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Sexy Sammy

The Story starts of with Sammy, her friends, and Family driving home from the hospital after the incident. Everyone was scarred of Sammy except for her dad, Topher, and Jasmine. Scarlet, Bridgette were just trying to get away from Sammy, While Amy was terrified of Sammy, After all these years of Amy hurting Sammy Amy just thought "I'm next to die I know it"

The car ride was silent, Topher was poking at his hand to see if the hole Sammy's dad made hurt. Sammy's Dad was next to Sammy who was still feeling guilty about shooting her dad. Then her Dad broke the silence and said "Hey who would like to go Shopping"

Everybody looked at the dad smiling as if they were saying yes to that idea. So Sammy's mom made a turn and headed to the nearest clothes store and everyone went inside the store happily except for Sammy.

Topher noticed Sammy feeling sad so he gave her a kiss on the cheek and took her family, Jasmine, Scarlet, and Bridgette to get Sammy and Amy new clothes.

At first Sammy rejected getting new clothes since she said "I'm a killer Topher, These blood stains on my cheer leader shirt proves it"

Topher smiled and kissed her cheek again and said "Look Sammy your not a murderer your Dad's alive"

Sammy still didn't believe her boyfriend so she sighed.

Then Amy came along scared and talked to Sammy.

"Samey... I mean Sammy! Sammy! Please don't kill me!" said Amy holding her hands in front of her face

Sammy turned to Amy having a tear in her eye. "Even my own sister believes I'm a killer" Sammy thought.

Amy then felt bad about what she had just said and turned to Sammy. "Sammy I'm sorry for what I said. What I wanted to say is that I love you and that I'm sorry for being a jerk to you for all these years can you ever forgive me?"

Sammy had finally let her tears out and ran in front of Amy only to give her a hug. Amy patted Sammy's back and said " come on lets go see if we can find matching outfits"

Sammy finally smiled, nodded and went running with Jasmine, Topher, and Amy to the nearest shirts they could find.

Sexy Sammy (Sexy Sadie) by The Beatles

Sexy Sammy what have you done (Sammy and Amy looked at some C.I.T shirts)

You made a fool of everyone(They Tried on the shirts and looked like Courtney)

You made a fool of everyone (They both laughed and tried on some of Heather's clothes)

Sexy Sammy ooh what have you done (Bridgette disapproved due to her not liking Heather)

Sexy Sammy you broke the rules (Topher and Sammy's Dad tried on some of Chris Mclean Shirts and laughed)

You layed it down for all to see (Jasmine and Sammy's mom tried on Gwen's clothes and thought they looked nice)

You layed it down for all to see (Sammy's bloody shirt rubbed on Courtney's shirt product)

Sexy Sammy oooh you broke the rules (The Store manager saw this and looked angry. Sammy tried to look like she didn't break the rules by smiling)

One sunny day the world was waiting for a lover (They were then kicked out of the store and was outside on a sunny day)

She came along to turn on everyone (Sammy put on her bloody Shirt and saw Topher smile dreamily at her)

Sexy Sammy the greatest of them all (Amy then pushed Sammy into Topher's arms)

Sexy Sammy how did you know (Sammy then kissed Topher)

The world was waiting just for you (The Father tried to accept that his own daughter was kissing a boy)

The world was waiting just for you (Topher then said "The world was waiting just for you Sammy")

Sexy Sammy oooh how did you know (Scarlet and Bridgette came out of the store holding out Sammy and Amy's new Cheer leader outfits)

Sexy Sammy you'll get yours yet (Sammy and Amy got in their Dad car and changed into their clean outfits)

However big you think you are (Sammy and Amy got out and hugged each other)

However big you think you are(Sammy went up to Topher and kissed him again)

Sexy Sammy oooh you'll get yours yet(Jasmine watched in saying "awww.")

We gave her everything we owned just to sit at her table(Then they all went home)

Just a smile would lighten everything(Scarlet and Bridgette went home while Jasmine and Topher stayed the night at Sammy's place)

Sexy Sammy she's the latest and the greatest of them all (It was about 7 o clock P.m and Topher went to his guest room while Jasmine went to hers)

She madea fool of everyone (Sammy then walked in and closed the door)

Sexy Sammy (Topher then confused on what's going on was pushed onto the bed )

However big you think you are (Then Sammy started to take of her clothes)

Sexy Sammy (Then She kissed Topher. That night was a fun night for Sammy and Topher)

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