Are you ready for a story of Spider and Magic.

Time Zone for this story will be in the 2000's

The sky was a clear forget-me-not blue and the birds sang loudly as May Parker pulled the red van into the parking lot of King's Cross Station. In the passenger seat next to her was the eleven year old Peter Parker.

"Are you ready Peter?" She asked kindly.

"Oh boy am I." He replied as he opened the door.

The young boy stepped out of the car. Peter Parker had Hazel eyes and Chocolate untidy hair. He had a normal build and was a little tall for an Eleven year old.

He strode over to the van's trunk and opened it. He looked to make sure no one was around to see and after being able to safely conform that no one was around, he let fly some organic spider-silk from his wrists that stuck to a nearby trolley. He held on the the web line and tugged pulling the trolley to him.

Peter had made sure no one was around when he did this because this would have turned the heads of muggles and wizards alike. The reason being Peter wasn't just a wizard. He was a rarity among wizards. He was what was commonly known as a Spider.

Peter came from a family a wizards, a clan if you will. Except what made his bloodline unique was their strange spider-like abilities. Their physical abilities reached far beyond of human capacity, more strength, more speed, better hearing, better sight, etc. They could spin organic webbing stronger than steel, and could stick to walls without effort. They were more durable and could heal a little faster than most people. However, the most mysterious of these abilities is the Spider-Sense. It was an early warning system that told them when they were in trouble. However what's most impressive about this ability, is that it made a sight an unneeded sense. A luxury rather than a need. It seemed to give the Spiders a 360 view of everything around them.

Peter reached into the trunk and pulled out an assortment of various items. First, he pulled out three large brown trunks filled to the brim with books and clothing. The Second, was a thirteen inch cypress wand with a Phoenix core. Peter inspected his wand for a few seconds before placing it in his back pocket. The third was a large Red and Blue backpack that had an assortment of electronic devices he would bewitch to work in Hogwarts Final, was a larger silver bird cage. Inside the cage, fast asleep, was a large female owl with beautiful red feathers and bright green eyes. Peter tapped the cage awaking the owl.

"Did you have a nice nap Mary?" Peter asked.

She seemed to understand his words because she gave a happy hoot in response.

Peter grinned before putting the cage on the trolley with the trunks and walking over to Aunt May. They just stared at eachother for a few seconds before Peter threw his arms around her.

"I'll write to you every day." Peter said.

"I doubt that don't think I didn't see you bring all those electronics You're gonna make them work there aren't you?" She asked with a chuckle.

"Hey how else am gonna contact you my owl is for me not for delivering letters." He jested with a mischievous grin.

He kissed his aunt on the cheek before grabbing his trolley and heading off towards the platform. The station was bustling and people of every type were moving quickly trying to get to their train on time. Peter looked around to make sure no one was near and ran through the wall separating platforms nine and ten. He ended up in the platform of the Hogwarts express.

The place was huge and there were wizards and witches saying goodbye to their children The train itself was a large black and scarlet steam engine. Peter walked through the groups of people making his way to a compartment. As he walked passed a group of people with flaming red hair he could hear their conversation.

"Blown up a toilet? I don't think we've ever blown up a toilet. Good idea though… thanks mum." One of them jested.

Peter laughed inwardly but continued to walk until he found a short and skinny black haired boy struggling to lift his trunk. Peter left his trolley behind and walked over to the boy. The boy was wearing round glasses.

"Need some help?" He asked.

The boy looked at him.

"Oh yes thank you." He panted wiping his sweaty bangs from his eyes.

As Peter bent down to pick up his trunk he got so see the boys face. His glasses were held together by lot's scotch tape, telling Peter he had either was bullied, had a knack for getting in trouble, or just had bad luck. He had Emerald Green eyes and a thin lighting shaped scar on his forehead.

"Whoa… you must be Harry Potter." Peter said.

Harry looked at him.

"What? Oh yeah." He said grimly as though he didn't enjoy the attention.

Peter didn't fret on that fact and lifted Harry's trunk easily and put it in the compartment.

"You mind if I sit with you?" He asked grabbing his own stuff.

Harry shook his head.

"Feel free." He said.

"Awesome." Peter said with a fist pump.

After they had put all their belongings in the compartment they sat down across from each other.

Not long after they had sat down did the compartment door slid open. Three people stood there. They were all tall with flaming red hair.

"Hey you're the guys who were getting told off." Peter said.

"You noticed. I'm Fred." The teen said

"And I'm George." The twin said.

"Really? Are you sure you're not Gred and Forge?" Peter jested.

They laughed.

"A fellow Jokester. We may have some plans for you." George said.

The youngest boy stepped in.

"Okay later Ron we're going to the compartment over there. Lee's Showcasing his Spider." The twins said.

The boy named Ron nodded his eyes narrowing.

"Okay Great." Ron said grimly.

Peter assumed that Ron didn't like Spiders.

"Okay, so red. If we're in the same compartment you should probably know something about me." Peter said.

Ron looked at him bewildered.

"I'm Peter Parker. The last of the Spider-Blood. I figure by your reaction you don't like Spiders so it's a bit of info you should probably learn sooner than later." He informed.

Ron nodded. He didn't seem to mind. He told Peter that Spiders just looked creepy. Fred had apparently turned his Teddy Bear into a Spider once.

Peter nodded and looked at Harry.

"You can introduce yourself scotch tape." Peter told him making a quick jest about the poor condition of his glasses.

"I can fix those if you like." He said.

Harry nodded.

"Sure thanks. My name's Harry, Harry Potter." Harry told Ron as he gave his glasses to Peter.

Peter tapped the glasses with his wand.

"Reparo." He said.

The scotch tape disappeared and the glasses looks good as new.

"Really? So it's true. Do you have the… the?" He asked pointing to his forehead.

Peter raised his bangs showing his scar.

"Whoa." Ron said.

"So you… beat him." Ron said sounding impressed.

"I don't even know what happened. I'm not even sure what most of this Hogwarts place is. I bet… I'll be the worst in my year." Harry lamented.

"You won't be. Plenty of people come from muffle families and they learn quick enough." Ron assures him.

Peter could tell that this made Harry feel better.

A woman opened the compartment door.

"Anything from the trolley dears?" A kindly old witch asked.

"No thanks. I'm all set." Ron out a bag of sad looking sandwiches.

Peter and Harry however jumped up and pulled out their coins. They each bought a bit of everything.

It a few short minutes the sandwiches lay forgotten as they all enjoyed many different sweets.

As Harry opened a box of Burt's every flavor beans Ron looked at him.

"You better be careful with them. They mean every flavor. You have normal ones like Apple and peppermint. But then there's liver spinach and tripe." Ron informed him.

Ron took a green one inspected closely and popped it in his mouth.

"Ugh. See? Sprout." He choked.

They all had fun with a little game Peter came up with. They each ate a bean by turn. If it was a good bean and they got it down they got a point. If the bean was bad tasting and they managed to get it down five points.

Peter got lemon, chocolate, radish, watermelon, and paint.

As Harry struggled to get down black pepper a girl came I'm with a snivelling young boy.

"Has anyone seen a toad. Neville lost his?" The girls asked.

Peter looked at her.

She had brown bushy hair, brown eyes, and extremely large buck teeth.

"No." Ron said.

The girl looked at each of them in turn.

She saw Harry and her mouth fell open.

"You're Harry Potter." She said.

"I'm Hermione Granger. I've read all about you and your defeat of You-Know-Who." She said.

Peter looked a little annoyed.

Hermione took note.

"And what's wrong with you?" She asked.

"Why can't people ever use Voldemort's name when they talk about him?" Peter asked.

Ron flinched.

"You said his name." He said sounding impressed.

"Fear of the name increases fear of the thing itself. " Peter said simply.

"And who are you two?" She asked.

"Ron Weasley." Ron said.

"Pleasure." Said Hermione half heartedly turning to Peter.

"Peter Parker." Peter said.

Hermione looked most pleased at those words.

"The Parker family. You're the last Spider." She informed the group.

"Really? Me a Spider? Gosh I had no idea." Peter jested.

Hermione didn't appreciate the sarcasm.

"Well if you see it tell me okay?" She asked. Then without another word she and the boy left.

"Don't know why he's upset if I had a toad I'd lose it first chance I got." Ron said.

It wasn't long before another group of people entered the compartment. Three people. The first was incredibly pale with extremely blonde hair. Peter immediately recognized those traits as those of a Malfoy.

Peter looked at Harry. Based on his expression Peter could guess that they've met.

The other two people were big and tall. They both looked incredibly stupid and judging by the looks on their faces they they were followers not leaders. Which made Malfoy the ring leader.

"So it's true what they're saying on the train. Harry Potter is in this compartment." He said.

He walked over to Harry.

"I'm Malfoy, Draco Malfoy." He said.

Ron snorted. Draco turned to face him. He inspected him a smile curling on his lips.

"You think my name's funny do you? No need to ask yours. Red hair and secondhand robes. You must be a Weasley. I'm surprised you family can still afford to send their kids to Hogwarts." He sneered.

Ron's face went as red as his hair.

"Yeah… too bad all that money couldn't get you a tan or something. When was the last time you went outside? Or is this the first?". Peter asked.

Draco turned to him.

"Who do you think you are talking to me that way?" He asked furiously.

"You'll learn soon enough. For now I'm afraid it's none of your business." Peter smirked.

Malfoy looked truly outraged. It was clear he wasn't used to being treated this way.

"Tell. Me. Now." He commanded.

"Why should I?" Peter asked challengingly.

He didn't like Draco. Not one bit. Draco was the type to think the world should handed to him on a silver platter like a sandwich with the crust cut off.

Malfoy's mouth went extremely thin. He didn't have a comeback.

"Whatever I don't need to know." Draco said.

Peter nodded.

"Well then if that's the case then you can be on your way." Peter said gesturing to the door.

"Well actually we're out of candy in my compartment. Do you mind if we take some of yours you seem to have plenty. Crabbe, Goyal." Malfoy ordered turning to look at them as he said their names.

Goyal began reaching for the sweets.

In a blur of motion Peter caught Goyal's large arm.

Goyal looked at him menacingly.

"Oh you've done it now. Goyal doesn't like it when someone tries to stop him from getting what he wants." Malfoy chuckled nastily.

Goyal pulled cockily except, to his bewilderment, his arm didn't budge. He pulled as hard as he could but no movement.

"Goyal stop playing around. Teach him a lesson." Malfoy ordered annoyedly.

"Trying…" Goyal said.

Peter threw his arm back to his side.

"Sorry I'm still enjoying these. Maybe when we're done we'll give you some." Peter told them.

Crabbe and Goyal both tried to get some sweets. Peter grabbed both of them and pushed them out into the hallway. Then he grabbed Malfoy.

"Nice meeting you." He said pushing him out.

Peter checked his watch.

"We'll be arriving soon." He said.

They downed the rest of their sweets and then got into their robes.

"Students please leave your luggage on the train it will be brought up for you separately."

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