By: readerdreamer5625

There are billions of stories, both horrid and fun
But to keep things simple, let's start with just one.
About a captain and his crew, with their dog and fox
Even dugongs and ducks, which oddly enough
Was voiced by a talking snail-

"You do realize, that doesn't rhyme, right?" Cross commented to the sky, Soundbite nodding on his shoulder. "And really, Dr. Seuss? Cat in The Hat? Do you really have to be so obvious?"

Oh shut up, you do not know how hard it is to rhyme. And this is better than another rendition of Alice in Wonderland anyway.

"Oh HOW HARD can it be to rhyme!?" Soundbite offered, grinning toothily. "I do that all the time!"

Sure you do now, sure. Anyways, let's get on with the story.

In the legendary ocean that stretches,
From this sea to that sea,
There is a little ship that is floating
And that ship is the Going Merry.

"That's better."

Shush. Now, as I was saying...

It's a ship that's not huge,
But quite big enough
For pirates and angels and princesses
To go and do stuff

From swimming in gold "Nami. Definitely Nami."
And cooking up explosives "Somebody whack Chopper over the head, stat!"
To making a feast-
"Hey, Sanji, can I have some- OWW!" "Shut it, Cross! This is for Robin-chwan~!"
-And apparently, even breaking up my own narratives.

...You used to be a writer, right? Plus, you have that SBS and that running gag of yours going on too. Aren't you going to be more, I don't know, helpful about this?

"Really, I should, I know I should." Cross chuckled before shaking his head with a wide smile on his face. "But pfft- PFHAHAHAHA! It's way too fun when I'm not on the receiving end!"

I should've realized that before taking on this job, goddamnit this isn't worth minimum-wage... Anyway, back to the story.

So our story begins,
Over the head that the Captain calls his seat
When suddenly, the Captain
Calls out his crew to go out and meet.

"DID SOMEBODY SAY MEAT!?" Out of sheer accident, one of the mast's ropes go untied and hit him with a WHACK! "Ow! Oh, right, meet."

Chopper snickered from over where he was standing.

"Alright, you guys!" Luffy grinned, tooth for tooth pearly white despite their daily toil. "Shishishi! I've decided we need to spice things up!"

Because in the Straw Hats, things are never crazy enough.

"Today, we're going to play a game Jii-chan taught me!"

"Is this normal-" "Yes, Conis-chan, it is. Sadly, it is for our captain."


And so you can see,
the story starts and the game begins,
As suddenly every man, woman, animal, and child
Is on their own for the win

Oh a game of Assassin! What dread and toil
Awaits our beloved crewmembers
Such is the coil of fate!
Such is the omake!

"You're not even trying to rhyme anymore, aren't you?"


But alas, the omake needs to be cut here
For I have places to be,
Things to do, work to achieve
But I say wait for me

And perhaps next time I'll be wiser
Know better, be a greater writer
To not start an omake with a poem
And really expect it to not to come undone.

And such, is the Breaking Walls Omake Part ONE!