several hundred years in the planet Cybertron in a faraway galaxies.

there were two sides between an alien robots race call cybertronians.

they lived in peace and harmony.

one day a War Began between cybertronians.

some of the cybertronians went rogue and started attacking innocent cybertronians.

some of those Rogues cybertronians are called Decepticons let by Megatron the dark Overlord of the whole universe.

some of the cybertronians fight for peace Justice and freedom.

they were call Autobots protector of the universe to protect any life-form.

lead by Optimus Prime that holds the Matrix of leadership.

there Wars continue on for Cybertron for million years ago.

the Autobots quickly build a shuttle called The Ark.

Decepticons nudist what the Autobots were planning.

the Decepticons followed the Autobots into orbit.

they're going to make make it to Earth but instead they crash-landed on another planet that almost look like Earth.

things to teletron scan for vehicle forms to repair the Decepticons.

every Decepticon got repaired I left the shuttle.

the autobot ship crash-landed in the mountains. several years past.

this was the beginning of a new war on the planet Remnant.

To Be Continued...

Agent Ace: so here's the plot of how the Autobots and Decepticons crash-landed here on the planet of Remnant. enjoy chapter 1. more chapters of the story will come soon .