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It's a most unfortunate happenstance, Yuuri thought as he stared at his hand. Never before had he considered that his soulmate was not Japanese. After all, the words written on his flesh were in perfect Japanese so it was only logical to assume.

However, Yuuri could honestly say that he was not happy with who his soulmate was. There he was, a twenty-three year old figure skater, who'd finally heard his soulmate speak to him for the first time, and the horrible thing was that his soulmate was a person that Yuuri greatly admired and knew that he could never have.

Certainly lines were never meant to cross. While the soulmate marks meant that the person literally perfect for you in every way, no everyone met their soulmates, or ended up liking their soulmates.

Victor Nikiforov was not truly meant for Katsuki Yuuri, and it was that simple.

Yuuri could tell. The man was a star. One of the very best skaters in the world, breaking record after record and wowing the audiences easily. He didn't have time to consider a chubby soulmate like Yuuri. And Yuuri didn't plan on saying anything.

Besides, his soulmate had just mistaken him for a fan. And yes, Yuuri was actually a long time fan, but it was more of an insult because had been in the very same competition as Victor. He'd placed last because he'd succumbed to anxiety mid-skate and failed spectacularly, but he had still been a competitor.

He was considered Japan's top figure skater after all. But it seemed that Victor did not view him as worthwhile competition, or even recognize others in the competition, which was a bit of a disappointment.

When Victor's mouth formed the words that Yuuri had always longed to hear, the Japanese young man was not aflutter. He was not amazed or grateful. There was none of that fluttering in his stomach at the revelation of his soulmate.

Nothing but disappointment and the young Russian Yuri's words ringing through his head.

Turning away from the plain smile on his idol's face, Yuuri passed Morooka Hisashi, sharing a tight smile at the man's supportive look, and left.

It seemed he was finished.

His parents and sister were supportive of his return trip home. Minako-sensei had bombarded him at the airport with words of pride and inspiration. She then forced him to greet every one of his fans despite how harrowed it made him feel.

Even though he'd ended up falling and ruining his routine so terribly, there were people who still looked up to him and admired him. He didn't deserve their kind words. Yuuri wasn't as good as they all thought he was. To any person properly acquainted with skating, they'd know that his technique was sloppy and that he lacked confidence.

Both affected a performance.

It the duty of the performer to make it look effortless, but just because it looked that way, didn't mean it was.

Yuuri was flustered, almost unbearably so by the time he'd made it home. Minako-sensei grinned proudly as she pushed him inside the building and announced his arrival to all those within.

Yuuri greeted his mother immediately and then went to speak with Vic-chan. It had been a long time.

At least he was home, where comfort could drown out his disappointment.

Victor Nikiforov was intrigued immediately when several close acquaintances sent him links that all lead to the same video.

A video uploaded to YouTube just that morning which had been refined considerably with amazing editing skills, and a catchy title.

His own name was in the title, which would garner enough attention, but another skater's name was in the title as well. Victor recognized the face immediately, and was a little put out at having not realized that the same boy he'd assumed was a fan, was actually a figure skater from Japan who had finished last in the Grand Prix.

Foolishness on his part.

Opening a new window, he typed in the name 'Katsuki Yuuri' and found himself bombarded with Japanese. Praises and accolades for the young man who was not a child and was actually four years Victor's junior, assaulted his eyes.

Katsuki Yuuri was a record holder in Japan, known for his prowess in peculiar footwork and unique spin sequences. He was also considered the top figure skater by the JSF.

Noted comments included things like, 'The figure skater with the world's biggest glass heart.' and 'The air to the lungs of a dying man.'.

With interest peaked, Victor turned back to the video.

Pressing 'Play', Victor settled himself in for several minutes of nail biting and mild panic, but then, they didn't happen.

Nothing of the sort had to happen. Katsuki Yuuri assumed the perfect position and simply flowed. Victor watched closely, the steps perfect, the spins on point, and even the jumps executed with a precision that he had not expected.

Honestly, he felt foolish once again. Yuuri was good enough to make it to the Grand Prix, so he obviously had skill.

Victor couldn't help but feel that Yuuri brought the emotion of the performance to the forefront more than Victor ever could. When it was over, he pressed 'Play' once again, and watched even more closely, this time with the screen enlarged.

And when his mobile died, he turned to his laptop, using that to immerse himself in the stunning delight that was Katsuki Yuuri.

And Victor was suddenly filled with an idea.

Yuuri sputtered at the sight of Victor Nikiforov, naked in his family's onsen and smiling at him as if this was a natural occurrence and he shouldn't be surprised.

The reaction Yuuri had was to scream, hide his face in his hands, and then flee at top speed to his bedroom.

A bit disappointed in the man, and still conflicted over the whole soulmate revelation, Yuuri was unsure of what to do. And if he spoke to Victor, then would Victor know that Yuuri was his soulmate and what would happen then?

Yes, the man exclaimed very proudly that he would be helping Yuuri make it to the Grand Prix finals this year, but what would this sudden revelation do?

Yuuri grasped at his hair, feeling the anxiety mounting. He wasn't ready for this. Home was supposed to be for calm. Where he go and skate for hours at a time, reflecting on his mistakes and trying to rectify them. Where he could be himself.

And now this was happening.

Yuuri resolved to the best of his ability, to say nothing aloud to Victor. That had to be the best course of action.

Yuuri's mother just proven that she was as brilliant as he always believed her to be. She'd managed to work her charm on Victor and had him fed and resting by the time Yuuri had felt brave enough to venture from his room, where he'd removed all of his prized Victor posters and slipped them into a folder that then made its way between his mattress and the box spring. He would take no chances.

The Russian skater was napping on the floor when Yuuri found him. Mari was sitting at the table and Minako-sensei was smiling around her third bottle of sake.

"He came here for you, he told us. You inspired him," she said fondly.

Yuuri flushed and knelt down in order to be closer to the two women. Leaning over the table, he held out his palm to show them the writing of his soulmate's words. He then gave a very telling point to Victor and a frown for good measure.

Mari's jaw dropped and Minako-sensei squealed just a bit.

"Have you said anything yet?"

Yuuri shook his head. "What if it ruins whatever might happen? I can't handle this right now."

Mari's cigarette twitched a bit as she stood, and Yuuri watched in confusion as she walked over to Victor's sleeping form in order to turn his hands over. She nodded and came back.

"It's nothing that probably hasn't been said to him before."

Yuuri gaped at the audacity and sputtered when Minako-sensei asked what it was. The two women leaned closer together to whisper excitedly, leaving Yuuri to flounder in embarrassment.

'Nothing that probably hasn't been said to him before,' meant that it was a common phrase. A phrase that could be disguised perhaps?

Moments later, Victor Nikiforov sat up, his haori - complimentary of Yu-Topia Akatsuki - sliding down one pale shoulder.

Yuuri turned away, flustered at seeing his soulmate's body without permission.

Victor mumbled something about hunger, and looked over his shoulder, seeing Yuuri kneeling at the table. His blue eyes brightened immediately and he turned swiftly.

"Hello again, Yuuri! You left before we could properly introduce ourselves."

Yuuri lifted a single hand to wave, not trusting his voice. He couldn't even bear looking at the other man. How was he supposed to speak to him?

Yuuri's mother returned suddenly, holding a bowl of katsudon. Yuuri's mouth watered, wishing it was for him. He wanted some, but he was gaining weight too quickly and couldn't afford to eat whatever he wanted at the moment.

"Here you are, Vic-chan!" the woman said, placing the bowl at the table. "It's Yuuri-kun's favorite dish."

"Thank you!" the Russian man beamed, pushing himself over to the table and smiling down at Yuuri. "Is it particularly delicious?"

Yuuri nodded.

"He pigs out on them," said Mari with a smirk. Yuuri sent a glare her way and she merely shrugged.

"So, Victor-kun," Minako-sensei began, leaning across the table, "have you met your soulmate yet?"

Yuuri wanted to die! No finesse!

Victor's mouth turned down a little. "No. Though I'm not giving up hope yet. Have any of you met your soulmates?"

Minako and Mari both shook their heads, though Yuuri found himself nodding before he could stop himself.

Victor's gaze was alight with curiosity. "You have?!" he exploded, pushing the bowl of food aside in order to face Yuuri fully. "Was it awe inspiring and amazing, and breathtaking like everyone says it is?"

"Not really."

The response came from Yuuri, Minako, and Mari at the same time, and Yuuri looked to them in confusion, only to see Mari make a light gesture to Victor's hand.

His soulmate's soul mark simply said 'not really'. How embarrassing.

Chancing a peek at Victor, he saw nothing out of the ordinary. The man didn't even look shocked.

It's nothing that probably hasn't been said to him before.

Victor must have heard that phrase many times and found out that none of the people who said it were his soulmate.

Poor Victor.

Victor was ruthless to Yuuri. At least in training. Yuuri wasn't fat over even obese in any way. He was a little over five and a half feet in height, and was well proportioned everywhere, however for figure skating, he was about twenty pounds over the required weight limit.

He knew that the younger man was teased over it, but it wasn't something too noticeable. Mostly in the face actually.

Yuuri suffered a hormonal imbalance, coupled with Generalized Anxiety and Depression. He had a habit of eating the nearest thing in order to calm himself, else he'd have a panic attack, or so his mother told Victor.

Victor was working him out of the habit of eating the nearest thing, by supplementing sugar free gum. Having a part of his body moving constantly would also help take away the consistent leg tapping. He could stim with chewing something that wouldn't affect his health or weight that way, and it would make his weight loss attempt easier. It would also help him perform better if he wasn't randomly reaching down to tap at his leg when he got nervous.

He found Yuuri to be adorable. His little habits and likes and dislikes. Even the roundness to his face when they met.

Victor had forbidden him from skating until he'd lost the proper amount of weight. Thirty pounds, just to be safe. A little leeway in case he gained on accident.

He'd never thought that someone could lose thirty pounds in a month, but Yuuri pulled it off somehow. His exercising more advanced than anything Victor did.

He had stamina. A lot of it. Victor was impressed, because on a 5K run, Yuuri had kept a steady pace the entire fourteen minutes he had run, and Victor died about halfway through when he tried keeping up with the even pacing. The reason Yuuri was so stamina strong, was because he practiced both ballet and ice skating on the regular - having been a ballerino before becoming an ice skater - and had built up endurance.

Victor's jumps were better than his spins and footwork to be honest. His stamina wasn't as good as Yuuri's which had surprised him.

Yuri Plisetsky had many unpleasant things to say about 'the Japaneses Yuuri' over the years. One comment had been about his weight and how impossible it must have been for him to do anything with all his weight holding him down.

Victor hadn't known who he had been talking about at the time, but now that he knew, he had to admit that Yuri's observation was incredibly childish. Though Yuri was actually a child, but still.

Maybe to younger people Yuuri was 'fat' but in Victor's eyes, he was a perfectly normal size for a regular civilian. He still fit in his clothes easily, clothes he'd had for years, according to his mother. His body honestly hadn't changed much. Yuuri was simply too self-conscious and probably had light body dysphoria.

Victor would be sure to deal with that too. His Yuuri needed self-confidence in the worst of ways.

And as he'd just reached the ideal weight mark Victor had set for him, they could begin the true training.

And maybe less 5 kilometer races.

Yuuri truly wasn't bothered by the appearance of Yuri Plisetsky. Not really. The boy was simply a child with a big mouth and an arrogant amount of confidence. Such that made him a bit of a loner because he was annoying to other people.

Yes, Yuuri was offended by the things he said, he couldn't help himself, but he wasn't particularly scared of the teen.

He was scared of what could happen though. Yuri was a skilled skater and already had a relationship with Victor. So in his desire to take Victor back to Russia in order for Victor to fulfill his promise to him, they had both been dragged into a competition.

Said competition that had been set up by Yuuri's friend Yuuko's triplet daughters. The ones that leaked a video of him dancing Victor's routine.

And Yuuri was very much aware of how skilled Yuri was as a skater. A brat maybe, but a skilled brat.

So if Yuuri didn't learn how to control himself and how to properly translate Victor's program, then he would be saying goodbye to his idol, and found that he didn't want to.

Something about Victor was infectious.

He was eager to explore Japan and wanted to know about everything going on in Hasetsu and relied on Yuuri to show him everything. Yuuri hadn't been forced to socialize on such a massive scale, in years.

But it was fun surprisingly.

Photos constantly being taken and eating various foods that Yuuri happily introduced Victor to. The man had maxed out his Instagram account with never ending photographs of anything and everything. Especially Yuuri.

He liked to tease Yuuri in many ways. Over support, during training, when they exercised, when they walked anywhere, when they took photos. Especially when taking photos. Victor was a particularly touchy person and he liked physical contact. Something Yuuri wasn't used to.

Yet it didn't feel so awkward with Victor.

Was it because they were soulmates or something else? Did soulmates feel drawn to each other the way Yuuri felt drawn to Victor?

"Yuuri! Takes a photo with me and the statue!"

With a sigh, the younger man nodded and allowed Victor to pull him into a tight and warm embrace in front of a simple statue of a fish. Victor was such a child at times, finding pleasure in the simplest of things. Yuuri thought it was sweet.

Eros. In Greek mythology there were six types of love, and Eros was the sexual aspect. The passionate side of love that involved being in touch with one's inner sensuality.

Yuuri had accidentally said that katsudon would be his inspiration when trying to bring Victor's story to life in his own performance, but that wasn't right exactly.

Victor's story held a predatory sort of elegance that Yuuri knew he could never imitate. Yuuri was soft and sweet, with a heart of glass. He couldn't be the casanova wooing the ladies even if he tried. Nothing about him was abrasive or overly arrogant in the least. He also wasn't comfortable trying to take on such a personality. It wasn't him, and it would look too forced and stiff if he kept trying.

There was something more on the line than just having Victor as a coach. Victor himself was on the line. So he needed a different approach.

One that Minako-sensei had agreed to help him with.

Yuuri showed her the routine, particularly his footwork and gestures, allowing her to modify his movements until they fit his desired story.

Not the stunning Casanova capable of charming any woman in his path. Instead he was the beautiful temptress, a type of character than seemed so much more easier to him.

While everyone was under the impression that he was working to seduce a bowl of pork, he was actually working to seduce his soulmate. Victor.


Victor threw his arms out, catching the young man who was shaking with excitement after performing one of the most beautiful programs Victor had even seen. No, his jumps weren't perfect, and his nerves had been obvious a few times, but it had tugged on something inside Victor and he adored it more than anything he'd seen in years.

In a way, Yuuri had been skating for him, and the thought made him flush. His Yuuri was special and had made him proud.

Of course they would have to work on perfecting it, which he didn't hesitate to tell Yuuri, but what mattered was how proud Victor was.

All the while, Yuuri's grin never died away, and Victor found himself possessive over it.

He was also incredibly pleased to see the speculation from the media over the very close placement of his hand on Yuuri's arm. Forget his soulmate. Yuuri was obviously perfect for him. And if Yuuri's soulmate wasn't as amazing as he had hoped, then maybe they could be one of those couples that didn't conform to the soulmate beliefs.

As he watched Yuuri's flush deepen over the newest article about their 'possible relationship', Victor decided that he would much prefer a future with Yuuri instead.

Yuuri had gotten used to Victor's touching by now. Three months of what he would tentatively call a friendship had lead to Victor being very cheerful and physical on a near constant basis. The man was so happy to be around Yuuri that Yuuri couldn't understand it.

"Photo?" Victor asked, holding up his mobile and fluttering his lashes furiously.

Smiling, Yuuri relented, and allowed himself to be dragged into Victor's embrace, where the older man rubbed something smooth and cherry scented over Yuuri's lips.

This move had become a usual thing. Victor seemed to have an interest in mouths, having touched Yuuri's lips often for whatever reason when he felt like getting closer.

He didn't get as flustered over it now, but it was still an incredibly intimate thing to do. Sometimes he wondered if Victor knew how many social stigmas he created on a constant basis. Thankfully they weren't conducted in the presence of the general public, so it was okay most of the time.

"Which side is your best?" Victor asked as he pulled up the camera.

"My left," he answered without giving himself a a second to think about it.

Victor moved the mobile into his other hand, making sure the front camera was facing them.

"Say 'moo'!"

Confused, Yuuri mimicked him, only to find his mouth suddenly occupied by Victor's own and the shutter on the camera clicking away repeatedly.

When Victor pulled back slightly, he murmured almost too low to hear, "Solnyshko moyo."

And Victor leaned in again.

After a few moments of suggestive kissing and perhaps a little over enthusiasm on Victor's part, the two parted. Yuuri looking deliciously ruffled, and Victor immensely proud that he hadn't been turned away.

"I was hoping we could take this to another level."

"What about your soulmate?"

Victor smile, running a hand down Yuuri's face. "I don't need a soulmate when I have you."

Yuuri's brown eyes sparkled for a moment, and he smiled brightly, almost blessing Victor in a sense.

The young man gripped Victor's hand and turned it over, revealing the Japanese words that Victor had long ago lost hope in.

Raising his own hand, Yuuri revealed his own soul mark. He reached, placing said hand over Victor's heart, while pulling at Victor's hand until it was placed directly over Yuuri's heart.

"You have us. Or should I say me?"

And within seconds of the realization, Victor threw his arms around Yuuri and buried his face in that messy, dark hair, happily inhaling a scent that had soothed him many times since coming to Japan. And his heart soared when Yuuri responded in kind, wrapping warm arms around his soulmate and running a hand down the back of his head.

This was good. Better than good. It was perfect. It was right.

"Show me the photos you took," Yuuri said suddenly. "I don't want you posting all of them. Some might look terrible."

Nuzzling the man's hair and messing it up even further, Victor couldn't help but say, "You could never look terrible."

Yuuri sighed and melted against him, allowing his soulmate to fuss over him.

"Neither could you, Victor."

The grin that appeared was wide enough to hurt, but that didn't stop Victor's joy. Nothing at this moment could.

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