A/N: Ah, my first Chelsea x Will fic...or should I say, my only, Chelsea x Will fic. Sorry, how much I loved Sunshine Islands, I didn't marry the prince charming to be. He just didn't seem like the one I'd go after at that time. Speaking of prince charming, though, I thought I'd try out this Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands AU version of the classic story, Cinderella as my Prompt challenge for the Boundary-Buster Prompt challenge over at the Village Square Forum, so please bare with me and please don't kill me. I'm writing this because I never wrote a Will fic before, as well for my amusement. Lol, I hope you guys will like it.

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Ah, welcome to my life. Well, what's left of it anyway. I'm Chelsea and this is my story. Honestly I don't know what to think anymore.

"Chelsea! Time to cook breakfast for me and your sisters!"

See. See what I mean? I groaned. "I'll be right there, I still have to take care of the animals before school." I told my new step mom with a sigh.

Yes I said step mom. A year ago my dad had met a woman, they fell in love, got married and all of that stuff. with my lovely new mother, came along my new sisters. How fun. When those three moved in, they literally thought that this island and my farm house for two people was a joke. I thought this, whole marriage was a joke. I was proven wrong.

The passed six months has been a living nightmare. Especially since my dad had passed away recently, leaving me with the three of them. How did he die? He went on a boat trip and there was a storm. He never came back.

Not to mention, my step mom and sisters are supposed to help me with the farm work. They do nothing.

"Chelsea mom's getting hungry,"

"So are we, Horry up!"

I groaned. I looked up at my two twin sisters. Playing look alike again are we? I thought sarcastically. I swear they do it to annoy me. It's working. "Ally, Britney, I only have two hands. I only can do one thing at a time. If you two want food, I suggest taking the milker, and this bucket and milk that cow. Then, go into the chicken coop and get the eggs."

"We don't do farm work, Chelsea."

"That's your job."

Of course it is. I groaned. I told you that these two do nothing. "Can you two at least take those potatoes inside-" And they left. Again. Nothing new.

"You look like you could use a hand."

I looked up to see my best friend Mark. Thank goodness. Mark has been my best friend ever since we were 5. We're 16 now. We met right here actually. Mark and his family lives on the next farm over. When I was 5 my dad had moved us to this island, to help with my mom's illness. Unfortunately, she had died sooner then we've expected. But Mark and his family had helped us a lot.

"Hey, Mark. Thank you, you're a life saver." I smiled, "I have to go make breakfast before school."

"School's in like...twenty minutes."

"I know, I swear it's the same routine everyday."

"It kinda is." He smirked. I glared at him.

Ah, school. The one place that I don't have to deal with the people who I live with. That's a blessing. It really is. Ally, Britney and I are in the same grade, however we don't have the same classes. Thank you, Harvest Goddess! I'm currently with Mark and Elliot at Elliot's locker, talking about the Masquerade Ball that's coming up. The school likes to have these every year, this year it's in spring for some reason.

"I'm not going," Elliot told us quietly, "You know that I get awkward around crowds. Besides, Mark already asked Julia out."

"Sorry man, I didn't know you liked her."

"It's okay, she likes you anyway. I've gotten over her. It's kinda too bad that my new crush also said no."

"Whoa," I looked at Elliot, "New crush? Who is she?" I questioned.

"Ally," He looked away shyly.

"Ally? My sister Ally? She actually turned you down? I'm sorry, I don't know why she did that, you're a sweet guy. Ally could use a guy like you actually," I admitted, "However she and Britney are fighting over Vaughn."

"Oh how fun. Yes, it's amusing to see two twin girls fighting over me." Vaughn walked over, smirking at my comment. "Especially since I just told them that I might take one of them to the dance."


"I don't do school dances."

"So I can assume that I don't have to save you a dance this year then?" I teased. He glared at me. I like to tease him, he's like a brother to me.

"No date Chels?" Mark asked.

"Nope." I shrugged. "Shea had asked me, but I'm not sure if he knows what a date is, since he also had asked Sabrina."

"Who said yes by the way," Vaughn looked annoyed. "Reason why I'm stuck with the two twin sisters." He groaned.

I smirked at that comment. "Hey, since I-"

I was rudely interrupted by screaming girls. The four of us turned around to see girls running towards the front of the school. We followed them. Well, except for Elliot who had jumped.

"What's going on?" I asked a random girl.

The girl literally screamed in my ear. "Hot guy! There's a new student and he's hot!" The girl ran off.

"Who's the new guy?" Mark asked curiously.

"M-my c-cousin W-Will."

We turned around to see Sabrina, who looked nervous.

"You have a cousin, Sabrina?"

She nodded. "Y-yes, he got here last night." She told us quietly.

"Ah, there you are, my dear cousin, Sabrina."

"H-hi, Will, u-um, w-was there something you wanted?"

I turned around to face the boy. I can't believe what I'm seeing, the girl was right, he's hot. I found myself staring into the guy's beautiful blue eyes. His blonde hair was neatly done, I wanted to touch it.

"I was wondering if you could show me around?" Will looked at me, "Ah, who do we have here? Hello, my lady." He took my hand and kissed it. I blushed slightly. "I'm William Terry Louis Andrew Carrick Jonathan Dredge Hams Reading Roger Southwark Alwick Plymouth Junior Regison III, however, you may call me Will. And who may you be?"

I opened my mouth and was about to speak, but I was rudely interrupted, again. This time by my two sisters.

"Hello, Mr hottie! I'm Ally,"

"And I'm Britney,"

They literally pushed me. Good thing that Vaughn had caught me.

"Hi ladies." Will had kissed their hands just like he did mine. "I'm William Terry Louis Andrew Carrick Jonathan Dredge Hams Reading Roger Southwark Alwick Plymouth Junior Regison III, however, you may call me Will."

"Are you a prince Will?" Ally asked.

"He looks like one." Britney added.

Will laughed, but said nothing. He couldn't, the bell for class had rang.

"Ah, class. I'll see you all later." Will walked away, giving us girls a wink.

A/N: Small note: I know that SI doesn't have a school and a second farm land for Mark/Chelsea to use in the game, but it was necessary for the plot to add things like that. I may add a few more things as I go, like OCs.

Speaking of which, as you can see, I've added OCs already, Chelsea's "So called" family. If you know Cinderella then you know where I'm going with this. If not, well, you'll figure it out soon enough.

As you've noticed, these characters are high school students, not young adults we'd normally see them as.


Chelsea: 16

Mark: 16

Vaughn: 18

Elliot: 16

Natalie: 17

Sabrina: 17

Shea: 15

Julia: 16

Lilly: 17

Will: 17

Pierre: 17

Alisa: 15

Denny: 16

Lanna: 16

Witch Princess: Who knows...

Ally: (OC) 16

Britney: (OC) 16


Also, since I'm adding things, the islands are a lot bigger in this fic then in the game.