Dr Drakken heard the hangar doors close. He plated cookies from his latest batch of chocolate chip cookies and poured a cup of cocoa moo for himself and got a cold beer for Shego from the fridge. Putting them on the table he greeted Shego as she came in the kitchen carrying her helmet. Placing the helmet on the table, she snagged a cookie and took a sip on the beer.

Looking at Drakken, she reported, "Didn't even break a sweat, Doc. If it was an ambush it was a stupid ambush, I messed up some snipers, the place blew up, probably that rat thing crossed some wires somewhere. Then the the bad guys bugged out. No sign of any super villain. The sidekick took some damage, not sure what happened, but his side was chewed up with plastic fragments in the wound. I'm guessing that a bullet hit shattered something he had on him. The princess dumped the sidekick in an out of the way spot while chewing his butt out about something then grabbed the PDVI and ran with it. I helped the sidekick with some first aid, packed his wound with pain killers and Ritalin. Then I did a quick check of the area, looking for clues as to what the heck was going on.

"Ritalin? Why"

Something still felt wrong and I figured the sidekick would be better off with his brains a little more focused. I peeked in on him before I left, he was sitting up and I saw the princess and the calvary coming, so I took off.

"What did you find", Drakken asked, looking at the bag.

"Spare ammo from the snipers - what kind of bullet has antennas engraved on the side? Also pulled a flash chip from a security camera. Grab me another beer, I'll pop some popcorn and we can look at it. All and all it seems like a stupid way to bump off the kids. How do the odds look now?"

Drakken tapped on his tablet. "Shego, the odds have gone up to 120 to 1 and they have locked the betting. Kim Possible graduates next week, what could happen now?" He paused thinking carefully. "Shego! I have it! We'll take over the world with my new HyPollinator and when Team Possible tries to stop us, we'll capture them and lock them away together until the bet is won! Shego? Shego?"

Wade's mom walked down the stairs to her son's computer workshop. "Baby, you've got a package from Jiffy Express".

"Is the the quantum circular regenerators?" asked Wade from under a desk where he was sorting through cables running into a workstation. Wade heard cardboard ripping and then some clicks and thunks as metal objects dropped onto a table. "Mom! Careful with those!" Wade scooted out from under his desk.

"Wade, what are you doing with these? Is that girl of yours got you dealing guns now?" His mom's voice was ice and danger.

Wade looked on the table. There were some loose rifle bullets and a small metal box on the table. "No mom, I swear, I don't know what these are. I didn't order this."

"These are .30-06 ammo, the clip has a Dahl logo, they are known for sniper rifles that fire a five shot burst. Don't look like no satellite signal parts to me." His mom gave him a quick glare then picked up and examined one of the rifle rounds. Curious, she wandered over to Wade's computer circuit board examination station and put it under the microscopic camera.

Wade looked for paperwork in the box. He found a note that read "Ammo used by henchmen in Team Possible 4/16 mission. Loaned to Wade Load, Global Justice Evidence tracking number 482910". 'Odd', Wade thought, 'I didn't think GJ was involved on this mission'. "Mom, here's a note that says this ammo was the kind used against Kim in her last mission - the one where something blew out her super suit and Kimmunicator"

Wade's mom looked at a magnified image of a bullet. "Baby, the first, second and fourth rounds in that clip are electronic warfare rounds. Have to reverse engineer the circuits, but maybe they disabled the nano armor in your super suit fabric."

Wade looked skeptical. "Seems like you couldn't generate enough energy in the shell to power the transmitters."

"Honey, I used to design this kind of stuff for SI before I decided I wouldn't be involved in killing people anymore. There is plenty of room for power cells."

"Well, Kim is currently without a suit until I can fix it, but I will warn her anyway. Right now, I'm running interference for her on missions, tomorrow is graduation day and she wants time off from missions to visit family. If you can check that for me, I will get back to tracking down this satellite interference. I want to get good video on her graduation speech tomorrow."



Kim P. "sacrifice teammates for greater good" coefficient, increased to 1.28
(measurement was updated due to serendipity, not part of intended experiment)

Ron S. "sacrifice teammates for greater good" coefficient, unchanged at .68
(measurement was unchanged due to test situation failure)

Kim P. "Emotional stability" coefficient test failed
(planned wish test not performed)

Ron S. "Emotional stability" coefficient test results unreliable
(Subject passed unplanned wish test, but seems to believe breakup with Kim P is inevitable)

Ron Stoppable "Luck/Ron Factor" coefficient increased to 3.16
(.73 higher than theoretical maximum for human male)

Additional Notes: Team Drakken will assist Team Possible if advantageous economically.
Recommend allowing combination for probability calculations of sufficiently critical global events.

Master Sensei securely deleted the email. "Fools! I told them events were too critical and to stop testing! Sometimes you have just roll the dice you have." He checked to make sure he was still alone in his meditation room. Clicking on the secure comms address book he selected "Gen. Lee Chinese Nuclear Forces (work). As the icon displayed "connecting", he studied satellite pictures showing giant glyphs carved into the ground in places all over the world.

Author's note:

This is sort of a plot bunny that got out of hand. The big what if here is "What is all this prophecy stuff is fake and manufactured by groups wanting to control the world behind the scenes" The betting pool is one way they influence actions, but there are others. Was it random chance that Jame Possible met Anne Credible in college? Perhaps it was a subtle behind the scenes breeding program looking to produce a "Chosen One". Of course this isn't foolproof. You know the feeling, you spend generations getting the right people to fall in love, produce the right children and then the Chosen One gets stuck with a family trip and her sidekick goes and gets energized by the jade statues. Sometimes you do have to roll the dice you have.

Speaking of which, if Kim, Jim and Tim are what you get when a rocket scientist and brain surgeon reproduce (and I believe that Nana was a WWII UDT diver?), then what do you figure Wade's parents are? Here, I speculate that she was a senior weapons designer for Stark Industries in the pre-IronMan days, but quit because of moral reasons.