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In the year 2138 AD, there was a term: DMMO-RPG.

That word was an acronym for "Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game".

These games were played by connecting a dedicated console to the brain via a neuronal nano-interface— an intracerebral nanocomputer network, created from the fusion of cyber- and nano-technology.

These were games that allowed one to enter a virtual world and experience it as though it were real life.

And among the myriad DMMO-RPGs that thronged the market, one of them stood head and shoulders above the others:


This game had been painstakingly developed and released 12 years ago, in 2126.

Compared to other DMMO-RPGs of the time, YGGDRASIL's selling point was "player freedom".

It had over 2000 basic and advanced job classes.

Every class had a maximum of 15 levels, and so in order to reach the overall level cap of 100, one would need to take at least 7 different classes. However, players could take as many classes as they wanted as long as they met each class' prerequisites. A player could even take 100 classes at level 1 each, although that was very inefficient. As such, in this system, it was virtually impossible to make identical characters unless one was deliberately trying to do so.

In addition, one could use various creator tools (sold separately) to fully customize one's armor, weaponry, flavor text, appearance, and other cosmetic settings.

A vast playing field awaited its players. There were nine worlds in total: Asgard, Alfheim, Vanaheim, Nidavellir, Midgard, Jotunheim, Niflheim, Helheim, and Muspelheim.

It boasted a massive world, numerous classes, and freely customizable appearances.

These features ignited the creative spirits of its Japanese players and sparked what would later be known as a stylistic revolution. So popular was it that whenever the word "DMMO-RPG" was mentioned in Japan, listeners would immediately think of YGGDRASIL.

—Still, all these were things of the past now. The developers will shut down the game servers this night.

This happened due this was the last day of this wonderful game. The company decided to shut down the game servers due to the financial problems and because the game used a heavily outdated game engine and due to this engine limitation the developers can no longer fulfill the player's ridiculous wishes. There were other reasons of course what the developers concealed. (A group of a rich kid was pissed off because more skilled players farmed them.) But they never have come to light.

Our unlikely hero was a player too. His avatar name was Zero Rei. A player who chosen to play as an Automaton.

He changed his race and his ranger job class through in-game cash items. He changed to Automaton race from the undead Dullahan and his ranger job to Gunner. Both Gunner and Ranger could use all kind of ranger weapons but the ranger job class concentrated to bows and crossbows, while the Gunner concentrated on magic fueled scientific guns. Both the Automaton race and the gunner job came with the last expansion the Valkyrie Downfall. He changed his race and job class to this due he thought it was cooler to play as a Gun wielding Automaton what was gameplay wise and lore wise resembled a terminator from a movie what was made at the end of the 20th century. And because its stats and abilities were more fitted for his playstyle.

He was one of the best ranged DPS and the best anti-magic specialist on his server. Instead of joining a guild he pursued mercenary lifestyle inside the game. Despite this, he got numerous invitations but he always rejected them.

Those who pursued the mercenary lifestyle in the game were neither hated or respected. But this gave them an opportunity to remain completely neutral. So no one really farmed them PVP wise. This in-game lifestyle in general, helping out other guilds, lone players, and groups. Either in an invasion, PvP, PvE, Raids or farming. Of course in exchange for an adequate compensation. So it was basically the equivalent of the mercenary lifestyle of real life.

He spent his days pursuing this gameplay method. Day after day he logged in and received the requests. After a while, he got a quite wealthy from this lifestyle and even managed to collect two set Divine Class gear, several Divine Class Weapons and many other things and other equipment. One of his divine class set was outfitted with PVP data crystal the other one was used to PvE.

He even owned numerous in-game cash item and a mobile bank what he could summon wherever he want to store his items what he currently does not use and he can't store in his personal pocket dimension. He got this special item from the game developers due he not even once joined a guild, created an NPC and continued to pursue the lone mercenary lifestyle.

Zero Rei just finished his last appointment in the game. His last appointment was to help another guild with their invasion of another guild. In the last few weeks of YGGDRASIL, there were not many players due the developers announced: „the game will end within a few months". After that, the player and the guild count in the game drastically diminished. Due to this, the guilds started to farm each other for resources and their wealth.

In the last few weeks, he had numerous request from all across the server. From all across the nine realms of YGGDRASIL. Due to this, he was able to accumulate even more wealth than he had already had. This counted in-game money, items, data crystals and many other things.

After he finished his contract he had only one hour to do what he want because the server shut down what occurred precisely in midnight.

Zero Rei wanted to end the game with style so he traveled to the highest point of the realm of Asgard and prepared his fireworks what he prepared only for this occasion.


„Huh. So this is how it ends. This is how ends the story of the mercenary Zero Rei." he chuckled under his VR helmet.

The firework was spectacular. Combined the firework what the developers prepared celebrating the end of the game. No one saw this spectacular thing in the game.

And he streamed all of the hour-long fireworks in live feed through his twitch channel.


„So this is how it ends. At least it was fun. I hope Yggdrasil II will soon come. Despite the developers said it will certainly not for a time being." He smiled under his VR helmet.

„Goodbye… Good night… Good luck…" he chuckled


While he watched the firework. He suddenly heard a girl voice in his mind. It was quite adorable he could almost imagine how could the owner look like.

„I, Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière,"

he chuckled. „What an adorable voice, but what is this gibberish language. Maybe French? It is resembling the french language. Maybe the developers implemented this whispers into the game to ease our minds at the end of the game. But why in french language? It does not matter at least they thought about something interesting."

In the name of the great Five Pentagon Powers,"

following my fate,"

He recognized a few words from the context and he managed to piece together its rough meaning.

I beg you come to my aid oh my great strong and wise familiar!

Hear my guidance and come to my aid!"

Well, I can't say no to such an adorable voice. Can't I? he raised his virtual hands to an „ I can't do anything" sarcastic position while he said this.

He laughed loudly then closed his he laid down to the ground.


Due to this and his closed eyes, he can't see the green portal what appeared to him and consumed his virtual body.

Scene Change: Halkeginia: Tristan Academy of Magic:

It was a shining bright day in the Tristan Academic of magic. The Tristain Academy of Magic was an institute in Tristan that teaches students from aristocratic families in the arts of magic and the study of the elements earth, air, fire, water.

The Tristain Academy of Magic was built like the pentagon symbol. Each tower has a different color roof. Can't tell if they are different shapes. It looks like each tower is used for teaching each one of the five magic skills. You would guess the Tristain Academy was built some time after Founder Brimir and Gandalrf Since there have been no void mages for a very long time the one hallway to the left tower was not put in from the center main tower. That tower is used for teaching since there is no void user or teachers. Maybe used for storage or a backup classroom.

But this was only a speculation between the students for a long time.

In this institute of magic in the students private quarters. There was a room. In it was a sleeping petite figure. She was Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière. The third heir of the La Vallière family. She had a long wavy pink hair and her figure were petite under the blanket (around 140-145cm) but we can't see this due she was completely wrapped her blanket around her body.

The shining sun shined through her room window. Reacting to this she started slowly opening her eyes and sleepily sitting up. After this, her daily preparations started: combing her long hair, grooming and getting dressed.

Tomorrow will be a very important day for her. In that day she could finally prove to her classmates she is not a failure and she can cast at least one spell without ending it as an explosion.

While she thought about this she finished her preparation and headed down to her first class in the day.

After everyone arrived in the Earth element class the teacher greeted them.

Everyone congratulations becoming a second-year student."

My name is Mrs. Chevreuse and I am a new teacher here in at the Tristian Magic Academy.

My element is earth and my runic name is Red Clay Chevreuse. I will be giving lectures earth magic this year.

So anyone can tell me what is the four basic element?"

Ah, yes!" signed the blonde haired fop

Fire, water, earth and wind.

And what a coincidence! My element is earth jus like yours, Missus.

My Runic name is Guiche de Garmont The Bronze." he bowed while he placed his right wand holding hand to his right side. Then he placed the rose in his mouth and looked confident and the air started to spark around his head.

Pleased to make your acquaintance."

Nice to meet you too Mr. Garmont." replied the teacher then continued his lesson.

Earth is an important magical element since it governs the creation of all things. And to make you understand that. I will start out by having all you master alchemy." she pulled a few rocks out from her robe and placed them to her table. Then she pulled out her wand under her purple robe.

Lel in yan." she murmured the magic words while pointed her wand to the rocks. Then the rocks suddenly transmuted to brass.

Is that gold?" jumped up the well-tanned redhead from her seat.

No it's brass." replied the teacher.

Blast it…" she sighed and sat back to her seat

Now let's have someone give it a try." she looked the pink haired girl on the last pew who is diligently taking notes. „You up there."

What's your name," she asked the surprised student.

Luise.." she stood up from her seat."Louise de La Vallière"

Umm…Sensei." interjected the blonde haired chubby student.


Uh… I suggest you don't pick her." everyone nodded in unison „Yeh, yeah."

It is dangerous I rather do it myself than Louise do it." jumped up from her seat angrily the tanned redhead.

Louise's head started to boil because of her anger and frustration.

Dangerous? What's so dangerous about alchemy?" asked the teacher

I will do it please let me do it!" yelled Louise

Very well." everyone paled.

She slowly started to walk to the teacher desk while everyone pulled back a little bit. Except a blue haired brunette who immediately left the classroom with her book and staff.

Louise pulled out her wand.

Louise! Stop it!" interjected her classmate

Shut up you distracting me." she retorted back then turned back to the teacher.

Strongly imagine the metal what you want to create." Louise nodded signing she understood

She raised her wand „Lel in yan." she cast her spell

For a moment nothing happened then the rocks on the desk started to trembling and emitting a bright light.


Scene Change: Tristan Academy of Magic: Old Osmond Office:

Looks like we are off to another safe start to this year," said Old Osmond

Yes, It is most pleasing." answered his young green haired secretary

Ah, as the principal I can't wish anything better." he breathed a big huff from his pipe

His green haired secretary lazily raised her wand then swung it in the air. In that moment Old Osmond pipe floated out from his hand.

Old Osmond reacting to this started to caress his long beard and stood up. „Oh boy."

Taking care of your health is part of the secretary job, Old Osmond," she said this while Osmond pipe floated and landed beside her

You are gonna take away one of the few pleasures an elder has Miss Longueville?"

He reached behind the green haired secretary hip and started to fondle it.

Please stop touching my hip," she said with a bored tone

Old Osmond in retort started to act like a senile old man who does not know what he is doing.

Please stop acting like you have dementia."

Oh by the way." a candle appeared beside his head. „Tomorrow is the day when the second years summon their familiars isn't it?"

Damn old geezer." Miss Longueville murmured under her nose while a mouse started to come out from her crotch area.

A familiar is both a lifetime servant and friend. As well your eyes and ears." Old Osmond picked up from the ground his mouse familiar.

My familiar spirit, Motsognir ha been with me for a long time."

The mouse started to squeaking while he pilfered the seed what Old Osmond gave him.

I see white, pure white." hearing this the secretary shocked out from her cold demeanor and panicked for a moment.

I think Miss Longueville would look better in black rather than white wouldn't you agree?"

Miss Longueville slipped behind Old Osmond with a fluttering head. „Old Osmond, if you do that again I will report you the royal palace."

Old Osmond suddenly opened his eyes and turned to his secretary.

Don't get so angry about having your underwear pepped. If you do you will lose your chance to get married."

Miss Longueville eyes widened and started to kick the principal on the ground.

I am sorry. I won't do it again." pleaded Osmond. „Really forgive me."

Suddenly they heard a big explosion what came from another building.

What was that?" Asked old Osmond

It is probably her again."

The third born child of the de La Vallière family."

Scene change: Tristan Magic Academy: the classroom.

Everything was devastated in the classroom because of the big explosion and everyone was either out of cold or hide between the pews. The teacher was the first. Only one pink-haired figure stood in the middle of the classroom.

S-See what I meant!" yelled the tanned redhead

Louise turned her back to her. „Looks like I made a little mistake."


This is what you called little mistake!?"

Your percentage of success is zero!"

You Zero Luise."

Her classmates started to scold her.

She looked to the ground where her still unconscious teacher laid.

After the class, Old Osmond called her to his office where she was scolded. While she headed back to her room she met Kirche, Tabitha, and Montmorency.

At the reflection room again? Or are you finally getting kicked out?" asked Kirche

Maybe," interjected Montmorency then the two girls started to laugh

No punishment." retorted Louise

The two of them looked dumbfounded. „Why?"

They said that the teacher carries part of the responsibility since she let me use magic even though the class warned her."

Both Kirche and Montmonrencystarted to laugh in unison

I am just having a bad day."

You are always having a bad day. Right? Since you don't even have a runic name yet."

Her head started to fluster. „Shut up."

I am looking forward tomorrow. I wonder what kind of a familiar spirit you will summon."

Lousie turned black to them and the flames of confidence burned on her bright pink eyes.

I have great confidence when it comes to the Summon Servant spell!"

Both girls showed a frightened expression.

Just watch! I will summon a sacred,beautiful and strong familiar spirit what will be unmatched, even with everyone's else familiar spirit combined."

They looked like they questioning something.

„Hey Tabitha, What do you think?"

I don't know." The blue haired brunette answered with an expression face and flipped a page in her book.

After this Louise retired to her room Changed to her nightgown and laid down on her bed.

I have great confidence when it comes to the Summon Servant spell!" she thought back to her sentence

I never should have said that." She buried her head in her pillow

After this, she wrapped her blanket around her and went into sleep mode.

Scene Change:Tristan Academy of Magic: Summoning site:

Today is the day of the summoning," said Jean Colbert on of the teacher before the students. He was a middle-aged man with balding head and spectacles.

This is the first exam of your second year, as well as the sacred day of your first encounter with your familiar spirit… " he looked around

„…who you will spend the rest of your life with as a part of an aristocratic family."

Louise squeezed her wand. „No, I will not fail this time… I will summon the most beautiful and strong familiar what will be no equal in strength in all of the Hellkaginia! I can't let down Mr. Colbert who is always believed me!"

I can hardly wait to see how great a familiar spirit you will summon." Kirche popped out behind Louise.

Leave me alone." she looked disgusted

The first student summoned a Bugbear. It was a big purple floating eyeball.

Wow a Bugbear!" one of the student wonder-stricken

That is impressive," said Colbert. „Next," he called the next student

Guiche stepped forward. „It is me, The Guiche de Garmont, Mr. Colbert." he introduced himself with an exaggerated move set

I shall summon the most amazing familiar spirit in the history of this school."

And then the school's fame shall also-„

Enough with the monolog . You have a line behind you." Interrupted him Mr. Colbert

Well then." Guiche cleared his throat „Oh, great primogenitor Burimill who leads us. Bring forth a noble one that shall be the slave of me. The Bronze Guiche's slave."

With that, the ground started to trembling. „Answer to thy sacred summoning." he raised his rose wand

After the quake has stopped a big brown mole raised his head from the ground. Guiche dumbfounded.

Many summoning later

A fire salamander. You summoned a big one, in the end, Miss Zerbst," said Colbert with a surprised tone.

It is a result that matched my runic name, Kirche the Ardent."

Mr. Colbert turned back to the other students.

Have we gone through everyone?"

No, not yet." answered the tanned redhead.

Miss La Vallière is left."

Louise looked angrily.

She prepared herself for the summoning and stepped in the summoning site.

It is her turn."

What is she going to summon?"

I am sure she can't. It will be another explosion and that will be it."

Her classmates whispered between each other.

You said that you can summon something greater than my Flame, Right, Louise?" Kirche mocked her.

Louise puffed her cheeks and retorted. „Naturally."

Louise started the ritual.

In the name of the great Five Pentagon Powers,"

following my fate, wherever you are in the universe"

What an unusual summoning spell." said one of the student

Well at least it's unique."she heard the whispers from the crowd

I beg you come to my aid oh my great strong and wise familiar!

Hear my guidance and come to my aid!"

She waved her wand and pointed forward. After that, a big explosion shook the summoning site.

I knew this was going to happen."

Are you all right Montmorency?" asked Guiche

Montmorency pointed to the summoning site where Louise stood above her summon.

The dust slowly settled and everyone could see Lousie summon.

It was a human. He laid on the ground with his hands folded together behind his head. He seemed a person who is enjoying his nap. He wore black duster cloak and it seemed he wore white gloves on his hands.

His hair was not too long white straight barely hiding his ears. His face resembled a handsome teen who was in his mid-teens. Besides this, he wore an eyepatch on his left eye.

On his leg, he wore military boots and jeans. His duster was buttoned until it reached the upper part of is chest where it was open. If you inspected him you could see he wore a white shirt paired with a black tie under his duster.

That outfit, he's a plebeian no matter how you look at it."

Yeah, he is a plebeian. Without a mistake."

Big sister,"said Sylphid through her connection with Tabitha. She was Tabitha familiar. A wind dragon. Tabitha looked to Sylphid with a curious expression.

All animals in the court started to tremble because of the fear.

Very, very, very dangerous. I am scared big sister. Please be very careful with that human. Don't try to fight it. If he turning against us we will all die."

Tabitha nodded and prepared herself to flee if times come.

Louise's face started to twitch because of her anger. „This is the sacred beautiful, and strong…"

She bent over him. „Who are you?"

Her face is... cute. Reddish-brown eyes danced upon the stage of her flawless, white skin and strawberry blonde hair. She looks kind of like a foreigner. In fact, the girl must have been a foreigner. A cute, doll-like foreigner. Maybe she's half-Japanese?

She surely designed her face and her gear with a good amount of work."

Still, that's some kind of weird school uniform she's wearing, isn't it?I don't recognize it. But I like her transmog."

Zero Rei slowly raised himself then looked around. „Hmm. Strange. I thought the developers will shut down the server after midnight. Maybe they added plus time or maybe this is the YGGDRASIL II alpha or beta test."

He stood up then pinched Louise face gently.

In response to this Louise's face flustered because of her rage, she pushed aside Zero Rei hand and started to rattle in Halkeginian language.

Hmm. Very lifelike. The developers surely made a very good job with the game new engine. And. Wait a minute I can feel the warmth of the sun, the wind and the various scents in the air. Strange. This is too lifelike. According to the law. What limits the lifelikeness of the Virtual Realities. The developers can't make something this lifelike."

Ah. It does not matter. I just enjoying it as much as I can before the cops shutting down the server." he threw his hands in an „I can't do anything position."

But I can't understand what they said. Maybe the developers accidentally put me together with foreign players.," he said all of this with his expressionless face while he scratched his head with his gloved hand. It was natural the players to their face was almost always motionless and bland who played Automaton race. It was in their race lore. Anyway, the old engine of YGGDRASIL does not supported face motions because it would cost too much resource from the game servers.

Huh." he sighed „ It will be very hard to play with them if I can't understand what they said. At least if they do not speak Japanese speak English. It will be the best to show them I can't understand their language and try to communicate in a common language."

Huh. Foreign players." He sighed. He started to speak Louise in the English language. Very slowly. Following this, he showed what he want to say to Louise with sign language.

I. Don't. Understand. What. You want to say to me. Please. Speak. Japanese or English. Or turn on. The. Automatic. Translator. So. I. Can. Understand. You."

A tanned redhead walked in his field of vision and started to speak to the pink haired girl. Then started to chuckle.

In retort, the pink haired girl started to yell to the redhead.

She seems to mock this girl before me. Maybe they are in not on good terms."

It was just a little screw-up."

That was Louise the Zero Louise we know."

You never cease to meet our expectation."

Everyone started to laugh. But Zero Rei can't understand anything that they said.

If you want me to leave just say. „Get the fuck out here." And I will be gone."

Hey. If you want me to leave just say." he raised his hand shyly

Shut up!" yelled him, Louise

Ok…" Zero Rei shrank. This one sentence what you could understand no matter the language barrier.

Louise turned to the staff holding balding guy then started to speak to him.

Maybe they are roleplaying. Yes, it must be the case. The are all dressed in the same uniform except the balding guy. Maybe they are a guild whose roleplaying some kind of Harry Potter thingy. Yes, the environment the uniforms and the character designs are perfect for this. I wonder how many in game and real life money they spent to create such realistic atmosphere. Or maybe because this is the beta test the developers gave them this as a present."

Mr. Colbert."


Please let me summon again."

I can't let you do that."

How come?" said the pink-haired girl in a panicked tone

This is a sacred ceremony that determines a mage's life. Redoing it would be a desecration of the ceremony itself."

Maybe they are arguing about if the let me play with them. I don't really want to play with them. It is just too weird to me."

Regardless of whether you like it or not, he has been decided as your familiar spirit."

Zero Rei turned around and started to walk away while he started to wave them backward with his hand. „It was a pleasure, guys. But you are all too weird to me. There is a whole new nine realm what I have to explore. So. Bye."

The little pink grabbed Zero Rei collar. With that, he stopped „But I have never heard of taking a plebeian as a familiar spirit!"

Everyone started to laugh in unison.

Zero Rei looked around again and he turned back to Louise. His character was around 165 cm so he was not much taller than the little pink. He looked with his lightly glowing cybernetic blue eye to Louse light pink eye.

Whether it's a plebeian or not there will be no exceptions," said Colbert.

Guys please speak English or something. I can't understand what you say." Zero said in English language hoping to finally his message reach their brain. „If you want something please speak English or Japanese I can't understand french language."

Continue with the ceremony." the little pink looked desperate hearing Colbert words.

At least the face animations is beautiful. I don't know the face animation technology is so advanced. The quantity of data must be unimaginable. To reach this kind of vividness. It is just amazing." Zero Rei murmured under his nose

With him?" Louise poked the stranger in the black duster coat with her wand.

"Yes, with him. Hurry. The next class will begin any minute. How much is more time this summoning going to take? After mistakes upon mistake, you have finally managed to summon him. Hurry and form a contract." Said Colbert in a commanding tone.

Everyone voiced their agreement and began jeering

These guys surely put themselves into their role. I hope they streaming this somewhere."

The little Pinkett sighed and a sad expression painted on her face. „Okay…"

She turned back to Zero. „You'd better be grateful. You'd normally never get this from an aristocrat." she raised her wand.

I don't understand shit. But my combat analyzer is still working and it said they are no threat to me in the slightest. The highest levels among them are the bald guy, the blue brunette, the dragon beside her and this little pink fellow. But they can't even breach my passive nullification so it will be no problem if they attacking me.

Damn developers, they implemented the abilities in the beta to feel very lifelike. I feel my powers is part of me and they will answer my call if I call them. Funny somehow if I thought about a spell I precisely knew how it works both in theory and practically. The developers really did a good job implementing this function and the lore behind it. Its feels like I am not in my chair anymore but in my avatar body."

My name is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière." she pointed her wand to Zero Rei forehead. „Pentagon that governs the five powers, give this thing your blessing and make it my familiar spirit."

Just stay still, „she said in an angry tone

With that, she started to close the gap between their faces.

„She wants to kiss me?! Well then. Roleplay is roleplay. And I can't ruin their hard work. Can't I?" he chuckled inwardly and let the little pink kiss him on his mouth.


Louise's lips touched Zero Rei's.

Louise removed her lips. "It is done."

„Her face is all red. Is this was because the weirdness of the situation or the because she was embarrassed by her boldness?he scratched his head.

"You have failed 'Summon Servant' many times, but you have managed to succeed with 'Contract Servant' in one try," Colbert said happily.

"It's just because he's only a commoner."

"If he was a powerful magical beast, she wouldn't have been able to make a contract."

Some of the students laughed.

Louise scowled at them. "Don't make fun of me! Even I do things right once in a while!"

"Truly 'once in a while', Louise the Zero." Laughed a girl with gorgeous curly hair and freckles on her face.

"Mr. Colbert! Montmorency The Flood just insulted me!"

"Who are you calling 'The Flood'? I'm Montmorency the Fragrance!"

"I heard that you used to wet the bed like a flood, didn't you? 'The Flood' suits you better!"

"I hadn't expected better manners from Louise the Zero."

"Watch it! Nobles ought to show each other the proper respect." The middle-aged wizard roleplayer interjected.

They speaking about some kind of contract? What contract? And servant? They want me to roleplay as a servant. No this is too much! Zero Rei the mercenary servant to no one and I never take long-term contracts."

Suddenly, Zero Rei felt a tickling sensation on his right hand. He removed his white glove and looked at his hand.

On his hand, there were weird runes.

The tickling sensation lasted only for a second. His body rapidly cooled down.

"That was quick..." The middle-aged roleplayer wizard, known as Colbert, approached the standing Zero and checked the back of his left hand. There, jumping out at him, were unfamiliar letters.

It looks like a wriggling snake in some strange pattern. I feel it gave me a little powerup." Zero stared at it and thought, „At least I got a free tattoo without I had to use any kind of cosmetic items."

"Hmmm... These are very unusual Runes," said the middle-aged wizard impersonator.

"Well, let's go back to class, everyone."

The middle-aged cosplay wizard turned on his heel, then rose gently into the air. „It seems they are using [Fligth] a third tier spell from YGGDRASIL But it feels like something else entirely. A lot weaker version of the [Fly] spell. Maybe? „

The other people who looked like students also floated up.

Everyone who was floating quietly moved towards the stone walls of the castle in the distance.

"Louise, you'd better walk back!"

"She shouldn't try to fly. She can't even manage levitation."

"A commoner is perfect as your familiar!" the students jeered as they flew away.

The only ones left behind were Zero Rei and the girl named Louise.

As soon as it was only the two of them, Louise took a deep breath, turned toward Zero, and yelled, "Who are you?!"

Strange. Now I can understand you. You finally learned Japanese or you turned on the automatic translation?"

"I don't know what backwoods you came from, but all right, I will explain it to you."

Backwords. We are in the nine real of YGGDRADASIL don't we? And you and your friends are some kind of roleplayer, aren't you? But you can drop the act now the others are gone."

The nine realm of YGGDRADASIL? What is that? What country is it in."

So you say you never heard of the game what you play?" he pointed to Louise

„Game what kind of game! Don't play with me!"

Well then. I play along if you are so determinant about your roleplaying." Zero Rei sighed with his expressionless face.

The nine realms of YGGDRADASIL where I came from. Is not a country but a whole world."

I don't believe you! And I never heard such gibberish thing." she puffed her cheek she looked very adorable

She is the one who speaking about gibberish things while she is still roleplaying. But her face is so adorable it would be a shame if I broke her roleplaying spirit with my negative attitude."

At least can you tell me my position if I am not in YGGDRASIL anymore. Where I am?"

"This is Tristain! And this is the renowned Tristain Academy of Magic!"

Magic Academy. Right they roleplaying the Harry Potter thingy."

"I'm a second-year student, Louise de La Vallière. I am your master from now on. Remember that!"

So you said you summoned me here with some kind of summoning ritual?"

"That's what I've been telling you over and over again. I can't believe you're that dense. Why does my familiar have to be so uncool... I wanted to have something wicked like a dragon or a griffin or a manticore. At least an eagle or an owl. Now at least obey me!"

Sorry, I can't do that." Zero Rei was starting to get a really bad feeling about his situation.

I am your master and you will obey me!" Louise yelled

Zero Rei looked at her then shook his head slowly. „Zero Rei the Mercenary is the slave to no one and obey to no one without a proper payment or contract. You have neither of them. And you don't even say the magic words."

Her fists began to tremble. Louise's expression became unreadable, but it seemed a lot of thoughts were going through her head. "Aren't you concerned at all about being summoned?"

"Not really. It is just some kind of weird roleplay so I don't really care."

she dropped her hand and face in a defeated position "How could I, the third daughter of the Vallière family... a noble who takes pride in her proper pedigree and ancient lineage, end up having to make someone like you my familiar?"

Sorry never really understood why the nobles inflated the fact they are noble. It is not a big thing anymore anyway.

...And just who decided that the contract had to be sealed with a kiss? It is pretty weird. The bald guy was. It was him. Is it?

Look, will you just get it over and done with? I hate weird roleplay."

"Weird? That's my line!" Louise clobbered Zero Rei in the head with all her strength. "That was my first kiss!"

Sorry about it. But it was just a virtual kiss so it does not really count as a real kiss."

Why this is happening to me?" Louise looked like a beaten dog while he looked her foot. „ I just wanted a cool familiar spirit. Was it too much for asking for?

Louise sighed. „I have enough for one day. Come. Tomorrow you will speak more about your gibberish and I will teach you how to treat a noble properly. My lesson will start soon."


With that, they started to walk in the direction of the classroom.

She is very weird. To keep up her roleplaying this long? Very admirable. But well I am out."

While they walked in the direction of Louise classroom. Zero Rei started to try every attempt to reach the developers and every opportunity to log out.

It is weird the console is not working anymore. I can't log out and the devs are not answering. Maybe I died in my chair while the system tried to force me to log out and this is my brain last attempt to keep me alive."

Zero Rei inner eyes widened because his Automaton face is not really showed any expression.

Or my consciousness transported into my game avatar, the avatar materialized and it transported me to this new world when the server automatically shut down and this little pinky did her summoning ritual. If we consider the multiverse theory and the fact energy, matter and information conversion are possible and compatible with each other. It is not really surprising."

Zero Rei looked before his leg

The strange thing is. I don't fell any fear or any kind of panic or negative emotion about my situation. Maybe it is because of my Automaton race."

Well, at least there is a whole world what I can explore and if my in-game abilities work as they intended and everyone in this world as strong as in this „Magic Academy". I don't have to fear anything or anyone." he chuckled inwardly.

But I have to be cautious. I don't know If anyone watching and too much splurge will only cause trouble to everyone. I need to stay down for the time being and learn everything that I can about this brave new world." he chuckled inwardly

At least I am in the fresh air and not just sitting in my chair with a helmet on my head. This fresh air and this blue sky."

Zero Rei exhaled and inhaled and looked up to the bright blue sky.

However, according to his race lore. Automatons do not need either resting or breathing. He could still feel the freshness of the air.

It would be impossible to find a place on the overly polluted Earth with this kind clean air and sky." he smiled inwardly

The best thing what I can do is to enjoy my staying here. Following this little midget. Not causing any splurge until the time being and learn everything about this new world and her inhabitants what I can. Yes, this plan is eligible until the time being…"

Ah. What a beautiful day we have here, I hope my staying here will be exciting…" he mumbled under his nose.

Then he started to sing in his head the Always Look on the Bright Side of Life from the Life of Bryan movie.

"Cheer up, Brian. You know what they say.
Some things in life are bad,
They can really make you mad.
Other things just make you swear and curse.
When you're chewing on life's gristle,
Don't grumble, give a whistle!
And that'll help things turn out for the best
Always look on the bright side of life!
Always look on the bright side of life
If life seems jolly rotten,
There's something you've forgotten!
And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing,
When you're feeling in the dumps,
Don't be silly chumps,
Just purse your lips and whistle - that's the thing!
And always look on the bright side of life
Come on!
Always look on the bright side of life
For life is quite absurd,
And death's the final word.
You must always face the curtain with a bow!
Forget about your sin - give the audience a grin,
Enjoy it, it's the last chance anyhow!
So always look on the bright side of death!
Just before you draw your terminal breath.
Life's a piece of shit,
When you look at it.
Life's a laugh and death are a joke, it's true,
You'll see it's all a show,
Keep 'em laughing as you go.
Just remember that the last laugh is on you!
And always look on the bright side of life

Always look on the bright side of life

Come on guys, cheer up

Always look on the bright side of life

Always look on the bright side of life

Worse things happen at sea you know

Always look on the bright side of life

I mean, what have you got to lose?
you know, you come from nothing
you're going back to nothing
what have you lost? Nothing!

Always look on the bright side of life"

Zero Rei stats:

Total Level: 100

Racial levels: 30

Automaton 10

Advanced Android: 15

Nanotech 5 ( World Destroyer Race job)

Job levels: 70

Gunner 10

Heavy Gunner: 15

Spellslinger 5(max level of this job class)

Sorcerer: 10

Sensor: 10

Spellbreaker: 10

Etc.: (?) 10

Approximate Status

HP: 80


PhyATK: 95

PhyDef: 80

Agility: 85

MagAtk. 80

MagDef: 80

Resistance: 80

Special Ability: Exceed Limit

Total: 750+