"Toma!" you cried out as you clung to the boy before you. His arms held you tightly as you cried into his chest. Leaving out a sigh he stood there in the middle of the empty street stroking your head lightly as you cried. He knew you would come back to him, he never had a second thought about it. You were his after all.

"(Y,N)." His voice was soft, caring, sweet. Something about his caring hold and the way he spoke to you made you cling to his shirt even harder. Your knuckles were white at this point but you didn't care, you just wanted to stay in his hold. "You shouldn't have ran off." his voice kept it's warm tone yet it was still threatening.

"I'm sorry." you cried into his chest. Keeping your eyes shut you tried to hold back the warm tears that kept trying to fall down your cheeks. You knew he would wipe them away, you know he would take you back, you knew he would accept you as always, but you still felt stupid.

Toma was kind to you yes, but it a different way then people thought. People would see you two and think he was giving you the world, but really he just wanted you for himself. Toma wanted you all to himself. It wasn't a silly kid want it was a need. He needed you to be in his life and he would lock you away to keep you.

The first time you had ran off he was kind and took you back with out many questions. The second you got a scolding for, he was worried you had been hurt, this time around he stood there, just letting you cry.

It was true you were addicted to him, just like how people could be addicted to drugs. You needed him and felt defenseless with out him. You felt like a rabbit cornered by wolves with out an escape, but when he was around you had something to hide behind.

He had never hit you, he had never starved you, he had never raised his voice to you, he never had done anything to hurt you. However, he did have a habit of locking you in the bedroom to make sure you wouldn't get hurt. Drug your food to put you out for a day well he went to work. He would always make it up to you in the end, kissing you softly and petting your head.

At first you didn't notice, but now it was clear as day. Even your friends stopped coming around knowing he would just watch them like an owl the whole time. Scared of the anger in his eyes they would leave with out a good reason. You felt alone, lost, and he just so happened to be there for you.

"I'm sorry I ran off... I just..." You looked up to him with red puffy eyes. His face was calm and his eyes were dull. With a soft smile he brushed some tears from your cheeks kissing your forehead softly.

"I know you wanted to go out, but why would you do so without me?" he asked putting his hands on your cheeks. Blinking you looked up to him your tears starting to slow down. He slowly ran his thumbs back and forth, touching your soft lips at times."You could have gotten hurt my dear." he spoke again.

"I'm sorry Toma..." You said closing your eyes and leaning into his touch. Toma had a smirk pull at his lips as you slowly started to go limp. Picking you up into his arms you snuggled into his chest. Walking down the road with you in his arms he could only smile. You were his after all, drugged or not.

Setting you down in your bed Toma slowly made his way to the bathroom to wash his hands, that was after he tossed the bottle that held the sleeping drug. He gave himself a prideful smile in the mirror.

"I never thought a little on my thumb could go a long way." he chimed before drying his hands on a towel. That smile you loved so much still on his face.