war last night on Halloween, thus saving two hundred Bellas.

And all of Barden.

No doubt would they bring you into an asylum for crazy people after hearing a story like that, but hearing nothing come from you guys is just as irritating.

Oh well.

Eventually, the excitement from it all will sizzle out, especially since everyone who went "missing" has been found, so it doesn't leave much of a story other than We Don't Really Know What The Fuck Just Happened, But All The Students Are Back And Safe. Knowing this, all the 'missing posters' and search parties can finally end in peace, which thank god, because seeing you face all around town was freaking you out.

"So, you have no understandings or memories of what took place the month that you were gone?"

You shake your head no, putting on your best dazed and confused presentation for the detectives currently interrogating you and have been since the moment you were spotted.

In fact, Stacie and Aubrey are here, too, at the station, getting thrown some more unanswerable questions everyone is dying to get answered, but they're just as lost as you are.

"And the ten boys who have returned and are staying at Hillside Psychiatric Hospital; one of the best in Atlanta...did you see them or were you with any of them during your kidnapping?"

You push aside the sympathy card you feel for all the boys; they seem to have gotten the rough end of the stick when it came to being released from Gail. All the Bellas received was a lack of information about what had happened since August 27th, the last day they were coherent before they turned into witch robots.

They also will remain clueless about all the witches, magic, and voodoo that happened because Beca would rather them be rattled with confusion than know the truth-which would only bring the witch realm way too much attention.

For sorority girls, it's basically like waking up from a wild night of partying, except the blackout happened to be two months, not a night.


Lost in thought, the detective pulls you back to reality, remembering his question about the boys. "N-no..I d-did not. I...didn't know where I was, exactly," like you've been saying this past hundred hours it seems since you've been at the police station. "It's all...just a big blur, to be honest."

The detective jots down some things on his notepad and your fingernails trace lines on the styrofoam cup filled with iced water they gave you once they threw you into a creepy, empty room to be questioned. You can't really make out what he's writing, or what he tells his partner-the other woman in the room that happens to be listening in on the questioning, but you know they're both equally tired and annoyed by the lack of information you're giving them.

The detective, John Smith, releases a heavy sigh and closes his folder while he shoves the pens into the inside of his jacket. Taking off his glasses to look at you, eyes drooping with exhaustion, "Well, since you've already been checked at the hospital and you've given us what you can, your parents are on their way and are free to go with them." Oh thank God; you've been harassed since early this morning and it's basically already dinner. It's about time they let you go. "We will be in touch with you, Chloe."

You fake a smile as best as you can; the thought of being back here creeps you out, but also why would they want to talk to a girl about the kidnappings who doesn't remember anything? People who are desperate, that's who. The both of you stand up from the metal chairs and you shake his outstretched hand before policemen are leading you back into the waiting room.

You thank them as you leave to sit down, though you are not really thankful of being questioned all day when you could've been hanging out with Beca, who is back in the forest watching all investigators take a look at the scene where the Bellas came from, but will find nothing since the witch hunters cleaned up all the major evidence.

Surprisingly, Stacie is out of questioning by the time you make it out of the interrogation rooms, sitting by herself as her parents, you assume since they're freakishly tall and both have amazing facial and body structures to match Stacie's, are talking to the police chief. You two share a relieved smile when she catches you walking up to join her in the empty seat besides her, figuring Aubrey must still be in questioning.

"How'd it go?" you ask cautiously in a hushed whisper, eyes glued to Stacie's parents and all the law enforcement officers around the room who are watching you two like hawks. Hopefully that goes away really soon, because the constant worry from everyone-people you don't even care about- is going to get old real fast.

Stacie snickers under her breath. "Not as bad as I was expecting-though my mother almost hyperventilated from crying so hard." She smiles at the memory and you follow her eyes that land on her mother whose eyes remain bloodshot and swollen from crying. "They wanted me to go back home to Pennsylvania, but I told them no. Now, they're staying here in Georgia until they're positive I'm capable of living on my own again and the trauma is gone."

You nod your head listening and think of how your parents are going to react. More than likely they're going to be treating you like they're walking on eggshells and your mom's paranoia is going to skyrocket. Honestly, you see them pulling the same card about going back home to Tampa where it's safe to take care of, but obviously you won't let that happen.

And really, is it safe anywhere?

"What I want to do is go back to how things were before all this bullshit started," Stacie mutters, irritation hidden under her tone and she looks exhausted. "I want to go back to school, spend time with my girlfriend and live a normal, college girl life. No witches, no curses or spells, just...normal."

Agreeing completely to Stacie's wants, "you and me both, sister." Also, it's your senior freaking year. No way are you going to throw all your hard work away and not graduate just because everyone is scared to leave you by yourself.

You understand their caution; you've been missing for a month without any recollection of what 'happened,' but it's over, done with, and now it's time to move on.

"Speaking of sister," Stacie dangles at the same time she stands up and sprints to the door where an equally tall and just as jaw dropping woman engulfs her in a tight hug.

Seriously, was the entire family tree just gifted with height and ridiculously good looks?

After a moment of the two sisters getting reacquainted with each other, Stacie tugs her sister back over to you by the hand, tears evident in both their eyes, but they're the happy trails of tears. "Chloe, this is my older sister Sage," she introduces upbeat for the first time since last night.

Sage (don't make a spice joke, don't make a spice joke) stretches her hand out and you happily shake it in return. "Nice to meet you."

"You're the other girl that was abducted, correct?" You nod your head at the curious raise to Sage's eyebrows. "Well, I'm so glad you two are safe." she smiles genuinely and refocuses back on Stacie. "Mom wouldn't call off a search party until she knew for a fact you were dead. Thankfully, that wasn't the case."

You or Stacie don't really know how to respond to this, so neither of you guys do.

After a moment of silence, Sage speaks backup, wiping her cheeks of the few tears spread across her cheek. "Want to tell me what actually happened?" She's not here for games, it's evident in her tone and Stacie knows keeping up with the hoax she's been given to the police would be a lost cause.

At Stacie's reassurance that her sister is the closest person to her and deserves to know, you understand fully and give them a chance to catch up. It's up in the air if Sage would believe anything that Stacie admits to, unlike Aubrey who comes out moments later, overwhelmed and clearly stressed out when she goes on about how her parents are not only acting insane right now, but her father is wanting to send her to the psychiatric hospital that the boys are at for evaluation.

"Admitting to being in love with a girl will definitely make him want to send me there more. My mother is the only sane person here right now."

"You don't have to tell them, honey," Stacie doesn't seem upset, but her face shows evidence of hurt by Aubrey's words.

Aubrey pinches at the bridge of her nose, scrunching her face. "No, I'm telling them," she retorts bluntly, like no one could change her mind. It brings a small smile to Stacie's face and yours as well hearing Aubrey's level of seriousness. "Just...I need to give them time. There's so much going on and he's probably overwhelmed."

And Stacie understands when Aubrey promises to tell them both once things calm down, just as long as they're still together that's what truly matters.

You allow the two to catch up privately, as well as the warm introductions going on between Aubrey and Sage. There's a couple of chairs in the corner of the room that you scout out, wanting to get some alone time to yourself in silence before your parents show up and chaos kicks back up. You don't get much quiet time to gather yourself, wishing that Beca was here with you before a flock of redheads burst through the doors connected to the station, scanning the room until they find you in the back.

From there, is kind of sporadic.

Mother is hysterical by the time she gets to the police station as she drags along your father who isn't nearly as bad, but still almost breaks your body in a hug. You then get a thorough examination for any signs of injuries-even though you explain to your mother that your fine, better than fine and the EMTs already checked you head to toe multiple times this morning.

Hell, you have bruises all over your arms from being poked with IVs and are surprised you have any blood left in your body from all the tests you had to go through. Though you were minorly panicking when the doctors were checking your blood to run tests and see if you were drugged because of the potion Beca made you drink.

But luckily your blood came back normal with no signs of being drugged or, in your case, fixed by magical witch potion.

"Oh my God-Honey, are you okay?!" Your mom frantically brushes all over your body with her fingers and lingers her touch over the newly added scars and bruises you have patched on your body. Her thumb drags over one scar in particular, the one on your forehead, "who did this to you!?"

Ignoring this question that is playing like a broken record from the amount of times you heard it in the last hour and you're seriously getting sick of, "I need to tell you guys something," you whisper this quietly, hoping not to attract any attention to the officers who are roaming around the station. "But not here."

"You're gone-missing for a month and you're acting this nonchalant about it?" Your mother is upset; you hear it in her voice and see it in her tears streaming down her face, but you know your parents deserve to know what really happened. "They didn't...touch you, did they?"

You roll your head back with a loud groan; this is another question you are sick of being asked. "No, I'm fine," you assure positively and grasp your hands on either side of your mother's arms. You glance at your dad, who looks just as upset, but isn't being as vocal as your mom is (which, thank God!) "Once I'm able to leave here without any eyes on me, I'll explain everything, but until then know that I was safe."

Your mom seems hesitant to believe you, worry still lacing her bloodshot, swollen eyes, but you give her a look that lets her know you mean it. That you'll explain everything to her from the exact moment you started your fall semester till now, hoping it will clear up some of these questions floating around inside her head.

And also make her understand why you can't possibly explain any of this to the cops because it will just make you sound like you're on drugs.

Her face falls at the same time a single tear rolls of he bridge of her nose and hits the white tile belonging to the police station. "Once we heard about the search party after one of your professors called in a missing person, we thought...we thought you were dead."

Your heart takes a brutal hit by the word and how the assumption physically pains both your parents by the immediate tears, even after finding out you are okay. Of course, you wanted to assure them that everything was under control and you weren't exactly missing and taken by Barden's psycho rapist the rumors mustered up about all the abductions. It killed you in more ways than one to know how bad your parents must have been suffering during the time you were gone; the lack of communication and how you dropped off the face of the earth.

"Then everyone was brought into questioning; all your friends, ex boyfriends, us, Brad." Okay, this was information that you didn't know was happening, but it makes sense.

"I'm so sorry," is all you can respond back with, your own tears making an appearance, but you squeeze at your mother's hand reassuringly, reach out for your father's, who is breaking bit by bit, and swear to tell them everything and to stop worrying.

Because you're safe.

"How'd they take it?" Beca asks cautiously as she pours you some tea from the stove, now back at the cabin, enjoying something soothing after the chaotic day you just endured. She picked you up after explaining everything start to finish to your parents and to say that it was difficult getting it through their heads that witches exist would be a large understatement.

"Honestly, they thought I was crazy," you mutter quietly, hands rubbing circles on your temples in hope to ease the throbbing you feel against your skull. You give Beca a soft 'thank you,' as you take the warm tea, as well as a light kiss to the forehead before continuing on with the story. "I mean, it sounds ridiculous-the witches, the war against witches and witch hunters and everything else. Would you, hypothetically, believe me if I came out and told you witches exist?"

Beca shrugs her shoulders, pouring herself a cup of tea before taking a seat beside you. "Well, yeah, since I am a witch."

"Hypothetically, babe!" You smack her in the thigh, but not too hard to make her spill her tea. "Like, if you were my sister and had no idea what happened in the last few months, would you believe me?"

"Gross, don't say that, especially considering the amount of stuff we do together."

You chuckle at the scrunch of disgust on Beca's face, scooting your chair closer to hers so you could be able to put your feet on her lap. Though your wounds have healed nicely because of the potion, there's still some internal damage and soreness going on. Sighing contently when Beca's fingers start to dig into the arch of your foot (the activities from last night really took a toll on your body-and not the good kind of activities) you think about your previous conversation with your family.

"But I think it went good," you return back to the previous conversation, relaxing under Beca's massaging expertise.

Overall, it wasn't as bad as you expected when your family agreed to getting a late lunch once you were free to go. Minus the raging headache you now have, the millions of questions you had to answer and the extreme mood swings from your mother once figuring out you kept this all a secret and, "I was worried sick about you, but you were playing hooky with a witch hunter who is a witch and your girlfriend?!" the conversation went rather well.

Your brothers totally think of you as a badass now, which is great because maybe next time they decide to team up on you, they'll remember just what you can do with your new, advance self defense moves and newly trained skill to handle a gun. They didn't believe you at first, but once you showed them what was in the glovebox belonging to your newly upgraded vehicle since the last time you saw your family, they about fainted when they were greeted with weapons you never had before.

And let's not forget their reaction when you drove them to the burger joint for lunch in that brand new, Dodge Challenger which now belongs to you that they have never seen you drive before and not the cute, ruby red slug bug that is now in the pound.

Let's just say they were equally envious as they were impressed.

"Your girlfriend bought you a car?" Your mom was flabbergasted, same with your brother and father once the vehicle was in view.

"She fixed up this car and is now letting me drive it," you correct and ignore your mother going off about how while she was worried sick, you were out being Vin Diesel and driving nice sport cars.

"Once the initial, oh my God my daughter is delirious from trauma, wave passed and how genuinely serious I was acting, they started to believe me-though they were still hesitant. I still think they're loads confused and scared about what happened. It's going to be like walking on eggshells with them until this whole thing blows over, but I think they're just relieved that I'm alive," you explain to Beca, leaning your head back to enjoy the sensation Beca's magical fingers are able to bring onto your foot. "I can only imagine how Aubrey's parents are acting. Last I heard from Aubrey she said they were flying back to South Carolina for a conference when she assured them she was alright. It's just for tomorrow and then they'll be back the next day to check up on her."

"They are for sure the ones who will be harder to convince when realizing who their daughter is," Beca says with a chuckle and makes a joke about Aubrey being sent to an institution for crazies that causes you to smack her in the arm and demand for her to take it back because it's exactly what Aubrey's dad wants to do. "I bet they aren't too fond of me, taking that I technically kidnapped you. Am I shunned from hanging out with you now? Are we going to have to sneak around to be together?"

You ignore the tingle of excitement you feel at the idea of sneaking around with Beca-the thoughts are more than thrilling, but not the case here. "Actually, they want to meet you even more now than they did earlier once I explained you were the one to teach me how to shoot and basically saved my life." Beca full on chokes on her tea, sputtering out a strangled 'are you serious?' that causes you to erupt with laughter. "Oh come on! They aren't too bad, baby."

Beca coughs up some more tea that happened to fall down the wrong pipe and disagrees when she's able to speak again. "Not when they know I'm a witch, Chlo!"

"I said you were a good witch! A witch who saved my life, I might add, and not the wicked witch of the west!"

"Oh yeah, cause finding out your daughter is dating a witch is a great first impression."

Shaking your head at the sarcasm and unnecessary dramatics towards the situation, "Sack up, dude!" you use Beca's words against her, grinning ear to ear when she rolls her eyes and blows her nose from the whole tea incident. "They're actually on their way right now…"

Beca's eyes bulge to the point of bursting and you bite your tongue not to laugh when you hear her whole respiratory system start to fail. "Shut the fuck up."

Eventually the laughs sneak out, and Beca looks as if she wants to strangle you for finding any humor in the situation. "I'm just kidding," you admit through the laughs that have now turned to soft chuckles and Beca's body visibly relaxes. "They're back in Tampa, but they do want to meet you-everyone does. I told them we need some time to just...be together without all the witch issues and catch a break after everything. So you got until Thanksgiving to wow the parents."

Beca doesn't exactly respond back to this with actual words and instead just grumbles a series of noises to herself that makes you smile. Now that everything is finally over, its feels like the start of something new-though you've always felt this unexplainable, tingly feeling with Beca and all you have to blame is the amount of love you have for the girl.

Now, you get to spend the night with your girlfriend, sleep in her arms and wake up in the morning not afraid of waking up in a nest about ready to get burned alive, or the constant fear that someone is watching you. Going out in public like a normal couple is now a thing, which is something you've been counting down the days for and you get to show her off like the trophy girlfriend she truly is.

In fact, now that you think about it…

"Can I borrow your laptop?" you ask all of a sudden, cutting through the comfortable silence in the kitchen that surrounds you and Beca. "Mine is still at the Bellas' house and since the entire place is getting searched top to bottom, inch by inch, I don't have it. You also need to get me a new iPhone since you broke mine," you remind jokingly but also not jokingly because you're a college girl.

Your phone is your life line; it's already been hard enough these past months without it.

Beca doesn't seem too concerned about your outburst, or why you need it all of a sudden and pats your feet to move them off her lap so she can get up and walk to the counter where her computer sits. You watch her walk back to her spot and hand you the device without a question while you click onto the safari browser before typing a well known website into the search bar.

"You checking in on what's the new sitch, Kim Possible?"

You laugh loud at Beca's guess. The reappearance of the missing ten boys and you, Stacie and Aubrey not only brought a lot of attention to Barden, but also a plethora of conspiracy stories about what really happened. Though most the stories are wrong by a long shot, it's kind of interesting to see what everyone can come up with in those creative heads of theirs.

"No exactly, but last time I heard it was aliens," you finally reply, giggling at the way Beca's eyes stretch.

"Oh, abductions and experiments? That's a new one."

"Yeah, which is probably why I got poked so much today; the doctors wanted to figure out if we were the next science experiments filled with toxic waste or about to grow a third arm."

You feel Beca's eyes watching everything happening on the screen, interested in what you're doing, especially when Facebook pops up and you log into your profile. Notifications on top of notifications are the first thing you notice when your page loads and you know this attention is something you are going to have to get use to now that you've been on the news and have an entire story written about Barden's "kidnapper."

Ignoring all the messages, wall posts, missing person photos and things you've been tagged in while you were away from all social media, you click into your profile and start to update your status. There's also a ton of messages that ask about what has happened since you figure the news spread like wildfire and anybody keeping up with the Barden story knows you're alive and back, but you skip over them for now.

"Please tell me you're not about to post that you're drinking maple apple cider tea like one of those annoying people who constantly updates the world on what they're doing."

You snicker at Beca, not admitting out loud that you were one of those girls, sadly, but not anymore and continue to edit a few things before posting what you want to share with the world. Once you're happy with your updated info and Beca is still clueless as to what you're doing, you hit post and it's the most refreshing feeling

"I've wanted to do that for so long," you breathe, emphasizing on how long you've wanted to show the world just how lucky you are. Beca doesn't have a Facebook when you remember her claiming that it is for "old people," but this little change will suffice.

"In a relationship?" Beca reads off the new post like a question, amusement hidden in her tone. She hooks an arm behind the lower part of your back and kisses up your neck to your ear. "I think I'm jealous."

Trying not to shiver at her voice now vibrating your ear and raising all the hair on your body, "y-you...should be; she's pretty fucking amazing."

"Oh is she now?"

You decide not to inflate Beca's already boosted ego anymore than you've done and instead opt for turning your head just ever so slightly to catch her lips on yours. It's soft at first; you savor the taste of maple on Beca's tongue and feel that tingle in your gut when she slows down the kiss, giving your lip and long, languid suck to strike your stomach with a big ball of heat.

When you think about how your relationship with Beca from here on out is going to change, all in the best ways, you kiss her harder, emotions bouncing all over the place and you practically sitting in her lap from the dire need to feel more from her touch.

You two no longer have to keep your relationship a secret and can be public with the world.

Now with that weight lifted off your shoulders, you can't wait to open up the rest of the doors your life has to bring and open them with Beca.

The absolute love of your life.

"Not that... I don't want to...I really….really do- but you should...rest," you mumble across Beca's lips that don't seem to ease up, even with you talking, so most of your mumbles come out in heavy breathing and sighs.

Beca knows the way she's kissing you, slow enough to taste all the flavors of the tea in her mouth and slow enough to twist a hot knot inside your stomach, is your weakness. It's distracting and you tend to lose a lot of arguments when she kisses you like this and you know you should probably stop, yet you don't even try to pull away and instead moan low into her mouth, lifting your hands to fist into her hair.

"Every bone in my body is telling me to rest, but my heart is not a bone," Beca's voice is a lot rougher than it was before, which doesn't help your case to stop... this before it gets too out of hand. "And neither is my vagina."

This, surprising as ever, causes you to pull away and give Beca a puzzled, yet comical look. "Technically it is a bone-the pubic bone, actually, and there's also the pelvic bone and-"

Beca interrupts you with a guttural groan at the same time she stands up from the chair and picks you up with her. "Shut up and fuck me, Red," she doesn't really ask if you want to do this, but orders you salaciously instead and you squeak at how Beca's hands are holding you up by palms to ass.

Like, each cheek, and it's really doing something to you and your sanity.

As well as the rather lewd demand.

Frazzled by the movement and how your legs are now wrapped around Beca's waist and your arms are hooked around her neck as she walks you both out of the kitchen with that dirty smirk of hers, you're stuck between a rock and hard place. Obviously, her actions are showing she gained all of her strength back and as well as her hormones, so who are you to deny the girl of her wants?

Beca's Birthday

Long story short, Barden is slowly getting back to how things were prior to the whole witch deal. Curfews are lifted, as well as the amount of security posted up at each corner on campus and classes return to normal. There's still caution about going out alone into Barden's forest, the rumors about aliens has really skyrocketed to the point where most people believe that's what really happened to you guys, which brought a lot of stares from strangers around campus.

Of course everyone is still skittish about everything, including your parents who now know the real truth.

You had to keep a journal and write in it for a few days until the psychiatrist the school hired was convinced nothing was wrong. You talked about how you wished people would stop looking at you like you're a fragile piece of glass that could break at any second and how all you wanted was to go back to school without being monitored by undercover detectives.

After putting your foot down to literally everyone who was harassing you about how you felt and what was going on inside your head, you got to resume classes like normal and things were finally coming together. Stacie and Aubrey's life also seemed to be getting back on track and Stacie has officially moved herself into the Bellas house which is in dire need of a makeover.

Thank you Gail for the permanent black licorice smell and eerie grossness that she left behind.

"You wanna what now?" Stacie asks with an eyebrow raised and you know she is being a brat and only wants you to turn beet red again when you shyly mutter your plea for help.

The two of you are back at the Bellas' house, minus Aubrey, who is stuck in lab for Organic Chemistry while you two are making a small afternoon snack in the kitchen after class. As for the Bellas, most still have no recollection of what happened during the time Gail and Kommissar ruled the house. They do, however, remember the witches-though they don't remember them as witches, but instead the new house mothers.

You try not to let the words evil bitches slip out in description of the two and remain just as clueless as they are.

You muster up some random assumption that they left, probably the same reason why Roxy left (though you know the truth) and they seem to believe it. Emily even says, "I'm glad they're gone! They gave me the creeps !" when falling on the topic of the house mothers departure from the house.

"Oh you have no idea, Em," you keep to yourself; Emily was always your favorite despite her trying to kill you multiple times. Something about her innocent, bean like personality makes you want to pinch the girl's cheeks and hug her and never let go.

Anyways, the fact that the Bellas seem to be going through some weird, brief amnesia after being on the succubus rum for so long, it's difficult for them not to remember anything. You actually prefer them not to remember much of what happened. How they ended up in the middle of the forest on Halloween, dressed up in creepy, black gowns that screamed occult, and were surrounded by a ton of witch hunters carrying weapons.

It'd be way too hard to try and pretend like this never happened and probably give the detectives a damn heart attack from all the information when they are brought in for questioning.

But luckily, their concern over the lack of memory is temporary and soon enough, everyone gets back to living their life with a small amount of amnesia, just the way you remember it before Gail and Kommissar came and ruined everything.

And this is only four days after the blood moon, which is impressive.

Now that you guys are caught up, where were we...

"You heard me the first time I asked! Don't make me say it again," you pout, adding a stomp to your foot as you cut up the veggies and pour some ranch as a dip. Stacie is staring from where she stands beside you at the counter and without tearing your focus off the vegetables, you can see her smirk doubling in size.

"I'll analyze it then."

You really wish she wouldn't, but does that stop her from giving you a play by play of the entire conversation? No it does not.

"You, Chloe Beale, want to do something special for Beca for her birthday-or should I say give her something special." Stacie nudges her shoulder into yours playfully and it makes you misscut the carrot in a different size from the rest which inflamed your OCD. "And you're asking me, Stacie Conrad, to go with you to an adult store this afternoon to find said something to give her?"

She's exactly correct, but all you can reply back with is a deadpanned, "I hate you," as you drop the knife on the cutting board and turn to face your smug friend. When you catch the wiggling of Stacie's eyebrows that make the situation so much worse, you take a carrot and throw it at her. "I really hate you."

"Are we going to buy some porn, because I know you're, like, super into that."

"Did I mention that I hate you? A lot?" you ask with a blank expression and a cross to your arms above your chest, wondering when the day will come where everyone (Stacie and Aubrey) would just forget about that time you got caught watching porn in your girlfriend's bed.



"You don't hate me because if you did, you wouldn't be asking me to go with you to an adult store to buy something special for you and your lover." You cringe at the title Stacie just used when referring to Beca. "Which the answer is yes, by the way."

You perk up at Stacie's agreement to tag along, though she could've just said that from the start instead of sitting through the embarrassment you just endured. When talking to Aubrey about your little plan for this evening when you caught her on the campus green, all she had to say was "ask Stacie to go; she'll love it."

"You have sex once and all of a sudden you're the kinky, energizer bunny," Stacie adds with a chuckle, muttering something under her breath about being impressed, you think, but whatever.

"Date a witch with an impressive amount of stamina and you'd be acting the same way," you admit shamelessly as you release a heavy sigh, as if just talking about sex with your girlfriend is draining. "But isn't that the point of it all?" Stacie glances at you from the kitchen table, giving you a sideways look, waiting for you to continue. "Find someone who you can learn new things with? Evolve together and find out your likes and dislikes?"

Stacie nods her head, taking a bite out of her ham and cheese sandwich she put together and you can tell by the swoon to her body and sparkle to her eyes that she's thinking about Aubrey.

"Absolutely," she agrees through a mouthful of food. "Like...yesterday, Aubrey and I had sex in her car-which, by the way, super uncomfortable. I highly don't recommend it."

"Too late," you mutter to Stacie and hide the smirk when all the girl can do as a response is gape with a mouthful of food and you notice how blindsighted you took her. "But that's in the past, it's something neither of us liked particularly much, so I want to try something new."

"What happened to the candles?"

"Wait...wha-the...candles? You pause for a moment, trying to fully understand how Stacie knows of this private moment spent with Beca, but then you remember you two were unexpectedly interrupted. "Jade, that gossipy bitch," you conclude with a hiss to your tone. Can no one keep anything to themselves anymore?

"Actually it was Luke," Stacie corrects matter-of-factly and either way, the cat is out of the bag now. "But doesn't matter. Finish eating your grass and we will go to Atlanta before Beca gets back from Buckhead."

You roll your eyes, scoffing. "It's a salad." And poke around at the lettuce and vegetables while Stacie just waves off your response.

Six Hours Later…

"There's more surprises?" Beca replies breathless as she leans up on her elbows in her bed, lips swollen, hair flipped over to one side of her head, chest and cheeks flushed and eyes the color of midnight. "You already cooked me an amazing Mexican dinner, customized a brand new butterfly knife for me and are dressed like that." She points with her eyes over to your red lingerie corset and thigh high stockings you also bought with Stacie during your guys' little shopping spree. "Anymore and you may kill me, mi amor."

You toss Beca a wink over your shoulder where you're rummaging through your drawers and explain that the birthday girl should always be spoiled on her birthday and enough is never enough (also try not to swoon into a puddle at the Spanish and the way Beca is eating the little bit of clothing you have on with her eyes).

Because, as special as a day this is (Beca was born, so obviously it's the best freaking day ever), she should be treated like a queen.

Actually, everyday she should be treated like a queen and you do (in more ways than one, if you catch my drift), but today is her day, so even though she claims that this is the best birthday she has ever had, you warn her that it's only about to get better. It's also a couple days pass your guy's two months, so a celebration is needed for both causes.

Landing on Beca's last gift, "okay, so today I got us something." You have the gift hidden behind your back after finding it in the top drawer and turn to face your half naked girlfriend who's leaned up on her elbows, watching you intently and looking so unintentionally sexy that it's difficult not to pounce on her. "It might be a little… strange and kind of ridiculous looking, but I think it will be fun to try."

Beca raises a single brow, amusement still highlighting her features when she waves you on to continue with your grand reveal. When you tell her that she needs to close her eyes and she hesitantly obliges, you skip over to the bed, knees land on either side of her thighs, straddling the girl and you eagerly tell her to open her eyes.

Nothing but excitement is shown across Beca's face when she's greeted with the toy held in the palms of your hands like a prize just won and all you feel in the moment is pride and elation when she takes the toy into her own hands, curiosity only growing. You even think her eyes get darker, which only amplifies your previous grown arousal from making out higher and you're entire body feels likes it's running a fever.

"You never seize to amaze me, Red," Beca says adoringly with a chuckle and leans her body up, momentarily forgetting about the toy to kiss languidly up your chest, then slowly around your neck, landing on your mouth at the same time she unties the strings connected to your complicated corset. "You're my greatest gift."

You melt at the words that hit you full force and sweetness of it all until the mood shifts in the same way Beca's kisses morph to slow and passionate, to hungry and urgent as she peels the lace corset off your body. Her movements become impatient as she struggles to get the corset off your chest where all the fun is at when the garter straps are still connected to your stockings, so you give her a hand when standing up, pushing each one slowly down the length of your leg while Beca watches from the bed.

"So complicated, but so fucking sexy," Beca pretty much growls this as her eyes are fixated on the little show you're giving her, stripping off each piece of lace until you're fully naked and do it in sync with the beat of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" playing off Beca's speakers.

You giggle sweetly at the trueness of the statement; Beca should've seen you trying to get on the lingerie. Now that was a struggle that no girl should face, but the reward of having sex with your wonderful girlfriend was all the motivation you needed. "Stacie demanded for me to get that one since it matched my hair." You drag a hand through your hair when Beca beckons you over with a finger, the pull magnetic and you land yourself straddling her lap once again.

Beca takes the newly open invitation and squeezes both hands against each of your breasts, curving up a coy smirk at the way your head falls into your chest from the sensation. "Remind me to thank Stacie later." She nips at your neck, continuing to grope your chest and pinch at your nipples for you to emit several throaty moans from. "So the toy…" she dangles the sentence, open for you to fill in the rest.

"I want...y-you to use...it on...m-me," you are able to get out breathlessly as you clench your stomach and bite your bottom lip in pleasure at the way Beca's lips have now gone to work, sucking around taut nipples and sending your hormones into overdrive.

Beca doesn't question your want, but smiles into your chest where her face is pressed and in a fluid motion, flips you over to your back as she works to get the harness on comfortably. You lean up to watch keenly, but it's evident that Beca is having her own difficulties putting on the toy, but still looks hot as Hell struggling through it.

"I've never done this before," she admits laughing, not embarrassed, but amused at the effort it obviously takes to get the toy on. There's a warmth knowing that, again, this is a first for you both; you were a little worried that Beca, because she's more experienced than you, might have tried this before.

But luckily you're as clueless as she is and it's fucking adorable.

You bite your bottom lip, preventing to allow your smile to get any larger than it already is and asks if Beca needs your help. She gladly accepts your offer with an airy chuckle, actually seems appreciative that you take charge, but the harness is like building a rocket ship type of difficult.

"How do I look?" Beca raises her arms up, body on full display with a newly added appendage you two worked together on and you blush so hard when admitting that she looks beautiful, then cringing at how cheesy an unsexy that just was.

"It fits you perfectly, baby." You are rewarded with Beca's infamous eye roll tagged along with a cocky smirk you'd want nothing more than to kiss right off. Seeing the new addition to her paleness, impressive muscles and scars covering her body only makes you feel hot all over; your thunderous heartbeat and newly glistened skin on your inner thighs are indicators of just how much the toy fits her.

And how keen you are to test it out.

Once you two get situated after all clothes are discarded; Beca hovering on top of you between your spread thighs, you laying down flat, head resting on one of Beca's pillows, she asks if you're ready. Out of nerves and anticipation, you lift your arms under Beca's where they rest at either side of your head to keep herself up and squeeze at her shoulders, nodding your head and biting your lip.

"Go really slow," you instruct nervously without helping it and your breathing becomes laboured. "Like really, really slow," you emphasize, causing her to laugh and you know you've already layered the violet, silicone toy with the flavored lube Stacie picked out (freaking watermelon!) multiple times for the least amount of pain possible for you.

Although you are more than ready; the thrill of what's about to happen and the previous foreplay with Beca two, huge factors that got you ready for this experience to make the lube pretty much unnecessary, but the fear is still there.

However, Beca's so gentle and caring with your body when she knows you need it, but can flip the switch and can turn you on quicker than a light switch, which makes anything that you are trying to engage with Beca a comfortable, safe environment for you.

Beca places light kisses all over your face; your forehead, either cheek, the tip of your nose to make you giggle and a soft, passionate one over your lips, assuring that you're in charge tonight. If you want to stop, or if anything hurts too much, then she'll stop, but she wants to make sure you're fully comfortable and enjoying everything and it's the damn sweetest thing she's said all night.

"I love you, Beca," you breathe with a lazy smile, looking up into those steely blues, her nose just brushing over yours. Instinctively, your grips tighten over Beca's shoulders when you feel the tip of the toy graze against your entrance, anxious, excited and eager all at the same time.

"I love you too, Chloe," Beca returns with just as much sincerity, sliding the toy in a painfully slow speed, literally, through your folds, but you focus on Beca and her eyes, and all the love she is showing for you, not the stretch that-you're not going to lie- fucking hurts. "I love you so fucking much."

It's embarrassing not to start laughing when you have to tell Beca to stop so you can take a break, a breather, but she promises that you have nothing to be embarrassed about. She even makes a joke about needing to go back to the gym because the positioning is already making her legs burn, which makes you laugh even harder, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Sex with Beca always leads to laughing, which makes you realize that you have found the one person who you can spend the rest of your life with, not wanting to have sex with anybody else.

And after awhile of your body getting use to everything; Beca making sure to ask you consistently if you're okay or if she is hurting you and should slow down. Through all the love and affection Beca is putting into this love making, creating an enjoyable moment for the both of you, it doesn't take long for the uncomfortable thrusts to become pleasurable.

And your groans quickly turn to breathy moans you release quietly into Beca's ear where you're clinging to her body for dear life, praising her how good she feels.

"Don't stop...please don't stop." Breathlessly, you pant your plea into the crook of Beca's neck, nails clawing into her back to the point where it might be hurting her, but she never stops, even when she falls out of sync with your hips. In fact, Beca's rhythm becomes faster when you cross your ankles at the backs of her thighs while parting your own to create more space, amping her to go faster.

To go deeper.

She feathers kisses over your shoulder and caresses your body like she's touching a diamond and something incredible happens as the pressure in your lower stomach becomes tighter and tighter. All of a sudden you two are on an exotic beach; your back is now pressed up against warm beads of sand and behind Beca as she continues her thrusts is the ocean, waves crashing into shore underneath the most majestic casting sunset you've ever seen.

There's no one else in this new reality Beca has created for you two. Just the peaceful sounds of the waves, Beca's heavy breaths and grunts emitted occasionally against your pulse where her face and mouth is pressed against and the unique smell of fresh saltwater to fill your senses.

And hit all at once by how romantic this moment is and how Beca makes every time feel like your first-more perfect than the last- your body trembles off the edge with a silent scream into the sunset and Beca holds onto you protectively until she knows your violent shakes are finished.

One Week Later...

"Chloe! Beca's here!"

From where your face is glued to the inside of your school book now that professors are starting to treat you like an actual student, human being and not a piece of glass, which means homework galore to catch up, you bounce up with excitement hearing Emily's voice call you from downstairs. Closing your book shut, knowing that now Beca's here, the last thing on your mind will be Russian Literature on a Friday afternoon, you basically teleport downstairs to greet your girlfriend like a kid running to the tree on a Christmas morning.

Sporting a massive grin that touches your ears, you catapulte yourself onto Beca when you spot the girl, not realizing how much you've missed her that past four days she's been gone for work back in Los Angeles and suffocating her with all your love. Yes, it hasn't been that long, Chloe, and pump the brakes before you explode from being too clingy, but Beca is like your lifeline, no joke.

You two have a special and very deep connection that is different from any of your previous relationships.

Without her, everything just feels off and extremely boring, you have to admit, so sue me for missing my girlfriend.

"You guys," Emily gushes from the side when you pepper kisses all over Beca's scrunched up face; she claims that she still isn't a fan of all the public human affection, but by the way she's trying to fight off a smile and has her arms wrapped tightly around your waist, you'd have to disagree. "Can you two stop being precious before I die from an overload of cuteness?"

You pull away from Beca after giving her one last kiss on the lips to look at Emily, who you forgot was even around you guys, but keep your arms lock around Beca's shoulders. "Couldn't help myself. I missed this one." You pinch at Beca's cheek and, yes, you realize you two are nauseating, but, no, you do not care one bit.

Beca rolls her eyes with a snort, but you know she missed you just as much when you remember the random pictures and songs she'd send you throughout the day, claiming 'this one reminded me of you,' or, 'just because.' Maybe she missed you even more, but you highly doubt that's possible.

"We are going to head up to my room. You need help with dinner?" You lace your fingers with Beca's, about to pull her towards the staircase.

Emily has a dopey smile so big on her face that you think it might be permanent. It's weird to think that this is the same, loveable, caring, sweeter than sugar girl who tried to kill you on multiple occasions in the past.

But you don't tell her that.

"Aubrey said she'd help and then said Stacie would, too, whether she liked it or not, so I'm good for now," she tells you sweetly through her grin-seriously, does she ever stop smiling? Also, you're glad she doesn't need help; you mentally cursed yourself for offering because Beca's here and you plan on making up for lost time which could take all night and making dinner wasn't how you planned on doing it.

"Alright, we'll be upstairs if you need us!" you chirp, already halfway up the stairs, praying that the girl doesn't need help later on. There's a handful of girls living in this house and though you're the best cook, Jessica or Ashley take the place right behind you.

"Good seeing you, kid," Beca salutes the younger girl off as you practically rip her arm off in the process of getting to your room. "It's definitely different walking through the front door rather than sneaking through your window. I kinda liked it better that way."

"Feel free to break into my room whenever you want, baby," you say half listening while tugging Beca in tow to your room, only one thing on your mind at the moment.

Making it there, you kick the door shut and waste no time before connecting your mouth to Beca's, kissing her in ways that would for sure scar pure little Emily for the rest of her innocent, young life and in ways that are definitely considered sinful. Beca doesn't seem to mind as she kisses you back just as hard when she throws you into the closed door; your back takes quite the hit, but it doesn't matter when Beca claws desperately at the backs of your gym shorts

Admittedly, nothing really matters when Beca does that thing with her tongue that makes your kneecaps buckle and your eyes roll to the back of your head.

"So I take it you missed me?"

You can taste the amusement when you swipe your tongue across that dirty smirk of hers, but you don't answer. Instead, you peel off Beca's leather jacket that Aubrey was able to sew up nicely where it was cut, pushing it down her arms to land on the floor by her feet and push at her chest blindy until she collapses on your bed with you following on top.

"Does this answer your question?"

In a swift motion, you lift your upper body up from where you're straddling Beca, halting the kiss and cross your arms at the hem of your tank top to pull the material over your head. "And I take it you missed me?" Now clad in only a black lacy bra as you hover over your girlfriend after tossing the shirt mindlessly, you want to giggle at how close Beca is to drooling by her gaping mouth. "Especially these?"

"Oh fuck yes I did," Beca practically whimpers this out, eyes glued to your chest as if she's looking at a million dollars cash, or a suitcase full of diamonds. "I really, really did." She reaches her hands out to remove that last piece of clothing on your chest, but you grab onto both her wrists and pin them above her head on the bed, preventing her from doing so.

"I have a proposition for you." You release Beca's hands to sit up straight again, but her hands remain above her head. Her lips are swollen and her eyes are black and it's taking every bit of you not to attack this gorgeous specimen between your thighs, but there's things to discuss.

"Since the last rush for the Bellas was awful and most the girls who pledged the first time didn't actually want to be a Bella, Aubrey and I have decided to create another rush happening tomorrow to get more pledges. And now that the campus has loosened up and things are starting to get back to normal, we figured a nice, regular party with regular booze would be nice for the students-Lord knows we need it."

Beca cocks her head sideways, small twitch at the corner of her mouth. "Let me guess, you wanna go?" You hum a yes, curving up a smile you intend on making bigger, just in case Beca decides to be difficult. "Is the theme beach party again?"

"Actually the theme is decades-Jessica came up with it and I went ahead and penciled in 50s for us," you inform, beaming. "That is if you wanna be my plus one."

"And if I say no?" Beca taunts smugly, head still looking at you sideways with her chocolate locks fanned out above your pillow and you hate how adorable she looks.

Mischievously, "then these girls will be off limits." You give Beca a show and wiggle your chest side to side before lifting up your hand and this time wiggle your fingers. "And these will be keeping me a lot of company," you say biting your lip to bite back a smile when Beca's face twists as if what she's hearing is physically painful.

"Threatening sex are we? You're evil, Red."

You sneak out a playful giggle, using your fingernails on one hand to trace underneath Beca's shirt across her stomach. Wondering why the Hell she still has a shirt on, you tug the girl up by the v-cut along her neckline before the clothing joins your shirt somewhere around the room when you toss it carelessly. You then push her back down by a hand to the chest, destined to rock her world, but after she agrees to going to the Bellas' rush 2.0.

"If we go, you bet your bottom dollar that-hey." You snap your fingers in front of Beca's face before taking one hand to cup her chin and lift her face up to your eyes when you catch her gaze glued elsewhere on your body. When you are sure you have her attention, you continue. "As I was saying, we could totally be Sandy and Danny from Grease if we go."

Beca almost looks back down at your chest, the exposed lace and months spent doing yoga and ab exercises deteriorates all her self control go? "And I'm assuming I'd be Danny in this scenario?"

"Well taking that you both have the car, the leather, the insane amount of sex appeal and the killer good looks-though you're way sexier, I'd have to say your assumption is correct," you reply and your fingers trace around the cups of Beca's navy blue bra, down her stomach and tickle the skin just above the waistline of her jeans, making her stomach muscles clench. "I know Emily is very fond of you after the short encounters you two already had, but the rest of the Bellas want to meet you-and what this campus needs is a break from everything that went on. We, baby, need a break."

Beca doesn't say anything, but you can hear everything that's going on inside that gorgeous head of hers as she contemplates the offer. You don't even have to pull out the puppy dog eyes as last resort before she is agreeing to the rush, mainly because, "I'm embarrassingly horny and I'd want nothing more than to rub it in all those other college guys faces that I'm the one dating you."

And, like, same.

Now that you can go out in public with Beca as a couple without a secret identity, the only thing you want to do is flaunt her off to the whole wide world and show everyone just how insanely lucky you are. All the double takes and stares in envy from everyone who isn't you is just exhilarating to think about.

Content with confirmation about the party happening tomorrow, you reach behind your back to unclasp your bra, letting it fall to your elbows and plucking it off slowly as Beca eats you alive right there.

Without even blinking and keeping her stare lasered in on your newly nude chest, she inches her hands up your stomach and this time isn't stopped from cupping each breast in the palms of her hands, melting with a heavy sigh at the contact. "Yep, I definitely missed these girls the most."

And, yeah, you guys know what happens next, yada yada yada, boring!

What you really want to gloat about is how much all your sisters like Beca the first moment you walk through the doors, hand in hand with your trophy prize of a girlfriend, and the two of you steal the show with the amount of black leather being worn to portray the end scene in the best musical ever, Grease.

You even get her these fake cigarettes from the Halloween store; she thinks it's the most thoughtful, funniest thing ever and the two of you dangle them in your mouths as you walk around the rush.

At first, the girls are intimidated by Beca; it is shown in their hesitation when they shake Beca's hand, but after a couple beers, a few games of flip cup (you guys are a great team) and you torturing Beca with your spazzy dance moves to the music until she can't resist any longer and joins you with her own moves, the Bellas are enamoured by your girlfriend.

"Beca is super sweet! A little sarcastic, but she's funny!" Jessica mentions when Beca leaves the group for a moment to talk to her boss on the phone after receiving a call and Aubrey mutters under her breath about Jessica not knowing just how sarcastic Beca truly is, but it only makes you grin ear to ear.

"Agreed! Once you get pass her resting bitch face, she's a fun person to be around," Ashley says this time; Emily agrees and bounces on her heels like she's Beca's biggest fan. Her admiration only gets worse when Beca explains that she makes music and that all Emily wants to do is write music and sing, so now Beca is going to be over all the time.

Which is fabulous.

"I've heard that name before-Beca Mitchell...where have I heard that name?" Jessica ponders off in thought, catching the other girls' attention before they're doing the same.

You decide against mentioning the whole famous deal when they bring up how there's something different about that freshman.

Oh they have no idea.

"Tell is all about her, Chloe! How you two met and all that cheesy stuff! You guys have matching necklaces, so she must be the real deal!"

Oh she is.

You get to fluff the story, saying you and Beca met on the campus quad's sandwich shop-not entirely untrue, but you leave out the fact you and her stopped a giant witch coven from forming. They continue to gush to you about Beca and how well she treats you when she leaves to get you drinks and share their excitement as they express how happy they are for you.

And hearing it all out loud from your sisters feels really freaking good.

So good that your happiness transfers over to how much you drink that you end up getting carried away, literally, from being too drunk to function when the rush is winding down. Beca, who has an incredible witch tolerance to alcohol, is the absolute best, as you said many times before and probably sound like a broken record.

She takes care of you when she's finished helping clean up the Bellas' house and doesn't even complain when you play the Grease soundtrack as she cooks you something to eat; a regular, plain old grilled cheese.

Awh, memories!

And when you almost throw it up later, she's fully supportive and makes you ugly laugh until your abs hurt and tells you you're the most beautiful girl in the world when your head is in the toilet.

Thankfully, you keep it down and ask her in the cheesiest way possible to spend the night-lip pout and everything.

Of course she says yes.

She makes sure you're comfortable in bed after being so belligerent that undressing is a struggle-that or you just wanted Beca to take your clothes off (the world may never know). When she's ready for bed, she cuddles up from behind and secures you in her arms and just lays there, listening to your endless rambles about random nonsense because you're a talkative drunk and you really can't express what a jackpot Beca is as not only a girlfriend, but a best friend.

And you're so in love with this girl that you come to a haste conclusion when she's going on about a story of her and Luke going shot for shot until he ended up projectile vomiting during karaoke.

I'm going to marry you one of these days, Beca Mitchell.

Tampa Florida (Thanksgiving)

When it came time for Beca to finally meet your family, it goes better way better than expected.

And that's even after the multiple panic attacks Beca had on the drive to Tampa as she preached about them hating her due to obvious reasons; 1. she's a witch who kills other witches 2. she's the one who kept you hostage and 3. she has a lot of piercings and tattoos.

That last one really doesn't make sense to you, like, at all.

"We aren't nuns, Beca. I'm pretty sure Christian got his first tattoo when he was fifteen and my dad paid for it."

"Well, I'm pretty sure your brother isn't a witch, too, so I think my problem is a little bit bigger than his."

"Okay, sassy. For someone who kills witches for a living you sure are acting like a giant puss."

"Shut up."

Beca then tries to use the excuse that you've already met her family (minus Anne, who is still a mystery), but it doesn't really help her case here because her dad literally teaches at Barden. Needless to say, you've had him as a professor without technically knowing he was Beca's father. When it came time to meet her mother, now that took everyone by surprise

And for you, the seven hour time preparation that Beca is being blessed with during the drive, as well as the weeks in advanced notice you gave her, you didn't have any.

One minute you were with Beca and the next you were face to face with Lou.

Hate to say that your experience with meeting the girlfriend's parents was a touch more nerve wracking if you're being completely honest.

Anyways, she isn't the only one who fears of a heart attack in anticipation; you thought you were going to throw up countless times on the highway as Beca drives the two of you to Florida for the break. This is the first time since your last boyfriend, Brad, you had your freshman to junior year of highschool that you're bringing home to meet the family. The rest were all just hookups and careless flings, but nothing as serious as what you have with Beca.

Even Brad pales in comparison.

You know your parents have already gotten over the initial shock of finding out you're dating a witch hunter who is actual a witch herself; a white witch "yes mom there's a difference." After the concerns about you developing some type of Stockholm syndrome for Beca and you assuring them that they're damn well out of their right mind, they became eager to meet the girl who saved your life in more ways than one.

However, when agreeing to come down and visit them for Thanksgiving with Beca so they could meet her, you had to lay down some rules. Usually, the holiday consists of your aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and anyone else in the Beale family, but this year you begged your mom not to invite more than the core group.

Not giving your girlfriend a heart attack by the amount of people she had to meet was your main concern, so your mother promised you that nobody outside of your dad and brothers would be there.

But overall, the vacation is great.

Better than great once Beca straightened herself out and coached her way through the initial introductions and the flood of questions from your entire family about everything they need to know about witches.

Your favorite part was your mom getting witches and vampires confused, asking Beca a lot about her issues with silver, garlic and needing an invitation to come into the house and seeing Beca pop forehead veins as she tried not to roll her eyes. Respectfully, she'd tell your mom that they're two completely different things, like the fact that witches are real and vampires are not.

Or so you think.

By Thanksgiving; only a day after you guys made it to your home, Beca has been given quite the amount of attention from each person in your family. Your dad and her are basically best friends once the topic of cars comes about and the very moment you two pulled up in her mustang, he was demanding that she call him, Charlie, and not Mr. Beale if she let him gawk at her car.

You've honestly never seen your dad so happy a day in your life when you caught him in the driver's seat of Beca's Ford mustang, smiling like a kid on Christmas when she told him he could take the whip for a spin.

As you all know, your mother was interested in Beca from the start once figuring out that she was a witch, but when Beca offers to help in the kitchen, warning your mother that she has no idea how to cook, "but Chloe is teaching me a thing or two," your mother beams with joy and offers to teach Beca a few more tips and tricks she has up her sleeves. What makes the interaction even better is the music your mom has playing while they cook, which coincidentally is all the famous hair bands Beca has such a passion for and spurred on some major bonding.

You practically melt into a puddle watching the two confess their love for John Bon Jovi and Joe Elliot, but mostly how much Beca fits right in, making your mom laugh with her clumsiness and wit.

"My mother was also a big cook and she'd always blare all the 80's rock throughout the entire house to piss off my dad," Beca mentions causally and it doesn't seem like a big deal, but talking about her mom so easily after her death-the good memories and such, it's warming.

And last but not least, Christian and Carson, your older brothers, picked up on the name of your girlfriend the longer they stayed chatting with Beca, claiming to have heard it before, but not exactly knowing where.

When you inform them that she's a famous music producer from California who has won multiple Grammys and platinum albums, they forget entirely about the fact that she's a witch and focu more on whether or not she has met Kendrick Lamar or Drake-which she has, on multiple occasions.

After an amazing early dinner spent with everyone, Christian invites you and Beca to lake where it's an annual Beale tradition to drink beer and ride the jet skiis before the sun goes down. Beca then scolds you for never mentioning that you're like a pro jet skier, not to brag, and says yes to the invitation faster than you can even process what's going on.

You'd rather stay in, make use of your infancy, to childhood, to adolescent bedroom because Beca happened to dress up for dinner; a nice and simple tan blouse (I know, insane seeing her in anything other than black) Levi, navy blue skinny jeans without any rips or tears and simple tan heeled boots.

And the thing that really got you was the lack of eyeliner, which then highlighted the blue color to her eyes, looking absolutely jaw dropping gorgeous and scrumptious all at the same time that it made sitting through dinner without attacking the girl your most difficult challenge ever faced.

So, yes, you want to spend some alone time with your girlfriend because you've been with your family all day.

But you guess you can wait, especially if it means seeing Beca in a bikini.

All in all, the lake is a blast; Beca almost kills you when you tip the jet skii over on purpose with her riding on the back, wetting her unexpectedly and laughing at it. She races yours brothers and wins both times and it reminds you of the time you raced Beca back in Atlanta with Big Red and her mustang for your guy's very first date. You smile to yourself at the memory, overwhelmed by all the emotions and how this vacation is the best one you think you've ever had.

And it's not even over yet.

When you guys get back from the lake once the sun goes down, reeking of beer, lake water and sunscreen (Beca still somehow managed to get burnt even with the heavy amounts you applied) you finally have your girlfriend all to yourself. It takes seconds for Beca to catch your mischievous tint lacing your eyes from where you're closing the door and gives you a wary stare as she watches you saunter slowly over to where she's sitting on your bed.

Only keeping up with the facade, sending her a flirty wink as you reach behind your back to give her a front seat show, "your right leg is Thanksgiving and your left leg is Christmas. Can I visit holidays in between?"

"Calm down, girl gone wild." Beca grips at your wrists before you can untie your bikini knot around your back, halting your motions and startling you by the denial of giving her flash show. For a moment after you see she's not messing around, you start to panic, thinking that something is truly wrong with your girlfriend; someone who is always down to gawk at you topless, claiming to be a boobman."We are not having sex with your parents in the house. They've been trusting enough to let us sleep together in the same bed."

You want to come out and break the news to Beca that the guest room is now basically the storage room filled with pointless crap, so unless your parents were going to make her sleep on the couch, they really had no other choice.

But you bite your tongue and keep this information to yourself.

"I would want nothing more than to rip that bikini off with my teeth right now, baby, but it can't happen."

Okay, that does the opposite of controlling your hormones and make you not want to have sex with Beca.

Of course this is the reason Beca is clamming up when you are already standing there, half naked so she doesn't have to do a lot of work. It makes sense; she had a wonderful day interacting with your family, helping your mom cook a delicious Thanksgiving dinner (thanks to your kitchen lessons back in Atlanta she was able to scramble up the best damn homemade pumpkin pie) talking cars with your dad like a true gearhead to earn the title of your dad's best friend, and jet skiing with the brothers at the lake.

But that doesn't help your main issue, which is that witnessing all of these things involving your girlfriend and how she interacted so well with your family like she's been apart of it for years made you buzz with the leftover adrenaline coursing through your veins and amp up your hormones times a billion.

So, yeah, this whole good girl, respecting your family alter ego of Beca's swells your heart, it's not cutting it for you at the moment.

Not when she's still in her bikini, wet and looking absolutely fuckable-sorry grandma.

"I'll do you first?" you attempt to compromise, batting your eyelashes as extra ammo. You then have to resort to begging when Beca doesn't budge, "come on, I'm using my best lines here."

"Not a chance, trouble."

"Don't take this the wrong way, but you suck." You sigh in defeat and join Beca on your bed, taking up the empty spot next to her. Perhaps it's for the best; you're not exactly quiet when you need to be. Just ask Aubrey who lives in the room next to you at the Bellas house. Plus, Beca respecting your family is really freaking sweet and kind of makes you feel guilty for trying to persuade her.

"If we aren't having sex the rest of the time we are here, then what are we going to do?" you pout childishly, but understand nonetheless. Your vagina, on the other hand, is taking the news a little more poorly, so that's an issue.

Beca ponders off, bouncing her head side to side. "We can have cuddle sex-as in no sex and just cuddle?" she suggests and intertwines her hand with yours above your guys' laps.

"Cuddle sex?" you echo as a question, not fully understanding this new term that Beca definitely just came up with. "That is so unappealing my nipples inverted," you tease and Beca gives you a genuine laugh that always makes you feel like you've won the lottery when you can make a sound like that come from Beca. As well as other sounds that obviously won't be taking place tonight, or the rest of the time in Florida. "What about making out? Or is that too risky, Ms. Purity Ring?"

Smirking wolfishly at the new suggestion, "now that I can work with," Beca mutters flirty and you dive straight in to snag her lips because, right now, your patience is testing you. As you sweep in to reconnect your lips, she keeps the distance by putting a hand on your chest. "But there's boundaries."

"Seriously?" you whine exasperated and your shoulders sag to match the frown on your face.

"Yes, seriously. You're basically my own personal dose of heroine when we make out, add the inappropriate touching and grinding into the mix and I'm a goner-both of which are banned," Beca points an accusing finger at you and you don't have to be reminded that she's clairvoyant and could hear the plans mustering up inside your head out loud.

Even though you don't want to, you give her the green light to expand on these so called boundaries; two of which you already know are off limits. Guess that means dry humping is out of the equation as well.

"From here down-" Beca gestures from the front of her shoulders down to the top of her kneecaps,"-are off limits. These are definitely off limits." Her hands raise back up her body to hover above her breasts covered by a small amount of swimwear and honestly, she might as well stab you with a knife to see those beauties go to waste because it would hurt far less. "And no neck biting, sucking or licking-you know what that does to me. Everything else is fair game."

"Everything meaning your face, arms and half your legs-not even the good parts either!" you quickly apologize, saying that all of Beca's legs are the best part, but her thighs, especially inner thighs are your dirty leverage to use against the girl. "Where are my hands supposed to go? Your armpits? Am I supposed lick the backs of your knees or suck on your toes-actually, is this your way of admitting to me that you have a foot fetish?"

Beca gives you another full on belly laugh, assuring you that she does not have a foot fetish, but admits to having a difficult time controlling her actions when you do half of the things she has banned.

And even though it sucks, you'd be perfectly content just having cuddle sex with the girl.

Because just being around her presence is more than enough.

"I love you very much," you mumble this sweetly to Beca, mood dropping from a hundred to zero. Even though you enjoy sex with Beca, a lot, you enjoy just being with her even more. "And I'm really happy you're here right now."

Beca smiles down towards her lap then lift her head back up for you to notice it has only gotten bigger. "I love you, too. Thanks for allowing me to meet your parents; it's an honor that I'll never be able to repay." There's a glint to Beca's eyes and how she's smiling at you that makes your heart race a mile a minute and causes you to lean in the remaining distance until you experience a kiss filled with so much passion that it makes your entire body vibrate.

It's not sex, but you think it's something better.

Guess a very cold shower is in your future once you two are finished, separately, unfortunately.


Today's the day.

Today is the day you can stand up from that chair wearing that ugly, forest green gown, walk across the stage, shake the Dean's hand and accept your fake diploma as the real one gets sent it the mail later on. You get to spend roughly a couple of hours in the hot, Georgia State University's Stegeman Coliseum with thousands of other peers graduating in your class, all for one moment as they call your name and by your major.

Aubrey is on stage for a good chunk of the ceremony, reading her speech that you and her edited together until it was flawless and you try not to cry when seeing your valedictorian best friend up there wowing the entire arena. She's accomplished so much and you couldn't be more proud knowing someone as smart as her also has one hell of a shot with a gun.

And Stacie...Stacie has never looked more proud as she's the loudest ones in the stands, cheering her girlfriend on with pride dripping from every pore.

Then when the boring part is done, you get to take a hundred pictures with friends, your sisters, professors you like and some you dislike and a lot with your family because mom insists on capturing every moment possible. In fact, the first moment she spots you after the ceremony she admits to using up a full memory card of space from pictures she's taken and all you can do is chuckle and give her an eye roll.

Your brothers take turns spinning you around like a rag doll and you're giggling madly and threatening to puke on them unless they put you down (not because you, Stacie, Aubrey and the rest of the Bellas got drunk before graduation because that's a huge thing to do). Christian's wife, who is pregnant with your nephew and Clay's girlfriend also share their love, telling you congratulations and that you'll be the hottest school teacher out there.

Which is more than a compliment and one of your largest goals as you dip your toes into the teacher pool now that you are getting a degree.

The best part (after, of course, completing another milestone in your life, graduating from college with a major in English and minor in Music Theory) is catching a glimpse of Beca through the crowd, holding up a bouquet of sunflowers (favorite) and wearing a smile full of pride when she locks eyes with you. You feel a mixture of emotions; elation that she is here, but confusion as to why and how she's currently in Atlanta right now.

Initially, she was supposed to be in New York for press on her new album she worked on with Lynn Gunn who you've met and heard before live at Buckhead. So far, she's been making herself more public as far as music goes, but the ghost behind the music is still a huge discussion in Hollywood due to the hatred of having no alone time away from cameras. However, she agreed to do some press with Lynn, which was unfortunately during your graduation, and both of you were devastated that she couldn't make it, but you understood, claiming that, "it's way boring, Bec. We can always celebrate when you get back!"

But here she is, standing in all her leather glory, baiting you to cover the rest of the distance while your mother is in the background, camera covering her face so she can record the moment.

It takes about a minute to process that this gorgeous specimen is actually there, standing across the room and not some type of crazy mirage messing with your head. When you realize this, it takes an even shorter amount of time to run in between all the other students, jump up into her arms so that she catches you and kiss her harder than you've ever kissed someone before.

And honestly, you feel all top of the world.

You've graduated college and got the girl.

It can't get any better than that.

For a graduation present, Beca spoils you with a trip to California.

You try to explain that the dinner she made from scratch and the entire day spent in Atlanta with her when she took you to a shooting range was more than enough. It was the best day ever, in fact, and not only because you guys took the world by storm together, holding hands and doing those gross (but insanely cute and long overdue) couple things out in public while shooting guns and stealing everyone's attention, but because you spent the whole day with Beca.

You even tell her that the two of you could stay in and watch TV all day, or stare at the wall to watch paint dry and it would be a perfect graduation present. Then you assure her that she already does enough for you as it is, so a graduation present isn't necessary and then she'd hit you with, "I'm just really fucking proud of you and I want us to do something special because you deserve it," card, making you feel an abundance of love.

Everyday with Beca is special and you mean it.

But a couple days after graduation, Beca announces that she has work to do in Los Angeles back in the studio and instead of being alone and missing the girl like crazy, basically pulling your hair out due to boredom because Beca is the firework to your ordinary life, she calls you the night she leaves, already in California, instructing you to get packed because you have a flight at 5:45 A.M the following morning.

"In the morning?" you screeched, unsure if you heard this right.

Beca dismisses your question intentionally, "bring all your bikinis, too."

So, duh, you sprinted to your closet, found your largest suitcase and started packing it to the top with all the necessities for a spontaneous vacation.

And California?

Sorry but your arm was twisted at the promise of taking you to Huntington Beach.

She even mentioned the San Diego Zoo which, gasp, sounds like so much fun.

When you see Beca at the passenger pick up, exactly where she said she'd meet you when you texted her that you've landed, you notice two things. 1. Luke is with her, dressed in his usual black attire, has the black ray bans covering his eyes and looks like if Sons of Anarchy had a baby with Hollister. 2. Beca is also dressed in a nice pair of black skinny jeans, black tank top, but is wearing a camouflage, zip up jacket on top with her hair straightened and leaned up against-not her mustang- but a motorcycle.

The last observation is the one that you really notice to the point of not only making your heart skip several beats, but tripping over your own feet in front of everybody currently at LAX and ending up dropping your drink (thankfully it was just ice) because holy shit, you were on the lookout for her trademark black, but got this instead.

This total heartthrob who gets to welcome you to the lovely state of California and already, this trip is amazing.

"How!?" you exclaim in disbelief the moment you're face to face with Beca and she slowly removes her black aviators to give you a puzzle, but amused look nonetheless. "How are you this damn sexy!?" Beca opens her mouth to respond, but you don't seem to be finished just yet. "And is that a Triumph Rocket 3?" You would know the model, taking that your girlfriend's hobbies include collecting weapons, making music, and collecting way more cars, necessary.

And apparently motorcycles, too.

"I love it when you talk dirty to me," Beca's words come out as a growl when she hooks a finger at your belt loop, taking you by surprise as she tugs you in for a very unexpected, very appreciated heated kiss.

Your arms find their usual spot to hook around Beca's neck while her's find their spot clawing at either sides of your waist and you kiss her like you haven't seen her in years.

And not less than twenty four hours.

"Told ya I had a bike," she mumbles this across your lips, but you kiss her silent, not wanting to talk as of right now when she could be putting that skillful tongue of hers to work.

"This twerp wanted a crotch rocket, but her bloody forty pounds in weight and three feet in height prevented her from buying one," Luke quickly interrupts the moment, causing you two to break apart, winded and out of breath.

Any other time you'd scold him for interrupting your intimate moments with Beca, but it was for the best since she has broken the scale of how attractive a person can get and without him here, you don't know if you could've stopped. You straighten yourself out to make it seem like you're not completely dazed out of your mind with the feeling of Beca's lips still lingering over yours and cheek a smile to Luke.

Throwing yourself at the taller boy, he engulfs you with his strong arms and height, chuckling at your eagerness. "What are you doing here?" you question excitedly, but also confused because you were expecting just Beca at the airport and now you have Luke who you didn't even know was in California at the time.

Whatever the reason may be that brings him to greet you at LAX, you have to admit you missed his British charm and killer margaritas; something he should definitely make for you guys since he's here. The last time you saw him was spring break in the Bahamas; a special treat from him and Jade since making it to your graduation didn't seem likely. As the months passed by, you, him and Jade created a special bond which basically means he's part of your family.

So, yeah, you're kind of really ecstatic to see him right now.

Luke ruffles your hair-he's lucky you've been on a plane for hours and it probably looks like a bird's nest anyways- and kisses your temple when he gives more of a side hug. "Couldn't let Beca have all the fun knowing my favorite redhead is in town."

"Even though I wanted you all to myself, I figured a surprise from Luke would be something you'd like, so I decided to share," it's Beca who says this, smirking at Luke and leaned back up against her motorcycle, oozing all the sex appeal that you're desperately trying to ignore "This time."

"Well you figured correct," you reply and notice a few paparazzis in the distance snapping a few photos, but they're a strange distance away from you guys. You bring this up when your eyes wander, not that you're worried about your pictures being taken because obviously dating a famous music producer the chances are kind of inevitable, but because there's not alot and are really far away.

"Since Luke basically follows me anywhere and now that I'm showing my face more in Hell-I mean the media," Beca quickly corrects, making you giggle at the comparison. "I figured I needed, one, a manager, and two, my own personal bodyguard, so I told Luke he could do all the boring stuff for me and get the press off my back."

Luke nods his head, puffing his chest out for intimidation. "Yeah I get to scare away all the nagging paps and make sure this one is taken care of." He shoots you a wink; Beca just rolls her eyes.

Now that makes sense as to the distance separating you guys and the paparazzis; Luke is scaring them half to beam a smile when it seems like everything is falling into place, but then notice Luke's lack of a vehicle since Beca took her bike. Unless he rode on the back, which is highly doubtful, then, "how'd you get here?"

As on cue, a black, Maserati GranTurismo convertible cruises up to the curb before stopping behind where Beca's bike is parked and you smile even bigger when you realize who it is. Of course you'd recognize those immaculate pair of eyebrows any day a million miles away.

"Jade!" You bounce to the front of this...ridiculous flashy car-Jesus, this must be California because no one is paying any attention to you guys. A car this nice in Atlanta would only be seen in Buckhead, but even in that boujee city a freaking Maserati with red interior is rare to run across. "What are you doing here?!"

"Little Red Riding Hood!" Jade puts on the hazard lights and jumps out of the car, practically jumping in your arms as she hugs you. "I miss your stupid, bubbly smile!" She pinched at your cheeks in a way your mother would. "And I'm here to pick up this handsome one." She throws an arm around Luke's lower back and his slugs over her shoulders. "I was going to park, but fuck that, walking is a no go for me, so I flipped a bitch and came back around."

Keeping that grin on your face bright as day, now realizing how Luke got here, "I missed you too! This is the best surprise ever!" you gush and look at Beca who is responsible for all of this, now at a lost of words from a hurricane of happiness. "Wanna tell me why you have the nicest car I've ever seen-except yours, of course," you correct yourself when you feel Beca ready to argue that her mustang is the nicest car you've ever seen. Jade's is pretty up there, however.

"My boss treats me good." You don't miss the wink exchanged between Beca and Jade, so seeing that just escalated your curiosity by what she means exactly. "Especially when she is a huge music producer and the pack leader in charge of Alphaveta, a small, international printing company."

"And by printing company she means killing witches as the job description." Luke gives your shoulder a nudge at the same time he winks; you would have gathered that much. When would Beca ever be boss at a printing company?

"These two noobs make up the council, let me know the trouble going on in the real world," Beca explains casually, each of them flaunting that known symbol of the organization somewhere on their bodies and you wearing yours around your neck, as well.

In fact, you haven't really taken it off since you were given this special of jewelry, which brought a lot of curiosity to everyone who didn't know what it meant and a lot of bullshit to come flying out of your were even able to hang the silver Bellas' 'B' off the same chain as the crescent moon and stone pendant.

"There's more witches out there?" you ask, eyes switching between the three of them.

Beca nods her head and it's not reassuring one bit. "Some want money and some want power. Some want sex and only sex. Some want beauty and some literally just want to kill," she explains carefully; Jade and Luke back her up by their own head nods. "But nothing like the Gail situation. Her and Kommissar were very strong and old witches, but also insane."

Okay, so your girlfriend basically took over Lou's spot and now runs a giant witch hunting organization in her spare time of being a famous music producer. There's also more witches out there that aren't like Beca, wanting to hurt innocent people for their own gain, and range in the age of mature, old witches, to dumb, baby witches.

Somehow, you're unable to fully process this, but is it weird to think it's kind of...cool? Like you're dating a total badass?

"But that isn't important!" Jade claps her hands and goes to grab your luggage. You disagree completely-this is very much important, taking that there are more threats out there in the world, all that revolve around witches. "The main reason why I'm here is to see you, of course, but the second is to grab your stuff since Beca is giving you a ride home in more ways than one." Jade and Luke share a laugh at her sexual innuendo; you snicker as you watch the two take your suitcase and put it in the back of their car, not disagreeing with Jade's statement, but knowing that's a conversation not meant for anyone else to hear except you and Beca.

As if she could read your mind (funny because she can) she grabs your hands, pulling you in close and the motion switches your focus from Jade to Beca. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you that Gail and Kommissar weren't the last of the black witches, but there's not a lot of us out there. We are a dying species, so I barely ever get a call for a job."

You're definitely not mad, maybe a little worried that Beca puts herself in danger killing all these witches, but you knew what you were getting into ten months ago, so you can't really be upset. "You'd tell me if you did, right? Get another job?"

"Totes," Beca's promise is genuine, even makes you giggle and she's never given you a reason not to believe her before, so you nod your head, letting the topic go for now.

She yells over to Luke and Jade who are now sitting in their car, looking like fancy CIA agents and tells them that you guys are leaving and to meet back at her place so you could get your stuff.

Receiving a thumbs up from Luke before Jade pulls the car out into the street, "Now let's have some fun."

"Okay!" You chirp with a clap to your hands, then catch the extra motorcycle helmet Beca tosses over to you before straddling the bike-holy fuck this girl is so hot. You get on next and almost melt in the seat when you feel the motor rev up to a sound that fills the entire passenger pick up area and have to wrap your arms around her waist as you wait in anticipation, soaking into her embrace.

Terrified and hysterical all in one, Beca takes off at a scary speed while weaving in between all the cars sitting in ridiculous, bumper to bumper traffic, especially on the highway since that's legal in California and laughs when you're screaming against the wind, feeling the most alive you've ever felt.

It's only just the start of your trip and you don't really know what to expect, but knowing everything is now in your girlfriend's hands and you're currently riding on a motorcycle, the possibilities are endless.

Like how she takes you over to her studio, Capitol Records, and throws you into the booth to record a song you both have been working on; a private song Beca wrote and produced and needed a perfect harmony to mash well with her low, alto voice. You even helped out with the lyrics, the song a perfect blend of everything you two have gone through and how, no matter what, you'll always be on her team.

And she'll always be on yours.

Everything is going great after the trip to the studio; Beca is true to her promise and takes you out to the beach after getting lunch at Hide Sushi, a delicious sushi bar that lives up to your expectations and even goes beyond. She gets a table away from most the crowd the restaurant has, giving you a chance to talk about anything in private, no matter how random and ridiculous; at one point you two were talking about this new, hippie, charcoal toothpaste you are trying out, so when you say the topics were random, you mean it.

With a stomach full of sashimi and tuna rolls, you and her walk hand in hand across the Huntington Beach pier and even ride those bikes around while petting random strangers' dogs, laughing and telling more stories; the time you fell off your bike trying to ride on your brothers' cool, advanced skate ramp and ended up breaking your wrist.

"They swore the ramp was safe and it would make me super cool if I rode down it. Obviously, it wasn't Chloe proof and ended me up in the emergency room when I rode off it."

Beca howls a laugh, joking about getting you a helmet for safety purposes, but you decline the suggestion, swearing that you're a pro bike rider now. "You're such a dork."

She then surprises you with two jet skis floating at shore, there's two life jackets and Beca challenging you to a race across the Pacific Ocean and it makes sense why she made you change into your bathing suit before you guys drove to the beach to have lunch. You end up winning, of course, and Beca blames it on the fact you've had more practice, but when you kiss her on shore soft and slowly, as the sun is setting in the background and the sound of waves are crashing around you, she tells you she's never felt more like a winner until now.

And you have to say you really love California.

And really, really love your girlfriend.

Back at Beca's place after taking a shower-together this time-everything is better than perfect until she gets a call from Adar, who is in Utah, claiming to have a 'situation,' when you two are eating dinner at her super fancy apartment that she made from scratch.

And by situation, he means a witch situation.

Frustration is evident by the pinch in her brows and the sudden irritation lacing her words as she tells Adar that tonight isn't a good night, but it seems to be a deal that needs to be stopped before it can possibly get worse. Like, Gail and Kommissar type of worse, which is totally understandable.

Don't want a repeat of what happened in Barden to happen in Utah; a mormon state.

Even though it's written on her face that taking care of this call is the last thing she wants to be doing, she explains that she needs to fly out to Utah and says that there's a small witch cult about to crash some type of ceremony at a church and needs to get there before that can happen. When you don't even put up a fight and start to clean up dinner with Beca, she begins to question what you were doing.

At Beca's quizzical stare boring into the side of your head and how she's frozen in place demanding answers, "I'm coming with you," you inform her bluntly.

For the first time ever, Beca doesn't want to agree with your demands, not exactly underestimating your strengths, but sure as hell not wanting you to get hurt doing something so dangerous by letting you go. She already had to chance your skills last time with Gail in the forest, making a two time deal is more than a little risky.


Cutting her off; you've already prepared a speech for a time like this, knowing Beca would be more hesitant to let you come."We are a team, Bec," you remind softly, lifting the same piece of jewelry that Beca is wearing off your neck, allowing the black gem to shimmer under the kitchen lights. "It wasn't the plan to get wrapped up in all this witch stuff, but now that I have, I can't just quit cold turkey. We are in this together now, me and you-you and I, whatever and... I want to help."

Silence is the first to appear between the two of you, but you can see the cogs in Beca's head turning, like she's contemplating whether or not she's letting you join her. Regardless, you are going with or without permission and flying to Utah in Beca's private jet that she, apparently, has ontop of all her fancy cars, so her thinking it through is a lost cause.

Hesitant at first, the corners of Beca's mouth start to pull upwards into that signature smirk of hers and you know by the sight that you've won this round. "You remember how to shoot, Firecracker?"

"Pshh," you nudge at Beca's shoulder, curving up a similar, smug smirk, the mirrors her's. "It's like riding a bike, babe."

October, 5 Months Later...

*Incoming Call From Mom*

"Hey mom!" You chirp into the phone, holding the device between your shoulder and ear.

"Hey, honey. How are you doing? How's everything?" Comes your mother's eager reply; it's been a while since you've last spoken to her, but you've been busy with work and decorating the new home located in Vail, Colorado that you and Beca just recently moved into.

It was a simple move; Beca stayed updated on all the jobs you were applying to and luckily, you ended up getting an offer for nice, full-time job in Vail as a music teacher for a fancy private school where you'd teach all levels. At the time, you were still in Atlanta, working as a waitress at an Old Chicago (and witch hunting) after graduation as you applied to other 'adult' jobs while Beca was bouncing between California and Atlanta for, so long distance was an issue, but also...not an issue?

You don't really know; it was never hard keeping your relationship strong with Beca. The history of fighting witches together is like gorilla glue keeping you two close and only growing closer one year later, if possible. The issue you had was missing her all the damn time, so when you joked about moving in together where you'd get free back massages all the time, thinking she'd have her own silly response to this delusion, she was all for the idea.

No teasing.

No jokes.

She wanted to live with you and after ten months of dating the best thing that has happened in your life, you felt the same way.

You were taken back at first, but then you were ecstatic when she formally asked you seconds later to find a house together and was already googling schools to apply for and homes to live in that you two could look at and see which one fit best.

Super domesticated stuff.

When you got a call from Vail Mountain School offering you a full time job, you about bounced off the walls with excitement and you and Beca were then able to look at homes in Colorado to live in together. Wanting to get out of the heart of the city and to a more secluded, yet still very scenic area, the two of you ended up buying a beautiful, mountain modern cabin secluded from everyone, similar to Beca's in Atlanta and about fell in love with it at first sight.

So, yeah, you could say life is pretty fucking great right now, especially since you've only just graduated five months ago, but luck has always been on your side, especially since you've gotten your ladybug tattoo on the inside of your wrist when you were in California with Beca after graduation, just like you two talked about.

Shamelessly, Beca laughed at you and it hurt.

But you don't regret it at all.

"Does this make me look punk rock now?"

"Oh totally."

Anyways, back to present time, "I'm really good, mom. Work is good-great, actually. I'm on fall break right now; Beca is working with some underground labels in Denver on her solo stuff, but mostly taking time off. Stacie and Bree are flying up here for the week; I actually am driving to DIA to pick them up this afternoon.."

"Is Aubrey enjoying her first couple months at Georgia? Stacie's head sister now at the Bellas' right?"

"Aubrey loves it there- I guess the classes are, like, on steroids compared to undergrad, but she likes being close to Stacie," you inform your mom with a smile and just happened to talk to Aubrey about this not even a couple days ago as the two of you gushed about your girlfriends. "Yes, Stacie is now head sister, as well as Emily and they've gotten more pledgees than ever before." This is true and you couldn't be more proud of them two.

How they did it was something beyond you, but love to hear all the stories about the Bellas' traditions that you and Aubrey were apart of before passing the crowns down to the sisters who you thought would uphold the Bellas' legacy and turns out, they sure have.

"How's Colorado? I got the pictures you sent us, your house is beautiful," your mom seems interested.

"Thank you! Yeah, Becs and I got lucky picking out this one. As for weather...super bipolar, not as hot and humid as Atlanta, but since it's early in October, the autumn weather is perfect." You could go on and on about how amazing Colorado is, the change was quite large and the elevation almost killed both you and Beca, but overall, best decision ever.

Plus, it's almost snow season and you live in a state that is huge on snowboarding and happen to live in the mountains, so, duh, you and Beca are definitely going to learn how to do all of that.

Your mom and you talk some more to catch up on life; she tells you everything that's going on down in Tampa and how Clay is engaged and Christian is expecting his second child; your first nephew, Tony, pretty much stole your heart the day he was born when you and Beca flew down to Tampa.

After awhile, you get so caught up in your mom's stories that you don't even hear Beca sneaking up behind you from upstairs and jump when you feel lips kissing softly up your neck; kisses that make you squeeze your thighs together and bite your lip not to make any sounds.

Sounds that definitely shouldn't be exchanged while on the phone with your mother.

Shivering at the sensation and how Beca's warm breath is tickling your ear that's not holding your cell phone between your shoulder, "Hey, mom, I'm going to have to call you back." Your eyes roll to the back of your head when you feel teeth nipping at your earlobe and Beca's low chuckle vibrates your entire skeleton when she sees her effect on you.

Your mom doesn't seem to question the abrupt change in topic, but also doesn't seem to let you go just yet. "Okay, honey. Are you and Beca being safe?"

"Y-yes...yes we are," you correct yourself when at first it was stuttered out, no thanks to Beca's lips and teeth tearing you apart. "Okay, I really gotta go," you warn breathlessly, and pull the phone away when a certain suck to your ear causes you to squeak out a high pitch noise.

"Tell Beca I said hi and call your dad! He misses you!" Your mom rushes out and your thumbs are already on the move to end the call.

Quickly before anymore slip ups take place, "will do! Bye!" you basically shout into the phone, pressing the red 'end' button and twist your neck to capture Beca's teasing lips that were torturing you through the entire last half of the call, silencing her laughs by a brutal kiss.

You don't pull away until you've tasted enough- though you don't really believe there's ever enough when it comes to kissing Beca- but eventually you do break away from the kiss before it gets too out of control and you guys end up making out instead of cooking dinner like the two of you have done lots of times.

"Being safe?" Beca echoes your mother's last words, voice raspy low and eyes hooded over as she is leaning over you in the desk chair.

Wiping at the lipgloss smeared around Beca's lips with your thumb, "always," is what you say back flirty and was the same thing you told your mom, except your mom doesn't see the desert eagle sitting on the desk that you were in the middle of cleaning and were taking apart during most of the call.

What she doesn't know wont kill her-actaully, if she did know what you and Beca were doing on the side of teaching kids music and making music, she'd have an aneurysm.

Like Beca said before, she barely gets any calls about witches, but when she does, you and her -the best duo ever-always needs to be prepared.

Which lead you to cleaning some of the smaller weapons stocked up in Beca and yours basement, next to all of Beca's fancy music equipment and your little work out zone. Austin Texas was the last time there was problems, where there were some southern witches ready to cause some chaos by using their witchy powers to crash a elementary school dance and steal a handful of children.

You two stopped them before that could happen; Beca was able to use her concilium to literally turn their leader's brain to mush because she was fighting off everything Beca was trying to control her to do. Looking back, you never expected your true calling to be witching hunting or even falling in love with one who later became your partner in life, and witch hunting, but you can't say you're disappointed.

It's weirdly a lot of fun minus the near death experiences, making the world a safer better place, especially doing all of these things with your girlfriend.

At least you guys keep the life interesting for a pair of twenty three year olds, that's for damn sure.

"Safe? I don't know the meaning of the word," Beca purs seductively, using her height advantage on you to straddle your thighs, resting her knees on either sides on the desk chair. Her hands grip the back next to your head, giving you a full, up close view of all the cleavage her tank top isn't covering. "Am I bothering you, Ms. OO-Sexy?"

Pushing the gun away and all it's spare parts, "in the best ways, of course," you tease playfully and now that she's in your lap, your hands move to her hips like magnets. Once you learned how to clean weapons, the duty was picked up and became habitual. Now, you enjoy doing it and even find the time relaxing. "I'm always up for a break, though."

Beca lights up at your hint, her eyes darken within one blink and she's giving you that crooked smile as you crane your neck up to look at her. "Then I'm your girl," she drops flirty and coy. "Come up here and kiss me like you miss me, Red."

"Sounds like fun," you say with excitement, lifting yourself up and taking Beca up with you, the cleaning of the gun long forgotten. "How much time before we leave for the airport?"

"Approx 30 minutes," she whispers in your ear, baiting you with the time and musses your hair in her hands. "Think that's enough time for you, Champ?"

Confident with yours skills and wanting to get one last hoorah in before the alone, intimate time you and Beca get will be limited for a week when Aubrey and Stacie are here, "more than enough."

Later that evening after driving two hours down to DIA to pick up Stacie and Aubrey, the four of you are back at your house after picking up takeout at yours and Beca's favorite Chinese place and making a quick trip to the liquor store to find the cheapest wine that can easily knock you on your ass after a glass or so. Now that all of you guys are each experiencing individual food comas after a delicious dinner and small talk, Stacie brings out the wine bought earlier and pours everyone a glass.

Conversations flow easily and you catch up with life back at Barden, all the crazy stories about the Bellas'. Stacie's enrolled in all these crazy, complicated courses all involving something science and Aubrey is melting her brain in law textbooks. Aubrey also is sharing a new house with Jessica, her boyfriend, and Ashley since they all decided to stay local until they go off and get their masters.

As for Stacie and Aubrey, they're stronger than ever, especially since Aubrey came out to her parents at graduation and introduced Stacie as her girlfriend and not her "good" friend. Her parents had opposite reactions; Aubrey's mom always loved Stacie because of her brains, sense of humor and the fact that she always gave Aubrey's mom beauty tips. Her dad also enjoyed Stacie, but that was before the girlfriend bomb was dropped on him and had a hard time accepting it with being raised old fashion.

Eventually after some time and enduring the silent treatment from Aubrey when she put her foot down, threatening her father that if he doesn't love her because she's dating a girl, then she doesn't want him in her life, he got use to the idea. Now, a year later, him and Stacie are like besties, always talking about politics and the environment.

They even talk space and the quantum of physics together over coffee like a bunch of nerds; Aubrey absolutely loves it.

And Stacie's parent are like super liberal and loved Aubrey right from the start, so their relationship is stronger than ever, which makes your heart very warm to see your friends so happy.

When the bottle is gone and everyone (maybe just you) is finally a little buzzed, Beca announces that she's going to take a quick shower since she's been out and about all day and hadn't yet. She stands up from where you guys are camped out in the living room area next to a fancy fireplace that came with the cabin and plants a chaste kiss over your lips.

As she leaves the room, you watch every step until she's out of sight, heart swollen and smile so large it could split your face.

"This place is crazy nice, Chlo!" Stacie snaps you out of your little daze, reeling you back to reality and catch her scanning the entire room in astonishment. It was the first time the pair has been to your new house since you and Beca bought the place, but had a rough image from the pictures you'd send them. "And it's away from everybody! Plus the view...holy shit." She's referring back to the sunset you guys were able to catch the last of; the mountains and fall colors only amplifying the beauty of the pink and orange hue in the sky that are so much more brighter than in the city.

The sunsets in Atlanta were something great, but the sunsets in Vail are out of this world.

Snuggling into Stacie's embrace, "you and Beca seem really happy," Aubrey observes with a smile; a smile that is more cheeky and wide compared to normal and it's a clear identifier that Aubrey is a little tipsy.

Maybe borderline drunk, no thanks to the extreme elevation change that almost killed you the first night you and Beca got drunk and you were trashed two beers in.

Aubrey uses Stacie's arms to wrap around her midsection from behind and takes a sip of her glass of wine. "Who knew you two would have packed up, moved to a new state and bought a house together?"

Honestly, you had a hunch.

"It's crazy, I know, but we are really happy," you confirm, more than at peace with the situation. You're happier than you've ever been and a very large factor, actually the main reason as to why you're so happy is because of the girl you get to spend every morning, day and night with. "So happy that I actually have to show you guys something."

They're startled by your sudden outburst and how you abruptly stand up to find whatever it was that you wanted to show them and when you return back with your new Macbook, they're thrown for a loop even more. You ignore the twin pair of blank stares as they watch you type something into your laptop from the couch, finding exactly what you wanted to show them saved under your bookmarks tab.

Handing over the computer to the pair, you ask for all their opinions, biting your thumbnail in anticipation and from the nerves. "So, what do you think?" you ask timidly.

Simultaneously, their jaws drop to their chest and Stacie even moves the screen closer up to her and Aubrey's face to get a better look. There's a long series of "oh my God, Chloe!" and just flabbergasted sounds coming from the both of them, making your face feel hot and you curl up into a ball where you're sitting on the ground, patiently waiting on your best friends' input.

Aubrey is too stunned to even talk as she examines every inch of the screen as close as she can get and Stacie is bouncing off the walls with a billion different emotions. "Is this a custom?" she asks with fascination, in awe by what you are showing them.

You shake your head eagerly, unable to wipe the beaming smile off your face. You then explain every detail of the item, where you were able to start from scratch to match the details with Beca's entire aesthetic and your true reasoning for showing them this tonight. They give you their full attention as you explain everything, just like how you explained it to your parents and try not to cry, but because you're feeling the wine, you feel the tears pooling in your eyes regardless.

"Obviously it's going to be some time before I can put the plan into action, hopefully a year, but I've been saving up ever since the first moment I realized I wanted to do this."

Aubrey squints her eyes, tapping her chin. "Is that why you were working doubles at Old Chicago?" You nod your head, guilty as charged. "And how long have you been planning this?"

"November of last year." you respond confidently; Aubrey and Stacie's eyes stretch wide at this new information and your first instinct is to take it back. "Is that too...soon? A little creepy?"

"No, hun! There's people who do what you're planning months after meeting each other," Aubrey assures positively at the way your body spikes up with fear that maybe you're jumping the gun with this one.

"Yeah, even days," Stacie chips in, earning a sideways glance from both you and Aubrey that screams really? Brushing off the confused glances, Stacie continues. "What matters is that you're ready, and from what I've seen over the year of being with you two, you've been ready for a long time."

You couldn't be happier hearing this come from your closest friends. The idea of them saying everything you're are planning is one giant mistake or not agreeing to anything is a literal nightmare, but you knew they'd be supportive no matter what.

"But tell us everything! We want to know all your ideas and plans and we want to help!"

You bounce forward with a large smile, eager to explain everything you've been planning for months now to your best friends before Beca is out of the shower.

Halloween, One Year Later

[Aubrey Posen 6:36 PM]: Everything is ready to go!

[Chloe Beale 6:39 PM]: Awes! Thank you guys soooooo much! Hopefully I don't have a heart attack before we get there…

[Aubrey Posen 6:40 PM]: Relax, Chlo! She's going to love it. You did absolutely amazing. Stop over thinking and get your cute butt over here!

[Aubrey Posen 6:40 PM]: No texting and driving!

With shaky, sweaty hands, you put away your cell phone just in time before Beca walks into the kitchen after getting ready for the evening drive you suggested to her after dinner. It was kind of your guys' thing to do after two years of dating. You'd both get in a car, drive with no destination and blast music out the rolled down windows and sing at the top of your lungs; one time you guys drove to Nevada from Vail and didn't even realize it until the 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign popped up on the side of the highway.

Of course, you guys went gambling once realizing your short drive turned into a long drive, making the most out of the trip, but that's story for another time.

Depending on who was driving, you'd feed Beca ice cream or she'd feed you french fries from the passenger seat and everything would be so much fun. Any time spent with Beca is beyond a blast; she's a small, sexy ball of spontaneous adventures that are the reasons why your life is as perfect and exciting as it is today. Driving without a care to the world is just child's play compared to all the other amazing, crazy stuff Beca spurs onto you without explanation.

This time is a different drive from the ones you usually take-and not only because you two are currently in Atlanta visiting Aubrey, Stacie and the Bellas. It's a different drive because this time, there's a destination, but Beca has no idea where the destination leads, nor does she know all the other little details.

And during the entire duration to get to the place you've had planned out, your palms are sweating profusely against the steering wheel where you're white knuckling the rubber, no one is singing along to the music playing in the background when it has always been your job to do so, even though it's old Britney Spears, and you feel like you're going to throw up your entire breakfast, lunch and dinner the longer you're in the car.

"Are you okay?" Beca picks up on the uncharacteristic quietness coming from you and how you're death gripping the wheel right now. "You're really...pale? Do you feel sick?"

Yes, you do feel sick, but know it's not because of something bad you ate. Instead, you feel extremely nauseous because of the nerves filling your body and know they won't go away until the deed is done.

You try to put on your best fake smile, but think it comes out more as a grimace when you switch between Beca, who is looking at you with so much concern to make your heartache, and the road. "I'm good, baby," you assure, though it's not convincing by the waver in your tone and it's the first thing Beca picks up on.

"Why don't we go back to the cabin and I can make us some tea?" Beca is being so incredibly sweet putting you first and though all of this is for her, you have to push your nerves to the side and swear to Beca that you're more than okay to go on this drive.

A drive going straight into Barden's forest where in the middle holds a special surprise.

"Taking a trip to Barden's mysterious forest, Beale?" Beca studies out the window, amusement lacing her words. "Didn't you know that there's witches out here-oh! Even worse, aliens."

You giggle at the rumor that happened to stick around Barden during the time all the abductions took place. Now, all everyone could talk about is the forest where aliens experiment on college drunk students and all the creepy, online horror stories people create. "It's also a place where you saved me on multiple occasions. Practically where we met."

"It is nice seeing the place again, reliving all the memories and time spent here. I bet we could find the tree you shot a dent through instead of hitting the fruit your, like, second day of training."

"I can rightfully admit my shooting was rubbish before all those long training days with you."

"At least you looked good," Beca counters and throws you a wink that somehow calms your erratic heartbeat thundering inside your chest now that you're getting closer to the heart of the forest. "But in all seriousness, what are we doing here?"

You don't answer right away, but instead let the cars lined up bumper to bumper in the forest around a romantic fire belonging to Aubrey, Stacie and Luke do the answering for you. There's violet petals circling around a tree stump holding a small black box and as requested, Luke's truck is blaring "Heaven" by Warrant through his speakers; a song you knew Beca would die hearing. There's also twinkling lights hung around some of the other trees, making the whole area glow in beauty.

Aubrey, Stacie, Luke and Jade really brought your vision to reality and you couldn't be more thankful for everything they've done.

Beca looks at you with utter confusion when you park the car, then back out to the forest, then back to you and you can tell she's at a lost for words right now. Gesturing for her to follow, you meet her at the front of your car and intertwine her hand with your sweaty one before pulling her in the direction of where everyone is waiting.

"You and I are pretty much the same person-we use songs to express romantic gestures," you say to Beca under the music, briefly look at Aubrey who has tears in her eyes as she smothers her face into Stacie's chest. You mouth a "thank you" and look back at Beca who for once, you cannot read.

It's only slightly concerning.

"Well, the song speaks the truth," Beca finally speaks up after the initial shock wears off. "Your eyes are like blue, suburban skies." And she hits you out of nowhere with that trademark smirk of hers. "Wanna tell me what's going on?"

"Sure," you reply casually with grin and look towards Luke who is setting up the portable karaoke machine he took from the creepy bar Beca first took you to, connecting the box to the large speakers he has set up in the bed of his truck. "But I'm going to sing it to you."

Beca gets slapped in the face with confusion, especially when you leave her side to join Jade next to the mic stand she brought out, all connected to the karaoke box and speakers. There's even more puzzlement coming from Beca when a line of black cars and trucks circle around the scene, each filled with familiar faces belonging to all the witch hunters who have become more than just your friends.

But your family.

"Chloe Beale," Beca calls out your full name as she scans the sudden audience around her, humor lacing her words. She even points an accusing finger at Luke, who is now holding a black guitar in his hands and is set up behind his own mic, looking guilty as ever.

Who knew that you'd find an entire group of friends who could sing or play a musical instrument?

Ignoring everything Beca has to say when hearing Luke beginning to strum the opening notes of the song on his guitar, playing loudly through the speakers, "You like the Beatles right, baby?"

Beca doesn't have a chance to answer this before Jade and her low, alto voice is starting to sing the ultimate classic, "When I'm 64" by the Beatles and you quickly join in, mixing your higher, soprano voice with hers, creating a beautiful harmony you know Beca is dazzled by. Aubrey and Stacie, with phones in their hands, circle around Beca to get a perfect view of her reaction, as well as the performance, and you catch that crooked smile from the distance, almost making it hard to keep up with the song.

But you stand your ground, giving the lyrics everything you got and keeping your performance upbeat, but making sure Beca, for the most part, gets the message.

Simultaneously when the song ends, the audience of hunters shoot of shotguns to surround the forest in a boisterous sounds (Thank God you guys are deep in the forest) and cheer like a bunch of psychos to make you turn beet red and hide your embarrassed, face splitting smile

"You're the biggest dork I know," Beca says to you when you jog up to her, winded from singing and all the adrenaline coursing through your veins. She has on the biggest smile you think you've ever seen her wear and doesn't miss a beat before grabbing your hands and intertwining her fingers through yours. "And by the way, I fucking love the Beatles and I loved the song. My girl definitely has good taste in music."

"I knew you would," you giggle and dip your head slightly, all of a sudden timid, but lift your face back up to meet Beca's loving gaze. "Beca, you're insane," you admit quietly but firmly, still out of breath and smiling way to large. "You dress like you're the lead singer in a grungy rock band, every other word out of your mouth is a curse word, you have way too many cars, you filter pain in the presence of humor, you're sarcastic, grumpy and hate all early 2000's pop music like a psychopath except for the Spice Girls and yet… oh, man, I'm completely and totally in love with you."

Beca's laughs are watery, she's cocking her jaw at an angle and she's alternating with looking into your eyes and briefly up towards the sky and you know she's trying not to cry right now. You're fighting your own tears as you get deeper into your speech.

"You give me this constant high, euphoric feeling when I'm with you that feels like I could walk through fire and not get burned. I never thought I'd be thankful for my life to be in danger by a bunch of witches that took over my sorority, but God, Beca...I don't know what I would've done if I wouldn't have met you. I know for sure I wouldn't be the strong, fearless woman you transformed me into today and still scared of my own shadow, or to branch out and try new things like you taught me to do. Because I have met you, I have found my best friend, my partner, my girlfriend and together, we make a pretty badass team."

Tears are evident as you find it impossible to keep them in any longer, especially when you see that Beca's own dams have broken and her cheeks are wet and her eyes are bloodshot, but mesmerizingly beautiful nonetheless.

You clear your throat before continuing, "Before my grandma passed, she would always tell me 'you like because and you love despite.' You like someone because of all their qualities and you love someone despite all of their qualities. Beca, I like you almost as much as I love you." Glancing around, everyone is sharing their own tears soaking in the moment; Aubrey is hysterical, Stacie is enjoying the recording part way too much and you even catch a few rare tears come from Jade's eyes where's she's cuddled up next to Luke, which means pigs are flying.

Pulling Beca by the hand in front of the tree stump where you pick up the black box sitting on top, Beca intently watching your every move, "so what do you say?" You open the box revealing a 3 carat, black diamond princess cut ring in 14k black gold and take a knee-something you've always wanted to do. "Will you marry me?"

Halloween, 1 Year Later

"I can't say I've ever been to a black wedding," Aubrey, your maid of honor, comments absentmindedly as she fixes your hair, perfecting a simple updo that shows off the length of your neck and giving everyone a clear view of the stunning, long, diamond teardrop earrings Beca surprised you with for Christmas last year.

Exaggeration has always been Aubrey's trademark; it's not a full black wedding like everyone is picturing. Yes, there's a lot of black, more black than the ideal, white weddings young girls dream about, but that's incredibly boring. And if you learned anything with the time spent with Beca is that you two never do anything boring.

In the past and like most people, you always associated black with death and a not-so-happy color, but that was before you met Beca, the literal light to your life no matter if she is always seen in her trademark black leather and skinny jeans. Now, you associate the color with elegance and strength and beauty and so much more that perfectly sums up what a treasure your fiancée and soon to be wife is.

"You and Beca really outdid yourselves; it's very beautiful," Aubrey adds to her previous statement, flashing a genuine smile through the mirror towards you that shows she means every last word. "The venue is absolutely…" she pauses, trying to find the perfect description to fit the wedding venue you and Beca picked out-the Beverly Hills Hotel-but becomes speechless. "And your dress...Chloe, you look amazing. Honestly, I'm at a lost for words"

You blush at all the compliments and remind Aubrey she has seen you in the dress before, so stop trying to turn you permanently beet red before the ceremony even starts. You'd like to save all the tears and makeup Stacie applied for the moment you see Beca, because even practicing your vows to Aubrey and Stacie produced a waterfall amount of tears as you read the first line.

And you know for a fact the exact second you lay eyes on Beca in her dress that you have yet to see will produce quadruple the amount of tears you're expecting during the wedding.

Unlike the bridesmaids and groom (Luke is Beca's groomsmen) who are dressed in pure black dresses to match perfectly with the classic wedding decor, you're able to walk down the aisle wearing a Karlee, off the shoulder, fitted wedding dress that's a beautiful, bleach white with crystallized, laced sleeves and a elegant flare bottom.

You fell in love with the dress as soon as the material clung to your body, giving all your curves the highlight they needed and the way Stacie and Emily (your other bridesmaids) were in permanent awe, you knew this dress was the one. When you displayed the dress for Jade, who was Beca's bridesmaid-she left her maid of honor spot empty for her mom, which about broke your heart in the best way- Jade had the same reaction.

She even told you-you have great shoulders and collarbones, which is another reason why you picked out the dress-you always love a good physique compliment.

When Aubrey announces that you're good to go, you stand up from the chair, straightening your dress to rid any crinkles from sitting. You spin in a slow motion circle for Aubrey to observe everything; the dress, the hair, your spray tan that you got with Beca and the girls earlier in the week and anything else she can point out. It's a lot going on and you feel very out of place wearing so much diamonds and an expensive, fancy dress-you have black, french tip nails for crying out loud.

But with all of this stuff, you feel like a literal princess and can't wait to see how jaw dropping beautiful Beca looks.

"No cold feet?" Aubrey chuckles lightheartedly, standing behind you in the mirror where you're busy examining the full get up and snort when you hear Aubrey's question. Despite all the nervous, pre wedding jitters, your elation and ecstasy through it all outweighs the nerves.

"More like hot feet," you retort back, squinting your eyes as you try to process what you meant by the made up term. Aubrey gives you the same look of confusion and you wave it off, tossing the term into the imaginary dumpster. "Whatever, I'm so ready for this," you exhale exasperated.

No one understands just how ready you are to be called Beca's wife.

Chloe Mitchell.

At first Beca wanted to take your last name and was set on it, but you weren't having it.

"Babe, your last name holds so much power, so much significance that I want to be apart of it. Beale, yeah, the name holds its own history and importance, but nothing compared to a Mitchell." You squeeze Beca's hands tightly, making her look up into your eyes to see that you mean every last word from the bottom of your heart. "You guys are pretty fucking great."

And you don't know whether it was the cursing, or the passionate kiss you stunned her with after saying this that was able to win your argument, but you know you're making the right decision.

Plus, your brothers are carrying out the Beale name, both being married and their wives taking the last name. Other than Warren and Anne (maybe), there's not a lot of Mitchell's left in the world-that you know of.

Looking at your phone and seeing an unread message from the devil herself,

[The LOML :) 5:45 PM]: I can't wait to marry you

With a megawatt smile, this is all you need to make your decision; the best damn decision you've ever made.

"I'm ready," you repeat again after going through a small time-lapse of everything that has happened, now more eager to get married than ever. You're eager to see all of your family and friends and Bella sisters and Luke and Jade and see how beautiful your wedding turns out.

You're especially eager to see Beca that waiting any longer might just kill you, so that's a problem you want to avoid at least until you've kissed the girl, showed the world your's and her's first dance-the duet you two did together, followed by Mariah Carey's "Fantasy", by the way-and shoved the cake in her face-come on!

"Alright then," Aubrey seems convinced when she fixes your diamond headpiece caught in your hair and winks at you from behind, handing over your black and white bouquet. "Let's go get you wifed up, Mrs. Mitchell."

Halloween, 6 years later

Where to even start, you guys?

Long story short, Beca and you are now officially married; she's your freaking wife and just recently going on six years of being your wife, which means she's just as happy as you are because she hasn't left you yet.

Kidding, the two of you are a nauseating amount of happy being married together and are basically stuck living in the honeymoon stage.

And speaking of honeymoon, remember that time Beca proposed the idea of traveling to Ibiza before the two of you crashed a witch invested masquerade party happening in your former sorority house?

Yeah, well she wasn't joking.

Immediately after the wedding, she flew you out to Spain where you guys took the island by storm, experiencing the exotic beaches, the crazy, European clubs she got to spin at-as well as the crazy drugs- and even surprised you with a visit into the city, Valencia for a romantic dinner with a brand new evening dress to wear. Needless to say, the week away from reality and spending all of it with your newly announced wife was the best time in your life.

Eventually you guys had to leave no matter how badly you wanted to stay in Spain forever. You had to go back to teaching kids music before Christmas time when you always had a giant, musical performance involving all the hit Christmas songs while Beca continued doing what she does best, making music and, of course, being the best wife in the world.

And all this became a routine on the side of living a content, happy married life together until January of this year came around, six years later, when you and Beca decided to try and get pregnant.

You knew you always wanted to become a mother someday, but never wanted to be able to raise kids with someone as bad as you do now that you're married to Beca. Honestly, you knew you wanted to grow a family with Beca you think...the moment you and her exchanged "I Do's," so six years ago, but you had to wait financially and until your life was set at a constant speed to bring another little one out into the real world.

With your job going better than great and Beca spending most her time making music at home with the studio she built in the basement, you brought the topic up again and Beca was even more for it than she had been in the past when you mentioned wanting kids. Her past was what kept her a little iffy on the situation, all the witch hunting stuff, but now that Jade has taken over most the organization and there hasn't been any issues for years, Beca promised to put witch hunting behind her for the sake of her life and focus on the building of your guys' family.

The process-dear lord- the process was comical to you and Beca as she kept making jokes about not knowing how everything happens and, "you think they are going to stick a turkey baster up there? Should I bring oven mitts?"

You'd laugh like a hyena and send a smack to land somewhere on her body. "Shut up, Beca! Oh my God!" You prayed that wasn't the case, but both of you were just as clueless as to what happens.

That's also another reason why you guys decided to go to the doctors to have the procedure done and not take up the challenge yourselves. So once you guys found a perfect match to be a donor at the Seattle Sperm Bank; he had flaming red hair, bright blue eyes, Irish ethnicity and average height to mix perfectly with all your genes since Beca basically begged to live in a house with a mini Chloe, you guys took the goods to the doctors, got inseminated with the goods and awaited to see if there was a bun in the oven.

Luckily for both of you, only one cycle of IUI done and apparently your levels of egg count being exceptionally high during the time (ladybug tattoo), three weeks later, menstrual cycle five days late, one time peeing on stick, three more weeks after that and on came puke city galore, the uncontrollable mood swings, extreme horniness and the very bizarre food cravings.

Now, roughly nine months and 39 ½ weeks later, you and Beca are sitting on the couch in front of the movie theatre size T.V Beca installed in the house, watching Sugar Rush on Netflix while you're caught between Beca's legs, feeding her spoonfuls of ice cream as the container rests on your very large baby bump that is currently holding not just one unborn baby, but two.

"What are the odds the girls come tonight? They are a week overdue; it's time for them to come out," Beca speaks up during the boring part where all the judges get introduced to all the bakers. She doesn't talk much when the baking is happening, except making side comments about what's actually happening on the show and how it's fucking stupid that the judges eat the cupcakes with forks.

You bounce your head in thought and mindlessly start to rub at your very swollen stomach bump that could honestly burst any second. So the possibility is high. "I don't know, we have a habit of making all our Halloweens together unique and special each year." From the blood moon crisis, to you proposing, to you and Beca getting married, it only made sense for you to give birth to the twins on Halloween night.

Except that it's three o'clock in the afternoon on Halloween today, and who knows how long your labor will last.

"Anne is on my ass about your pregnancy," Beca mentions in a grumble at the same time she tosses her phone carelessly onto the coffee table. "Seriously, she won't leave me alone."

Ever since Beca invited her to the wedding because she felt guilty if she didn't, especially since she wasn't the one to tell her about their mother's death, Warren was, Anne has weaseled her way back into your wife's life and you don't really know how you feel about it. Other than being ridiculously pretty-should've figured having Lou's genes and all-she seemed nice when you were introduced to her at the wedding reception.

It was the weirdest thing and still is, but she has an abnormally high fascination with your hair and eyes to the point where it's kind of creepy and definitely not normal. You've asked Beca about it, but she usually uses the excuse that a natural redhead with blue eyes are a very rare find, which you knew-you've heard this loads of time before.

But still.

It's strange.

"Maybe she's trying to score Ellie Goulding tickets?" You chose to be playful as your response back, not wanting to get into something serious involving Anne. Plus, everyone tries to get the hook up from Beca and whoever she happens to be working with.

Even you try and, duh, always end the day with a new snippet of an unreleased song or a couple backstage tickets to a few concerts-thank you puppy dog eyes.

Beca scoffs and places her hands on top of yours that are laying on your stomach. "I wish she was asking for that shit. Right now, she's all concerned about your pregnancy, asking how you're feeling, if your water broke and if you're in labor yet. She's pretty set on the twins coming tonight."

See? That's freaking weird!

"Just tell her I feel fine and we promise to let her know the exact second the twins decide they're ready to be taken out," you say this, but also kinda hope Beca forgets to text Anne because there's a chance she might fly in from Seattle to coach you through the delivery. "But I have a feeling it's not today." You feel Beca deflate behind you, making you grin wide, but sympathetically.

She's been more excited during your months of being pregnant than you have and that's saying a lot because you've been counting down the days until you can hold your daughters in your arms. Beca has been the most supportive, reading all the mommy books, taking the best care of you even when you're moody or emotional and helping around the house when your "pregnant lady waddle" gets in the way.

It's Beca's absolute favorite thing about your pregnancy.

That and the extra cup size in your breasts.

She is very fond of that added detail.

"So no contractions yet?"

"Not that I feel in the moment. They've been coming and going these last couple days," you mumble over a spoon of chocolate ice cream; Beca's disappointment only grows knowing contractions are a warning sign, but assure to her sweetly that the twins will be popped out regardless. When you went past your due date-and though it was a little scary and gave you anxiety wondering if your girls were okay-you had to assure her that they were both healthy and a due date is an estimation for giving birth, not a date set in stone.

"How's your back? I know it's been bugging you and that's a sign we should should call Dr. Alvarez. Plus two days ago you were 3 cm dilated."

"Well, yeah, I'm triple my size carrying two humans, my lumbar spine feels like it's about to snap in two," you retort sarcastically, but with a teasing grin. "My mom said both my brothers and I all had unique births, she was hit out of nowhere with going into labor, three times, so I expect nothing less with the twins."

"You'll let me know if something feels...different, right?" You ease Beca's worry, giving her a head nod and kissing the back of her hand, enough to make her drop the subject for now. "Stacie sent me this kangaroo, pouch carrier thing with like...six different positions and think it would be super beneficial to get for us."

You can't help but chuckle, picturing the image of Beca carrying one of the twins on her chest and it's too freaking cute for words. "Those two are already spoiling the twins and they haven't even been born yet! The girls' room is already packed with stuff from the shower and gifts Aubrey and Stacie send."

Beca chuckles softly, knowing it's true. "Well, duh, Aubrey's a big time lawyer in Washington and Stacie's in that NASA pathways program. At least we know the girls are going to have great aunts that spoil them with all the sweets."

Shaking your head at the thought of those two married brainiacs, "speaking of sweets..." You slowly lift yourself up, looking a lot like a turtle who has rolled onto their shell. Once you're at a sitting position and out of breath from pulling up all the extra weight, "what's Halloween without stealing some of the trick-or-treaters' candy for ourselves?"

Beca's smile curves mischievous. "You know me so well." And then gives your butt a quick, unexpected pinch with googly eyes as you pass by, earning herself a high pitched squeak from you before continuing your journey into the kitchen.

On the way there, you get lost in your thoughts as you picture life with two little ones running around the house, chasing each other and causing all the chaos little kids cause. Washing dishes while one of the twins are in your "kangaroo" pouch, or taking a early morning walk with Beca where she's carrying the other twin in her own carrier.

You've always dreamt of having a family with someone who completes you and makes life easy and interesting and spontaneous all at the same time. You've never expected to be this happy, at the age of thirty, to have a great job, a beautiful home, married to an incredible woman and about to give birth to twin girls.

But of course you never saw yourself in this position because the level of happiness you feel right now seems unreachable.

That is until you let Beca and she made you feel a lot of different things you've never felt before.

"Oh how I wish my wife would bring out the bowl of candy! I could really use a KitKat bar!"

You hear an impatient Beca yell from the living room, breaking you out of your thoughts that you don't know how long you were stuck in. Giggling at your wife, you scout out the glass bowl filled to the brim with Halloween candy and waddle over to retrieve it. Once you have the bowl in your hands and are already picking out the candy you call dibs on, something happens.

And by something, you mean you heard a pop, followed quickly by a gush of very warm liquid to gather in a puddle at your feet and down your bare legs, feeling like someone put a hose on full blast between your legs.

First thought, did I just pee?

Second thought, no it's not pee.

Third and final thought, holy shit, it's not pee!

Once you realize what just happened, "Beca, baby!" you call out to your wife calmly and set the candy bowl back on the counter; a change of plans have occurred. Each step, more water slips out between your legs and it's really the grossest feeling ever; you've always wondered what it would feel like. Can't say you enjoyed it.

Nor are you really excited to experience going into labor-anxious, yes, but more so terrified.

But really, really and then some more excited.

"You guys might be Halloween babies after all," you mumble down to your stomach, how excited you are to meet the two is just overwhelming.

"What's up?" Beca yells back and seems calm in the moment. You know the second you drop the bomb, informing her that um, this is really happening right now and I need you to drive me to the hospital, she's going to freak and you'll need to calm her down somehow.

"Hey, what's going on-" Beca's in the kitchen now that you never answered her back and doesn't even finish her sentence before she notices the puddle of water on the wooden tile and you holding your stomach, eyes stretching so wide they could pop from her skull when everything pieces together.

Smiling with tears in your own eyes; Beca looks seconds away from having a panic attack or fainting, her respiratory basically malfunctioning, "pack the car, baby," you order your catatonic wife calmly. "Stevie and Lou are ready to meet us."

Oh look at that… a chapter left open ended? Hmmmm, whatever could that mean?