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-In a world where soulmates leave colors on each other when they first touch.

Katsuki Yuuri did not remember the day he met his soulmate. All he knew was that at some point, he'd gotten two large hand-prints on his back. Both prints were swirls of silvery/blue and spanned from his sides and around his back. He didn't know where they came from and didn't even know when he'd gotten the,m, just that they existed.

And it was Phichit who had informed him after seeing him take his shirt off. So Yuuri was now aware of the fact that he'd met his soulmate some time between December 5th and December 15th, and he wanted to smack his head off of something.

The marks had not been there before going to the Grand Prix Final, so they appeared after getting to Russia. That could mean that his soulmate could be a Russian person he'd met somehow. A fellow figure skater(which was a problem seeing as so may had traveled to Russia at the time, from all over the world). Someone he met on a plane. They could even be someone from Yuuri's university.

And the stress it placed on his shoulders was intense. How did his soulmate get close enough to hold him in such a place? Yuuri did not engage in sexual anything with anyone. Ever. And his Pole Fitness classes had ended last year, so no one could touch his unclothed body in any fashion.

Not even Phichit had an answer, though he did try to get Yuuri to agree to a photoshoot just to expose the marks. Because for some reason, he thought that would actually help Yuuri find his soulmate again. He'd refused because he didn't feel comfortable baring any part of his body at present.

Which left them in perpetual confusion.

Victor Nikiforov found himself staring almost longingly down at his arms. From his wrists to his forearms, where black and maroon marks resided. And they'd appeared because his soulmate had touched him there first.

Katsuki Yuuri had latched onto Victor's wrists, and insistently tugged him out to the dance floor. His hands had trailed up the Russian skater's arms and had remained in place for several seconds because he'd almost fallen and Victor had reached out to catch him before he slammed into the floor, which left the two of them to stare at one another for several seconds of shock.

Within a few minutes, he took note of the swirl pattered marks on his arms, and the odd marks that appeared where he'd been holding Yuuri. Yuuri's shirt had been returned to his body, but wasn't buttoned, so it swished back and forth as he twirled them around.

And Victor found himself wishing that his soulmark had appeared on his face first, where his partner had caressed him while dipping him so smoothly. And then he'd have Yuuri's colors in a place where everyone could see them.

It was a shame his mark on Yuuri wasn't easy to find either. But at least the mark existed. Victor had a soulmate!

And now, after a few months of hearing nothing about Yuuri, he'd finally been given some sort of sign. With Yuuri speaking a language they both knew all too well. He'd been called to Japan. Yuuri had asked him to come and be his coach, and the video of him skating to Victor's routine was the proof that he remembered their evening together!

Yuuri gaped openly at the dark colors swirled on Victor's arms. Many people, when faced with an attractive man who was naked, wouldn't be staring at his arms. But Yuuri's eyes just immediately honed in on the colors that he couldn't help himself. He'd never seen anything like Victor's marks before.

Sure, he'd seen people with a streak of swirls across their faces from being smacked by their soulmates upon first meeting, but Victor's marks were very long and took up a considerable amount of space.

And the marks only added to Victor's beauty, if Yuuri could be so bold.

Victor said something about being Yuuri's coach. Victor wanted to coach Yuuri for the next season that Yuuri had only just decided he would compete in.


No one could say that Victor did not take advantage of the situations life threw his way. After all, now that Yurio had gone back to Russia, it meant that Victor and Yuuri could have more private time together. And that also meant Victor could slide closer during their times on the ice, or in the onsen.

So much closer that he managed to nearly pull Yuuri directly out of the water so he could 'test' Yuuri's flexibility. Which was as good as he remembered. And if his eyes greedily drank in the sight of the slivery/blue, swirled hand prints on Yuuri's back, that was no one's business but his own. But, just to be sure that Yuuri didn't catch on to what he was doing, he proceeded to lift the younger man's leg all the way up, enjoying how far he could bend the other's body.

Meanwhile, Yuuri gasped and grunted about never choosing his own music before and not knowing what to choose for his Free Program.

"I'm sure you'll get it!" Victor encouraged, trailing a finger down Yuuri's calf and watching in amazement as a small trail of color followed the path of his skin. But then it disappeared?

He frowned. Why would the color disappear? In fact, why did it appear again?

It bore some looking in to.

The next time Victor ended up leaving colors on Yuuri's body, was when he threw himself onto the ice in order to smother him with kisses. When he'd finally distanced himself enough, he noticed the silver and blue swirls all over his Yuuri's lips, and watched as the colors faded slowly. Much more slowly compared to the last time. Maybe the pressure used affected how long the color lasted?

Yuuri of course, gaped up at him, but not at his eyes. He was staring at Victor's mouth. And while laying there on the ice, Yuuri reached up to trailed his finger over Victor's mouth.

"You're my soulmate," he whispered in awe, and Victor had to wonder how this was new information to him.

Was that why Yuuri kept running away?

"I don't remember any of that."

Yuuri felt so bad! Victor had just told him about the night of the Sochi GPF banquet, and he was in parts mortified, and happy. Because it proved that Victor hadn't just randomly decided to come to Japan. He'd come because Yuuri had asked him to be his coach. And it also made everything he did from the time of his arrival until now, more intimate.

The touching and smiling. And the clinging. The sweet way he called Yuuri's name ad told him he was amazing.

"I am so sorry!" he blustered, feeling horrible.

Victor sighed. "You entranced me that night and I wanted nothing else but to be with you again. And I am with you, so it worked out in the end," he said with a small shrug, drawing random designs on Yuuri's hand and smiling when the swirls of color followed his finger.

"At least you can show me the photos and videos you took."

A devilish smile spread across Victor's face then. "Yurio was the one to send me 90% of the content I saved from that night!"

He gasped. "Y-Yurio did?!"

"Mhm!" was Victor's excited reply. "What does that tell you?"

Many, many things.

"Your first touch will always remain. That's the way of soulmates. Anything beyond that comes and goes," said Yuuri's mother as she folded towels. "I was waiting for you to realize it. Poor Vic-chan was waiting for so long too!"

Yuuri buried his face in Victor's shirt, face redder than any red. He didn't mean to forget!

But at least he knew where the marks came from. From Victor. And their positioning was explained in a photo from Chris, where Victor had held him so sweetly while Yuuri stared up at him, completely awestruck.

Victor had fallen in love with him in that evening. Everyone had known they were soulmates but hadn't brought it up!

He shivered when he felt Victor trailing a hand down his spine.

"I can't wait to experiment," Victor purred low enough for Yuuri's mother to not hear him.

Yuuri couldn't wait either.

Now if only Victor would stop leaving him hickeys that took forever to fade away. Because unlike normal hickeys that turned purple and bruised, Yuuri's consisted of slivery/blue swirls all over his poor neck!

His mind couldn't stop bringing up the speculation that arose at the Grand Prix Final. And the comments about how his silver medal matched his marks so nicely.

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