Chapter 5: the first robbery Heist.

at night time in the city of Vale.

Starscream was flying above the city in his (vehicle mode).

no sign of the police or the Autobots. Starscream sound in his (vehicle mode).

Bludgeon drove into the city in his (vehicle mode).

barricade I'm going to need you to blend in with the police force. the Bludgeon said to Barricade in his (vehicle mode).

Rodger that! Barricade said in his (vehicle mode).

barricade drove off to the police station to blended with all the other police cars.

phase one complete. Starscream said.

bludgeon to your thing Starscream said to Bludgeon.

a bunch of White Fang soldiers were a side Bludgeon and ready to steal the dust from the shop.

Bludgeon transform back to his (robot mode).

is everyone ready to take away the dust crystals from the shop? Bludgeon said to the White Fang soldiers.

we're already sir. the White Fang soldiers said.

bludgeoned used his swords two sliced the shop.

go inside and get those dust crystals. Bludgeon said to the White Fang soldiers.

yes we will. the White Fang Soldier said.

the White Fang soldiers went into the shop and steal the dust crystals.

bludgeon transformed to his (vehicle mode).

bludgeoned blast some of the buildings to get the police attention.

a bunch of police cars came to the crime scene. Bludgeon blow up some of the police cars.

Barricade drove off back to the base.

we need manic we got several officers down! the police officer said.

who the heck are these guys? the female officer said.

oh, White Fang's! the second-in-command White Fang Soldier said.

that's right! Bludgeon said.

Bludgeon shot someone of the police cars that were coming.

and let that be a warning shot. Bludgeon said.

where the heck did they get that tank from? the officer said.

sorry but that's a mystery that you will have to find out on your own. the White Fang second command Soldier said.

the White Fang second command killed the officer.

now let's get out of here while we still can! the White Fang second in command Soldier said.

the White Fang and bludgeon left and went back to the base.

To Be Continued...

Agent Ace: this took place before the Stray. the White Fang and Bludgeon, Barricade and Starscream made the first robbery Heist. see you all in the next chapter.